Woke Shannon Watts: Pay No Attention to the Bruen Decision! We’re Still Winning!

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In just the past few weeks we’ve seen lifesaving legislation signed into law in New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, California, and New Jersey. Cities in states like Colorado and Oregon are passing ordinances that go even further to protect communities from gun violence. And in states where dangerous gun laws are being enacted, like a new Ohio law allowing teachers to carry weapons in schools, even school districts are acting to prevent guns in schools.
That gives us cause for optimism. And a reason to hold celebrations like the one in the White House, marking our small victories — and big ones like the one we celebrated Monday — as we take the fight to the gun lobby.
If we want to continue to see meaningful change, we need to commit to out-organizing, out-working and out-voting the gun lobby. We’ve seen in just the past few weeks that bipartisan progress is possible. Action is possible. Those who are joining our movement and saying enough is enough are making a difference. And now is the time to keep going, at every level of government.
In the coming months, we will work to pass a prohibition on the sale of weapons of war in Illinois. We will work to ensure the funding provided in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act is used to implement red flag laws, and that families and law enforcement know how to use them. And we will continue to work to unlock and allocate funds for community violence intervention programs, which help reduce the daily gun violence that represents the majority of gun violence in America.
We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear. But freedom isn’t being ruled by an industry that profits off your death. Freedom isn’t fearing armed and dangerous people with guns on every street corner. Freedom can’t mean continuing to allow our country’s problem of toxic masculinity and supremacist ideologies to grow unchecked.

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    • The Jim Crow Gun Control fraulein shannon watts is the kind of insane rabid busy body who needs to be under a restraining order with an ankle monitor.

      • “…who needs to be under a restraining order with an ankle monitor.”

        Shannon’s ankles can rest on my shoulders all she wants…

        That is, if Dirk is willing to share.

        Brink back Dirk!

        “Dirk Diggler to the TTAG courtesy phone, please. Your woman needs you…” 🙂

        • I know. I miss dirk diggler. He was hilarious. Last I saw him – he was in the comments section of the dailywire. Same with pwrserge.

    • For Shannon:

      War is Peace

      Freedom is Slavery

      Ignorance is Strength

      And she has undying love for Big Brother.

      • “And she has undying love for Big Brother.”

        A very ‘Big Brother’, the esteemed ‘Dirk Diggler, esq.’ was quite fond of her… 🙂

    • Why would the Incarceration of criminals be mentioned ?? I would have thought that the incarcereation of criminals is blatently obvious.
      Meanwhile America has THE highest number of people ‘incarceraated ‘ per capita in the Western World so incarceration is seemingly not working so well is it? and neither is the Death Penalty as a deterrent for murder either. At around $US50,000 per year [and maybe a $US million per death row inmate who gets the ‘chop’] per person incarcerated it’s bloody expensive as well.
      I suggest you put aside predjudice and take a long hard look at the real facts and statistics concerning the whole issues of GUN OWNERSHIP licensing and control measues starting with the FACT that over 21, 000 persons died as a result of gun associated criminalty in the USA las year and nearly 28,000 as a result of gun use to commit suicide. And, by the way the DIRECT LINK that exists between both and with GUN OWNERSHIP.

    • Shannon Watts is not an idiot, she’s a PR genius. She went from running the PR for Monsanto and Well Point to accepting money from Bloomberg to start her own PR firm out of her kitchen so she can claim to be a stay-at-home mom with her teenagers.

    • joe burden just encouraged the demonstrators to go after the scotus justices.

      We need a hearing on that behavior.

      • If the MSM (including Twitter) are trying to quash the Hunter-n-hoes pics to protect Daddy Joe, and the alphabet agency glowies are going after groups who question his legitimacy in office, I doubt any serious motions for hearings will gain traction.

  1. You will never hear how they get guns away from criminals, only interested in taking them away from good law abiding citizens. Think they are planing something nefarious that makes them afraid of guns in the hands of citizens? I am pretty sure they are.

  2. Uninformed and irrational. What could go wrong if we ended private gun ownership? Like what could go wrong with no cash bail; like what could go wrong with ending stop and frisk; like what could go wrong with “defund the police;” like what could go wrong with no prosecution DA/SAs like Fox, Gasgon, Boudin, etc.”

    • What can go wrong when a man with a solid self defense claim gets arrested and charged with more serious crimes and higher bail than any gang member that killed someone in a drive by in the last 2 years. If only for the LT governor candidate I am going full red ticket and advising anyone who wants any level of sanity in NY to do the same. With that said Shumers competitor is a good guy as well but I fear he doesn’t have much of a chance. Will be interesting to see if there is any debate and how the Dems try to spin the garbage fire (insult to garbage fires at this point) that they call our state’s governance.

  3. They’re still trying, though, alongside defectors from our side. Dettelbach was confirmed. (Collins, Portman were the RINOs.)

  4. Well while Shannon is doing that she ought to take a look at the gun and ammunition sales and come to understand most people in this Country think Bruen was right on target. An armed public makes the Country safer. Defunding the police, open borders, and people like her are the ones responsible for the major uptick in violence not the type of gun used or the Law Abiding Citizens owning firearms. FBI stats clearly show that rifles of all kinds are a minor cause of murders. 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides. Knives, fists and feet are high on the list of causing deaths. We wouldn’t have these problems in the first place if their alleged gun control measures actually worked. FBI reporte 1 million cases of them not being able to deal with gun applications in the 3 days allotted to do so. This means by law those firearms had to be released to the unvetted buyer by the FFL dealer. So tell me how does that help when you have a process that is that faulty and run by the same Government complaining about gun violence. Give us a break.

  5. She has something of a point.

    If blue states simply choose to ignore the ruling, either flat out or by making things even more onerous or subjective (“good character” requirement, for instance, is arguably even more subject to interpretation and abuse than “good cause”), then what? The courts have no enforcement arm to speak of, separate from an executive branch willing to side by their rulings.

    We even have a small preview of this in how some states have treated the FOPA safe-passage laws.

  6. “We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear.”

    This is not a thing nor should it be. The”party of science” is living in Lala land thinking you can just wish bad things away. There is no violence free world, the US was founded in violence under oppression and tyranny. Look at Africa, Ukraine, London… We desire peace, but violence remains, it is tragic but we can’t pretend it doesn’t happen. And a right to no fear isn’t even logical, because some fears aren’t even rational… Someone like Ms. Watts would be triggered and afraid just seeing someone peaceably open carrying a gun, or even driving past a gun store with gun ads on the window. Even a gun t-shirt, people enjoying guns in videos online, or a gun emoji on your text keyboard. Maybe someone was legitimately traumatized in the past so even seeing a gun is bad for them, but again, the fears of one or even many, do we alter society to accommodate or can others still enjoy their freedom? A fear free society is neither possible nor one I would want to live in.

      • The very fact that she mentioned “toxic masculinity” negates everything she said before that. Introducing ANY supremacy IS even worse. What everyone forgets is playing the opposite game. Insert the exact opposite of what a Democrat, or RINO for that matter says as fact. It’s actually real easy. This technique may be used on fa…news as well. If people were taught skepticism again, they might find that this is how you find truth. At least, as a simplistic example, think in their terms: … sorry, the list is long and hurts my mind. And some fuddy or provocateur on here will mince words. Releasing or not prosecuting criminals is not justice. Persecuting law abiding citizens is not safety. Defending our children with guns is not endangering them, especially compared to the “targets here” gun free zone approaches.

        • “Defending our children with guns is not endangering them“

          Unless you’re a republican politician:

          “On Tuesday (5 July), Lesko spoke out against H.R. 2377, which would allow authorities to take guns from people who are deemed to be threats to themselves and others.

          “I have five grandchildren. I would do anything—anything—to protect my five grandchildren,” Lesko started her speech, adding: “Including, as a last resort, shooting them, if I had to, to protect the lives of my grandchildren.”

    • We definitely have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear and to be able to walk our streets. This is our country.

  7. “We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear.”

    Shannon, you mean everyone who is not an American gun owner.

    Shannon, we too “have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear”, and we do it by taking control of that right via the enumerated second amendment right to self-defense.

    You do it by trying to get as many as possible to not take control of that right “as Americans to be free of violence and fear” and for them the ones that have control of that right are called criminals and tyranny.

    Shannon, tell us how many times you or your EveryTown and Moms Demand Action showed up to defend that “right as Americans to be free of violence and fear” when a bad guy was right there imminently trying to kill that American?

    Us gun carry Americans tend to be there when that imminent criminal threat wants to kill us. We may not be successful 100% of the time but collectively we are successful enough to save around 2 million per year that faced that threat yet I can not find one single instance where you were there Shannon. I don’t remember seeing you, Shannon, coming to defend my wife when two criminals tried to abduct and rape her, but I was there with a gun and without it both my wife and I would have died. I do remember me being there in the several other incidents where my gun was the only choice to prevent that imminent criminal threat from killing me.

    Maybe its the gated type community you live in with its roving security patrols, or maybe the armed security that’s always close by for you to call on and that travels with you, or maybe its the members of Moms Demand Action and EveryTown that actually own and carry guns concealed, maybe its these that give you a sense of security enough to have the gall to claim “have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear” while you try to keep these Americans disarmed so that when that threat comes they will not have control of that “right as Americans to be free of violence and fear”.

    Surely it couldn’t be the thousands of people in Brazil you helped kill or injure by knowingly marketing in Brazil a Monsanto product known to do that very thing while you were working for Monsanto years ago. Did they not also “have the right as Brazilians to be free of violence and fear”? Maybe not because you certainly didn’t think that when you marketed that product in Brazil.

    So I find it really odd that you say “We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear” but seem to never show up to defend that American when that imminent criminal threat shows up to apply that “violence and fear”.

    I also find it odd that you have in your past racked up an impressive kill and injury tally for your personal gain while with Monsanto and now you want to do the same thing here but this time by marketing your “We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear” while at the same time trying to remove the means to take control of and exercise that right while being paid handsomely to do so.

    • ya know, aside from the fact that there really isn’t such a thing as a ‘right’ to “be free of violence and fear”

      The Declaration reads “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” as three examples of the unalienable rights which the Declaration says have been given to all humans by their Creator (whic was understood to be God), and which governments are created to protect. That’s an important thing, yes, but it does not say anything about a ‘right’ to “be free of violence and fear”. That same creator also said I can defend myself using deadly force if such is warranted, not directly like that but rather through the scriptures (and Gods word as written in the scriptures) and teachings of Jesus on the concept of self defense. (Oh yes it does, do some research) and doing so is also an exercise of maintaining the ability for the unalienable right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” but no where does that say one has a ‘right’ to “be free of violence and fear”

    • “Surely it couldn’t be the thousands of people in Brazil you helped kill or injure by knowingly marketing in Brazil a Monsanto product known to do that very thing“

      So how do you feel about Clarence Thomas’s work to protect Monsanto from liability for the illness and death of thousands of American veterans from agent orange?

      “And, once again, Justice Clarence Thomas was on the bench, hearing the case with the other justices. Thomas worked as a corporate lawyer for Monsanto in the 1970s. Thomas has participated in at least one other case involving the company, Monsanto v. Geertson, which resulted in a favorable decision for Monsanto; Thomas joined the majority in that case.”


      • how do I “feel” about it. I think its shameful, but Thomas didn’t directly make it happen happen. Watts directly made it happen by her activities in which she knew it was happening but still did it, she got paid well.

        • @Miner49er

          And also…. The agent orange case decision was disgusting. Our military deserves better.

          While we are talking about “feelings”….

          How do you “feel’ about Watts receiving tax payer dollars to pay her to carry on with her personal preference anti-gun pet project?

        • “Thomas didn’t directly make it happen happen”

          “Watts directly made it happen by her activities in which she knew it was happening but still did it, she got paid well”

          Shannon watts did not manufacture Roundup, or any other chemical. She did provide public relations services to help them market their deadly chemicals.

          Clarence Thomas did not manufacture agent orange, or any other chemical. He did provide corporate defense legal services for Monsanto, ensuring they would be held harmless for the injury and death agent orange caused to American veterans.

          I’m not really seeing a difference here, so I ask you if you hold Clarence Thomas in the same ill will as Shannon watts?

          Or does he get a pass from his responsibility for legally shilling for Monsanto?

        • “How do you “feel’ about Watts receiving tax payer dollars“

          That would depend on exactly why she was receiving taxpayer dollars.

          Do you approve of Clarence Thomas acting as a Monsanto shill on the Supreme Court, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money while at the same time ruling for Monsanto, his previous employer?

  8. “In just the past few weeks we’ve seen lifesaving legislation signed into law…”

    I’ve noticed “lifesaving” is the new buzzword for the activist class. Lifesaving legislation, lifesaving medical procedure, etc., etc.

    • Life saving medical procedure? You mean like the organ transplants denied to the unvaccinated? I wonder what she would say about those.

      • @C P

        Well, putting words in her mouth (rather than Bloomberg’s di*k…er, money), I guess that she would say “as long as they COMPLY with my / our demands…they may be placed on a waiting list”.

        • Way, way, way too much disturbing imagery there, Montana. Way too much. Unfriended, unsubscribed and cancelling my notification bell 😉.

    • Yes, ‘Lifesaving’ is the new buzz word for them.

      Its also Lifesaving for me when I shoot a bad guy trying to kill me.

      I think we should start using that ‘Lifesaving’ concept buzz word too, like…

      ** Everytime you go to the range you are ‘Lifesaving’ by keeping up that proficiency to use your firearm for self defense.

      ** Everytime you carry in public you are ‘Lifesaving’ by being able to respond for self defense and defense of others if need be and possible.

      ** Everytime you carry in public you are ‘Lifesaving’

      Its the same concept they employ, that simply because they say so every thing they say or do is ‘Lifesaving’

    • you mean, like “lifesaving” injections that so far have killed nearly twice as many as have in theory only, been “saved”? Yeah, right. “lifesaving” If this ridiculous new law can safe JUST ONE LIFE… you’d better VOTE for it or else you want more people dead. Shame on YOU.. you social misfit.

      There is a very accurate and graphic term for this line of thinking: FEAR PORN.
      Sorry, I ain’t in the market for that stuff today. Or ever, so don’t bother coming back.

      • “you mean, like “lifesaving” injections that so far have killed nearly twice as many as have in theory only, been “saved”?”

        I am very interested in hearing more about this, could you provide some details or sources, thanks!

  9. SHE IS CORRECT…The left always has a bigger bullhorn…They are far more vocal…They are always far more desperate to take our rights than we are to keep them…They always draw the biggest crowds at their events (because we have jobs)…They are killing us in fundraising…The media is on their side…WE are very fractured in our beliefs….Some of us are to willing to give up something, they want it their way only…THE MEDIA always point out that most gun rights activist are passive and only depend on gun rights groups and politicians to do our bidding…Our rallies don’t usually draw 20 people and the media really makes hay out of it…THE TRUTH IS WE ARE ALLOWING THEM TO WIN…WAKE UP!!..

  10. “We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear.”

    REALLY chick? I’m going to need a legitimate footnote showing the source for that.

  11. You can bet your last dollar that Shannon Watts has her very own, armed to the teeth bodyguards that protect her everyday, everywhere she goes. What a FN hypocrite and outright liar.
    A clear case of “laws for thee but no for me”

  12. Shannon is a paid whore. Monsanto Mommy to the nth degree. Offer her a 10% raise over what bloomberg is paying her and tell her she doesn’t have to blow the boss and she will be a rabid pro gun voice.

    • What does Monsanto have to do with the 2nd? NOTHING.

      You’re made her an offer it must not have been enough. Up your game at get on with it.

      • Since the creature in question was a formoer shill and mouthpice for Monsanto, and is now using those “skills” to shill for disarming the rest of us (but not HER nor her bodyguards) it has quite a strong connection.
        Go and learn of her earlier doings covering for Monsanto and ROundup./glyphosate.

        • “Since the creature in question was a formoer shill and mouthpice for Monsanto“

          “Go and learn of her earlier doings covering for Monsanto”

          “Monsanto are known as the “swastika of Agriculture” for a reason“

          Do y’all have the same disdain for Clarence Thomas?

          “Perhaps most notably, Justice Thomas has repeatedly ruled in favor of Monsanto’s interests or Monsanto itself in cases involving the company’s valua- ble patents. For instance, in J.E.M. Ag Supply, Inc. v. Pioneer Hi-Bred Interna- tional,298 a significant 2001 decision, Justice Thomas wrote for the majority that the seeds of newly developed plant breeds were patentable.299 Given Monsanto’s considerable stake in genetically modified seeds,300 this was a decision of im-mense importance to Monsanto,301 which had submitted an amicus brief in the case.302 Interestingly, Thomas was an attorney at Monsanto when the Supreme Court decided Diamond v. Chakrabarty,303 a case foundational to Pioneer, in which the Court first held that genetically modified organisms could be pat- ented, and which was pivotal to Monsanto’s emerging business model.304 Years later, with Justice Thomas on the bench, the Court held for Monsanto in its first ruling on genetically engineered crops,305 handing the company another significant win.306 Notably, Justice Stephen Breyer had recused himself from the case—apparently because his brother, a district judge, had issued the original ruling in the case; environmental advocates called for Justice Thomas to recuse himself as well, given his history with Monsanto, but he refused and joined the majority“


      • Monsanto are known as the “swastika of Agriculture” for a reason.

        It’s why they need marketing shills like Shannon Watts.

      • “What does Monsanto have to do with the 2nd? NOTHING.”


        Watts deliberately markets herself as a suburban stay-at-home mom who one day, decided to ‘do something’ about ‘gun violence’ (her words).

        No, Watts was actually a public relations shill for Monsanto, Inc…

  13. “We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear.”

    This is rich.
    The Democrat left uses fear as their primary weapon. All they ever do is scare everyone into doing what they want them to. What we have the right to is the ability to defend ourselves with whatever tools we see fit. There is NO right to be free of violence and fear. This is completely ridiculous. All life in itself is born of violence. This universe and it’s reality was created out of violence.

    Now if you want to be free of fear. That will never happen as long as you follow the Democrat left and the MSM. Regardless of anything to do with guns. You follow the left and all you will ever know is fear.

  14. In the coming months, we will work to pass a prohibition on the sale of weapons of war in Illinois.

    Fun question for people like Watts: Name a firearm that ISN’T used in war.

    I had my nutty sister-in-law sputtering over this one when she said “weapons of war” should be banned. She pointed to my Remington 700 and said that is not a “weapon of war”. Too much fun.

    • If you really want to make an anti-gun person’s head explode, inform them of this.
      If you walk into any gun store, chances are that the ONLY type of guns in that gun store that were NEVER weapons of war are the AR-15 rifles (MSR). All other types of guns have been weapons of war, including:

      Revolvers? Weapons of war since the 19th century.
      Bolt-action rifles? Weapons of war since the late 19th century, and they sill are.
      Pistols? Weapons of war since at least 1911.
      Lever-action rifles? Weapons of war (only for a brief time, during the “Indian Wars” in the late 19th century, but still they were weapons of war).
      Pump-action shotguns? Weapons of war for about 100 years, and they still are.
      That M1 Garand that looks like a “hunting rifle”? A weapon of war.

      But…. AR-15 rifles? Nope. Not weapons of war! No military on Earth has ever used AR-15 rifles. Chances are the AR-15 and other semiautomatic rifles and MSRs are the only types of gun in the gun store that has NEVER been a weapon of war!

      Also, since I live in a state with an “assault weapons” ban, I can truthfully say that of the many AR-15 rifles in my local New Jersey gun store, not a single one of those AR-15 rifles is an “assault weapon” (much less an assault rifle), because my state bans “assault weapons,” so by definition, none of the AR-15 rifles sold in NJ is an “assault weapon,” and yet you’ll find them for sale in every NJ gun store (except Dick’s, because Dick’s are dicks). This means all news reports claiming that the AR-15 is an “assault weapon” are lying propaganda. NBC has been pushing that lie that “assault weapons” were used in mass shootings, when it’s demonstrably a lie.

      • Lever Action rifles were also used by Turkey is military conflicts with Tsarist Russia.

        And Russia bought 1895 Winchester rifles in 7.62x54r during WW1. In fact most of the production of 1895 rifles was for Russian contracts.

        1895s were encountered by the Germans during WW2 and Finland still had some in reserve stocks in the 1950s when they were sold off.

      • I’m going to use your introduction gun date list. Thanks. Also the ruger mini 14 was sold to several foreign countries military in the 1980’s. But I think they were select fire guns. The military will always have select fire weapons.

        It was only the obama-biden administration who made sure civilian police department’s all over the country, got machine guns and grenade launchers.

        • “It was only the obama-biden administration who made sure civilian police department’s all over the country, got machine guns and grenade launchers“

          Really, are you truly that misinformed, or do you intentionally lie to support your false narrative?

          The bill that authorized the defense department program 1033 that distributed military weapons to local police departments was authored by a republican representative and passed by a Republican controlled Congress in 1997:

          H.R.3230 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1997
          104th Congress (1995-1996)
          Sponsor: Rep. Spence, Floyd [R-SC-2] (Introduced 04/15/1996)(by request)
          Committees: House – National Security
          Committee Reports: H. Rept. 104-563; H. Rept. 104-724 (Conference Report)
          Latest Action: 09/23/1996 Became Public Law No: 104-201. (TXT | PDF) (All Actions)


          “The 1033 Program was created by the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 1997 as part of the US Government’s Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services (DLA) to transfer excess military equipment to law enforcement agencies. As of 2014[update], 8,000 local law enforcement agencies participated in the reutilization program that has transferred $5.1 billion in military hardware from the Department of Defense to local American law enforcement agencies since 1997.“


          If it wasn’t for disinformation, conservative Republicans will have no information at all

      • “No military on Earth has ever used AR-15 rifles”

        Are you really ignorant of historical facts, or are you intentionally lying?

        “Colt then renamed and rebranded the rifle “Colt ArmaLite AR-15 Model 01”. After a Far East tour, Colt made its first sale of Colt ArmaLite AR-15 rifles to Malaya on September 30, 1959. Colt manufactured their first batch of 300 Colt ArmaLite AR-15 rifles in December 1959.[40] Colt would go on to market the Colt ArmaLite AR-15 rifle to military services around the world.

        In July 1960, General Curtis LeMay, then Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, was impressed by a demonstration of the AR-15 and ordered 8500 rifles.[41] In the meantime, the Army would continue testing the AR-15, finding that the intermediate cartridge .223 (5.56 mm) rifle is much easier to shoot than the standard 7.62×51mm NATO M14 rifle.[42][43] In 1961 marksmanship testing, the U.S. Army found that 43% of AR-15 shooters achieved Expert, while only 22% of M14 rifle shooters did so. Also, a lower recoil impulse, allows for more controllable automatic weapons fire.[42][44]

        In the summer of 1961, General LeMay was promoted to Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, and requested an additional 80,000 AR-15s“

        “In October 1961, William Godel, a senior man at the Advanced Research Projects Agency, sent 10 AR-15s to South Vietnam. The reception was enthusiastic, and in 1962, another 1,000 AR-15s were sent.[46][47] United States Army Special Forces personnel filed battlefield reports lavishly praising the AR-15 and the stopping-power of the 5.56 mm cartridge, and pressed for its adoption.[46][31]“

        Perhaps you’d care to read the actual confidential report regarding the early use of the AR 15 by the special forces in RVN:

        “1. (C) Forward herewith is the final report of the test of the Armalite Rifle (AR-15). It should be noted that the report proper in its present form reflects the views of the U. S element of CDTC only. It is being handled in this fashion to avoid the inference that the Vietnamese, in seeking a newer weapon, might have influenced the recommendations in the report.
        2. (C) However, combat evaluations in Vietnam are necessarily joint ven- tures and the results’must be made known to appropriate GVN authorities. This report will now be coordinated with the Vietnamese element in CDTC ad will be
        officially closed out as a combined report“


  15. quote————We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear. But freedom isn’t being ruled by an industry that profits off your death. Freedom isn’t fearing armed and dangerous people with guns on every street corner. Freedom can’t mean continuing to allow our country’s problem of toxic masculinity and supremacist ideologies to grow unchecked.———quote

    Yes the Far Rights minds are so distorted by paranoia that they cannot think clearly or logically. All other civilized nations have such laws and their mass murder and gun homicides are way lower. Japan had just 1 last year and just 1 this year while we average 40,000 deaths a year. When the Far Right ignore those horrific and shocking statistics it proves how warped their minds really are.

      • What a dumbass, you too dacian. “Free of violence and fear” is just another example of wishful dreaming for utopia. Neither is the absence of violence and fear possible nor is utopia. The left seem to worry endlessly about their feelings, but don’t spend any time being concerned about the safety of others. They will gladly sacrifice the lives of others as long as their “feelings” are intact. They do the very things they accuse POTG of doing. These people are despicable, yes you shannon.

        • Hush, (good idea) so exactly how did Prndll’s comment deserve you calling him a “dumbass”? Now damien I can see…

        • Hush, actually it wasn’t your wording but that it was posted as a reply to Prndll.

        • Rider/Shooter, I tried to post under dacian but it appeared under Prndll which I wondered about. At 79 who knows what I did. You see, I have little to do and a heavy schedule. Good day.

      • “Perhaps you could enlighten everyone as to who it is in this world that is free of violence and fear?”

        What the hell, I’ll bite.

        The occupants of cemeteries… 🙂

        • @ Rider/Shooter, I said, What a dumbass, you too dacian. “Free of violence and fear”
          The quote is from what shannon said and “dumbass” is meant to be shannon. I need to word things better in the future because I in no way was referencing Prndll. In short, shannon is a dumbass for saying it and dacian is a dumbass for defending her comments. Of course the “dumbass” goes without saying!

    • Lest we remind you of recent events in Japan, a country where no citizens have any right to ever own a firearm. Someone built a home-made gun, and not from a 80% kit. Firearms are tools, humans have been building tools to make themselves more lethal to their enemies since Cain killed Abel with a rock. God didn’t take rocks away from everyone, he punished Cain.

    • War is Peace

      Freedom is Slavery

      Ignorance is Strength

      Lil’d not only needs oppression, but needs to apply oppression to everyone else.

    • Free of violence and fear.

      All of history, of all living things on this planet, have never and will never live free of violence or fear. There are predators for every level of the food chain.

      This is nonsense to dream of living free of violence and fear.

      We should be free of those who cannot comprehend reality. Drop the crack pipe. Your too young to follow this path you are on.

      • And for humans, by far the majority who have actually experienced not only violence and fear but wholesale death are those who have found themselves forcibly or willingly disarmed by the those who visited such upon them. Every. Single. Time. For millennia, and I ain’t talking Trump’s wife.

  16. “We have the right as Americans to be free of violence and fear. But freedom isn’t being ruled by an industry that profits off your death. Freedom isn’t fearing armed and dangerous people with guns on every street corner. Freedom can’t mean continuing to allow our country’s problem of toxic masculinity and supremacist ideologies to grow unchecked.”

    she says as she preaches fear.

    this is anti-gun typical ‘the sky is falling” doomsday fear preaching like “rivers of blood in the streets if people are allowed to carry guns”. Still waiting to see my first river of blood in the streets.

    Now its got a “hate male gun carriers” and gun carriers are “supremacist” (of some type).

    Shes preaching hate and fear using “supremacist ideologies” tactics, Don’t think so? lets look at this line again but with some word changes ….

    “Freedom can’t mean continuing to allow our country’s problem of toxic black masculinity and black supremacist ideologies to grow unchecked”

  17. Ms. Watts. When you can guarantee that there will never be some thug who sees an older man or woman as a possible victim, nor a rapist who creeps in a woman’s window, nor a mugger or strong arm robber in any city in the US, nor that there will never be an overbearing nor tyrannical government, nor ever a threat of some drug addled punk needing your money to get their next fix, then we can discuss me allowing anyone to have any of my firearms.
    Sorry deary, but the world is a dangerous place and humans are a violent species. Your dream of a peaceful and happy world is about as attainable as getting a leopard to change it’s spots.


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