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UPDATE 2: WAFB is reporting two officers dead and “at least five others injured.”

Multiple agencies responded to the B Quick store on Airline Hwy shortly before 9 a.m. Sunday morning. Officials confirm that several Baton Rouge Police Officers and East Baton Rouge Parish Deputies were struck during gunfire.

Investigators are working to determine how many shooters were possibly involved.

UPDATE: This sounds like much more than someone “shooting indiscriminately” as the original report indicated.

Two police officers have been shot dead in Baton Rouge, La., and others may have been wounded, authorities said Sunday.

Two Baton Rouge police officers shot on Sunday morning have died, confirmed William Daniel, the city-parish’s chief administrative officer, according to The Advocate newspaper.

Baton Rouge Police spokesman Sgt. Don Coppola confirmed that several officers were shot by gunfire, the paper reported. East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies may have also been among those shot, Coppola said.


Three officers were shot at about 9 a.m. and police closed the streets between the police department’s headquarters and Interstate 12, according to WBRZ-TV. WAFB-TV reported officers were shot along Airline Highway near Old Hammond Highway, but didn’t specify the number of police.”

Baton Rouge was where two officers struggled with an shot Alton Sterling earlier this month. There’s no indication of any connection so far. A manhunt is on for what WBRZ-TV describes as “a man was dressed in black with his face covered” who was “shooting indiscriminately.” Watch this space.

Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Telling Upper West Siders Exactly What They Want to Hear">Previous Post
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  1. Not surprised. Baton Rouge Police Officers have a rep for being brutal even among officers outside their jurisdiction. The people of Baton Rouge appear to be at their breaking point.

    • Don’t drink the BLM Kool-aid just yet. Blacks have more run-ins with cops because they commit more crimes on average.

      • I don’t have to drink any koolaid. Being a poor person living in the ghetto’s of Houston, I see it first hand. Wealthier middle class people have the privilege of being protected because their tax dollars go further than mine. While I manage to avoid police other people do not have that luxury. Homeless getting it the worst. To be honest, you don’t have to be Black ( or Latino ) to be targeted by the police. A lot of poor white people out here are murdered regularly. It just isn’t really shown on the national news because a poor white person being murdered doesn’t advance any agenda.

        Trump was an answer to the calls of the poor working class FYI. He promised to give them their jobs back and deport the illegals who had been replacing them. Right now we are in a plebeian revolt on so many levels. This is just the beginning.

        • Revolt against what? Against a black gangster culture that attacks fellow blacks for getting a good education? Against a culture that attacks a fellow black for getting a good blue collar job? A revolt against a Liberal/progressive culture that teaches minorities, but especially blacks, that “white privilege” will keep them oppressed, even if they do try to get a good education or a good blue collar job? A revolt against the idea that police unfairly shoot blacks, even when those blacks are clearly committing crimes?

          Oh, no. You don’t mean that kind of revolt. You mean a “revolt” supported, instigated, fed, led and paid for by the Liberal/progressive and Statist elites that gain even more power and control in the chaos that they have created.

          Otherwise known as the Hegelian Dialect. Problem, reaction, solution. Create a problem, get a reaction, propose a solution-which always means less liberties for us, and more power and control for them.

          You are what Stalin calls a “useful idiot” . The elites use people like you that believe in their narrative, to get the kind of power and control that they live, and will kill you, as many police as needed and us, to get.

        • If James is right that cops harass, brutalize and even murder poor and homeless people, the correct response by poor and homeless people is to defend themselves against cops. Up to, and including, literally, thinning their ranks. No Stalin required.

          Someone harasses you, you shoot them. Simple, cheap, low effort, time honored. Who cares what the thug’s job description reads like? Armed societies are supposed to be polite ones. Because impoliteness is supposed to be met with a hailstorm of bullets. The fact that you are in some government’s employ, does not abrogated your responsibility to remain just as polite as the next guy.

        • Really Stuki Moi? Right now, just as the push by the liberal press has been hammering the “injustice” of the justified shooting of most of the black criminals that have been presented as victims of “police brutality and murder” for the last year in particular.

          Right now, when Muslim terrorism has been exploding all over the press, as we have dealt with multiple fundamentalist Muslim attacks in this country, we suddenly have multiple murders of cops in the space of a week or so.

          If you want to be played by your masters, go right ahead, but I refuse to be used by the real enemy of our freedom to advance their agenda, and that enemy is not the second amendment, nor the police.

        • If it’s the wealthy people getting all the protection, why is it the cops are trolling through the ghettos in such great numbers, slaughtering wholesale handfuls (if we’re being generous) of blacks? Sorry bud, but wealthy people don’t NEED enforcement by beat cops to a great degree, they never have, and officer incidents & abuses will naturally occur most frequently where the cops are, which means ghetto districts, because that’s where they’re dispatched CONSTANTLY by 911 and the general crime rate. The poor are by definition in an unstable, tense environment, therefore a certain fraction will seek out crime as either an outlet or solution; police are employed to check this.

          I’ve yet to hear a solution to this perceived *racism* besides A) federalize the police, B) disband the police. I really have a hard time choosing which is literally the worst idea ever; at least in an environment of anarchy, you’ll eventually get local Lord Humongous types to secure little fiefdoms who are actually aware of the locals’ needs & problems, even if they are ignored. I’m not sure the feds can even offer that much.

          Oh, there’s a third option I haven’t heard anyone have the balls to suggest seriously yet; create a parallel justice system just for black people (and even this is a joke, since black criminals w/ black cops & black prosecutors, judges, juries, mayors, president and jailers is already frequently the reality, and yet the alleged *racism* persists). Separate, but more equal than the white peoples’ justice system (as well as whatever other racial/etc groups racist black people want held to a less equal standard than themselves)

        • “If James is right that cops harass, brutalize and even murder poor and homeless people, the correct response by poor and homeless people is to defend themselves against cops. Up to, and including, literally, thinning their ranks. No Stalin required.”
          In this case, why the hell aren’t they demanding police chiefs resign, voting out mayors & political machines? Why are they picketing the Republican Party & crying *racism* about an issue that is ENTIRELY the domain of the Democrat Party in these areas? Why are they justifying the use of lethal force against clearly demonstrated threats to innocent human life (using wholesale lies to frame the event with sickening frequency, as we’ve seen in practically ALL of these so-called incidents of brutality), while hemming, hawing, and generally justifying the cowardly ambush of innocent human life? A life’s a life, right? Or is it because a black life is worth infinitely more than white lives, or the lives of those seen as sympathetic to whites, in the eyes of some people (both black and white)?

          Black Pride has blossomed from heroic defiance in the face of unjust repression into a full on hateful ideology, same as it did in the 60s for a significant portion of the “peaceful” civil rights movement. It’s the exact same hate that once powered the KKK to lynch & bomb countless innocents, it’s the exact same crap that resulted in innocent Afrikaners having tires filled with diesel set on fire around their necks in the name of “racial justice”

          There is no such thing as racial justice; just racism.

        • “Being a poor person living in the ghetto’s of Houston, I see it first hand”
          Tell me, do you also see the reasons for increased police focus on your area? Or are your neighbors NOT robbing, burglarizing, vandalizing, and just generally gang-banging it up & making life miserable for those trying to live peaceably? And do those bad guys look very different from the good guys trying to get along? How are the police, who usually show up after the fact, supposed to tell you apart? Are you ‘narcing’ or snitching on those in the area who you suspect are the culprits, or are you covering for them because you hate the police more (or are actively afraid and/or benefiting from these criminals)?

          Being poor sucks, and it sucks that you can’t leave & find a better job/home elsewhere, and it sucks that criminals have to make it worse, and it sucks that the police have to come in and try to stop them, and it sucks that people playing both sides can get caught in the middle, and it just sucks that we can’t all live fat & happy on endless sunshine & jellybeans.

        • Libertardian fever swamp nonsense (90% of the people cops shoot were attacking cops or civilians at the time, never mind murder), but you do have one thing right: blacks are not shot more often by cops than non-blacks. In fact, whites are shot by cops more often than blacks. NYT just had an article about it.

        • Boohoo. Choices James. Stop whining and man up

          Being a poor person living in the ghetto’s of Houston, I see it first hand

          1.) Why are you CHOOSING to live in a ghetto? Go live somewhere else. This nation is FULL of choices. MOVE

          2.) Stop being so “poor”. This nation is FULL of choices. MOVE if required
          Sell your “stuff”.
          Get a JOB
          Get a better/higher paying job
          Get ANOTHER JOB

          3.) MOVE (relocate) Even in the Obumer economy there are many states/areas with sub 5% unemployment (Obuma BS stats).

          Houston has 4.8% so there is no reason a law abiding hard working person can’t find 80hr.week of $10+/hr of gainful employment. That’s $40k/yr and does not leave you living in the “ghetto”. If you’re “poor” you don’t get to work 40fr/wk and sit on your butt/relax/recreate the other 128hr/wk.

          There is certainly no doubt that a deadbeat can take in more than $40k on welfare (while watching Oprah every day his 60″ TV).

    • Ambushing and killing three innocent officers in cold blood isn’t justified in any way and shouldn’t be excused by BLM apologists like you, Obama or the .media. Alton Sterling caused his own death when he resisted the officers and tried to go for his gun. Sorry the truth doesn’t fit your narrative of police brutality. I hope that today’s shooter met his Maker today so that the taxpayers don’t have to pay for a capital murder trial and endless appeals following his conviction.

      • Until they try to take your guns, then you go full ISIS right? Good enough for me but not for thee. Or your civil rights aren’t as important as mine.

        • Contrary to your apparent belief, the circumstances under which they are “taking your guns” are extremely important; the difference between it being an act of good or evil, actually. But clearly you believe the police have no justification to ever use force on anyone, whether in service of the law or to defend their own lives.

          After some dozen or so of these sob stories, I think if the *racism* were so endemic, we’d be seeing more than maybe one incidence of indefensible police conduct. The reality is that it’s a mere handful of such cases, nationwide, far too low to be identifiable as any sort of systematic effort against any particular race. White people and little kids get killed by police unjustly, too, sometimes. But the biggest threat to any of us is still plain old criminals at the end of the day, and by an enormous margin. And thanks to this irrational, apparently racist hatred of the police by large swaths of the urban black community, the police are less able to pursue those legitimate criminals than ever (to say nothing of the efforts their bosses in city government on behalf of the criminals to ensure they go insufficiently punished).

          This ain’t the bad old days; cops aren’t lynching black men for raping a girl without a trial or evidence. Real racism has been dead & buried so long, that people are jumping at shadows & missing the real monsters among them.

        • No it isn’t about use of force it isn’t about good and evil it is about your perception. If guns were banned and the police came to discharge their duty, gun owners have repeatedly pledge to fight to the death those officers. You can dance around the morality of it all you like, but the fact of the matter is you would be doing exactly the same thing if your gun rights were at risk. Kind of revealing of your own *racism* isn’t it?

        • Not really, Snake; I don’t plan on doing anything that would justify coming for my weapons, therefore attempts to do so would be unjust & open to just resistance. When cops are stopping people after they are reported robbing, threatening, or behaving recklessly, or match descriptions of those who are, the subjects’ resistance is NOT justified (at least until lead is flying, when everyone involved has a duty to preserve themselves). If you can’t see the difference in the circumstances, you are basically arguing black people have the right to behave lawlessly without consequence (which some people actually believe, accepting the bigoted notion that criminality is inherent to a black person, and should be accomodated)

        • Barn, Apart from completely dodging my point, you say a bunch of nothing that reveals your racism. You make a bunch of assumptions but don’t address my mama n argument. If guns were banned many people in pro gun rights groups have vowed to fight to the death to keep them. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen comments to that effect on this site alone. You may not agree with the perception of people who think their civil rights are being violated but you don’t seem to disagree with their methods if they were. So, if policemen came to take your guns away, under the color of law, with or without justification, would you fight them to the death or give them up?

      • I think James’ point is, that they may in fact not be so “innocent.”

        Not saying he’s right, but a badge is not some sort of universal “get out of being held responsible for whatever nastiness you have been involved in” card.

        • Police immunity and asset forfeiture have turned into a real problem; undeniable. So why aren’t the protesters talking about that, instead of effective profiling practices, the use of force, punitive fines, punitive incarceration, enforcement practices, and the great boogeyman of Republican racism that has fuck-all to do with Democrat-appointed police chiefs in Democrat-controlled city centers?

          We aren’t seeing outrage that officers go unprosecuted with immunity being the reason for case dismissal, we see the most outrage that the courts find them innocent of wrong-doing after actually examining the evidence (even with aggressive-approaching-criminal prosecution). There have been nearly a dozen high profile cases brought against officers in the last couple years, and I don’t think a single one has resulted in conviction, let alone demonstrated the type of wrong doing alleged by these protesters. In short, BLM is full of shit, and has been since Trayvon got himself killed by fucking with an armed man, and at this point the only people still buying that shit are racists & anti-cop bigots who want people dead or punished simply because of who they are.

    • Well, there is it. The stupidest thing I have read all day and I have been on Facebook and the Huffington Post today.

  2. Watching Fox right now. It’s turning into that “summer of rage”. Crap like this reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s. And that ain’t good. 3 ” feared” dead…

  3. Likely the shooter has a history of violent crime and release, guns and the NRA will bear the brunt of the media’s wrath.

  4. So what happens when no cops are willing to work in places where they feel like they are targeted to be shot, and for no other reason than being a cop. Chicago and Baltimore are already having problems with “workplace slowdowns” and are having issues with officer recruitment.

    I suspect if this trend continues there will be parts of these cities that will be abandoned to the criminals and the poor. Not a healthy outcome for the country as a whole or the states they exist in, either. Odd how it always seems to be Democrat controlled cities where this keeps happening.

    • Do a search regarding Camden, NJ — pretty much unless someone was killed, at one point the police did not bother to respond.

      If they hate the police so much, maybe they should give it a go for 90 days and lets see what happens. They will change their tune rather quick I believe.

    • What happens? There’s a whole line of men wanting to be po-leece. And Trump is now Mr. law and order. Maybe all the brouhaha.rumor and innuendo about Bury Soetoro declaring Marshall Law isn’t so far-fetched…

    • Armed neighborhood protection is doing better in Detroit than the pigsters ever did. Keep that in mind.

      • Was going to say the same thing. If “stop policing” means “stop enforcing gun and vice laws”, the net effect is highly likely to be positive. At least for the locals.

        In Europe, particularly France, many neighborhoods are pretty much left to police themselves. They even run their own, Sharia inspired, courts, and seem OK with that. Or, at least, more OK than with the French version.

        It works comparatively well for the locals in those communities, but does make it harder for the host country to spy on people. Including people who may be plotting mayhem beyond the boundaries of their ‘hood.

  5. “Obviously another white, male, NRA member that couldn’t get his idle hands on a book or vegetables.”

    ^^ Divider-in-Chief’s next speech.

    • That is what they are called, and that is the correct spelling, so you can leave out the [sic]. That is, unless you are thinking that he was wearing a Greek dessert, which is a ‘baklava.’ They are somewhat different.

  6. I wonder how much the police of the many departments in the US will take before they decide not to report in to work for their shift. What then will happen when all the police have stayed home?

    I’ll tell you what will happen: bad stuff and it’s that bad stuff is the reason why we need our guns more than ever.

    • Bad stuff? It happened when the greatest president was governor and it worked out pretty well.

    • “I’ll tell you what will happen: bad stuff”

      Devil’s Advocate: What “bad stuff” do the cops actually prevent? They always show up AFTER the fact with essentially ‘clean up’ duties.

      In fact, our system with the 4th and 5th Amendments pretty much demand that…the only way they can really be “pro-active” to the point of prevention is to violate people’s natural rights.

      I do wonder if crimes rates would change much if policing were relegated to solely investigations and arrest upon issuance of warrant. (Get the bad actors off the streets, but no “calls for service” for every little thing like it is now…course that goes against the .gov will take care of you, just call 911 narrative).

      • There is a deterrent effect to law enforcement, but the real way it reduces crime is by punishing offenders. Most crime is committed by a small subset of the community. When someone is arrested for a crime, fairly prosecuted, and pay an appropriate penalty, law enforcement can work. The problem is in a lot of these places, step three is really rare. There are a lot of cases where people are given five years, three are suspended, and they serve one of the two remaining. Then they go right back to what they were doing before. This is how you get people with dozens of arrests by the time they’re 25.

        • I’d say the deterrent effect applies much more strongly to petty crimes and nuisance crimes.

          It certainly does not seem to stop more serious stuff such as drug dealin’, child molesting, etc. (Legality of drugs arguments aside…point is that with it being illegal and linked to much violent crime, the cops really don’t seem to do a lot to prevent it).

  7. Given the way this has been reported to have happened, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a call to prohibit open carry…

    • It’s happening RIGHT NOW on Fox news. A call for NO open carry in Louisiana. The cop on the phone (didn’t catch his name) calling on the governor to ban it. Judge Jeanine weighing in. Because we all know legal open carry is SUCH a problem… duh.

    • A year ago I read some conspiracy theorists notion that Obama would institute martial law prior to the elections. Man, I thought that dude was bat shit crazy. However, I am beginning to wonder if he knew something the rest of us don’t…

      It’s too much for my brain to accept the notion that all of this: BLM, terrorist shooting, etc… is happening and that there may be a government hand at play. Then again, Hillary isn’t serving time after violating federal law, Holder got a pardon for Fast and Furious, etc…

      • Yea, and look, I am not suggesting this is what is happening, and it’s not something I think is happening.

        But look at it this way, would you put it past Obama to be behind something like this? Do you think Obama would be the kind of guy to say ‘no, that isn’t right, we can’t do that’?

        Frankly I can’t think of any length Obama wouldn’t go to in order to secure more power in the hands of the state.

        And if this is what’s going on, we are in deeper doo-doo than we thought we were. Cops targeted in Dallas and elsewhere, sketchy coups going on in Turkey, RNC convention tomorrow. Wasn’t this an episode of ’24’?

      • Power is the most addictive drug in existence. A drug addict will do anything to get another dose, including, lying, stealing and even killing. Government is force. Lethal force. It is it’s only reason to exist, to use the threat of or the use of lethal force to enforce the laws it creates, whether against foreign powers, or against their own citizens, (Waco and Ruby Ridge anyone?)

        So what makes you think that a politician, addicted to power, used to using lethal force routinely against the citizens, would not use some judicial use of extra- legal lethal force against the citizens, to feed their addiction?

      • I’m not big on conspiracy theories so I don’t really get into the whole “Obama wants to declare martial law and cancel the elections” thing.

        I will however say this: this administration and the Democrats in general are attempting to take political advantage of this situation.

        The progressives have most of what they wanted and are now being opportunistic (IMHO).

        Generally speaking the public is ignorant. They have no clue how to do any sort of actual research to find the truth and they think whatever they see on the interwebz is true. Combine that with the lightning fast information dissemination brought on by social media and you have a clusterfuck. As soon as someone tweets out that the cops “murdered” someone a whole bunch of people believe it before the facts of the case have even been collected. They retweet and the rage grows and tensions are ratcheted up.

        Then the actual media gets on board. Remember the NY Post’s front page about Alton Sterling? That was about as inflammatory as it gets. Then the Democrats get on board talking about the “epidemic” of black men being hunted down and murdered by the police in hopes of motivating blacks to vote for HRC. Both these things ratchet up the tension even more. The cops feel they’re being unfairly targeted by politicians and certain violent fringe black folks feel justified in attacking police/rioting/whatever.

        Then some dumb fuck who believes this nonsense decides he’s had enough of “oppression” and offs some cops. Tension ratchets up even further.

        Now we’re in a spiral where every police shooting raises the tensions on the BLM side and every cop murdered raises the tensions on the police side. Both sides are now edgy and view the other as a threat making shootings (both ways) more likely and each time that happens things get worse.

        Hopefully the cycle can be broken but I sure as heck don’t know how that’s going to happen when it seems that one side is hell bent on attacking, attacking, attacking while the media and the Democrats fan the flames.

  8. Proximity to the Police HQ and the fact that 3 officers were shot suggests the shooter wasn’t firing indiscriminately. Liberal media at its best! You know the left is scrambling when media outlets spew crap like this…

  9. Will wait for actual info for saying much else. Not going to play the rush to judgment game. It’s stupid to.

  10. If blacks were really so oppressed, you’d see non-gang-bangers trying to differentiate themselves in obvious ways from gang-bangers. E.g., wearing pants that fit, tucking in their shirts, wearing belts.

    They don’t, because they aren’t.

  11. This is totally out of hand. This is terrorism and no different from Afghanistan, Iraq, or Northern Ireland where police are randomly targeted for murder by people who either have an issue with a specific cop or incident, or just want to promote anarchy. Anyone who supports these murdering slime are themselves supporting terrorism. I’ve spent time in a lot of places where anarchy rules and trust me, we don’t want that here any more than we want a police state. just be damn sure Clinton doesn’t get elected or this is only going to get worse.

    • “Afghanistan, Iraq, or Northern Ireland”

      Resistance against foreign military occupation is not terrorism, broski. The foreign invasion and occupation is real terrorism. 🙂

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