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Ricin (courtesy

Dan called from the car to report that CBS Radio News reports that the Secret Service intercepted a ricin-laced letter sent to the President. confirms that the missive’s identical to the one mailed to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Authorities previously revealed that the two Bloomberg letters were post-marked Shreveport, Louisiana.

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    • Apparently, very unoriginal False Flags as well. Is Hollywood really writing the feds play book now? Nobody new what ricin was before Breaking Bad and now that the vote-drones at home are familiar with it, its suddenly the favored weapon for the extreme right against the valiant anointed few in the high halls.

      • Bloomberg, MAIG, BHO and their messages were becoming irrelevant.

        What better way to move them back to the relevancy column again than to make them victims based on their so called convictions on gun confiscation oops I mean control.

        With the letters, if one of the attempts had succeeded, how much you wanna bet the new push by the grabbers would be to pass gun control because a passionate grabber was killed by a diabolical demon gun nut; so no gun owner can be trusted.

        It’s just too convenient; a win/win either way for the grabbers.

        We already know the grabbers will go to any ends to succeed with their ultimate confiscation agenda..

        • I agree. The far left probably crafted and sent these letters because they can’t get gun confiscation passed.

    • For the love of focking God… that term doesn’t even apply here, even if the President and Bloomy mailed these to themselves. You conspiracy theorists are the most unoriginal, emotionally stunted, logic deprived people on Earth. Do you genuinely believe that bad people never do bad things? Do terrorists and criminals even exist outside of the shadow governments and organizations that you’re so afraid of?

      I would not be blown away if this was some pro-gun control idiot setting out to make us all look like gun nuts. Then again I wouldn’t be surprised if it would some back woods retard that actually fits the description “gun nut”. Either way, it is not a massive conspiracy. It is not a government lead false flag.

      The fact that you jumped to this conclusion apropos of nothing at all leads me to believe you have no interest in evidence. Now, if you need me I’ll be over here in reality. Feel free to join me any time.

      • @ Blinky
        The ONLY way to be certain of anything is if the bad actor(s) are tracked down, which I truly hope they are.

        Then all the theories may be disproven except for one; that the person or persons are sociopaths.

        • Conspiracy theories can’t be disproven. By their very design they function in vacuums and don’t require evidence.

          That said, I agree. No matter what this douche bag’s motivation I really hope they catch him/her/them.

      • Yo, room for one more?

        This is likely the work of one lunatic, pro- or anti-gun, but it is not a government conspiracy.

        And, if we are to indulge in conspiracy, why wouldn’t they use a sniper using an “assault weapon” who takes out a low level MAIG staffer, creating a martyr, instead of low grade ricin?

        In any group of more than three, let alone the millions of 2A supporters, there will be at least one a$$-hole. This could be that guy and us going full infowars crazy is not going to help.

        • I agree; never even considered a government borne conspiracy.

          However extremist fanatic borne effort of one flavor or another, absolutely!

        • The greatest trick the Devil played was to convince Man he did not exist. Government conspiracies don’t exist… until they do.

        • Joe – Government conspiracies do exist. Know how I know? Because there is evidence. Watergate, the Holocaust, even small ones like Operation Merlin. All of these legitimate conspiracies leave behind mountains of evidence, witnesses and whistle blowers.

          Compare that to what we have here: a bunch of idiots on the internet assuming this is a false flag with zero evidence what-so-ever. See the difference?

        • You people really havent a clue of what the govt. is capable of and lets be blunt, they know how to get away with anything they choose to!

        • Right, Jarhead, they can get away with anything they choose to. Except the whole WMD thing. And Cheney’s hunting accident. And Clinton’s blowjob. And the IRS auditing teaparty groups. And Watergate. And pretty much the entire Reagan administration. And thousands of other well known and documented government scandals and attempted cover-ups.

          Those that are able should think before they speak or type. Those that aren’t shouldn’t.

        • Geez, there is an old saying and it is indeed a physical, irrefutable fact, if you see one cockroach in the open, there are hundreds if not thousands more in the woodwork.

          So you go on believing what you want, as recognizing that government has its fair share of morons, there is no physical way they could hide everything, due to their egos and low intellect being supercharged by ultimate power trips, hence your list of what is known .

        • Jarhead, that list was off the top of my head. Google Government Scandal for a long exhaustive list. Your cockroach analogy doesn’t work here – you’re saying if you see one cockroach there’s a race of superhuman lizard people that you can’t see.

          While you’re at it, you can also research actual conspiracies; you may find that they’re distinctly different from the Hollywood fodder you and your friends have bought into.

        • Dude, are you really questioning why a crazy person would do a crazy thing?

          Hint: The answer is crazy.

        • I’m still figuring out who appointed Blinky to fix the Internet today. Shut the fvck up. Seriously.

    • Don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. Its not like there aren’t idiots on both sides of the political spectrum. This could easily be exactly what it appears to be.

      If we want to avoid association with this we best be condemning it and not falsely accusing the victims of setting it up to make us look bad!

      • Exactly, there are idiots on both sides. Like the ones claiming we were paranoid because Obama would never come for our guns. He said so himself in 2008. Or it was not a terrorist attack, it was a YouTube video. Then you have the other side who thinks every single thing is a conspiracy including 9/11.

    • All that time and effort to make Ricin and the time would have been better spent on making some Troll-Be-Gone.

      This comment was in reply to low budget dave. Why it got sent here is a mystery.

  1. I am so sure this was some anti-gun whack job who knows how to feed the media/hysteria machine..and what better way to paint all gun owners as the “racist terrorist” we all really are. I have a feeling very little will be done to find out who did this if they suspect or find out it was an anti-gun nut. It will just quietly go away, just a small misunderstanding. If some gun rights moron did this, we will never hear the end of it. And it will be used to push more legislation. Terror in the mail is one of those “hot button” that gets people all riled up.

  2. This can only end badly.

    Obama and slave states will push harder. Freedom lovers and freedom states will push harder.

    Civil war is in the air folks.

  3. If this is “real”, everyone in our community needs to be vigilant and FIND the sociopath who is doing this. I don’t care who you are or what you believe, this crap is unacceptable!

    • I wonder how many people said that after Lexington and Concord. Not saying you’re wrong; but if a tyrant really is depriving us of our rights, are we supposed to just take it forever? If you concede that there is some theoritical point where tyrannicide is appropriate, are we all supposed to magically reach that conclusion at exactly the same time? If this guy has decided its time, by what standard am I to conclude that he’s not only wrong but that it’s my job to stop him? I’ve got things to do.

      • We have not even begun to even tap into let alone exhaust the vast variety of non-violent ways of fighting this.

        • And the actor in question disagrees with you. Please connect the dots for me, answer my questions and support your assertion: Why does “everyone in our community need[] to be vigilant and FIND the sociopath who is doing this”? Like I said, I have a lot of other things to do.

          BTW, please let me know what you’ve done so far to look for him. If I find your resposne persuasive I’ll want to make sure I don’t duplicate any of your efforts.

        • For the same reason the black community should reject serial dead-beat fathers. If the person that sent this letter is a gun owner they are a tumor that needs to be excised.

          And he obviously didn’t mean go out and look for him. He meant that clowns like this rarely keep their mouths shut. Whoever he/she/they mention this to should inform the authorities and reject this kind of behavior.

        • Duke, I’m not saying it is our responsibility to “find them”, but if your neighbor is bragging about doing it maybe look into it. That’s a pretty low bar for civic involvement.

      • Totally. It’s time for revolution, and ricin is going to lead the way with a pack of internet warriors trailing behind it.

        Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

      • “but if a tyrant really is depriving us of our rights, are we supposed to just take it forever?”

        According to people like Don, yes. They believe that there is never, ever any excuse for standing up to your masters and that you need to be a good little peasant and take whatever beatings they give you and say “Thank you, gracious master, for not killing me”.

        • Yup, totally what he’s saying. I mean, just look at Martin Luther King Jr. He tried using non-violence and that didn’t work, so instead he amassed an army of overweight people from the internet, overthrew the South and got what he wanted.

          Do you ever look back on your comments and wonder what you were thinking when you wrote them?

        • “but if a tyrant really is depriving us of our rights, are we supposed to just take it forever?”

          According to people like Don, yes. They believe that there is never, ever any excuse for standing up to your masters and that you need to be a good little peasant and take whatever beatings they give you and say “Thank you, gracious master, for not killing me”.

          ^ This x infinity

        • Oh get bent Totenglocke, with your slave crap. If you are out of good ideas beyond something as idiot-simple as violence then it’s you who are a slave to your own lack of ideas.

          “People like Don” put a ton of my own money and time behind pro-gun causes, especially in recent months. I’ve come up with ways to reach out to non-gun acquaintances and get them out on the range, let them shoot my ammo, enjoy my firearms, teach them safety, and making them stop being afraid of guns. I’ve spent countless hours on dispelling anti-gun myths to people who are genuinely on the fence and find me approachable enough to ask gun-related questions. I’m making support for our side and being a good representative for us while doing it.

          You’re smoldering and alienating your own side, ejaculating slave rhetoric on people who are doing more than you for your own cause. The anti’s have been subtly poking us with a stick to get a rise out of us they can then point to us in a negative light and you’re dancing on their cue. I get it, you’re bored and wishing you can whack the problem with the one tool you have in your kit. Maybe you resent “people like Don” because when we are successful you won’t have a chance to perform your one trick. But slaves, we are not. Defiance is a virtue and takes many forms, ignorant belligerence is not a virtue and always takes the form of blunted stupid.

        • Don, you openly said that we should just keep talking and hoping that they’ll respect our rights, yet we’ve been doing that for EIGHTY YEARS and it hasn’t made one bit of difference.

          You can make all the excuse you want, but when your only solution is to keep doing what’s been proven to fail for almost a century, you are part of the problem because you will never, ever have the spine to do what is necessary when the time comes. If another civil war breaks out, you’d be actively attacking the very people fighting to restore your freedom because you’re just too damn scared to do anything other than talk.

          Also, it’s rather telling that the only person supporting your position is an anti-gun troll.

        • “Don, you openly said that we should just keep talking and hoping that they’ll respect our rights, yet we’ve been doing that for EIGHTY YEARS and it hasn’t made one bit of difference.”

          Congrats moron – this, including every conspiracy theory post, is the stupidest thing I’ve read today. Have you not been paying attention? The past 30 years have had some of the best victories our side has ever seen. We are getting stronger, and aside from brief surges, they are getting weaker. Care to tell me what role violence played in any of those victories?

          “If another civil war breaks out, you’d be actively attacking the very people fighting to restore your freedom because you’re just too damn scared to do anything other than talk.”

          Yes, and the epic power behind your message board postings proves to me that you’d be one of the brave defenders.

          “Also, it’s rather telling that the only person supporting your position is an anti-gun troll.”

          Hmmm… is that directed at me? Then why are there all these scary black guns in my house? Why did I move from my home state to a free state? And who the heck signed my up for this NRA thing?

          You’re a divisive, pathetic nothing. There are idiots on this board, and there are anit-gunners on this board, but I can only think of one idiot that does far, far more damage to 2A activism than MikeyB could ever hope.

        • Toten,

          Because someone chimes in support for one point I make that they agree with doesn’t mean that I’m in their camp. At all.

          Secondly, I haven’t been fighting this for 80 years. I’ve been fighting it for about 20 years. I’ve voraciously consumed all of the history and rhetoric from our side and theirs. I’ve seen our side do a few dumb things and I’ve seen their side do a few smart things.

          Here’s the thing. What their side has resorted to is a psyop. They are trying to marginalize us, make our views look marginalized, prevent people from seeing that we are (typically) not the stereotype most convenient to their operation. We need to fight psyop with psyop. The biggest advance they can make is for us to become the self-fulfilling stereotype. The biggest hit we put on the horse they’ve bet on is to peel back the delusion they are weaving so they look like the liars they are. I’m not afraid to take them on in this complicated way. I’m not afraid that they will beat me with their misinformation campaign.

          And I’ve seen the effect on people. I roll up to a party full of happy hippies and start hanging out. I impress them with my compassion and empathy. I get them all whipped up on their “go local” and “community rights” and “grow your own food” philosophy. We bash the FDA’s regulation of raw milk and talk about how scary the militarized police are and things like that that they care about, and then gently generalize these ideas toward the philosophy of individual responsibility, freedom, individual rights, and government over-reach into our personal affairs. I get them talking about some medatative exercise they like, like yoga or something, and I slide into the meditative nature of the activities I like, shooting. I take these two points of common ground and then surprise them that I am a die hard carry everywhere gun guy. At this point they get more curious than afraid or angry. I’m a person they like, and I believe in gun rights. I’ve done this countless times in countless groups of people moving through my area. I’ve taken these people to the range and opened their minds to who we actually are, and in SEVERAL cases helped them select their first firearms. You want to win the debate, then you want to get more voices on your side, not fewer.

          Slave. HA. I’ve never followed a rule about ANYTHING I’ve felt unjust or unethical. All I know is I can find a way to convert a lot of people who are on the fence or who are against us but simply have not thought much about it. I can fight the anti’s on all different kinds of playing fields and I’m sure as hell going to pick the ones that are most advantageous for my side winning and if that means trying harder intellectually then I’m going to do it. I’m sure as hell not going to fight them on the playing field that they’re just WISHING they can prod me into if that is not an advantage to me.

          So maybe you don’t agree with me, but frankly, I haven’t read about you in the news yet, so what are you doing?

    • Don’t believe it’s someone in “our community” this is not how our side does things, now the other side running this type of thing as a false flag opp.

      • Are you not reading the other comments from folks in your community? If the conspiracy theorists aren’t babbling about false flags they’re masturbating to a violent, armed revolution.

        The vast majority of gun owners are good peeps, but I gotta tell you, this is totally the way some people do things.

        • Since you use “your” community, I assume you don’t consider yourself one of us. I hope your homework is enjoyable.

        • You must be some kind of detective in real life – well played!

          I am happily not the member of the conspiracy community… my triple digit IQ precludes me from joining.

        • triple digit IQ

          Since one of those digits is after the decimal point, I remain unimpressed.

        • That joke might be funny if IQ scores actually had decimal points.

          Congratulations. You’re finally the first at something.

    • How do I “find him”? I suspect the Secret Service has a little more on the ball in this area. Come to think about it, they probably have some poor sap from Shreveport already lined up to take the fall.

      • Like McVeigh…..

        Doubt this?

        How come he was executed so quickly when hundreds of others are on Death Row for decades?

        • The neat thing about the interwebs is they give you the opportunity to find answers before you find yourself asking a stupid question.

          Most death row inmates are at the state level, and the time from conviction to execution varies hugely. Federal death row is far less busy – there are only five people there now, the earliest conviction is from 2005 (and that was an appeal heavy case). The past three executions of note, including McVeigh, averaged about 6 years from conviction to execution. Much quicker than the states generally do.

          Further research (and all this took be about five minutes) indicates McVeigh dropped all his appeals and was rather eager to die. He was also eager to take responsibility for what he did. In fact, his initial defense was that he had to do what he did to defend himself against government tyrant. Almost sounds like some other people I know.

          Oh, and also, he killed 168 people, including a bunch of children. People like that are generally fast tracked.

          All this kind of makes me wonder A)what your point was and B) What they’re teaching today in special ed.

        • BlinkeyPete – +1.5 Spot on.

          Knowing some on McVeigh’s defense team, McVeigh was (1) a “volunteer,” who declined to move forward on appeals, and (2) the Feds run a faster track than state courts do.

          Occam’s Razor – The simplest explanation is most often the most correct.

      • You have more faith in the SS than I do I guess. But if you have a neighbor bragging about what they did maybe dig into that a little bit. Again, if this is “real” as in not propaganda, not a false flag.

  4. It might be a guy on our side who lost his mind, but I doubt it.

    More likely it will turn out to be a left wing nut trying to drum up support, or “the perpetrator was never found”.

    • I doubt it too. Doing something like this is so outside of even our fringe, especially since it does nothing but hurt us, our image, our cause.

      But I don’t know if the anti-gun fringe would do it either. I could EASILY see some anti-USA terrorist doing it because they know it will induce great conflict and cause more political deadlock and degradation.


      • I’m leaning toward the idea of an outsider trying to turn us on each other as well… it’s far easier to bring a nation down from within.

    • I doubt it. All the emotion was lost and they need emotion to gain support and this is their latest trick.

  5. I just can’t trust anything anymore..and I am sure more “incidents” or “attacks” will happen with all the convenient evidence of an gun-owning anti-government constitution respecting racist being right there and handed out to all media outlets as fast as possible. Christ, I sound like a conspiracy nut now..yet they are the ones who targeted conservative groups for intimidation and whatever else the IRS does..
    This will never end, but I will fight it with my vote and supporting pro-rights organizations forever.

  6. Or like the case with the anthrax letters….

    Scientist concluded that it came from one particular strain from one particular research facility. A specific scientist was “under suspicion” but nothing came of it until one day there is a 8 second blurb abou5 how this particular scientist is dead or killed himself (yeah right) & no I hing else of the matter is ever heard about again…. I am rollong my eyes at the moment, just so ya know.

        • Exactly – Not only is there all kinds of screening since 9/11 and the Anthrax letters, but for purely logistical reasons there’s no way that any president in the last 150 years has actually been opening his own mail!

        • Anon in CT, I know that Biden personally opens every letter he receives that’s written in crayon.

  7. It pushes the Pro-slavery movement and gives The Press an excuse to stop covering the IRS, Bengazi, AP, Holder Lies scandal.
    Very Convienent

    • The political watchers have been discussing today why Holder has been kept on staff since he’s become such a multi-scandal lightning rod.

      • Dude, did you ever pay attention to politics before BHO? The Bush Administration was rife with scandal. It’s not unique to this president.

        • Scandals are not unique to any administration, but the Obama admin is Nixonian in it’s sweep and vision. Right down to the enemies list and paranoia about leaks. And while Nixon wanted to use the IRS politically, Obama actually did.

          The main difference in public reactions is that the MSM hated Nixon while they have deified Obama.

        • That’s a bit of a non sequitur. I mention the oddity of holding onto a specific lead weight staffer, and your first thought is: Bush Did It!


        • Hey BlinkyPete, your bias progressiveness liberalism elitism ignorance hatred is showing….

        • Lol… whaaa??? Oh wait, I get it RTK… if you can’t come up with a logical argument against someone else’s position simply accuse them of being hateful or progressive, or liberal!

          To be clear, my comment was distinctly unbiased. I said that every single administration has had scandals, and this event isn’t evidence of some kind of cover-up.

        • But bias is a whole lot different than a massive coordinated cover up.

          Right, because the media would never think of doing that for Obama. Not like it hasn’t happened in the last year or anything.

        • Ok Leo, show me one example of the entire media covering up something for BHO in a unified, coordinated effort. Just one.

      • HB – Where exactly did I say “Bush did it?” Bush did what? I pointed out that there have been scandals with every modern administration, and key members are rarely forced to resign.

        Ralph – I agree in regards to the medias response and treatment, but little else. Further, Bush got quite a few years of generous treatment from the MSM in the name of the safety and the WOT. It wasn’t until it became clear we’d gone to war with Iraq over nothing, the mission wasn’t accomplished and Katrina that he truly fell out of their good graces.

        • But he did fall out of their good graces, while Obama reads their mail and the MSM kisses his @ss.

        • There’s no question there’s a liberal bias in the MSM; there are plenty of polls and other evidence to show that. But bias is a whole lot different than a massive coordinated cover up.

        • But bias is a whole lot different than a massive coordinated cover up.

          Correct. Bias is what the media does. Massive cover-up is the prerogative of this administration.

        • Yes. Barry invented the cover up, and he’s in with the lizard people and Zog. They run the world, I tells ya!

  8. Lel.

    Cnn comments are all “dumbasses, don’t they know letters don’t go directly to president. It seems palin and her militia are at it again!!!”

    Man, it’s almost depressing the amount of stupid the other side contains.

  9. I think this makes things much more interesting. It’s one thing for Bloomberg to order his minions to stand down and allow it to go ‘unsolved.’ It’s a whole different thing for Obama to order the FBI and Secret Service to stand down and allow it to go ‘unsolved.’

    Leaving it unsolved is useful because you get to smear the tens of millions of gun owners with it. BUT….

    On the other hand, if it’s not a false flag, I believe the FBI and SS will get their guy. In which case you have a guilty party in hand who gets put on trial in a court of law and held accountable. In effect clearing the tens of millions of gun owners. In theory at least, we all know they’ll still blame all of us for it.

  10. TO: All
    RE: It’s a Set-Up!

    Everyone with more than two synapses to rub together KNOWS that all of these high-level persona and organizations are protected by security measures to detect such attacks.

    The only people that would send them to such are agents provacteur.

    We’re talking Reichstag Fire here.


    [Be Prepared…..]

    • I’m thinking you’re one synapse short of a rub, then.

      It’s generally known that banks have cameras, yes? Do a Google image search for “bank robber”. Is each and every one of those pictures representative of a false flag, or is it possible that most people who rob banks, assault strangers and send poison letters aren’t all that smart.

      And quit referencing the Reichstag fire for god sakes. If an event that may have been a “false flag”, which happened 90 years ago is your only actual evidence of a false flag ever happening then your argument sucks.

      • So we need someone who is simultaneously A) dumb enough to not know someone else opens Bloomberg and Obama’s mail and B) smart enough to manufacture purified ricin toxin. (And don’t dare try to cite Breaking Bad as being “everyone knows how to do protein extraction, chromatography, and purification chemistry now”.)

        EDIT: I *am* a biochemist, and I’d need some dedicated equipment to do this. It’s not something you do with beakers in the sink.

        • As I’m not familiar with that show I’m not sure what the reference is. Did it contain explicit, direct instructions on how to make ricin? Also, how do you know how purified it was?

          I’m going to take a wild guess and say if I were so inclined I could find directions on how to make ricin. I’m not going to at the moment for reasons that should be obvious.

          There are some very smart stupid people out there. Book smart people can make terrible criminals, and angry people can make bad decisions. By the same token there are a lot of stupid people out there that could follow basic directions to create impure ricin. It happened not a month and a half ago; what makes you think it can’t happen again?

        • *Sigh*

          Ricin is a protein; a tiny chemical chunk-o’-meat. It’s extremely toxic when inhaled, but must be in a purified powder form in order to be delivered that way. If it’s not purified, then you’ve just got “poisonous” material mixed in with a bunch of stuff that will weigh it down. The only way you’d get that into someone is if they deliberately *ate* it (which incidentally reduces the effective toxicity level because you enzymatically digest some of it).

          Protein purification, especially from plant source material, is a tedious pain in the butt. The shape of the folded protein is critical to its function, and if you screw that up then it’s useless. Castor mash, for example, has any ricin in it rendered inert by the simple expedient of Heating It Up.

          In order to get the stuff out in a functional condition, you would need to avoid extremes of temperature, but also extremes of chemical condition – all while running the source material through a chemical gauntlet.

          You need precisely made buffer medias to stabilize the protein cocktail first of all. If you don’t already practice biochemistry, you’re going to have to do research to even understand what a buffer recipe is asking for. You also don’t tend to find reagent-grade ethylenediaminetetraacetate, to name one common component, at the local hardware store neither. After that you need specific chromatography resins for whatever purification schema you’re going to attempt. An affinity column for ricin is pretty much “right out”, so you’re stuck with ion-exchange and size exclusion resins in some combination – and more than one passage for purification. Both types of resin require you to Know What You Are Doing ™ in order for them to work right, and the ion exchange column requires yet more chemistry-savvy and some math.

          Even when you get the protein of interest purified, you still need to get it concentrated; especially if you’re not using a multi-thousand dollar FPLC rig (and even then).

          If you screw up the mixtures anywhere in there, your protein is going to degrade or get lost. And all this is to say nothing of keeping toxic crap out of yourself while working with it in dripping-liquid form for days on end.

          This is not something you download instructions for off da’ intarwebs. You would have to do lots of research in order to even know what a purification recipe was telling you to do if someone handed it to you. It’s not dumping fertilizer and fuel oil together before stirring. It’s not cutting fireworks open and slurrying them in a bowl at the sink.

          So again, someone who has the dedication and literacy to do all that is not the kind of person who thinks you can successfully poison a public official through the mail and writes a halting-grammar note to go with it.

        • Comment filter ate my (long and detailed) reply and I’ve no idea why because it contained no profanity. Maybe it will show up later

          Suffice it to say, even if you did “download ricin instructions off dah intarwebs”, you’d have no idea what they were asking you do to. Nor do you find the materials necessary, and the equipment to utilize them, at a hardware store. NOR would you have the practical experience of how to use them without ruining the material you were interested in.

          Someone who has had college instruction in laboratory biochemistry, or has self-taught the same to them self through literate research, tends not to be the same type of person dumb enough to think they can poison a public official through the mail and includes a halting-grammar note with it.

        • Alright HB, then please explain the existence of James Everett Dutschke to me then. After all, since ricin is so complex that only brilliant scientists like you can create it, how was some bumpkin martial arts instructor able to do it?

        • As I said, you need to purify ricin for it to be dangerous, which takes the aforementioned experiential skills. Without that, it’s the equivalent of receiving a package containing someone’s highly acidic pee and claiming you got a urea-based letter bomb. But at this point it’s obvious that you’re just an apologist troll, and not actually asking for meaningful answers.

        • As I said, you’re clearly an expert at derailing any conversation that veers away from your safe zone. Don’t blame me for your inability to form a coherent argument for your point of view.

  11. or perhaps some poor schmuck just got done with an oil change of Castrol in his vintage ‘cuda and sent the letters yielding a false positive…

  12. TO: All
    RE: Well….

    ….if we’re so interested in ‘gun control…..

    ….why not require people to get a license to purchase castor beans?


    [The Truth will out…..this is a scam, intended to ‘demonize’ the conservatives.]

    P.S. The Three D’s of Totalitarianism:

    [1] Demonize
    [2] Disarm
    [3] Destroy

  13. How strong was the ricin? A quick google search shows that making ricin in your kitchen is not difficult. Making ricin that is actually toxic, on the other hand, takes a bit more effort, equipment, and expertise. My guess is that whatever was sent to the pols technically, contained ricin. Just like hemp, technically, contains THC.

    But damn if it isn’t fun to say on tv! LETTERS WITH RICIN! OMGXELEVENTYBILLION!!!

  14. From CNN:

    “The official did not know the status of any testing on anything found in the letter and did not disclose any details about whether there was a message in the letter. The source said the letter appears similar to the notes sent to the mayor and his group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

    The letter to Obama was spotted at the White House off-site mail sorting facility and never made it to the White House, said the source who had been briefed on the investigation. The FBI was alerted this morning and is investigating.”

    So, we know nothing but we will make something about nothing just so we can have a headline. I will point out that all mail going to capital is from an offsite sorting facility where every letter is opened and air sucked out to check and this happens all the time because there are many false positives.

  15. Wow, what a convenient distraction from all of Obummer’s little problems. The timing is so ….uncanny LOL.

    • TO: Capt. Howdy
      RE: Matters of ‘Convenience’

      I’m reminded of how Clinton attacked that factory in Sudan and the abandoned Al Qaida camps in Afghanistan on the day Lewenski testified before Congress about her sexual relations with him.


      [The Truth will out….if anyone should care to see it…..]

  16. Here’s Joe Biden’s hand-written response to his own ricin letter:

    Dear Ricin Mailing Gun Nut Guy:

    I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your letter, but I was in the bunker experimenting with chocolate bullets. I really like your idea of sending poison letters to people instead of shooting them. Not only would our country be safer, but all those letters would keep the Post Office from going bankrupt. Goodness knows we needs something to make up for losing all that business from Netflix.

    You’re a good boy.

    Joe Biden

  17. So basically the consensus here is there’s no possible way this could have come from a pro-gun person trying to initiate a violent uprising because, um, well, FALSE FLERG!!! Also, now might be a good time to stage a violent uprising, and we are the people to do it.

    Brilliant. Sometimes I’m very proud of the gun community, sometimes I feel like I should just drive my guns to work so I can go back to being a car guy. Yuck.

    • Let me lay out two thoughts…
      1.) When is the last time they’ve conducted themselves honestly and actually presented a factual and logically consistent argument in favor of their case?
      2.) How many years have they been making unsubstantiated claims that we (gun owners) are constantly sending them threats via email and snail mail, while never being able to show a single incident of it?

      So we can either assume:
      – that they’re being honest and a gun owner finally cracked, which is perfectly possible but inconsistent with past behavior for both groups.
      – that they’re being dishonest and a gun owner didn’t do this, which is also possible but more importantly consistent with past behavior of both groups.

      • There are a whole lot of straw men there dude. While I agree that the MSM and anti-gun politicians and talking heads routinely paint gun owners as paranoid rednecks, I don’t see anyone saying that we “are constantly sending them threats via email and snail mail”.

        I’m not saying that politicians and the media don’t lie, or that they’re fair – they lie constantly and they aren’t fair. They also use tragedy and the acts of monsters to their advantage. But it takes a grand-canyon sized leap in logic to go from that to the assumption that they’re behind this and everything else bad that happens in the world.

        Lastly, it wouldn’t be a gun owner “finally” snapping. Timothy McVeigh’s beliefs aligned closely with the armed revolutionary fantasy, and there have been other cases were gun owners “cracked”. Does that mean all, they majority or even a statistically relevant minority of gun owners are dangerous? No, but it does give the media the blood and tears they crave.

        Regardless, this isn’t a case of anyone lying – it’s either a gun nut or an anti-gun nut doing something nutty.

        • If anything you can accuse me of using hyperbole, but not strawman arguments.

          If you aren’t aware of their false claims of receiving threats then you aren’t paying close enough attention. It’s a frequent excuse used to cancel town hall meetings when they know they’ll face opposition. Among other reasons they claim it. Of course google is useless today in finding the news stories from around the country since the results are jammed with this recent event.

          “But it takes a grand-canyon sized leap in logic to go from that to the assumption that they’re behind this and everything else bad that happens in the world.” – and speaking of strawman arguments, sheesh. I guess that’s a lot easier position to argue against than it’s out of character for a gun owner to actually go off their rocker but in-character for an anti to create a total fiction.

        • If you aren’t aware of their false claims of receiving threats then you aren’t paying close enough attention… Of course google is useless today in finding the news stories from around the country since the results are jammed with this recent event.”

          I guess I’m just not paying enough attention to infowars. Either post an actual, documented case of what you’re referencing or don’t bother. Anecdotal, 9th person tales of guvmint intrigue don’t do it for me. That’s not me saying that the government is honest or trustworthy, it’s me saying conspiracies that happen in the real world have evidence, witnesses and whistle blowers. Ones that happen in Hollywood and AlexJonesLand do not.

          “I guess that’s a lot easier position to argue against than it’s out of character for a gun owner to actually go off their rocker but in-character for an anti to create a total fiction.”

          Zero idea what this is supposed to mean.

        • Thankfully there is at least one I didn’t need to go google to get…

          “She said her office has been getting thousands of threatening and hostile emails about antigun bills.”

          And of course you don’t understand that last part of what I was saying, it seems you don’t understand what a strawman argument is, since you incorrectly accuse others of it, and instead turn around and make them yourself.

        • You said:

          “If you aren’t aware of their false claims of receiving threats then you aren’t paying close enough attention. It’s a frequent excuse used to cancel town hall meetings when they know they’ll face opposition”

          I’ll go ahead and assume your use of the word “frequent” was hyperbolic and just move onto a glaring omission here: Where does it say the threats were false? That was a pretty major part of your argument.

          Also, where exactly did employ a strawman fallacy, and how does that explain the grammatical gangbang that I asked you to explain?

        • I admitted google wasn’t working, so you asked for just one example, which I delivered. If one keeps their ear to the ground this nearly identical story has repeated itself around the country numerous times. That does satisfy the requirement of being frequent.

          How do we know it’s false? Because she refuses to provide proof, first and foremost to the police, second to the local gun rights organization who has offered to help track them down, yet she’s refused.

          My argument is that such threats and action are out of character for gun owners, and but not too far out of character for the antis. But instead of arguing against that you argue against a strawman of your own creation, “But it takes a grand-canyon sized leap in logic to go from that to the assumption that they’re behind this and everything else bad that happens in the world.” If you can’t follow how you invoked a strawman argument, then perhaps you shouldn’t be arguing at all.

        • Firstly Chris, the fact that she didn’t hand over the emails she received doesn’t prove anything, nor does this incident indicate it’s happening on a scale that would be indicative of a massive conspiracy. In order to even begin to prove that, you’d need proof. Research. Many, many examples of people actually faking evidence. Not assumptions and your assertion that you’ve been “keeping your ear to the ground.”

          Likewise, your statement that ” such threats and action are out of character for gun owners, and but not too far out of character for the antis” isn’t backed up with any actual data. In fact, I doubt there is any data that calculates or compares the rate of violence among pro-2A people and anti-2A people. What I do generally know is that crazy people tend to do crazy things regardless of their political affiliations.

          Now, to your strawman accusation, really? That wasn’t even an argument. It was a statement. I didn’t say “You took a grand canyon sized leap in logic when you said this”. I didn’t put words in your mouth, nor did I invent any statement to argue against in favor of an actual statement you made. I said that while I believe the government is untrustworthy it takes a massive leap to reach the conclusion that they are secretly carrying out (sometimes fake) attacks against Americans. In other words, dishonesty is not evidence of violent criminality.

    • BlinkyPete, as I said above – for this to be real there has to be someone who simultaneously A) is so stupid as to not know the letters will not reach their intended targets (and apparently too stupid to craft a coherent letter to boot) and B) is smart enough to run a protein chromatography column (plus other purification steps) and not kill them self with the product.

      • And I’ve already responded. You’ve simply called some anonymous person’s tactical intelligence and ability with amateur chemistry into question. You have no idea how pure said ricin is – castor waste mash can contain 10% ricin, which would absolutely show up in a screening. In short, you don’t really have anything to back up your assertions.

        Here’s what I have: A martial arts instructor with no apparent background in chemistry was able to purify ricin to a detectable level and send it to people in envelopes.

        Again, what exactly leads you to believe someone else couldn’t do the same thing?

        • Ricin in “detectable” form does not mean dangerous form. Its extremely toxic when inhaled, but needs to be in a purified powder form to be so. Otherwise it’s “poisonous” material mixed in with a bunch of other stuff that’s going to weigh and “stick” it down. In order for that to be dangerous you would literally have to *eat* it (which incidentally reduces its toxicity since you enzymatically digest part of it).

        • DUDE – Are you literally unable to process information that doesn’t jibe with the story you’ve invented?

          Both recipients have clearly said ricin has been detected – they haven’t said it was pure, deadly, powered or anything along those lines.

          Neither I nor any official statement on the matter have said anything about what form the ricin was in or how dangerous it was.

          Anything else is pure invention on your part.

  18. Because this furthers our cause? All it does it help the other side prove their point. This accomplishes nothing…those letters are not in the same BUILDING as the President when opened…and now the SS will trace this back, and be kicking in their door within 24 hours and then he’ll lose his guns and make the rest of us look like we’re associated with him. I don’t like the President at all but trying to harm him with this is foolish not to mention impossible. The only way we can harm the President is by voting in officials to keep him in check…it’s the way the Constitution was designed and should be followed. Don’t commit violence: Vote.

      • Nope, but rejecting behavior like this makes us all look better and makes the gun owning community stronger.

        • rejecting behavior like this makes us all look better

          Yasser Arafat rejected 9/11. Nobody cared.

          BlinkyPete, it’s a nice thought for sure, but it won’t change anything. Besides, at this time I don’t think that these letters were sent by a gun nut any more than the post-9/11 anthrax letters were sent by an Islamist.

      • I’m not sure what you’re basing those conclusions on, Ralph. I don’t know who sent it… I can reasonably assume it’s either a gun nut or someone trying to make gun nuts look bad. All I’m saying with any level of certainty is that jumping to conclusion that this is an inside job (as truthers of all sorts do with everything) is idiotic and almost certainly wrong.

        • What conclusions? I expressed a belief. It’s based on past experience with other poison-pen letters, such as the anthrax letters and the April ricin letters.

          The “Islamic” antrax letters were sent by a scientist who was p1ssed about losing his funding and who was anti-Islamist. The April ricin letters appear to be sent by a guy who was out on bail and had a grudge against the justice system. In both cases, the written contents of the letters were the exact opposite of the truth.

          Do I believe that the letters were part of a government plot? No, I do not. But I do believe that the writings were red herrings, and that the government will be happy to take advantage of the situation.

        • @BlinkyPete But you will jump to your own conclusion or “reasonably assume”. Why not assume anything at all and wait until more information comes out? At this point we don’t know how lethal it was or if was even lethal at all. It could be a valid threat or it could be the media attempting to make it a bigger deal than it is to get the attention off Obama and his numerous scandals.

        • @ Ralph

          This is a conclusion: “I don’t think that these letters were sent by a gun nut.” You just told me how you’ve reached it, and it’s based on pretty sound logic. I actually agree with you, though it doesn’t rule out a gun nut, so I don’t think it makes sense to assume it is or isn’t a gun nut.

          @ Leo

          That’s actually a good point, but the fact that two three letters landed at two locations that tested for traces of ricin in the same basic time frame leads me to believe this isn’t a testing error. The content of the letters leads me to believe the perpetrator is, one way or another, interested in the gun debate. I think that’s a logical assessment.

          As to the media – I don’t see a coordinated effort to help draw attention off Barry here. The media thrives on fear, terror and unpredictable threats. 7 people, including 3 or 4 children, died in a car accident today. It was mentioned briefly but got no traction because car accidents are acceptable. If 7 people had been killed in a bombing, or a shooting, or a freak accident then it would be all over the place. Terror sells.

          I agree – let’s see what comes of this. My guess is they’ll catch them, and if it is a gun-nut type person the same idiots that are saying it’s a cover-up today will be saying it’s a cover-up then too.

    • Obama implemented his fail safe plan to make himself assasination proof because who would then be next in line to be president, he appointed 3 or 4 of the worst idiot politicians of the last generation so that even crazy people dont want the Bidens, Pelosi’s or whomever is next in line to be in charge.

      Poison pill politics!

  19. Protest gun grabbing with ricin and not actually using, you know, guns? This is not a pro-gun person mailing these.

  20. Loyd says:
    May 30, 2013 at 12:36
    Apparently the only people who use the postal service still are terrorists

    People of the Gun aren’t allowed in post offices anyway…

  21. The media would like the public to confuse ricin with weapons grade anthrax. If the ricin put in this letters is pure I would look for an Al qaeda cell operating in this country.

    • could be, sounds plausible that this would accomplish their objective and distract attention away from them.

  22. I wasn’t even going to touch this one but I decided I did have something to say that (at least not that I’d noticed) hasn’t been beaten to death already.
    While this is almost certainly the work of one or a very few individuals, perhaps actual gun nuts, perhaps just nuts, what’s more shocking to my mind is how quickly it set me on the defensive in terms of what it would do vis-a-vie 2a rights and restrictions. I doubt anyone worries about what the last drunk driving fatality will do to their driving freedoms (though there may be a few elderly people who worry what will come each time one of their peers inadvertently drives through a crowd). The fact is that there is a significant minority out there in and out of government who stand ready to seize on anything at all to further civilian disarmament. What’s worse, under the current administration I find it easier to believe conspiracy theories (for few seconds) than ever before, since it’s been shown that the rule of law isn’t of much interest to the current powers that be.
    Having said that, the government by and large is as leaky as a sieve, particularly because conviction of conscience and loyalty are perhaps the most lacking thing among politicians.
    Here’s to hoping that the conspiracy theorists are attempting to spin the issue rather than convince themselves.

    • In the end, it doesn’t matter whether the G is behind this event (IMO, no way) or planning to take advantage of it (IMO, certainly).

      The G had nothing to do with Newtown, but it sure did exploit the sh1t out of it.

      • “The G had nothing to do with Newtown, but it sure did exploit the sh1t out of it.”

        Why is this so hard for so many people to grasp?

        • We will engage in all the Internet speculation we like. Only $hitheads attempt your brand of cat-corralling here.

        • Yep, you will. And I’ll call you and your brand of barely literate, emotionally stunted retards like I see ’em till the cats come home.

        • Sorry, left out the “with unfulfilled control issues in his non-Internet life” after the “$hithead” in my above comment.

  23. So using the other recent ricin incident, we can guesstimate how long the FBI/Secret Service should take to figure this out.

    They took ~7 days to wrongfully arrest Kevin Curtis, and an extra ~10, so now total of ~17, to correctly (hopefully) arrest Everett Dutschke.

    Hopefully they wrap this one up just as quickly and it doesn’t drag on indefinitely :-).

    • He appears to be coming down from his amphetamine/booze assisted bipolar peak. Now comes weeks at the depths of depression.

    • Nope, I’m enjoying it too.

      And for the record, I’ve always put conspiracy theorists in their place when I see em. The only change here is that conspiracy theories seem to be going around more than usual, and today was a slow day at work.


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