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Rep. Marcia Fudge courtesy

Reader Don N. writes:

I caught NPR’s Tell Me More program last week in which the host, Michel Martin, interviewed Ohio Congresswoman and Congressional Black Caucus member Marcia Fudge. Here’s an excerpt:

MARTIN: I do want to ask about one thing that you didn’t mention, which is gun violence. I mean, at the beginning of the year, because of a number of, you know, horrific incidents – the Newtown shooting among them – the president made a big push for new gun controls. But that seems to be stalled. It seems that African-Americans are disproportionately affected by gun violence, either as victims or as the people who are targeted in certain law enforcement strategies. And I just wondered if there was something that the CBC can do to jumpstart this discussion . . .

FUDGE: We have been talking about a culture of violence in this country for a very long time, well before Newtown. We lose people every day. Babies are shot in our neighborhoods every day. And so we’ve been talking about it for some time, and clearly gun violence is an issue but it has been an issue in our communities for a very long time.

MARTIN: Well, that sounds like, though, you’re saying that you’re stuck.

FUDGE: Well, I don’t know that we’re stuck. I think that – now, I’m just going to be very, very frank with you, if I may. We had hoped that the killing of those babies in Newtown would make a difference. I’m not so sure that it has made the difference that we wanted it to make. At least people are talking about it and thinking about it. This country has already said, poll after poll after poll, they want something done about gun violence in this country.

But you have to also understand that we work within a structure, that even though our voices are heard, we are 44 of 435. Or, if you take the Senate, 535. So even though we raise our voices about the issue on a consistent basis, we still have to go through certain hoops to make something happen.


First she calls out the fact that black communities are disproportionately victims of “gun violence”.  True enough. But then she conveniently skips over the other side of that coin –  the fact that unless hate crime statistics are being vastly under-reported, the assailants in those crimes come from those very same black communities.

Then the Congresswoman says that black communities are targeted by specific law enforcement strategies, implying gun-related law enforcement strategies, i.e. NYC’s stop and frisk. I agree that stop and frisk is a violation of civil rights, just like gun control. But think about what this woman is saying. She’s for civilian disarmament, draconian gun controls that target, restrict, limit, and affect everyone all over the country. Which would include people outside of the urban neighborhoods where the majority of crime is happening, people who have no involvement in the problem space.

But a gun control enforcement strategy that violates the rights of the very communities afflicted most with the problem? That’s a BIG problem as far as she’s concerned. What would you even call a crime reduction strategy that’s consistent with this strange logic? Trickle-down law enforcement?

Then she inadvertently admits that there is a serious problem in her communities of interest and has been for a long time. Through periods of gun control, no gun control, and everywhere in between, the problem has been the same. She’s admitting here that, in spite of varying the parameter of gun control, there has been no observable change or improvement.

That should indicate something about the causality of gun control on this issue. Babies being killed every day? That’s something I have no conception of, that sounds otherworldly to me, and I live in a place where every home owner is legally armed to the teeth. An area where twenty-one-year-olds pack, 18-year-olds get their sportsman handgun permits and carry while fishing and hunting for protection from animals. And *shudder* children go hunting – regularly. With a rifles. And no adult. Under the age of 18. All the time. Full stop.

Then, finally, she lets loose with the real doozy – admitting the gun grabbers’ attempted exploitation of the Newtown murders. A statement like that betrays a catastrophic failure of empathy. She’s only looking for one “difference” to be made and it’s in gun control politics, not saving kid’s lives. To some people tragedy is fuel, burnt to attain a political objective. And she hoped to burn every drop of the Newtown tragedy on more gun control laws. Not access control, not armed protection for the kids. Just when you think you can’t be any more appalled . . .

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  1. “We had hoped that the killing of those babies in Newtown would make a difference.”

    An incredibly poor choice of words. I couldnt read any further.

      • It was planned. That has become obvious as was the theater shooting in CO. “We had hoped that the killing of those babies in Newtown would make a difference. I’m not so sure that it has made the difference that we wanted it to make.”
        Smells like it, looks like it. walks, talks etc. It’s A SETUP!

        • Um, yes, they were planned – by two pathetic, angry monsters who left behind tons and tons of evidence of the planning and execution of their crimes. Only an idiot would ignore all that evidence in favor of a false flag fantasy.

        • King Samir Shabbaz: “you’re going to have to kill some of these babies, just born three sec­onds ago. You’re going to have to go into the God damn nurs­ery and just throw a damn bomb in the damn nurs­ery and just kill every­thing white in sight

          White Man: ‘We need more Black faces joining the NRA so our message is not lost in the prima facie racist fact of the matter’

          According to the ADL“Shabbbaz also dis­cussed the need for AK-47s, M16s, grenade launch­ers, and other weapons for a NBPP military.”

        • Pay attention, Blinky Pete: numerous theater witness in Aurora said that Holmes got a cell phone call, and GOT UP AND OPENED THE EXIT DOOR, and another man came in. It wasn’t for the free movie, Pete.

          But you avoid those kinds of facts because it clashes with your preconceived notion of “loners”. Holmes was a PhD candidate in neurosciences. Which involves, you know, the HUMAN BRAIN.

        • Facts, huh, William? Show me a reference for that statement. Not infowars, not some tertiary nutwing news source, and actual witness statement backing up what you’ve said. Then, explain to me why Holmes isn’t telling everyone and their mothers that, you know, he didn’t do this. Why did he try to plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence? Why did the shadow government architects let him live? Pretty massive loose end, doncha think?

          Also, is it your contention that people that are in college can’t commit heinous crimes? Only people without human brains do stuff like this?

          A brilliant guy is what you really are.

        • If you’re trying to say the Sandy Hook atrocity was planned by agents of the state, then I suggest your tinfoil is too tight & has restricted the blood flow to your brain.

        • And here in lies the problem, stupid sheeple that refuse to see the reality of an evil regime.Newtown and Aurora, Planned and accomplished. If you don’t think so then you are a believer that Obama just wants to protect the children. Give me a brake, its easy for him, he hates America, its Constitution and its children.

        • Dude, the only sheeple I see here are you conspiracy theorists. All you do is parrot one another while failing to put forth a single bit of evidence to backup your retarded statements.

          If you can’t form a coherent argument against the current administration and the people who scavenge tragedy for political advantage it’s your own stupid fault. Don’t drag the rest of us down with you.

        • “The rest of us” BlinkyPete? Somehow, I don’t think that “us” includes “you” all that often.

          I’m not objecting to your dismissal of the conspiracy theories that abound here. Personally, I’m amused by the people who choose to believe that everything evil is the result of aliens from Area 51 shooting fluoride from the Grassy Knoll.

          But you do seem to be the main defender of an administration for which no defenses can be offered.

        • As much as I’ve disagreed with StinkyPete’s many posts today, I’ve got to agree here.

          Here’s what I used to say to anti-Bush conspiracy nutjobs: “If you beleive that Bush (fill in blank here), if you REALLY beleive that, why haven’t you risen up in armed rebellion!? Why on earth haven’t you taken a shot at the man? Coward.” Guess I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t apply the same here.

          Mr. Crognale, I hate Obama and everything he stands for, and I think you and I would agree on a bout 95% of life, but unless you are typing this from a prison cell or a well planned ambush sight, I have a hard time believing that you really believe that Newtown was planned.

        • Ralph – are you effing kidding me? You can’t hear someone say “Obama is not behind (name your choice of tragedy) without interpreting it as “Gee whiz, I sure love that Obama fellow”?

          I see no difference between Barry and Romney, and I despised Bush. How exactly does that make me a defender of Barry?

          All of my comments have been in regard to massive cover-ups and conspiracy theories – none have been defending Barry.

          Same goes to you Duke, though that Stinky remark was super clever.

        • Ralph, “shooting fluoride from the Grassy Knoll” is a great name for a punk rock song (and a good example regarding some of the nutters on the forum).

    • I honestly dont believe these shootings were planned by anyone but the shooters themselves. I do beleive that the major anti-2A groups dont give a s#!t about the children, politicians included. The only people I think really care about the children are groups like the “million” moms… or whatever they call it today. I think they care about the children but are ignorant to guns. The hardcore antis arent ignorant, they are just desperate.

      As far as what I originaly quoted, sure it seems incriminating but I think it was just a tastless and conincidental choice of words.

      • How is it incriminating? It’s well known that these people leverage tragedy to get what they want. She just admitted to it.

        It doesn’t mean they caused said tragedy, anymore than MADD causes drunk driving. Tragedy just happens.

        • Her comment is incriminating they exploit these tragedies yes. What I meant before is that it ALMOST seems incriminating that they are the ones behind it.

  2. Gun control studies that look at gun control policies around the world all agree; gun control has no effect on crime. In many cases strict gun control is enacted as a knee-jerk reaction to the high presence of crime, which is an inevitably flawed logic (making the crime they are already engaging in more illegal doesn’t stop criminals or change anything). One of the reasons gun control is even considered as valid is because we do not have accurate statistics on the good guns do. At the base we have an estimated 50,000-108,000 defensive gun uses, as per the US Department of Justice, at the top we have an estimated 2.5 million. Even with the low estimate DGUs outweigh homicides about 5 or 10 to 1.

    The media portrayal of guns and demonization of gun owners doesn’t help either. Making people think they will spontaneously be killed just for owning a gun or targeted by both the police and criminals doesn’t expand a positive gun culture. It also seems most people just aren’t up for the responsibility.

  3. Is anyone really surprised by anything she said or just the fact that she said it out loud and on the radio? Because after a while all I hear is “blah, blah, it’s for the children, blah”. Heard it all before.

    • It is amazing how a case of a disturbed individual of an up-class Demacratic Single Parent family who proceeded to perform a horric act of Unspeakable violence un young children can be compared in any other way to an example of intercity Gang related gun violence thsn to simply say it was a failing of parents & community as a whole.

  4. Sometimes the truth just slips out of the grabbers mouths, especially when they’re not in their comfort zone of a narrow targeted message.

    The question is, is anyone critically listening to what she actually said, other than some of us.

    • I wish that the part I quoted above was said on national television. Would anyone care besides us? No. But watching her sweat and backtrack would be great. After I finish vomiting away the nausea from the arrogance of the comment.

      • That would be a very pleasant, revealing experience; never to be offered by the MSM.

        • Even it was offered up on some of the 24 hour networks or the big 3, what journalist gun grabbing sympathizer would call her out for it?

  5. She and most of her Democratic colleagues are the problem. If you restore civil society in the inner cities then many Democrats will be facing competitive elections and quite a few of them will lose their jobs. The Democrats trade a welfare check for votes on Election Day. Any other time they don’t give damn what goes on in their districts.

    • You know that is a good point. The more “ugly” the urban areas are, the more votes the Democrats get.

      To be totally fair, the Republicans are not knights in shining armor, either.

      You would think people would rather vote for freedom, opportunity, and unlimited positive potential (which of course comes with a teeny-tiny chance of doing poorly) over the guaranteed “living” that the Democrats promise — if you can call the sad existence “living” in our vast, run-down urban areas.

    • You just started to scratch the surface there.

      It’s a fact that African-Americans comit firearms homicides at a rate several times higher than other ethnic groups…

      And just what distinguishes inner-city blacks from the rest of America at large?

      But of course, we can’t talk about that because that would be “demonizing” single women with children.

      You’re right though, Dems can’t solve the problems of gun violence and poverty without eliminating one of their biggest voting blocs…

    • The Repbulicans are individualists and Democrats are collectivists. Republican politicians steal for themselves whereas the Democrats are an organized criminal conspiracy.

      • That is possibly the most succinct and largely correct generalization I’ve read concerning both parties. Obviously there are a few exceptions, like the more conservative dems or the few republicans who are only listed as republicans because they woudln’t get enough votes as libertarians. I’m stealing it.

  6. She is right, something should be done to impact lives in the troubled areas of the country, albeit not what SCOTUS would view as what they do as “Reasonable”, but unstead “Un-Reasonable” as defined by DC v Heller.

  7. It’s so sad that it’s acceptable to leverage the murder of children to get what you want.

    What a pathetic worm she is.

  8. Ignorance and unreasonable fear rules the day. Example, Was over at a friend’s house talking about guns cause she knows I’m a gun gal. She said she had only shot a gun once and it hurt her hand. I asked if it was a revolver or pistol? She didn’t know so she asked her husband to go get the gun she had used. It was a 45 revolver w/3″ barrel. Checked that it was unloaded, then dry fired it and put back in holster, pointed away from vital parts. About that time another one of her friend’s dropped by, asked is that a gun? Answer “yes. Well then would you put it away” said 2nd friend, I don’t like guns. And husband did retrieve the the gun and put it away. She is a candy pants liberal living in Texas and major threat to gun rights.

    • I’ve had to smack a few of her unmentionable misunderstood urban yoot in the kisser while they pummeled me with chain whips and clubs. Really, it hurt my fist defending myself like a caveman and let me tell you the results were less than impressive as they are still stealing my oxygen.

  9. And still in this country, Doctors kill more patients than people who shoot people with guns last year.

    • Doctors kill almost ten times as many people as guns do. I think we have a medical violence problem in America.

      • Shhhhhh, that would hurt Obamacare’s reputation.

        Never mind about 5 to 10 times as many people are safe due to DGUs (using the most conservative estimate) than are killed by a gun (homicide) as it is now. Don’t mention gang activity is the number one cause of gun homicides either, that might hurt other democrat policies.

  10. So she acknowledges that the gun violence problem is largely a problem with her “community” but she wants someone else (outside that community) to fix the problem.


  11. Disgraceful like most members of the congressional black caucus. If I were African American I would be ashamed of this group who are nothing more than your stereotypical hustler preachers and so called “community activists”. Shame on her and shame on the people who will vote for her simply because the color of her skin during the next election.

  12. Perhaps they should put a young black mans face on some T-shirts and hoodies and walk through comercial districts to raise blood money white-guilt awareness!

  13. “But you have to also understand that we work within a structure, that even though our voices are heard, we are 44 of 435. Or, if you take the Senate, 535. So even though we raise our voices about the issue on a consistent basis, we still have to go through certain hoops to make something happen.”

    I see. So what the hell are we going to do about it? Jump through “hoops” like trained dogs? I recommend this:

    • we work within a structure, that even though our voices are heard, we are 44 of 435

      And in your own communities, you’re 90% and still can’t do sh1t.

  14. “It seems that African-Americans are disproportionately affected by gun violence, either as victims or as the people who are targeted in certain law enforcement strategies.”

    Seen from another perspective: Individuals from AA communities disproportionately commit the majority of gun violence and require a disproportionate amount of police, security, social services, trial court, and inmate resource money.

    My reply above was meant as a sarcastic reply to NPR for its one-sided feel-good feel-bad reporting of issues. 70% of AA families are headed up by a single mother and that is a recipe for a social disaster.

    • Seen from another perspective: Individuals from AA communities disproportionately commit the majority of gun violence and require a disproportionate amount of police, security, social services, trial court, and inmate resource money.


  15. The shooting weren’t planned by the anti-gun crowd. But they sure as hell were planned for. And that planning did not include providing those children/movie-goers with adequate security, or chance for self-defense.

  16. Of course she wishes for more mileage from Newtown. Strict bans in Australia and the UK were preceded by mass shootings. They figured this would be their Dunblane moment of victory. The Obama/Alinsky propaganda machine spun into overdrive, Obama went on full PR offensive to get a bill passed only to see it collapse. This only confirms what we already know: The commies are more than willing to use dead kids to push their agenda.

  17. The more I think about the issues with American inner cities I’m put in mind of Rio de Janeiro and the Favela. On the one hand you have a modern beautiful city filled with cosmopolitan people, on the other you have a slum so horrific that the police literally will not enter it without the support of the military.
    The two exclude each other as if they were different countries, though the boarder is ill-defined. We’re getting there, and I suppose for the elitists that’s not such a bad thing, other than in Rio they have at least had to give up the pretense of actually caring about anyone, and I suspect that if fair elections were the norm, and you could organize the people of the Favela they would immediately elect ever more radical leftists in the hope of getting some aid. Good luck with that whole impoverished inner-city-democrat nexus.

  18. Poor urban neighborhoods work on a patronage system, because poor people want stuff. Who could blame them? The Mayor of NYC used to be elected like this: The rival factions met at a particular fire hall and had an all-out brawl. The winner won the election. The issue of race complicates the issue enormously because the black voters and politicians won’t brook external heavy handed change, but they also refuse to insist (themselves, the mothers and fathers) on a change in their culture, because they’ll be pushed aside as Uncle Toms. It’s as if testifying to crime and gang activity, imposing censure on the worst-behaved neighbors, was somehow a white prerogative…..

  19. Enact regulation to prohibit blacks from owning firearms. Problem solved “Congresswoman”!

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