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Las Vegas shooters Jerad and Amanda Miller (courtesy

“A man who gunned down two police officers and a woman Sunday in Las Vegas left behind social media postings that show his concerns over Benghazi, chemtrails, gun control laws, and the government’s treatment of rancher Cliven Bundy,” “Neighbors identified Jerad and Amanda Miller as the suspects who shot the officers execution-style as they ate lunch at a pizza restaurant, and then shot a woman outside a Walmart in the same plaza.” Batten down the hatches folks, this one’s gonna get rough . . .

Witnesses said the couple announced the shootings were the start of a revolution and draped the victims’ bodies with American Revolution-era Gadsden flags — bearing the slogan “Don’t tread on me” — that have become symbols of the Tea Party movement.

The couple exchanged gunfire with police as they pursued them into the store, but Amanda Miller apparently shot her husband to death before turning the gun on herself.

Jerad Miller’s last Facebook post, made Saturday, hinted at the couple’s plans.

“The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it,” he posted.

A photo [on her Facebook page] shows Amanda Miller holding a pair of books — “Shooter’s Bible” and “Extreme Survival” — she received last Christmas from her grandmother, and she posted a pair of photos of herself firing an AK-47 at a shooting range in December .  . .

Jerad Miller outlined his political views, which were largely based on conspiracy theories promoted by Fox News and Alex Jones, in his social media postings, and he posted frequently about firearms and violent revolution.

While the pro-gun side will not claim the couple as one of their own (d’uh), you can bet your bottom dollar the anti-gun side will be all over the Millers’ affiliations in an extended smear campaign. Here’s the ammo:

Jerad Miller also shared a post by David Lory VanDerBeek, the Independent American Party candidate for Nevada governor, that suggested last month’s fatal shooting spree near the University of California, Santa Barbara, was a “false flag” operation enacted by the government to suppress gun rights.

“I see Obama’s Socialist agenda of anti-2nd Amendment, pro-amnesty, Agenda 21 de-industrialization is in trouble,” VanDerBeek posted. “They need to grease the wheels of fear and politicizing a shooting in CA is not going to do it. People become numbed to the politics of shootings.” . . .

Jerad Miller sketched out his interests with the groups and individuals he “liked” on Facebook, including Operation American Spring, Alliance Defending Freedom, the National Rifle Association, The Heritage Foundation, Rand Paul 2016, Three Percenter Nation, and Ron Paul.

Amanda Miller also “liked” Ron Paul, Freedom Works, and Three Percenter Nation, in addition to various paranormal groups, Stop Amnesty, and Drudge Report.

Jerad Miller posted a photo of himself Feb. 8 standing alongside former Sheriff Richard Mack, who promotes the posse comitatus idea that county sheriffs represent the supreme law of the land, during a libertarian sheriff’s debate.

While there have plenty of spree killers with left-leaning political views, this is the first example I can recall where the shooter(s) were pro-2A. Here it comes . . .

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  1. Let’s hope these 2 didn’t reproduce. It’s highly unusual to have a woman MURDER like this…unless she’s a Muslim.

    • Was about to say that. You are blinded by your own fear and hate. I bet most of you haven’t even talked to your average muslim. A shame since we face the same problem as gun people.

      Meant as response to “former water walker”.

      • I have worked with, go to worship with (UU), and have befriended Muslims and almost all of them have been decent human beings. It’s a shame to see anyone demonized and made Other for the sake of political control and fear-mongering.

      • Nah, I know some muslims. One, from Philadelphia, I showed my AR builds. He’s actually a bit anti (but open) – and is coming around.

        • I didn’t mean you guys on TTAG generally. My post was meant as a reply to the post former water walker made.

          EDIT: Reply feature not working.

    • It would not matter if they did because by killing themselves they gave any children they may have had a chance at a normal life.

      • There you go applying your values on the political opposition. This is the big difference between progressives and bill of rights supporters: they will make the square peg fit the round hole. They don’t wait for the perfect plaintiff for a lawsuit, the perfect candidate for president. They don’t care that these were a bunch of hood wearing racists, they are gonna paint every one of us as the same.

      • The story will go nowhere?

        Two wackjobs murdered 2 police officers and invaded a Walmart.

        This will add fuel to the fire and strengthen the Mothers Against Guns Movement. The NRA finally needs to admit that there’s folks with guns that have no business owning guns. Until they start pushing for reforms, things will get worse for rational gun owners.

        Keep your head in the sand and see where it gets us.

        Remember Joe the Plumber, “your dead kid isn’t more important than my right to own guns.” The fringe elements are making the rest of us look bad and that’s how we’ll be judged.

        • “The NRA finally needs to admit that there’s folks with guns that have no business owning guns.”

          The guy was a convicted felon and not allowed to possess firearms. Not sure about his wife.

    • It’s great that the first comment any visitors will see is an ignorant and bigoted one. Reinforcing the stereotype of gun owners.

    • So far the story does not appear to have legs, despite the media desperately trying to give it some.

      In fact, a story in the LA Times today says “5 dead” in an attempt to make it look like a larger bodycount, but two of those 5 are the shooters themselves.

      It’s a tragic event and I do feel for the victims and their families. That said, I don’t think they can make political hay out of this either. The Rodgers story is already losing steam. These situations are so overwrought in how they are reported that the general public just seems numb to them anymore. I think the gun control crowd overplayed their hand with Newtown and now everyone just kind of shrugs.

    • Yeah, and it only took them twenty years to get one that fits their stereotype. Sadly, they’ll gloss over that fact and claim this is “yet another” extremist they can assign to our side.

  2. Chemtrail conspiracy theorists. Ugh… why couldn’t have just fulfilled their suicide pact in the comfort of their own home.

  3. The NY Daily News made a point of informing us the Gadsen flag was adopted by the Tea Party in 2009. That’s all the proof I need. Definitely right wing nuts.

  4. Not this “chemtrails” crap again! From what I read they were Nazis and loons that were kick off the Bundy’s property.

  5. Every time someone says “false flag” all I hear is “I’m off my meds! Ho Ho Hee Hee!” The audiologist said it wasn’t just me.

    • I’m not saying Sandy Hook, Isla Vista, or the current shooting were false flags. No good evidence for that has been produced to my knowledge.

      But to imply that false flags never happen is silly. It’s a commonly used tool by the left, thought it usually takes the form of someone painting racist slurs on their own house, damaging their own face and reporting a gay-bashing incident, or PETA staging laboratory atrocities to get some juicy photos. They don’t really even regard it as dishonest, since “everyone knows it’s really that way, I am just raising awareness.” They have gotten caught at it regularly.

      The burden of proof lies with the person crying conspiracy, for sure. But it’s not inconceivable.

    • Calvin Please! There is no need to show your ignorance in denying that the military has proposed using False Flag Attacks in the past to galvanize the American Public behind some perceived war effort or policy.

      There was Operation Northwood as a policy proposal by the American military to blow up planes, set off bombs in the US and to sink Boats and to simulate American deaths to give America the excuse to invade Cuba. The only reason it wasn’t acted upon was that Kennedy didn’t give the go ahead.

      So the question does arise as to what other False Flag attacks that was given the go ahead by prior presidents?

  6. “After half a dozen extreme leftist mass shooters whose politics we vehemently ignored, we finally get our right wing nutjob whose politics we’ll never let people forget!” -MSM

    Well, this guy could very well be the “Polish saboteurs” by which our “genocide” is put into full swing. Leftists pray to their dark lord every day for a shooter like this, the perfect excuse to ramp up their violence and oppression toward us. The same people who, after thousands were killed by radical Islamists, told us not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few, will now demand the blood of all rightists because of this guy.

    As they say, keep your powder dry.

  7. Correct me if I am wrong from what I have read.. but they haven’t said what they used in the shooting though I read some bs about evil rifles initially but then that got dropped supposedly. No evil assault rifles used = big loss for MSM though this will still be a nightmare in ways.

    • I bet she bought the weapons, since he was ineligible. They took the officer’s weapons, so I don’t think they were strapped like Rambo, unless they were just trying to prevent anyone else from taking the weapons and using it on them.

  8. “Jerad Miller had been arrested numerous times since 2007 on weapons, battery, drug, criminal recklessness, and strangulation battery charges.”

    CNN reports a neighbor says that the couple told her of their plan to do the attack but she thought they were “crazy” and she ignored it. The couple also liked to dress up like Batman characters…

    Court records show he twice violated the terms of his in-house arrest on drug charges last year.

    I wonder if any of these was of sufficient severity to lift him to “felon ineligible for firearms possession” status. Or was there a failure – again – in the criminal justice system to keep him off the street in the interest of plea-bargaining and a “successful” prosecution?

    Jeez. What a mess.

    • Doesn’t matter. Due to the MSM’s concentrated efforts to dehumanize anyone who isn’t of the leftist hivemind, you simply being a rightist or gun owner means you’re automatically as bad as a murderer.

      Read history, folks, to see what happens to those who are dehumanized by society.

  9. What would have happened if this couple tried to commit their killing spree at an Open Carry Texas rally? I think they would end up with more holes in them than Swiss Cheese.

    • If you are going to link “facts”, do the extra work and post the original citations in the article (that are still valid), not Wikipedia itself. Otherwise you just look lazy.

  10. Let’s make sure we are being intellectually honest here. There have been plenty of wannabe revolutionaries with radical right-wing ideologies. White Supremacist, Sovereign Citizens, and other _VIOLENT_ anti-government elements have conducted bombings, shootings and other acts of violence against people in this country, and it is documented that they have conducted more attacks than radical Islamist in the United States.

    Let’s not try to deny these people exist, that’s the same as any cause trying to pretend there aren’t bad apples within their ranks. Instead of playing into the antis hands, let’s vocally condemn these people. These people are not us, they don’t represent us, and we want nothing to do with them.

    These people are racist, extremist, that are using a slap-dash of ideologies as an excuse for violence and their fifteen minutes of fame.

    • NeoNazi-ism and Black Flag Anarchism as practiced in the US are both ideologies of the LEFT.

      NeoNazi’s are offshoots of the KKK which was itself an offshoot of the Jim Crow Southern Democrat establishment.

      Black Flag Anarchists are not anarchists (in the true sense of the word) at all, but rather leftist revolutionaries who believe that if they tear down the current system and promote chaos and anarchy in the present, that their preferred leftist utopia will be the inevitable result of the aftermath.

      Neither of these batches of loons are right of center ideologically, and both are totalitarian in their bent.

      In other words, they are the diametrical opposites of the PoTG, who pretty much universally love freedom and individual liberty.

      Don’t feed the other side ammo by embracing that which is not ours to begin with.

  11. To be judged by anyone suggesting revolutionist drug addicted couple represents me or 99.99% of normal citizens, is a failure of anti gun proponents ability to reason.

    What narrative does one need. Comman thread is mentally defective people, combined with lax enforcement of current laws demonstrates a failure of local, state and federal governments to allow citizens to defend themselves. These entities are complicit in murder.

  12. And I’ll still keep my LaRue Tactical “Extremely Rightwing” bumper sticker on the back of my car. I have as much to do with these “gun nuts” as my car has to do with that of a drunk driver who kills a family. I accept no association with these nutcases whatsoever.

    • Yeah, this feels like a couple of losers who’ve been stoking their hate for a long time saw the Moncton incident and decided that now was the time to kickstart their fantasy “revolution”.

      The media may try to push it for a couple days, but it won’t really have legs, unless it turns out there’s more to the story than “inbred dirtbags shoot cops”.

  13. They were also brazen white supremacists. That alone will prevent them from using this as a symbol of the broad brush they feel we should all be painted with.

  14. There are quite Democrats that were KKK members so claiming that only right wingers can be racist is a lie.

    • Yeah well don’t let facts get in the way of a good time. Whenever I tell the average person that the KKK was founded as the armed militant wing of the Democrat party, they don’t believe me. They think it Republicans that are associates of it. Doesn’t help that the left-wing Statist in that party try to rewrite history to everyone else.

        • Tyler if yoyu can read history then do so. The original KKK was composed of southern officers in good standing who banded together to oppose the northern armies who were raping the south. That goup disbanded as the states were readmitted into the union and the second KKK was established by racist democrats. No policy shift of the parties has happened over the last 150 years. The republican party has always supported everyones rights while the democrats have shifted only in that they don’t lynch people anymore. The dems are however awful fond of political assassinations and mass murder.

  15. Nothing but disgruntled whack jobs pissed off at the government. Timothy McVeigh was no different.
    If a firearm hadn’t been available, they would have hatched their plans with other lethal means and that could have been much more deadly.

  16. … and the world is a better place without them. Sucks they had to take a few innocents with them.

    Can we stop giving them the spotlight now?

  17. So what’s the news? Extremists are bad? Woop-te-do.

    Do they represent the entire group? Nope.

    What extremists have in common on both sides is they are nutty and operating on their own.

    Gun free zones and idiotic legislation have been killing children and innocent people for far longer and no one seems to be complaining about that.

  18. Krista Koch (no relation, presumably) said couple was “militant” & talked about planning to kill police officers.


    THIS hate form self-described Right Wingers is a visible part of Right that we responsibly-armed citizens must actively condemn and scorn.

    • Umm, might want to go back to your history books. The Nazi Party, despite using the words “national socialist workers’ party” was vehemently right wing, nationalist, white supremacist, conservative and anti-communist. It was fascism, not democracy, and not socialism. Communists were purged in Germany with as much extreme prejudice as the Jews.

      • It could be argued that the main reason Germany lost the war was Hitler’s rabid anti-communism. He attacked the Soviets because he saw the conflict as an inevitable showdown of two incompatible ideologies, and wanted to get on with it while Germany was at its height of military power. This proved to be a huge mistake on his part, as the Russian hordes eventually kicked his ass quite thoroughly.

        So, yeah, just because the root words of “Nazi” include some variation of “social”, doesn’t mean they were Socialists. A quick glance at Nazi ideology would reveal it’s about as far from socialism/communism as you can get.

        • Both of you guys are wrong you need to actually read history. The commis and the Nazi’s had a fantastic relationship up until hitler betrayed stalin days before stalin was going to betray hitler. They shared close military and cultural ties to the commies the Nazis were right wing. So call someone a right wing Nazi and your labling yourself as being a commie.

        • Hitler lost the war because he allied himself with Mussolini which resulted in his sending 19 Divisions into Yugoslavia/Greece area and another 27 Divisions into Italy. Even having been able to send 1/2 of these forces to fight in Russia would have resulted at worse a stalemate situation.

          That said even the military used to teach its officer that Germany could have very well won the war if he had allowed his generals to run it. He dictated objectives and targets just as Johnson did during the Vietnam War with the same effect. Didn’t hurt that he had advanced syphilis which caused him to be even more insane than he was in his youth.

      • Fascism is a common left-winged trait as history will tell and how it got twisted into Right-wing only is also a trait of the left-winged. This current administration is the very definition of fascism. Look it up and compare the definition to what Obummer is doing. You might be surprised.

      • If youre going to label them then label them correctly as left wingnut democrats repeat history by assassinating cops.

  19. you are no better than the main stream media. stop turning there 2 low life’s into celebrities. Lets talk about the two officers that were gunned down or the armed citizen that engaged the man after the shooting and was shot in the back by the female suspect. Best wishes to the family and friends of Officer Alyn Beck and Officer Igor Soldo, and to the family and friends of the armed citizen that slowed these 2 dirt bags from doing anymore harm Joseph Robert Wilcox. Rest in Piece Hero’s!!!

  20. Did I hear something correctly in the embedded video; something like “when we get the money from Anderson (?) we’ll never have to worry about rent again”? Were they getting paid to do this? Was it revenge against specific officers? I haven’t checked the rawstory link or anything yet so perhaps there are some answers there.

  21. I would be shocked if these two great spokespersons for 2nd amendment rights were not open carry activists as well.

  22. I feel sick. This will be the poster child couple for those with an anti gun agenda. These people have some similar views to conservatives, but their overall views are held by like .001% of the people.

    • That doesn’t matter cause the left loons dream of this kinda incident. It gives them something to live for. Just look at the forums come alive with leftards. They love a good tragedy to blame on Right-wingers. Its sick and pathetic.

  23. Mods, Robert, whoever moderates/censors comments here… I don’t care if this comment is deleted, or if I am banned…

    By posting this picture you are being part of the problem.
    This is disgusting, and you know it.

    Go ahead and defend putting these picture up, you know it’s wrong.


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