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Shannon Watts (courtesy Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America Facebook page)

Well, c’mon now, People. Ms. Watts did not persuade Starbucks and others to “ban guns” from their locations. Starbucks wrote an open letter “requesting” that its customers leave their guns at home. Same deal for Sonic and Chipotle. As for the Facebook and Instagram policy change, the social media giant simply created new age limits for posts/pages promoting private sales of restricted items like firearms, alcohol or adult products, and promised to delete posts/pages promoting illegal firearms sales. Hardly world-changing, especially for a group against gun ownership. As for the rest of Ms. Watts’ “accomplishments” in helping improve millions of lives around the globe, there aren’t any. Just sayin’.

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    • I do not think change means what People magazine thinks it means. Change is not improvement, in this case.

  1. Perception is reality. Congratulations, Open Carry Texas, you gave Shannon Watts credibility.

    TTAG, you get an honorable mention too..

    • I dunno that ‘People’ really counts as credibility. Maybe it does, but I’m not convinced, especially when Starbucks didn’t ban anything. And even if they did, how “world-changing” is that?

      • I rate People’s credibility somewhere way below the Star and The National Enquirer.

        • Actually, the Enquirer is head and shoulders above People. They actually have broken big stories before the national media.

  2. Once again why are we giving the anti-gun COMMENT MODERATED any publicity? At least include a link so we can easily navigate to the offensive story and leave appropriate comments. I’m wondering whether Bloom-BOIG paid for CONTENT MODERATED.

    • I think it’s in the dead-tree version, so there wouldn’t be a link. And Juliesa is right, the rest of that stuff could have just as well been left out.

      • No, it ‘s NOT “right” to edit and censor my comments concerning the publicity seeking anti-gun, CONTENT MODERATED. I’m playing by the same rules (For Radicals by Sol Alinsky) as our opponents, ie. target, isolate, demonize, ridicule, and destroy them online and in public (NO physical violence). Those that refuse to confront our enemy using their tactics have already lost.

        • Right on the money.

          Time to start talking about how the Left created Adam Lanza, the kid from Colorado and Elliot Rodger.

          Many of you find it distasteful but it’s material they don’t leave lying on the table. Obviously.

  3. I convinced the 7-11 down the street to put their hotdogs out about 20 minutes sooner.


  4. It’s funny seeing how the left and their media machine like to smell each others farts…

    • Just like Neville Chamberlain should’ve gotten the Nobel Peace Prize for appeasing Hitler. So many parallels here..

  5. Still more legitimate than Obama’s peace prize.

    And great job with the sexual comments, folks. Stay classy.

  6. Well, that’s it. People just crowned her a World-Changer. Thanks a lot, Open Carry Texas, the games’ all over now. Guess I’ll just go turn my guns in for gift cards or whatever.

      • You down with OCT? Yeah, you know me!
        Dammit, I forgot to blame TTAG.
        hmm….that might have been slightly more legitimate, though. Anyway, what the going rate for some 5.45 Arsenal SLRs and a 5.56 SBR? Those have to be worth, what, three, four iTunes giftcards?

  7. I never read that rag anyway. It’s a complete waste of time to idolize celebrities the way they do. Get a life, and stop living vicariously with other peoples’ lives.

  8. Let’s see….People Magazine…that’s prestigious all right…Bloomie couldn’t buy her on to the Most 100 Influential Women List, so that had to settle for People…that puts her right up there with the Kardashians, Honey Boo Boo and intellectual giants…that’s a real career milestone…

  9. Without having seen the list, I’d wager thousands of bucks that there’s a more deserving woman not on that list, someone who’s risked her life to save thousands of lives. The average anonymous nun in a maternity hospital in Somalia does far more to relieve human suffering and save lives.

    By discouraging women from having guns for self defense, Watts is committing grave harm.

    • Yep and yep.

      Watts has about as much veracity as Hillary Clinton or Susan Rice, and has brought about just as much worthwhile good.

  10. She’s a P.R. expert, and that’s all this is. Probably a healthy “donation” to People mag too.

  11. Peephole huh. You’re blaming OC Texas & TTAG??? Do any of you realize how much free press that libtards get? Hell peephole said Adam Levine was the sexiest man on earth LOL

    • With the demise af actual magazine journalism in the 1960s, stupid sells. And vain + stupid is definitely a winning combo.

  12. If Shannon got this rating from people ragazine, what did the give Michelle Zero for her pouty face hashtag stunt?

  13. A liberal progressive junk magazine giving a junk award to a Bloomberg employee – not something I’m going to lose any sleep over.

  14. Give me a break. Shannon Watts Hasn’t helped squat. The best thing she could do is take that 50 million that Bloomberg wants to spend on gun control and use it to feed the hungry and house the homeless here in the US.

  15. A fascist idolized by the left, in a magazine read only by idiots and leftists (redundant). This isn’t really a big deal. It’s sort of like Guns and Ammo putting LaPierre in their Top Ten Most Influential Men.

    That said, you gotta love that particular leftist-ism: “Improving the lives of millions around the globe” by attempting to eliminate a basic human right in America. Only a leftist would equate oppression and stripping of human rights with “improvement.”

    And it’s news to me that Starbucks “banned” guns. I open carried in there yesterday and didn’t hear a peep.

    To be fair, I suppose COMMENT MODERATED did actually help the nation in one regard. Her very existence reminds decent Americans that they live amongst evil people who seek to do them harm, thus galvanizing them to arm themselves.

    • Some weenie is going to “moderate” your comment, we aren’t allowed to demonize our opponents here no matter how despicable they are.

      • And here I was also going to say that in the 1930s, Hitler was one of “15 Men Changing the World Right Now.” What is it with people always thinking “change” is a good thing?

        I know some people get irked with the Hitler references on the internet, but come on, who is more deserving of comparison to fascists than antis? Just saying.

  16. Let’s not discount this. People magazine is still in business because LOTS of people read it. It’s also in just about every Doctors office, Dentist office, hair cutting place, etc.
    This is going to give her a huge amount of exposure. Sure, she and bloomturd may have bought the award or whatever you call it, but there it is.
    They stepped up their game. We need to step up ours.

    • I find it hard to believe that there are any “undecided” left in the gun control world. Either people are for guns, against guns, or “well, the news told me this, so I guess they’re right.”

      For Guns – None will be swayed, especially by something like this.

      Against Guns – Typically the type who read magazines like this anyway.

      “News Told Me” – They may see this in the dentist’s office, but if they’re so uncaring about the issue as to only have a passing knowledge of it anyway, it’ll be gone from their minds before they flip the page. Could even work to our advantage. Next time they’re in Starbucks, they may ask “Did you really ban guns?” to which they’ll get the ever-so-tactically worded response that guns aren’t banned, but please don’t bring them. They may begin to wonder what else People lied about.

  17. Ever see a grown man giggle so hard he snorted Dr Pepper out of his nose? Just happened here. True story

  18. This is the same women that was the mouthpiece for Monsanto. You know that evil corporation the left loves to castigate every year:

    How many lives did this women destroy by propping up Monsanto’s business practices? According to the left this women is a pariah, but now she gets a pass? Don’t they know that big house in Zionsville is paid for with the blood of the innocent?

    Nobody said we can’t use Saul Alinsky’s rules, especially number four – ““Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    • I have no beef with pesticides. We’d be nowhere without modern agriculture. Organic food is unsustainable for the world’s population. If you’re talking about immoral business practices… welcome to business.

      • Pesticides are killing off the bees that pollinate the fruits and vegetables that you eat, the shrubs and grasses that herbivores eat, and the trees that take in the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replace it with the oxygen that we breathe. Pesticide residue is also slowly killing you too. I’m just being accurate here.

        Think your comment through.

  19. Look at those condescending eyes. The expression on her face. By golly, she is our savior. Oh Shannon…thank you for delivering us from the evil guns. You are a legend in your own mind. Outstanding in a field by yourself.

  20. What a lot of people don’t realize is that mainstream media is nothing more than Satan’s tool and therefore not to be believed nor trusted, that being said I think that TTAG is doing an excellent job of reporting the truth in these matters.

  21. Someone found it necessary to expend the effort and resources necessary to give the Mother of Hysteria some national media exposure. The best they could do is a laughable claim she is “changing the world”. She lacks any significant accomplishments, so they were reduced to printing lies and distortions. Not so long ago, Little Miss Hysteria was seen in a series of photo opportunities, looking rather like a ventriloquist’s dummy, with the Bill Paying Billionaire. Why does she need help manufacturing this public exposure? Could it be that she is regarded as an abject failure by her paymaster? Unfortunately for him, she is all he has, the best he can do with his billions.

  22. Interesting to note, I went by Jack in the Box and Sonic, neither have the required signs for Texas banning guns. I’ll check the Chipolte later. What these companies did, was basically what Starbuck’s did, ASK people to stop using them as a tool. They could really care less if you’re legally carrying, the statements get the Leftists off their backs.

    • Absolutely correct. They are in business to do business, not to turn business away.

  23. Let me get this straight, some rag like People Magazine puts twinkle toes on the cover, when likely Bloomturd paid them, and anyone cares? Who reads people magazine anyway?

  24. They call you influential as long as you write them a check. People magazine was sad before and now it’s just pathetic.

  25. She’s the hot chick you dated who turns out to be a total psycho and tries to ruin your life, and no matter what, she keeps showing up.

  26. Monsanto improving the lives of millions? We are talking about the company known as “the swastika of agriculture”. The only lives improved by Monsanto are those of the executives and the lawyers. And Shannon, being the PR shill, was in the middle of it.

  27. I’ll say this about People magazine….

    1. in an age where print media is dying and only nitch mags really stay alive thanks to devoted reader bases, People magazine continues to sell.
    2. Where I work, once a week the mail room drops several stacks of magazines by the mailroom door for people to take for free. We have to review the mags for ad placement and such. Every month, you’ll see a stack 50 mags tall each of People, The Week, The Weekly Standard, Sports Illustrated, and Time. Which ones bottom out within 15 minutes of the “magazines available!!” email going out? People and Sports Illustrated.

    So while I don’t blame freedom loving Americans exercising their God given rights for a print mag pushing an agenda and lying about it in the article…. people DO read People.

  28. $50 million will buy you whatever “honor” you desire. Just remember, 2 years from now it’ll be an “all new” “grass roots” organizational rebranding to “stop the madness” “for the children”…..

  29. I believe that People has a firm grasp on the nature of their audience as evidenced by their ability to stay afloat in the current sea of dying dead tree magazines. What people has done here suggests that their readership are vapid, ill-informed and terribly disinterested in either facts or proportionality. One wonders, if they had to include Watts to get to 15, couldn’t they have done a top ten list instead?

    Lists are what print media goes too when they need filler, it’s virtually always hack work. In this case though People has had to stretch to such a degree that Watts’ inclusion can’t be merely lack of something to write about. One could have Googled a more likely candidate for inclusion in a list of the 15 women changing the world and found a more influential one in minutes. Perhaps here the tail is wagging the dog and the point of the list was to give Watts exposure.

    As to the claims, misrepresented or fabricated all, it’s difficult to comprehend that even if all were entirely accurate that these accomplishments improved the life of a single person anywhere, let alone ‘millions around the globe’. Never mind the torturous twisting of meaning, It’s difficult to imagine how ‘helping persuade’ a few businesses to ‘ban’ guns from their stores and preventing kids from seeing ads for guns has any effect on anything what so ever that rises to the level of being lauded.

    It presupposes that gun control is good, something that certainly isn’t a foregone conclusion, and that children not seeing digital images of guns is good, which is absurd since surely children see far more guns in movies and on television that they ever have in sales ads on the internet. For that matter, Google images will promptly provide images of virtually any gun you’d care to see, without age limits. I cannon fathom how these things are considered accomplishments by any serious person. It’s rather like saying they blocked a single raindrop during a thunderstorm. Hardly interesting and certainly not praiseworthy.

    My primary objection though is that by including Watts, with her chancy background, questionable morals, unseemly connections and dearth of actual accomplishments in a list of 15 women changing the world, People seems to indicate that what Watts has done beat out the accomplishments of women numbers 16 through infinity. To me that suggests that women are so under achieving that even such as Watts must be lauded for her largely failed efforts that seem to have changed nothing which smacks of misogyny. It’s as if People was awarding perfunctory prizes to developmentally disabled children for participation in a spelling bee. I could name 15 currently more influential women off the top of my head and I’m sure that half an hour’s research would turn up hundreds.

    If the feminists don’t turn on People and castigate them for this they’re either asleep at the wheel or completely sold out. This list is perhaps the most insulting to women I’ve seen in a mainstream publication in years. Women are better than this, more capable that this and smarter than this. If this isn’t accidental misogyny, then it’s blatant propaganda and pandering and I’m not sure which is worse.

  30. RF writes, “As for the rest of Ms. Watts’ ‘accomplishments’ in helping improve millions of lives around the globe, there aren’t any.” Absolutely agreed. Lessee. Ms. Watts previously worked as a PR shill at Monsanto, working to try to convince us that there’s nothing wrong with genetically modified Frankenfoods and that there’s nothing wrong with suing the bejeezus out of organic farmers who had the misfortune of Monsanto’s Frankenseeds infesting their fields and ensuring they (the farmers) would lose their organic certification. Yeah. Way to help improve millions of lives around the globe, Shannon.

    • Aye, her Monsanto lobbying should be brought up every time she is mentioned. That alone clearly defines who and what she is.

    • One must wonder if her Monsanto work is playing havoc with the shred of conscience she has left, and turning to this extreme gun control is her misguided way of overcompensating for her past evil. Which ironically, is just furthering her evil legacy.

      Or, more likely, she just has no conscience.

        • I dunno–does seem to be something a bit pathological in the way she’s pursuing this these days. Recall that crazy biz about “breast feeding [her non-existent] baby and singing…”? And then she goes and borrows someone’s infant to make a new ID photo with, to try to look like she actually HAS a baby? Maybe there are some mommy-guilt issues there…

  31. As I’ve posted in other threads. Is there another agenda (U.N./World Council) “Is she getting any money from overseas? Their may be a nefarious connection with other countries or entities that are hoping to disarm us.”

    At least that is more likely than a person with many ‘guns’ growing several more arms and hands in order to use them.

    • Well, her sugar daddy did buy himself an official UN position for “Cities” or somesuch damnfoolishness. I wonder how much THAT little peccadillo cost him? A LOT more than the arm candy did, I’ll wager.

  32. People mag says she’s one of 15 women ‘changing’ the world right now. The real question should be, is that change for the better or for the worse?

    Personally, I think Seven of Nine had a more positive impact on the world….. but that’s just me.

  33. Shannon Watts is a known astro-turf PR shill for Big Business (or the highest bidder)…she was a lobbyist for Monsanto, that should end any and all debate coming from her.

    This, like everything else in the main stream media, can be had with enough money. There’s no doubt in my mind that Bloomberg ponied up the cash to People Magazine to get an ad placement for his disarmament agenda.

  34. Bad News Business that ban weapons, I conceal carry into you anyway, have been before there were even laws allowing people to carry concealed. So you better start patting people down and or have a metal detector, body scanner, etc., at the door, because until then, I’m packing.

    I’ll face the wrath of the store, patron’s present and any laws I’ve violated, after saving the life of my family (who are often with me), the life of myself, and or other people unable to defend themselves against someone who for whatever reason has decided they’re going to start shooting and killing people.

    I suppose, one could argue, that since I’m in there, with my weapon, what’s to stop me from in a fit of rage (hey, maybe I’m having a bad hair day, I’m depressed or something else), anyway, what’s to stop me from pulling out and just start randomly shooting people and I’d tell those people, another good guy standing nearby with his weapon would be a good start.

    What do you all think, a disgruntled employee or customer comes into a business, starts blasting it’s employees, you defend, stop the aggressor, they going to thank you or say “you violated our store policy”.

    America, makes me both Happy and Sad. That said, still think we’re the greatest in the world.

  35. I feel so privileged now, MDA an Everytown have officially banned me from commenting on their Facebook pages. They were spewing half truths and misinformation about the recent shootings and I thought I would just straighten it out, well someone saw my posts, deleted them and banned me.
    So much for freedom of speech eh? LOL

  36. Well, Shannon is changing the world. So far she’s been one of the most effective people in the country in expanding gun rights.

    I wish all my foes were like her. Easy to refute. Easy to draw into histrionics. What “victories” she has had are not successes at all for her cause. And even the spin for them wears thin after time. She’s helped make our side clean up how we present ourselves and her focus on a small fringe helps marginalize her as a small fringe herself.

    The only people who take her seriously are her fellow anti-gun people.

    I fear the day when the Bloomberg team gets someone in place who is actually competent.

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