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Jared Miller's Facebook profile picture (courtesy Facebook)

Facebook hasn’t removed Las Vegas cop killer Jared Miller’s page yet. While news reports suggest he and his wife may have left behind a manifesto, this Facebook posting is one. I republish it here without apologies. We need to know our enemies, even if/when they walk among us. [Paragraph breaks added.]

We can hope for peace. We must, however, prepare for war. We face an enemy that is not only well funded, but who believe they fight for freedom and justice. Those of us who know the truth and dare speak it, know that the enemy we face are indeed our brothers. Even though they share the same masters as we all do. They fail to recognize the chains that bind them. To stop this oppression, I fear, can only be accomplished with bloodshed. May the best men of our beloved nation stand and fight tyranny, without fear and without regret. May we stand proud as free men instead of kneeling as slaves. May we offer our children a free and just world with our blood, sweat and tears as payment . . .

Let our wives and lovers take vengeance upon our enemies in our absence. We cannot fail in this endeavor of Liberty, if we do we risk leaving our orphaned children to the will of tyrants. We, cannot with good conscience leave this fight to our children, because the longer we wait, our enemies become better equipped and recruit more mercenaries of death, willing to do a tyrants bidding without question.

I know you are fearful, as am I. We certainly stand before a great and powerful enemy. I, however would rather die fighting for freedom, than live on my knees as a slave. Let it be known to our children’s children that free men stood fast before a tyrants wrath and were found victorious because we stood together. That we all cast aside our petty differences and united under the banner of Liberty and Truth. May future generations look back upon this time in history with awe and gratitude, for our courage to face tyranny, so that they could live happy and free.

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      THAT WAS NOT HIS MANEFESTO…….AND EVEN THOUGH HE & HIS WIFE WERE PATHETICALLY PARANOID AND CONSUMED WITH DECEPTIVE SPIRITS…… THE ABOVE SO CALLED MANIFESTO IS A POST THAT HAS 27 DIFFERENT SHARES ON FACEBOOK, AND HE ONLY SHARED SOMEONE ELSES POST….I LOOKED ON HIS FB PAGE TRYING TO SEE WHAT THE HELL MADE HIM SO PARANOID…. AND IT WAS GARBAGE LIKE THAT WHICH PEOPLE POST…..IT IS SO SAD THAT PEOPLE WALK AMONG US AND TURN TO VIOLENCE SO ABSOLUTELY EVIL STUPID & MISGUIDED, …. I WISH OUR NATION WOULD RE-THINK TEACHING THE BIBLE IN SCHOOLS AS THE BIBLE MAKES IT SO PERFECTLY CLEAR THAT OUR STRUGGLE IS NOT AGAINST FLESH & BLOOD AND TEACHES THAT YOU MUST ALWAYS BE SOBER MINDED, AND HOLD EVERY THOUGH CAPTIVE TO THE OBEDIENCE OF JESUS….& I FIND IT SO SAD, THAT THE BIBLE IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR EVERY ELECTED LEADER IN OUR NATION TO PLACE THEIR HAND ON WHEN THEY TAKE THE OATH OF OFFICE…..BUT THEN WHEN SOMEONE LIKE ME QUOTES FROM THE WORDS WITHIN, AND IN THEIR PROPER CONTEXT…….YOU CALL ME A WACK JOB….. THERE IS NO AMOUNT OF VIOLENCE THAT ACHIEVES A DARN THING….. As it is so eloquently stated in that Bible from that God who is over our nation, and who endows us with our rights, as it instructs us …. Our struggles are not against flesh & blood, but rather there are forces of wickedness, and spirits of deception in the air around us…./ Ephesians 6….. If we are 1 Nation under GOD….and we taught our children from the bible, and prayer….all the way up until 1962……And as an American…you must understand we became the greatest nation in the shortest amount of time, based on our God, Our Faith, and the Founding Documents that states OUR RIGHTS AS INDIVIDUALS COME FROM GOD ALONE…… no matter who you are, this bible has been around 9 times longer than America….and that’s just the New Testament… thousands of years…..( At the end of the day when someone is possessed by evil spirits… are not injuring the spirit that influences the evil in that person…. in the bigger picture…..satan has the character traits which are….. he comes only to Kill, Steal, & destroy!!! the only victory here is that Satan has now destroyed 5 families….and thousands of friends……and all the pointing the finger at what the lost society in America today calls mental illness…..THE BIBLE CALLS DEMON POSSESSION….. We must LOVE one another….for LOVE is from GOD……and anyone of GOD cannot call his brother, or harm his brother who is made in Gods image…….. BOTH FRESH WATER AND SALT WATER CANNOT FLOW FROM THE SAME STREAM….. NEITHER DO YOU GATHER GRAPES FROM A THORNBUSH!!!
      God’s word in 2 Chronicles 7:14 states…. If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray then turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, I will hear and I will heal their land!!! I am so sorry for the loss, and the crushed family members…..we must stop being so divisive….and comprehend its all about HEARTS AND MINDS……INJURY AND VIOLENCE ONLY ACCOMPLISHES THE EVIL THAT THE ENEMY OF YOUR SOULS DESIRES….
      May God bring us healing in our nation, may we who know better, work to be a better influence in our circles of influence, help us to Lord to turn to you once again, and may these walls that anti-Christianity has built up in our nation…tumble down, we are our brothers keepers, we need to be healed as a nation O Lord…..please pour out your mercy and comfort on these broken families….and the author and finisher of our faith, we all see through a glass dimly, but then we shall see face to face…Only on the other side of life will we see the full picture…..yet as sojourners of faith, may we all learn to take up our own cross daily, and teach us to judge ourselves…and what part of our own attitudes, and we place on that cross…. so that we may live move, breathe, and have our peace with God!!!

      • While I am not a religious person, myself, I understand the wisdom you are referring to and the need to have it brought back into schools. It’s abominable what the Courts and Congress have done to undermine the moral and ethical foundation of our society. Their own personal corruption has undermined the public trust that the average man has held as a beacon, however dim it has seemed at times, to keep everyone aligned toward a common goal.

        That said, whether the Miller’s post is his or not, all but one aspect of it should ring true for all of us; all except the the “bloodshed” part. Thomas Jefferson stated, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” One step short of that quote is Libertarian columnist Claire Wolfe’s brilliant statement that “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system and too early to shoot the bastards.”

        Thus, while Jefferson and Wolfe would understand the words spoken above (whoever they belong too), I would think the difference between them and the Miller couple is that Jefferson and Wolfe would be more willing to exhaust all possibilities for peace before any blood was spilled. The sad part about it is that the political mafia has no qualms about slaughtering members of their own population as long as it keeps them comfortably postured at the top.

        And to think that all Congress and the rest of those judicial and political sabotards had to do was simply follow the oath they swore to. It’s that simple.

    • Gave all people who think the State is too large, wasteful, and corrupt a bad name. Most police and military are good people with many of the same views as any of us. Bat sh@t.

    • It is clear to me now what “well regulated” means. Weed out these ass clowns from the militia and then it will be more legitimized. I don’t know if he was part of a militia but I read that he went to the Bundy Ranch and was not welcomed.

      • +1

        Although, I wouldn’t agree with the “more legitimate” part. The militia has its legitimacy already in a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. I think that the militia policing itself in this way lends to greater discipline and overall effectiveness. Self discipline is indeed part of well regulated.

  1. Fight for freedom, by executing a pair of officers on their lunch breaks in a pizza joint.


  2. They will NEVER stop talking about this. To them, this is what we’re ALL like. All he did was confirm their suspicions.

    • Get out there and make it known that this isn’t who we are. Condemn this thugs publicly and loudly. Don’t use defensive language, go on the offense and make it clear that these people are not representative of gun owners or any other group, other that supremacist, extremest.

      • What he said. The use of offensive language, divisive crap (liberals, moochers, the President, etc.), and petty things like picking on anti-gun folks appearance and perceived intelligence turns off the non-committed pretty quickly.

        • I agree in spirit, but the reality is different. ALL the antis do is pick on the perceived intelligence and appearance of gun owners. Without facts or logic in their corner, that’s ALL they have, and they’ve managed to form an entire political movement around it. People actually believe it.

          Don’t give people too much credit. You’ll find a deep thinker now and then, but by and large, people are stupid and easily led about.

  3. “We need to know out enemies, even if/when they walk among us.”

    Ummm….they are some of your writers or haven’t you noticed? Where do you think all this cop bashing leads? All the threats “from my cold dead hands” follow the same road. If the purpose of guns is to keep you free, it doesn’t work by keeping them in your safe. This is what all you couch heroes have pined for–now you have it and run from it.

    • Please explain where in the Second Amendment it states that executing police officers, an innocent bystander, then committing suicide is “resisting tyranny.” A nutjob is a nutjob, no matter what texts or concepts he uses as an excuse to kill.

      Someone who misuses and misunderstands the words and concepts we believe is not “one of us.” I bet you were a real pleasure to American Muslims after 9/11

      • That should be a new debate rule added to the nazi one: first person to say terrorist loses. Its not hard fellas, we’ve got logic, history, and statistics on our side. Work some pathos in to the argument there and we are golden.

    • As a first-tier “cop basher”, I would like to point out that our “bashing” is about their ability to violate people’s rights with no-knock warrants, excessive force, and “officer safety” caused killings, and then get away unscathed.

      I’ve never seen even a single cop basher on TTAG say that we should go around murdering cops in retaliation. What we have called for is stricter scrutiny, unbiased investigations, and fair trials in public courts (i.e. treating cops like everybody else).

      So go back under your bridge, troll.

      • And calling everyone that you disagree with (which seems to be quite a few people, actually) a troll doesn’t make you look very good.

        • That’s true.
          Fortunately for me, I called one guy a troll, because he made a post that appears intended to cause an argument, by insulting a huge number of TTAG posters, rather than as constructive criticism.

    • We are not going to ignore abuses by the police or the government that employs them. Like this case:

      1) CI never entered the house.
      2) CI stated that there was one drug deal outside the house and weapons at the house.
      3) SWAT raid finds no drugs, weapons, or money at the house.
      4) Police arrest a relative of the family the next day at separate location with $50 of drugs.
      5) Police most likely will have killed a baby of a family that had nothing to do with drug dealing.

      The result is “Bou Phonesavanh cannot breathe on his own, according to family members. The 19-month-old boy is now in Grady Memorial Hospital’s burn unit in Atlanta.”

      The purpose of the “cop bashing” is call them out on their terrible behavior.

    • “This is what all you couch heroes have pined for–now you have it and run from it.”

      In this you are quite wrong. This is no more about “us” than it is about “you”. What you have, instead, is a deranged individual trying to create a logical explanation for his intense desire to go kill people. This guy shot those people because he wanted to.

    • +1 — If this “manifesto” were posted out of context, I would’ve just assumed it was another TTAG commenter…

      • Out of context, pieces of it look pretty much like comments I’ve written. Again out of context of their criminal actions, the quoted text would’ve been a Facebook post that I wouldn’t have really disagreed with and probably forwarded.

  4. This guy reminds me of all the anti gay people who say they fight for religious freedom. He’s twisting the idea of fighting tyranny to mean what he wants it to mean.

    • Oh, yeah, it’s not like religious teaching has condemned homosexuality for millennia, or anything. People are just making all that up, ’cause they don’t like gay folks.

  5. Face the truth, man… GUNS made them do it! They are evil, remember? It was the guns. They didn’t take the cops’ guns, the cops’ guns joined the other guns of their own free will!

    • Saw that image & fox news on the center shield. Didn’t notice the donkey & elephant in the background. Good catch.

    • The mainstream media can’t handle analysis in more than one-dimension, so libertarians are right-wing extremists to them. That picture looks like a libertarian condemnation of crony-corporatism seen through a filter set to 100% crazy.

      • Since when was the MSM capable of analysis? Other than incoherent, endless droning on about the “bias of the day,” that is.

  6. Truth be told, it just sounds maybe a single notch above what most in the ‘come and take it’ crowd are saying anyway. MAYBE a single notch.

    The philosophy doesn’t exactly strike me as an outlier. Just really whacky in deciding that shooting some cops on lunch & then heading to Wal-Mart was any kind of defense against tyranny. Really, really whacked-out on that end.

    • You mean as opposed to the leftists and antis that actually brazenly support violence and murder against those they don’t agree with?

      The difference between leftists and rightists is that for rightists, people like this shooter are an extreme rarity.

        • Rejected by Cliven Bundy patriots? I am trying to imagine a circumstance where a person would try to join that protest and be turned down because he was a felon. Did he walk up and say “hey guys, me and the wife here wanna help you fight for liberty oh by the way I’m a felon?” Did they run a background check or something?

        • My guess is it went something like this:

          “Hi! Were from Vegas and we are here to help! Where do you need us?”

          “That’s great! just let them know you’re here and what you can do and we will get you set up. So, did you bring any firearms with you?”

          “Well we did but we can’t carry them around cause we’re felons. Damn that big gubmint!”


  7. Yes they are nuts, but how does the media justify calling them right wing extremists? Of course we knew they would

    • When everything you post and say is textbook right-wing dogma, and then you grab a gun and start killing people, I think it is fair to say you were a right-wing extremist.

        • The things they were posting on their Facebook could have been posted by any of my right-leaning, Tea Party conservative or libertarian types. So, yes, right-wing.

          Does that mean that all right / conservatives are going to kill cops? No, just means that two people who happened to hold these views decided to.

        • How about in the eyes of the undecided? If you want to alienate every gun owning Democrat then that’s a major mistake and you will lose.

  8. Call me what you will, but something about his whole thing is too convenient and fits way to nicely into the narrative that “Gun Owners are terrorists”, etc. that is being pushed by the Left.

    You have a nice set up with Facebook pages, pics, postings, and manifestos that tell a lock and stock predefined narrative and no one to rebuttal because dead people don’t talk.

    I’m not saying this did or didn’t happen nor that the Millers did or didn’t do it. I just don’t trust anything I see on TV just because it’s the “Official Narrative”.

    The Treachery of Images…..

    • You know, the suicide is just one too many off this situation. It’s really a bit too much like “leaving no witnesses.” Kinda smelly, what with different people with different backgrounds and beliefs ending their lives in the same way after committing essentially the same crime. Like I said, kind of a funny, non-random pattern.

      • If you have a notion to go out to the mall and kill some cops, suicide HAS to be part of your plan.

        Nobody out on a spree to kill whomever rubs them the wrong way is making any plans for a picnic next week.

        You complain about the “mainstream media” and their incapability to analyze — but you cant even apply plain common sense!

        Suicide in this kind of situation isn’t unusual at all. To take it as a “leave no witnesses” scheme is as nutso as the Millers themselves…

  9. @RF, sorry bro…I’m going ad hominem here and if you want to delete it or ban me, then fine.

    Those two fucking douchebag losers killed two cops in cold blood. Then a 3rd innocent person. Then they took the coward’s way out.

    They didn’t ever walk with me or mine. They deserve to rot forever in hell. Killing innocent people is terrorism flat out. They are not Patriots. They. Are. Evil. Period.

    • Killed a 3rd party, apparently a citizen carrying a concealed weapon, who was probably responding in exactly the way they would hope people would respond to a threat.

    • “Those two fucking douchebag losers killed two cops in cold blood. Then a 3rd innocent person. Then they took the coward’s way out.”

      Absolutely correct!

      “They deserve to rot forever in hell. Killing innocent people is terrorism flat out. They are not Patriots. They. Are. Evil. Period.”

      Correctamundo Again!

      But what you neglect to mention is that they spouted the same screwy rhetoric as MANY OTHER “fucking douchebag losers” loudly spout — other douchebags who, like the Millers, claim to be patriots, but are really just puppets of right wing fear mongers like Alex Jones.

      The Millers were batshit crazy, yes – absolutely!

      But they were not the ONLY batshit crazy people to ever call themselves “patriots!”

      The fact that they were crazy doesn’t mean that everybody else in the right wing militia-loving Obama-fearing InfoWars-believing crowd is “sane”

      Just two days later we got Jared Padgett — ALSO right wing militia-loving and Obama-fearing. A seemingly good kid from a military family that seems to teach their kids gun responsibility.

      But something went wrong. Probably, he’s another crazy, but certainly not the only one in the crowd that calls themselves Patriots, but are working toward the destruction of the US government..

  10. That’s the kind of talk one can find at on a regular basis. “…The blood of patriots and tyrants” and all that. Only a matter of time until someone put the heated rhetoric into action…

    • “Blood of patriots and tyrants” type talk has been around for about 240 years, actually. I’ll have to check, but I don’t think they go back that far.

      Maybe it has nothing to do with legitimate speech from a founding father, and instead has everything to do with a nutjob looking for an excuse to kill. Funny how you don’t mention the left’s urging of violence that likely sparked the last half dozen shooters.

      Man, this story’s really bringing out the leftist plants.

      • It’s also bringing out the skinheads and white supremacists. Go to some of the more extreme sites like Stormfront. Perhaps you have more in common with them than you do with liberals who see themselves as being responsible gun owners?

        • That would be kind of hard, considering I’m not white.

          Oops. Looks like another cookie cutter leftist bigot just got caught in his pathetic, brainwashed assumptions.

          I’m a die hard liberal. Liberal, not leftist, not Progressive. Liberal in the sense that I value liberty above all else. Sorry if fascists like you have a problem with that.

        • @DTAL: Well stated. Same here. Although I could visibly pass in the StormFront type of group; genetically and ideologically I would stand out like a sore thumb. If they ran my DNA or paid attention to my consistent opinions then I’d be toast there.

      • I need a little more proof of this “left’s urging of violence” and the shooters who claimed they were killing people to promote a left-wing ideology. There is a history of violent left-wing extremist, but they are far and in-between these days. Most of the time it’s someone with apolitical (or nonsensical) opinions who is acting out of some other motive (like fame-seeking, revenge for personal grudges)

        Just because you are [insert ideology here] and you kill people, doesn’t mean you killed because of [ideology]. But, when you leave behind a manifesto that states “I killed people because I believe that [insert favorite deity/leader here] wants me to fight the [insert target here] in the name of [ideology]”, then you are declaring your allegiance.

        …this self-declaration, however, has no baring on the rest of the group, unless they support you.

        • Dorner.

          Also, you really need evidence of leftists urging violence? Haven’t you been paying attention? Just go do a search for Twitter and Facebook posts calling for the deaths of NRA members.

        • Dorner was driven more out of vengeance for personal wrongs, than an explicitly left-wing extremism. Most of his manifesto walked a line between personal beef and a vigilante out against corruption and racism in the LAPD (which is something we all know exist, regardless of your political slant).

          If he said he was doing it all in the name of the Proletariat and fighting the “Imperial Capitalist pigs” to save the Earth from environmental destruction, then I would say left-wing extremist. Just cause he voted for Obama, or was a registered Democrat, means nothing in this case. If he said he was killing for that reason, then it would be, but it wasn’t.

          …and yes, there is some trash on Twitter from gun control advocates, but you can find just as many post on the internet calling for violent revolution against the Administration and “Lib-tards” with Gadsen flags and crossed ARs in their icons. Stupid, violent people on the internet aren’t new, nor confined to one group.

        • I didn’t claim it was confined to one group, I simply countered his assertion of the right’s urging of violence with the fact that the left also has plenty in their corner, probably more. There’s also a difference between calls for the changing of an unjust government and advocating cold blooded murder of innocent individuals simply because they believe differently.

    • The difference is that back in 2008, this was still sorta-kinda America, and there was still some semblance of common sense. A guy like that was identified and dismissed as an individual whackjob and that was that. Now, the MSM and Washington are in full swing trying to take away rights, with “gun control” at the helm, with a public that’s only too happy to oblige with their stupidity.

      No one is denying that people like that exist. The problem is that these days, we’re forced to deny that not every single one of us is like that, as the left claims. Dehumanization has wreaked havoc these past years.

      • I was much more right-leaning libertarian back in the ’05-’08 period and let me say, nothing in media has changed since then. The only difference is Fox News went from calling anyone who disagreed with the government a “terrorist lover” to calling them a “Freedom Fighter” (so long as they are white and Christian) and MSNBC went from anti-war to beating the war drums louder than Karl Rove.

      • “The difference is that back in 2008, this was still sorta-kinda America, and there was still some semblance of common sense.”

        Bzuh? By whose standard? Let’s not romanticize the W years overmuch–they were the heyday of the Patriot Act, the rationalization of waterboarding and indefinite detention, “If You See Something Say Something, ” DHS skullduggery and general neo-con propagandizing. The difference is that it didn’t target *us*. The Bush administration and all its useful idiots gave Obama and his faction running the country the tools they needed to make the Alinsky wet dream/Orwellian nightmare of the past six years possible.

        • BOOM. What S_J said.

          My father, a staunch Tea Party conservative, who derided me as ‘anti-American’ all during the Bush years, told me a couple years ago ‘you were right’ in regards to the dangers of the legislation being passed in the name of stopping terrorism. Funny how everyone’s tune changes when they no longer hold power.

        • Trust me, I’m no Bush fan, and you’re right. That’s why I said “sorta-kinda America.” The Patriot Act was a disgrace and the slippery slope was evident even then, but still, the country wasn’t as bad as it is today. I didn’t intend for my post to come off as pro-Bush. I meant that the lunacy in America as a whole was at a lower tone and one could imagine that the country could have turned itself around. I don’t believe that anymore.

  11. So, how the Hell is murdering a couple of cops on their lunch break and some random bystander helping fight tyranny in any way? Damn fool.

  12. Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit. This is not good, not good at all. This ‘freedom’ talk echoes that of the Oath Keepers, pro-2A folks and general patriots. This will make us look like this nutjob fucker, make them think that we are like that murderous bastard, but we’re not. I don’t like how this is going to play out. I give it two days at most until MDA, the Brady Bunch and Bloomberg, and the other freedom-hating peoples jump on this and cling to it like a Loc-Tite-ed rodeo rider.
    Please don’t moderate me!

  13. Well this is just great! now I gotta go and dump my Facebook background because these wack jobs liked batman! Geez!
    This is going to get driven into the media hard that they were fringe gun owners, right wing, what ever you want to call them.
    One more piece of ammo to MDA and Brady to paint gun owners as nut jobs.

  14. Well, so much for ammo getting cheaper. I agree that this whole deal has the order of fish about it. Time for the left is growing shorter. This I believe is an indication of their fear of November 2014.

  15. If Watts had only talked to CiCi’s in time and demanded that CiCi’s ask people to leave their guns outside. That would have stopped Miller in his tracks.

  16. Of course he liked Adam Kokesh and Tool, whose lead singer was in the Army and performed with Rage Against the Machine on their song “Know your Enemy,” a song which indicts the ‘American Dream’ as bigotry and violence.

    I have to wonder if this even happened. Sorry if that offends anyone, but that is not much of a manifesto and the story does not make sense. Smells like a made for TV massacre and I will lean toward this until we get some info that substantiates these were real individuals.

    • Faux News covered it. So right there you know their coverage was fair and accurate.

      • The Daily Mail is now running pictures of the alleged shooters, dressed as The Joker and Harley Quinn. What a surprise?

    • So how many people would need to be a part of any conspiracy receiving national media attention like this? Count the families of the deceased, all the first-responders (many of whom are gun-guys), reporters and witnesses.

      And you think THAT sort of conspiracy is reasonably likely compared to a couple of people taking the “from my dead hands” rhetoric to the extreme level? Maybe you should consider your own sanity.

  17. From the Las Vegas Review-Journal coverage: “The shooters then stripped the officers of their weapons and ammunition and badges, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation. They then covered the officers with something that featured the Gadsden flag, a yellow banner with a coiled snake above the words, “Don’t tread on Me.” The flag is named for Christopher Gadsden a Revolutionary War general who designed it. It has recently come back in vogue as an adopted symbol of the American tea party movement.”

    There you go – the media narrative will be blaming this on the tea party folks. “See? This is what you get when you vote for conservatives!” But the media will ignore the report that these fruitcakes were tossed off the Bundy protest because they advocated violence.

    • And having been to several real tea party events, I can report that a more respectable bunch of sober citizens cannot be found anywhere. A murderous meth head couple would be sorely out of place among the suburban housewives, doctors, retired military and small businessmen that form the local tea parties. It’s mostly a clean and tidy middle-upper middle class crowd. Mr and Mrs Murderer would be ejected.

      • Absolutely – the folks at the tea party gatherings I have attended would be described as “boring” by most of today’s media. I mean, discussions of tax rates, planning departments, precinct chair elections, etc. Of course, they started the meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance, so the media would no doubt describe them as “extremists”. Can you be a boring extremist?

  18. Murdering innocent people (as appears to be the case based on the info available so far) is pretty much the opposite of fighting for liberty. Even if the cops were authoritarian a-holes, what the couple did was still murder given the circumstances.

    • I hear people on this site say all the time that people who are part of a corrupt system are not innocent.

  19. It’s not that he’s wrong about a lot of stuff it’s that he blew away two guys who weren’t kicking his door down for some malum prohibitum

  20. Frankly, I don’t care what the murderers’ philosophy might have been. They sneaked up on a couple of cops having lunch and murdered them in cold blood. That’s all I need to know about the killers.

    As for the media’s reaction, I don’t care about that either. The media is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Big Fascist Government. That’s all I need to know about the media.

  21. Idiot…you go to his facebook page and there are pictures of him wearing a “Tool” beanie. How ironic.

  22. Well, even if they weren’t actually libertarian, tea parry or right wing, wouldn’t they still try and paint them that way? The only unique this about this scenario is that it mightve been true.
    This will do the same t always does, and the usual suspects will rally to it, but I don’t think it changes much.
    Both sides are firmly entrenched, and at this point nothing is going to change anybody’s minds. And come November, its going to be the same old scandals and loyalties that make people vote the way they do, not these kinds of events.

  23. Of all the villains alive and well in America today they decided to ambush two random police officers, who most likely didn’t deserve to die, in a CiCi’s pizza restaurant. Then they hurt unarmed people and killed themselves.

    They were hardly patriots or people fighting for the cause of liberty. Murderous agent provocateurs? Possibly.

  24. With the constant assault on our liberties and the lawlessness coming out to DC, this will become more common. Our “representatives” no longer represent us. They do not fear the ballot box, they are too entrenched. There is a current push to have a constitutional convention to reign in their power, should the 3/4’s of the states call for it, and Washington refuses to acknowledge it, revolution will be necessary.

    • So what is this, propaganda of the deed by freedom fighters on the autism spectrum? Hard to believe it really happened, honestly.

  25. Even if your cause is just, and you seek and speak the truth,
    if only you and your wife are at the tip of the spear, You have chosen the wrong path and battle.

    This shows the danger of the bundy standoff. you can attract strangers who you cannot vet properly. This is a warning to all groups to police their members as well as they can to keep the lunatics out

    The only good that might come from this mess is if the other person killed was in fact a CCP person trying to stop the killers. If the left can be put back by a normal citizen sacrificing himself as a sheepdog sacrifices himself for the sheeple, that might be a small plus.

    • if the other person killed was in fact a CCP person trying to stop the killers

      If so, will we ever know? Will we be told the truth, and by who?

    • If it was, it will just fall under the “no civilian with a gun can stop a bad guy”.

  26. These two nuts were not Tea Party types- they just used the flag to make their point.

    I don’t defend them, for what they did was simply murder. And that makes them criminally insane. Their political affiliation has nothing to do with guns, and seizing guns from anyone else is not going to stop the criminally insane in future.

    Just make it more difficult for the law abiding to defend themselves.

    My prayers go to the families of the LEOs gunned down in cold blood.

    • Your no true Scotsman argument fails. The fact that they used a flag dating from the Revolutionary War (Revolution? See the tie in?) doesn’t make them TEA party members. It was a flag, not a membership card.

  27. Two thoughts:
    Cops are killed by people with a Gadsen flag. Everybody runs away from them.

    However, it the cop killer’s name is Mumia abu Jamal, see who rallies…

    The cold-hard fact is, if you talk about guns as a defense against government oppression, who will be on the receiving end? The Taliban? Hamas? Hezbollah? Putin? Nope. Regular cops. Then the National Guard. Then the Army. Or maybe you’ll just show up in the Who To Drone Kill Today lists.

    Your behavior and attitudes may have not changed in the last few decades, but what happens when Big Government’s attitude does? Your position goes from mainstream to ‘nut-job’ and you haven’t moved at all. The line moved, you didn’t.

    It will always be the nut-job who fights the police. The question is, when will you move with with the line, and when will you stand and be a nut-job?

  28. Guys, common. We gotta own up to this, this guy is one of ours. I can tell no difference between his Facebook page and any 10 of my shooting-enthusiast buddies. Its no use to try to find points of differentiation between him and any one of us, but to the media and the country at large, its the same. They finally have their “Pro Gun, Anti Government, Gadsden Shooter”. Its useless to try to deny it. There is a bad apple in every crate, including OUR crate.

    • That is some defeatist nonsense if I have ever read any in my life. You smell like a troll.

      • Its not defeatist, its calling it like I see it. When I see a Facebook like his, I wouldn’t think twice about it. All the other shooters, have been leftists, this one, not so much. Period. Putting our fingers in our ears because it doesn’t fit with “our version of the story” is just stupid. Lets be more honest than the liberal left, and call a spade a spade.

    • He’s one of ours the same way every drunk driver who’s killed someone with a Honda Accord is one of mine. Nonsense. These nutjobs are certainly not one of mine or one of ours.

      Nice try.

    • We just saw the ugly intersection of somebody’s fantasy (the Las Vegas shooters’ world-view) with reality (the three dead people). Do you have to stay vigilant to protect your freedom? Yes. Do we live under a tyrannical government, as objectively measured by historical and current standards? No.

      Hunting and pest control are the only real-world uses anyone has any substantial likelihood of putting their gun to. Everything else is some form of hobby, game, or play-acting. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with collecting or defensive training or contest shooting. However, there is something wrong with becoming obsessed with things that aren’t very likely to ever happen. This happens to a lot of gun enthusiasts, and it’s an easy pit to slide into.

    • Uh, no we don’t have to “own up to this” because, regardless of whatever unsubstantiated and wholly unsupportable blathering from you or anyone else for that matter, he’s NOT “one of ours”. You’re calling it like you see it? Then you’re seeing it wrong, troll. End of story. We, not you, are calling a spade a spade when we say this pair of assholes wasn’t ours. And that is precisely because they ARE NOT.

      I can tell you the difference between our crate of apples and theirs: we’re not intent on hurting anybody that hasn’t already begun to hurt us first.

      Now, back under your bridge you go.

    • My writings haven’t been any different than what’s been quoted in this article. The only difference between is what these two chose to do.

  29. Sooo, can we blame this one on Open Carry Texas?

    Executing two cops eating pizza is not the act of patriots or heroes, it’s the act of criminal assholes. Sadly, the left will paint all gun owners in the same light as these two shitbags….

    Ironically, when a jihadist commits acts of terror and someone paints the religion of Islam as a whole, violent, they are the first ones to cry “nay nay!, it was just the actions of one man!”

    Rest in Peace Officers Beck and Soldo, prayers for you and your families and prayers for the third victim, Joseph Wilcox as well.

  30. CNN reporter Dan Simon just detailed the intervention of an armed citizen in Walmart. He confronted Jared Miller but did not realize that Amanda Miller was with him. She then shot the CCW holder.

  31. If they were invited to leave the Bundy site, that tells you a lot right there. One of my psychiatry attendings in med school gave me a very useful yardstick in judging whether or not a person has a personality disorder. He said, “Well, if you talk to them for ten minutes or so and find yourself thinking, ‘This person is an asshole’, then they have a personality disorder and it’s simply a matter of figuring out which kind.” I think this guy tripped all kinds of warning flags, which is why he & the missus were invited to leave. His criminal history suggests more than a few issues with authority and chemicals.

    The fact that he adopts some symbols of a political group does not make him an exemplar of that group, anymore than he or the Aurora shooters are “representative” of the world of cosplay.

    It’s unfortunate that we have “progressed” as a society past the time when people like this could have been dismissed as drug-addicted losers no different than the wanna-be stickup artists portrayed at the beginning of “Pulp Fiction”. There really are no lessons to be drawn here, other than that armed and untreated antisocial types are dangerous, and that yes, felons convicted of violent crimes really shouldn’t have guns. They were criminals who behaved in a criminal fashion, and should be forgotten. Every time you try to take a criminal actor and make a bigger political point, you magnify the actor…and there are jackwagons like this guy who are bent enough to bask in the anticipated limelight from their pathetic demise before they actually die.

    STOP talking about them. By focusing on those who jump the media is encouraging the rest with one leg over the edge. Our society cannot be purged of ill intent. The best that can come from this is that more rational folks will see their own well-being as their own responsibility. Most of us on this site believe that a part of that is being armed. In one of the news reports someone praised the Metro police because they responded “in fifteen minutes”. That’s a long time to wait for someone else to protect you.

  32. seems like a pair of drug addled misfits, just what the liberal media has been waiting for – a dupe they can claim as right winger – except the real right wing would not accept either one based on their history and present circumstance. nice try though

  33. That was a lot of clichés in a row. The “They fail to recognize the chains that bind them” one reminds me of the ‘false consciousness’ pablum many leftists are in love with.

  34. Their little manifesto or whatever sounds crazy only after the fact. I’ve read and heard similar sounding little screeds from people when their think part of the brain becomes temporarily separated from the talk part of their brain (“If it goes one inch more, I’m going to start killing people . . .” sound familiar?).
    However, with these two cold blooded murderers, the “act” parts of the their brains became permanently detached from the “think” parts of their brains.

  35. I’ve read pretty similar stuff in the comments section of this site. Usually the article is about the police, ATF, DHS, or more recently, the Cliven Bundy incident.

  36. So he thought shooting police officers on their lunch break was going to kick off some sort of revolution? What an asshole.

    • It’s much like the ‘race war’ stuff we’ve heard before. But consider it a moment… they help drum up anti-gun support, more bad laws get passed, disobedience increases, violence increases… they were just trying to move things along in that direction I suppose.

  37. Color me suspicious, but I’m having a hard time picturing this shit-bag coming up with paragraphs of flowing prose on his own. Who wrote it, or where did he swipe it from?

  38. TROLL MUCH thumper? He sure as hell ain’t mine. From an evil old white man married to a beautiful black woman with 2 VERY LARGE CARMEL COLORED SONS.

    • Is it just me, or do you find any excuse to say on every TTAG article to write about the fact you are married to an african.

  39. Only true patriots in this story are the officers who were attacked by the people they protect. Let’s see the names and faces of the officers, not this lunatic

  40. This guy isn’t one of ours.

    James Egan Homles was a registered Democrat (voted that way, too, by the way) and an Obama campaign worker before he shot up the Cinemark theater. Does that make all Democrats and Obama campaign workers murderous lunatics that need to be locked away? Does that make him the face of the DNC or all Obama campaign workers?

    NO is absolutely the only answer you’re looking for, champ, full-stop. Whether you fucking like it or not, even.

  41. I can’t agree with their choice of criminal actions; apparent cold blooded murder. Had they not committed the crimes that they did on Sunday, what is quoted in the article wouldn’t be any writing that I would disagree with. It would be something that I would’ve “liked” on Facebook and perhaps even re-posted. Unless I have missed it, there is nothing in that particular writing which is Neo Nazi or White Supremacist. There’s nothing there that I haven’t probably written over the years (again, unless I’m misreading a line or not understanding it fully). The difference, of course, is that I’m not going to go out and execute two officers having lunch. I’m not going to murder a Walmart greeter. And, I’m surely not going to go occupy some Walmart. For the record, I don’t subscribe to most of the “conspiracy theories” and what-not that have been out there for decades. I think there might be a kernel of truth here and there behind some of it but probably not, IMHO, to the degree that is claimed.

  42. The drivel from this cowardly bastard is a little crazier (a little but not a lot) than the unfortunate occasional bat$#it crazy (sit in the front of the bus?) rants that are shared in this forum.

  43. Random killing of innocent people does nothing but create more thugs to seek 15 minutes of fame. Tomorrow he will be forgotten and some other psychopath with a weapon kills again. I’ve spent a career working with these maniacs. They want nothing but attention to themselves. I’m a gun owner. Faced with this dog I’d knick his nuts and send him to prison. He’d cry like the little coward he really was. His woman did it for us. Nice job!

  44. The above quote is an approximate quote of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. Paine doesn’t reach the break-over point of commanding action, but more directs people to promise action when they perceive a wrong. Terrible tragedy, my prayers go out to the families of the fallen officers and the city that was served by them.

    You’d have to get rid of all guns though to prevent this situation from occurring again, and the officers weapons were taken to most likely use against other police and civilians.

  45. With All The Cops Being Para- Military…I Understand What They Were Talking About. Cops Are Killing The Homeless, Home Owners, The Mentally Challenged , Dogs And Veterans. But Most Of You Don’t Care Or Are Cowards. I Don’t Advocate Killing Cops But Tell Me Who Is The Enemy. The Cops No Longer Have To Help You,So Now They Don’t Protect You, Just Their Territory Like A Gang

    • Why are you blaming the cops and military, John? Get off the internet and go breath some fresh air. You don’t do what these two lunatics did to a couple of hard working flat foots cuz you have a beef with the “Big Gov” state, like I do.

  46. Nothing spreads revolution more than ambushing folks while they eat cheap pizza.

  47. Almost 4 years no justice
    We know how it feels when justice is denied, but in God we trust, liberty and justice for all Thou Shall Not Kill. God sees so be patient dont be like them dirty cops, there are good cops, let the weeds grow and the wheat grow together.

  48. Isn’t it a little curious as to why Facebook has yet to pull his page? It’s almost like they want a lot of people to see it. Does anyone remember how long some of the left wing nut jobs Facebook pages stuck around?

  49. Can someone please explain to me why Fox News is the only “news station” that has aired this event once? After, Shepard Smith first released the details of this story (even saying that the Gadsden flag is a symbol of the Tea Party) I have not heard another word about this story from them, and I have been tuning into Fox News for past few days.

    • @Bob the Builder, bro, it’s a conspiramacy of the highest order promulgated by the Bildebergers….

  50. Damn, this sick demented loon and his wife are leading us to our death. FEMA camps are up and ready for the holding and killing of Christians and the tea party.

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