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It could be a long couple of days in “Hotlanta.”  Folks who live there may have no police response tonight into tomorrow after a “blue flu” pandemic ran rampant through the department this afternoon and evening.

Cops are angry about the politically-motivated felony murder prosecution of now-fired officer Garrett Rolfe. Rolfe shot Rayshard Brooks last week after Brooks disarmed another officer of his TASER and tried to deploy it against Rolfe.

Atlanta’s Mayor ordered Rolfe fired, skipping the usual process to dismiss an officer.  Because politics, of course.

As if that wasn’t enough, Fulton County DA has now charged the officer with 11 counts, including felony murder. The former cop now faces life in prison or even the death penalty.

Other members of Atlanta’s police force see this as a gross, politically-driven miscarriage of justice. And this afternoon, the illness call-ins began. Tonight, there are reportedly darn few cops on the streets of the city.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Police Twitter page is doing its best impersonation of Baghdad Bob.

But that’s not the story according to others.

The size of the walkout is apparently huge. The story has even spilled into the media.  From Decaturish:

Atlanta, GA —  The head of Atlanta’s police union confirmed Wednesday that officers from the Atlanta Police Department in Zones 3 and 6 walked off the job Wednesday afternoon.

Vince Champion, southeast regional director of the International Brotherhood of Police officers, said that police officers had stopped answering calls midshift, in response to charges against Officer Garrett Rolfe who is accused of murdering Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.

“The union, we would never advocate this. We wouldn’t advocate a blue flu,” Champion said. “We don’t know the numbers. Apparently we’re learning that command staff are asking outlying counties for support and aren’t getting it.”

Instead of working to solve this problem and protect her city’s residents, Atlanta’s far-left Democrat Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has gone into full Baghdad Bob mode herself, personally appearing on CNN to deny the obvious.

Unfortunately for Mayor Bottoms, the police dispatch frequencies tell an entirely different tale. Their near complete silence speaks volumes for a lack of cops on the streets of one of America’s largest cities.

Making matters worse for Bottoms, her calls for assistance from other surrounding agencies have reportedly been rebuffed.

Many people who have been calling for the defunding of police departments around the country are about to find out what will happen if they get their wish.

Atlanta will serve as yet another example of why prudent Americans own guns to protect their families and homes from violent attack. Because when seconds count, cops are just minutes away.  Or in the case of Atlanta tonight, the cops might not come at all.

Atlanta’s residents may get to experience their own real-life version of “The Purge” tonight.

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        • I have gotten what I have been asking for to happen in a blue city. The police disarmed, or abolished, or now a “blue flue”. This is good. It’s about time people learn a very hard lesson. This way they won’t forget too soon. You hate the cops? Ok here you go Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left. Including the anarcho capitalists and the straight up anarchists. They are all getting what they have been asking for.

          Sometimes hard headed people need to crash and burn. And if they survive they can learn, to not do the same destructive things again.

        • Kahr CW45, running 230-grain hollow points through it, USMC trained…Don’t need any cops. Learn to protect yourself.

    • The mayor can handle 911 and dispatch, herself, right? Sending social workers hither and yon? Is somebody getting this on video? “HEY! POPCORN OVER HERE! MORE POPCORN!”

    • Yup. I’ve been waiting to see if/when this would happen.
      Who wants to bat cleanup? Buehler? Buehler?

    • Will we have coverage of the issues? It could be chaos and the press would ignore the issues.

      Calling for refunding the police was not thought out. I feel for the law abiding citizens. Got #2A?

      • Spin-Master CNN is headquartered in the middle of the affected area. With all of their anti-police and anti-gun owners rhetoric, it would be interesting to see if they leave the doors unlocked and with unarmed security tonight…I doubt that makes their news.

  1. Sounds like BLM’s dream come true. Perhaps they should send a “community organizer” to “deescalate” the next shooting call.

  2. This is crass, but I hope all hell breaks loose tonight. They voted for it, they can live with it.

    • That’s right, Juneteenth is this weekend!
      I know none of you young’ns remember what Sherman did to Atlanta, and they’ve outlawed Gone With the Wind, it’s cool, you’ll see a perfect recreation of it come Monday morning.

    • The news channels are already wall to wall Juneteenth. It will be rammed down the majority’s throat (none of whom were around to own slaves) all this weekend and then some. Already there is pressure in Congress to make Juneteenth a Federal holiday and to abolish Columbus Day to make room for it.

      I don’t think Vito, Dominic, and the goombahs will be cool with that.

      “Nice office you got here, Reverend Sharpton. Be a shame if something happened to it.”

      Recall that an Italian stabbed Sharpton during the 1991 Bensonhurst riot. He was so fat that the 5-inch blade failed to kill him.

  3. Brooks was on parole breaking the law, he hit officers, took a weapon and fired it at them. He got what he deserved…

    • Buulshit. Replace Rolfe with any one of us in that situation, we’d be behind bars that very night.

      The Taser was empty. Rolfe knew that.
      Brooks was unarmed. Rolfe knew that.
      Even if the Taser had not been empty, which it was, it is effective to 15 feet, no more. Rolfe knew that.
      Rolfe and Brooks were 18 feet apart when Rolfe murdered Brooks.

      If one of us concealed carry guys had taken that shot, knowing those FACTS, the prosecutor would tear us to shreds on the stand and you know it.

      • Hey ENUF…! Watch the video again… The Taser was NOT empty! Apparently you didn’t see the “flash” when Brooks shot back at officers! I’m curious to know how you would have reacted if put in Officer Rolfes position!

        • Hey Robert C Hanlin!

          The instant he fired and missed the Taser was empty. That’s how Taser’s work. At most you have two shots, depending on the model. That one was fired twice, so it was empty.

        • enuf,

          Even the malicious DA says Brooks fired the Taser, and even showed a still image where that could be seen.

          Even after the wires have been deployed, it can still be used as contact weapon.

          At this point enough evidence is available to call you a malicious, bigoted, vindictive liar. Stop being an a**hole.

        • The question is what was Mr. Brook’s intentions when he fired the taser at the officer? Safely I think we can all assume that it was to hit him and incapacitate the officer. What happens next? Mr. Brooks had already demonstrated that he was willing to fight the officers and disarm them and use whatever weapon he took off them against them. He had already disarmed one of them and may do it again if they pursued him and took him down. Not to mention that one officer was intended to be helpless by Mr. Brooks.

          If you watch the video the officer transitions the taser from his right hand to left and places his hand on his pistol as Brooks begins to turn towards him, he starts his draw, brooks levels and fires the taser at him and in less than two seconds the officer is firing.

          It is very easy for someone to sit here and hit rewind, rethink the situation and reverse course multiple times until they come up with what they would do. It is entirely another thing to make that decision in under 2 seconds.

        • Does anybody really believe that 12 people will vote to convict on the evidence we have seen? I would not.

        • Here’s the thing guys & gals. It never should have gone that far. When he moved his car out of the drive through there had been no harm to anyone. Old school “no harm no foul” should have kicked in (blame that other group of moms if you want – MADD). Also, according to his statement he had not yet broken any law as he had only driven on private property. The officers should have offered to get an uber or lyft for him to take him back to the hotel and cleared leaving the car in the parking lot with the Wendy’s management.

          Bottom line, it was a bad shoot because baldy (aka skinhead) felt the need to go hardcore. That’s why people hate cops!

          • Also, according to his statement he had not yet broken any law as he had only driven on private property.

            So he only started drinking after driving his car to Wendy’s and getting into the drive through line?

            That’s some hard core drinking to get over the limit that fast! He was definitely over the limit and he had definitely been driving on public roads while intoxicated and severely impaired. That is clear grounds for arrest.

            The excuses being made for Mr. Brooks’ bad behavior are literally incredible!

            • He told the officers that he had left the car parked there and went to his daughter’s party with his girlfriend and his girlfriend had dropped him off to pick up the car and some food. That’s the info the officers had at the time they decided to arrest.

              Listen carefully when reviewing this videos!

      • None of us would have been confronting a passed out drunk in a drive through or chasing a fleeing felon, it isn’t out job.

        Tasers have 2 shots and if you watch the video you can clearly see he turns and fires it at the cop.

        While I may not chase a fleeing felon I would certainly shoot a man trying to use a taser or stun gun on me. They have been quite popular in Philly for robberies, rapes, and kidnappings for some years. It is not covered in the lamestream media but it is well known among law enforcement and people who pay attention.

        • Something else that needs mentioning: A Taser is a “less than lethal” weapon but is still considered a “lethal weapon”… Although it does not happen very often, a Taser can cause someones heart to stop! Given the situation that was occurring, Officer Rolfe’s life could have been in danger or any one of his fellow officers when Brooks “fired” at them! Say what you want but Officer Rolfe was justified in what he did and certainly does not deserve to be charged with capital murder!

        • “ Taser can cause someones heart to stop!“

          So why did the police officers use this terrible lethal weapon on Brooks, when he resisted arrest?

          You can’t claim, “he tried to use that lethal weapon on that poor cop” when the police officer had just used the same weapon on him for the misdemeanor crime of resisting arrest.

          Can’t have it both ways.

        • So Miner since you now believe that “no one should fire unless fired upon” (see your post below) …

          Who do you think is going to enforce that law when you get rid of the police?

          What’s to stop anyone from preemptively firing for that matter?

        • Most Tasers have only the one cartridge. It is being reported that Taser was the two shot model. Problem for Rolfe is, the shot he fired was the second cartridge. Fire, miss, now the gadget is empty. Now Rolfe is chasing a man with an empty Taser and he shoots him in the back anyway.

          That is murder, that is also against Atlanta PD policy and training.

        • Enough people have been killed by “less than lethal” and “non-lethal” weapons that the two terms have become a misnomer and legally liable/obsolete. The term “less lethal” (as in: not as leathal as an exclusively lethal option however still possibility *but not likely* lethal), is a more accurate and industry standard term….. but “less than lethal” and “non-lethal” are still thrown around…. like “clip”=”magazine” and “assault weapon”=”MSR”. The terms are inaccurate and misleading.

      • “Even if the Taser had not been empty, which it was, it is effective to 15 feet, no more. Rolfe knew that.
        Rolfe and Brooks were 18 feet apart when Rolfe murdered Brooks…”

        Soooooo… you’re able to accurately gauge distance to the point you can tell the difference between 15 feet and 18 feet while chasing a suspect through a parking lot at night who’s pointing weapons at you?

        Wow, I’m impressed… wait, no… I mean incredulous…

        • Thank you! I was so dumbfounded by his exactitude I couldn’t give words to my frustration.

      • Brooks fired it and the darts went right past his head. There is a flash seen on the tape. He thought he had a gun. There was a loud pop along with it.

        Have some facts with your cereal.

      • You dont know shit, much less bullshit. But I’m from Missouri, I know bullshit when I see it. You’re full of it.

        The stop was clean, the attempted arrest was clean and the shooting 100% justified. Cops can’t just let someone acting Brooks loose on the streets.

        Anyone who resist arrests, assaults officers and steal a weapon before running away will meet the same fate as Brooks. Brooks made extremely poor choices and suffered the consequences.

        • Not so fast potty mouth…If I know you have my taser and you take off running with it and while on the run you turn the taser in my distant direction and fire. You miss and I’m not hit and I know the taser is empty should I shoot YOU twice in the back? Yes or No.

        • That all depends debbie w…. can your brain process all that B.S. you just vomited in less time than it takes to say the 1st syllable in the 1st word of the 1st sentence of the paragraph you just wrote? The only thing your comment reveals is that you’re an amateur who’s never been in a street fight. Go bloody up your knuckles on the asphalt then come back and impart some wisdom.

      • You’re seriously trying to make a case that the officer correctly estimated the distance to within 3 feet during the heat of a conflict?

        Would you ever resist arrest and then shoot a Taser at a police officer?

        • And, the officer should have been able to acknowledge these facts and come to a reasoned determination of no threat within the fraction of a second available to respond when fired at.🙄

        • Within three feet nothing. The distance was 18 feet and 3 inches! I don’t know how you can measure the distance between two large indistinct moving objects – two people combined height perhaps 12 feet – within an inch or two, even if I had a tape measure at the site! What part of the people would I measure the distance??? I would call the distance “less than the length of a car”, which is MUCH too close to have someone shooting a taser at me.

          Other than that, I think I would not have shot my gun at this man. Even if I got knocked down by the taser, I know that my partner with a gun is right behind me. The first mistake, of course, was driving while drunk (or getting drunk at all); and the second was resisting arrest. The third mistake was taking out a taser and holding it where the suspect could grab it; that one is on the police. It would be very bad to repeat that mistake by closing with the suspect with guns drawn!

      • I would challenge you while running after someone who turns then to fire a taser at you that you are perfectly knowing that wait, we are 18 feet apart instead of 15 feet. So magically you know that with all the adrenaline, the fight that just happened, etc. this taser is ineffective.

        I call BS if you tell me in that set of circumstances you for a fact would know 15 feet from 18 feet. Anyone who trains, has done force on force, been under stress, etc. will tell you that is BS. But maybe you are that 1 in 100000 or so that maybe can, doubtful though.

      • With your super ability to have all of those facts(?) is just amazing. You should join a police department because of your exceptional skills and foresight.

        Now here’s what that cop didn’t have. He didn’t have the ability to run that tape over and over to see how far he was away from this person. If the taser did have a second shot, he was in jeopardy. If this person had struck him with the shot, he could have easily came back and taken the officer’s weapon and possibly killed him. But that would have been OK right?

        You armchair quarterbacks are pathetic in that you were not there and you do not have all of the facts. You just sit by, replay the edited videos multiple times and then make half a$$ed judgements from a position of ignorance. You are amazingly able to judge the difference between 15 feet and 18 feet while you were sitting on your Hi ho pony and not chasing a criminal who has just turned around and is trying to shoot you with your taser. Until you have ACTUALLY been in a situation like that, you have no right to pass judgement.

      • @ENUF

        There are cartridges that have a 25 foot range. Are you willing to bet your life on whether it was a 15 foot or 25 foot cartridge when it was pointed at you at 18 feet?

  4. Dammit. Should have checked the Author before I started on this. Not always certain but never in doubt “politically motivated” John Boch.

    Sheesh John, can’t you just report the news and let us figure it out? You are a decent reporter when you don’t let your snarky bias permeate everything.

    PS – I own your books but have yet to read them. May I send them back?

      • No but Boch is. A “pandemic” Blocj says?

        Even local news is saying that’s bullshit. A few cops does make a Blue Flu.

        Fire them, plain and simple. If their idea is to show solidarity with an idiot that killed an unarmed man 18 feet away by shooting him in the back, twice, plus putting a round into a vehicle with three innocent bystanders in it? That’s who they are supporting!?

        Screw ’em, let them work stocking shelves at Walmart.

        • You do realize that, (unfortunately) police standards of justification of use of force end up being subjected to private citizens right?

          And that new law, wether court or legislative made, won’t represent the reality on the ground?

          For example, let’s say this Atlanta shooting results in police nationwide, no longer being justified to use a firearm to defend themselves, unless they are actively being shot at. (Which I believe that’s where we are headed)..

          Once that happens, private citizens defending themselves will unfortunately end up under the same exact scrutiny, in the eyes of the media and court, even if the law does not even mention civilian self defense statues.

          I’m not saying this because I like it, in saying this because I’m observant and watch what happens in the media and courts.

          What kind of ammo does everyone recommend here? The kind of gun? Style of holster? Type of training? … usually police derived items and standards… and that’s often touted as an effective tool in legal proceedings…

          I’d like to caution everyone here, wether you hate police or love police, that police standards are unfortunately applied to you when you defend yourself, wether you like it or not. The court and media do not care what your personal philosophy is in the matter.

          If police suddenly can’t use a firearm to defend themselves from anything except another firearm, then that is the standard conceal carriers WILL be held too. And I doubt I need to go on about the deadly effectiveness of knives, clubs, and bare hands…

          We are now living in a post law society. Popular opinion and media rage are supplanting rule of law.,

        • “ …no longer being justified to use a firearm to defend themselves, unless they are actively being shot at.“

          That is exactly the standard that should be applied, the same standards that is applied to any citizen.

        • See? Everything I said about you the other day was 100% true, and you just proved it with your own words.

        • ““ …no longer being justified to use a firearm to defend themselves, unless they are actively being shot at.“

          That is exactly the standard that should be applied, the same standards that is applied to any citizen.”

          Oh, so the guy being beaten by a skateboard has no right to shoot the punk, ‘miner?

          You were singing a different tune, yesterday… 🙂

        • So, not legitimate to shoot in response to Joe Biden’s unarmed attacker with a knife. Because guns are the only lethal weapons inexistence, and the world was peaceful before they were invented.

        • “That is exactly the standard that should be applied, the same standards that is applied to any citizen…”

          Except it is not, nor should it ever be, the standard. I should not have to wait until you are in the process of trying to kill me, and wait for you to take the first shot before I defend myself.

        • The blue flu cops are not necessarily supporting the shooting, which I believe I would not have done under that circumstance (although I am not police). I am outraged at the obviously excessive charges, which as a jury member I would have to reject. Give me an honest charge backed by what actually happened and I might agree. 4 counts of aggravated assault because one bullet missed and hit a car with 3 people in it? No way! And BTW, firing 3 shots with 2 of them hitting the suspect is way more accurate than most police shooting.

    • LOL. “Blue lives matter”. Again, LOL.

      I double damn guarantee you not a single “blue life” in America thinks your life counts for jack shit, Cleetus.

      • Ferg’s sounds like a person who the police would be more than happy to run in to the fire for. His life matters.

        Cgray, you sound like an a$$hole. You can burn.

  5. Oh my Cruzo1981, shoot a drunk for resisting arrest and running away? Wow, that’s what he deserved? Your hatred and ignorance ain’t even hidden…

      • He didn’t even get shot for resisting arrest. He only got shot when he turned a taser on the cops.

    • DCJ, that’s not what happened.

      But you don’t care, because you are a paid Mcyrstal Troll.

      It’s ok though, because as proven tonight, when your side gets what they want, you and your handlers are the first victims of your own agenda,

      • “paid Mcyrstal Troll”

        So you think General McChrystal is somehow involved in professional trolling of this forum?


        • You should probably keep up with current events more so you can understand what the Mcrystal thing is about. You have the ability to look it up yourself, I’m not going to do it for you.

          Typical liberal troll too lazy to even troll right.

        • Actually yes, he is! It was hard to look up because of the various spellings in the messages here, but I found a very relevant article here:

          “A new Democratic-aligned political action committee advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former head of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, is planning to deploy technology originally developed to counter Islamic State propaganda in service of a domestic political goal – to combat online efforts to promote President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

          “The group, Defeat Disinfo, will use artificial intelligence and network analysis to map discussion of the president’s claims on social media. It will seek to intervene by identifying the most popular counter-narratives and boosting them through a network of more than 3.4 million influencers across the country – in some cases paying users with large followings to take sides against the president.”

          Though exactly how one defeats disinfo by paying people to say things they don’t believe would actually work. Sort of like “antifa”, which is clearly a fascist group in all their actions.

    • Sometimes “you people” act so fkn ignorant…. stop….. we’re fkn sick of “y’alls” BS!

  6. To hell with all of the people that put her in power. I hope you all have a terrific next few days. BLM is not going to win this in the end.

    • I suggest the rioters take their “peaceful protest” to the richest neighborhood in Atlanta. That would get pretty funny quickly.

      • If I were an Atlanta cop I would let the thugs know it’s open season on rich liberals. Just leave the regular peeps alone and you won’t get any trouble from us.

        • @tdiinva

          Uh, my sister lives there. She is not a liberal but she is reasonably affluent. How will the low life’s know the difference? She is armed but I for one don’t want her to have to go through that.

          No, we need to get the cops back on the job.

    • You obviously haven’t been to Alaska….no cops in a town is pretty common…..

      • Alaska also doesn’t have the demographics, economics, population, history, or politics of the Atlanta area.

        It’s like comparing Siberia to the Middle East.

        When you have a vast, sparsely populated, one culture territory, you don’t really need much in the way of law.

        This is the same reason why those that always expose the “Nordic model” of anything to the rest of the world really don’t understand reality. Nordic countries have very little in common with a place like Brazil, Mexico, Iraq or the US.

        Any state that’s multicultural, densely populated, heavily urbanized, has a history of conflicts, is always going to have far greater amounts of violence/crime then a small populated homogenous one with plenty of space.

        • Truth. This is why we didn’t see mass looting and social breakdown in Japan after the tsunami or nuclear plant disasters. You saw calm and mass cooperation in the aftermath. The police there aren’t holding together a forced civility between disparate elements of the population.

      • Very true. This is a disease of particular cities that elect morons like this.

        She’s playing a dangerous game. Firing a cop for doing his job is one thing. Trying to give him the death penalty? Police walking off the job is the very least they can do.

        • She probably smiled and said ” all right!” When she heard about the 11 charges. When cops heard it they said “all right” as well and called in sick.

      • No I haven’t, BUT I live in a very rural area, there are only 4 deputies on at a time for the entire county, and wait time(s) can be upwards of an hr or more…We take care of our own business here, 911 is a body pickup service…

  7. Even though this incident was primarily the dead dude’s fault rather than the cops…..

    …can I still hope for a pox on both their houses?

    • Why would you want that?

      Most cops are good people.

      Weeding out the assholes, the brutes and the problem children tho, that is something police departments and police unions need to do a great deal of work on.

  8. A part of just wants to screech ‘You get what you’ f’in’ deserve!’ But I’m not blind to the fact that a lot of innocents are going to get hurt by this action…. but at the same time I can’t blame any cop for walking away from that situation. At this point they can’t win. There are bad people in this world but if you ever have to take a life to defend yourself you will be dragged through hell for it.

      • Hell can easily be made real, even if there is no plane of existence known as hell. Humans can easily make an area of land into a fairly accurate representation of it.

        • Hell exists in two places- in the human mind and anywhere humans have made it incarnate with their words or deeds.

      • Hell is very real. You might want to do.some research before it’s too late for you to avoid it.

        • I got a grip on hell. That’s where the fun folk will be, partyin’ forever. Count me in! Invisible guy sittin’ on my shoulder told me all about it!

        • There are plenty of texts to read about what people say about hell, but how exactly would I go about establishing that hell is real? Seriously now, it’s a faith proposition, like the rest of, well, faith. That’s not to denigrate it, but let’s call spades spades.

    • Rolfe did not have to take a life, that’s the point. He was in zero danger from an empty Taser that man he knew to be unarmed had just utterly failed with, was 18 feet away and facing away.

      Rolfe fired three times. Two shots murdered the victim. One shot struck a vehicle with three innocent people in it, but did not injure them.

      • I agree 100%.

        The guy was shot in the back. A taser does not represent a significant threat of grave injury or death. Otherwise, the cops shouldn’t be using them as pain compliance devices.

        Though its clearly not murder. It certainly is some kind of manslaughter.

        • How’s that working out for you?

          More info coming out in the news. Department policy is officers are prohibited from firing a Taser at a fleeing suspects back. Also from shooting them in the back while fleeing.

          Training is also to give medical aid the moment it is safe to do so. Video has the officers kicking the dying man, standing on his body. Not at all what they were trained to do.

          Good cops doing courageous things, taking out deadly killers will always get praise and deserve medals.

          Pieces of shit that murder people, well, sometimes they deserve too.

        • “Training is also to give medical aid the moment it is safe to do so. Video has the officers kicking the dying man, standing on his body. Not at all what they were trained to do.”

          The officer did end up rendering aid. I haven’t seen the video of the officer kicking him and standing on him. Do you have a link for that?

        • actually, yes. you don’t shoot a fleeing man in the back, twice, and stand on him for 2 minutes waiting for him to die. that’s murder and those cops should be charged accordingly. in fact crimes like that by the cops should be punished more severely due to abuse of power and the abrogation of trust with the public.

        • I am all for that, in cases like George Floyd, but this? No. Do you honestly expect sympathy immediately after being attacked by someone? If my attacker was lying there bleeding, the easiest thing to do is let nature run its course. Surviving “victims” only lead to incrimination. That said, I know police are held to a higher standard, but people like you need to stop acting like they exist to serve you. They are enforcers. If you want non violent reform to happen, expect violence from elsewhere because the only thing that will stop a violent person is surprisingly, usually, violence. So all variables accounted for and not knowing how this situation would have played out if they continued pursuit, I still have zero sympathy for turning idiots into martyrs. Find another example or stop beating the dead horse. When gangs take over and crime rates skyrocket, you will be begging for police to answer the calls once more. Because no one else will.

      • to Don still stuck in Ct :Then you’ll be voting for Joe, shoot ’em in the legs Biden ?

  9. It’s like you have to fend for yourself, a novel concept to most. Apparently almost all of TTAG judging by the comments.

    • It’s another McCrystal troll or the same one with a different name. I had hoped that McCrystal would have a better class of trolls. I am so disappointed.

  10. She says they won’t be any less safe. She is probably correct. On Sunday there was an afternoon driveby. 2 KIA, 5 WIA. Just another day in the hood.

  11. They’re showing solidarity for Officer Karen McMuffin who hasn’t been thanked in three weeks and had to endure being hangry.

      • The problem is that TTAG management says they believe in the 1st Amendment. However, this is private property, the front lawn so to speak. I doubt Dan would take kindly to David Hogg showing up on his front lawn with a bullhorn.

        The reason troll swarms exists is that a click is a click so trolls equal dollars. A repeal of Section 230 would make trolling very difficult because the website would be legally responsible for what is said in the comment section. They would have start policing comments.

        • Why? Can you not counter debate the “trolls” like Hogg?

          A difference of opinion is not trolling. This coming from you and Ron though, no surprise there. Anyone who calls either of you out is considered a troll. Respectfully, TTAG will step is as needed. Instead of boot licking, stand your ground. Expect opposition.

        • You are correct, a difference of opinion is not trolling.

          Those who claim it is trolling are just bullies, trying to intimidate others who have a different opinion than they do.

          Well, get to trolling on me because I am sharing an opinion that you may find annoying:

          “The guy was shot in the back. A taser does not represent a significant threat of grave injury or death. Otherwise, the cops shouldn’t be using them as pain compliance devices.”

        • Miner you are the literal definition of a troll.

          The other day you were going on about how much you supported the constitution, the RTKBA, even the Republican Party, because you were trying to stir the pot about race. Today you are back to your normal self. You think people are so dumb they don’t catch on to your game, but they do. Now that your being routinely made you’ll likely get fired by Mcrystal and have to start shilling for Wal Mart again.

        • TDinVa: some conservative f/b and you tube bloggers are being de-monitized or taken down by Google and Zuckerberg because of the comments section (which they have little control over).

  12. There is no law in Atlanta.

    I wish all the good citizens of the city the best of fortune in the coming weeks.

  13. Maybe their not liberals u politic fucks. Maybe their just angry ppl. “Hey those ppl are liberals” fuck you.

    • This is TTAG, any uncomfortable truth is rationalized as 4D chess or a leftist conspiracy. The writers, particularly the one for this post, encourage it.

      You might think for all the times “you can’t count on cops to save you” has been parroted here, they might have some perspective during a popo strike and not be fear-mongering. But guess again, these larpers love drama and others’ misfortunes.

      • I don’t think it’s as popular opinion as you are making it out to be. It’s not about compassion either. It’s about realization and rationalization. You cannot save everyone. Let them find out the hard way.

        The one thing you should be focusing on is the fact that these communities have no way of handling a non existent police force. What I mean by that is there will no response at all to violence. Simply running the other way does not stop it. They have no plan of action (that will actually work). We all know the majority of times, violence must be met with violence. It’s the nature of self defense and any type of defense really. Very rarely are negotiable options even presentable. The things these communities are experiencing is the realization that the people they criticize are also the only people who actually respond. So let them burn until it’s painstakingly obvious that first responders are needed.

        The other reason is that most of us are already prepared to defend ourselves. So the “bring it on” mentality is not exactly “Larping” as you put it, but more one of awareness that this situation was inevitable. For the past 10 years, or even longer really, it’s been pretty hard for most of us here to ignore. Saving ourselves is part of that reality. So don’t expect sympathy from a couple hundred people spread out throughout the nation who have had their beliefs trampled on their whole life. Instead, you should expect exactly what you get, people prepared to stand their ground and defend their properties and families.

        Best of luck to you in the future.

  14. If they can’t see fit to do their jobs they should quit. Not pussy foot about with this Blue Flu crap, just flat out quit. Ever heard the phrase “Courage of one’s convictions”, well that’s what they lack.

    The dead guy had just been frisked, the killer knew he was unarmed. The Taser was one of the two cartridge models and both had been fired. Thus it was useless at that point. The victim was 18 feet from the killer when he was gunned down. Even if the Taser had not been useless by virtue of both cartridges already expended, the gadget only works out to 15 feet.

    Then the killer yells “I got him” and kicks the victim.

    Cops want to walk out in support of that guy?

    Fuck ’em al, fire them all, hire non-assholes.

    Simple Math.

  15. Wow Ron, so you know what happened and I don’t? And since we disagree I am the troll? Bring it on ignoramus…

  16. John Bloch said this golden nugget crap:
    “Folks who live there may have no police response tonight into tomorrow after a “blue flu” pandemic”

    Don’t need your political diatribes Bloch. Fact is some cops are pulling a sick-out. But ever one of them is covered, that’s reported in local news. It is not a “pandemic”, that’s a Main Stream Media tactic and you know it!

    What the fuck is wrong with you anyway?

  17. This is like Christmas morning for me. We told our bosses that we won’t deliver any goods to the cities that have defunded the police departments.

  18. Well I agree with the cops that are out sick. The mayor is out of control insane. The democrats are out of control maybe this will allow our president to finally take action so I want to personally thank every single cop in the entire USA…BUT especially those who stayed home today! Twitter is on fire THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE SO HAPPY YOU GUYS AND GALS WERE BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE A STAND.

  19. While I believe that the police are being treated poorly, it’s interesting to note that BOTH of the officers had their cameras detach from their uniform and so no video is available. Don’t know what it means but it’s not a good look.

    The left is pursuing “Blood Libel” where a persons blood is enough to convict them in these other people’s eye.

    This is exactly what Black People complain about; being judged because of what other black people do.

    It’s good to see the left still can manage to hold diametrically opposing views and not explode.

    It’s not good that many on the right don’t bring this fact about the condemnation of a person because of the actions of others who look like him.

    • I honestly don’t even blame cops for detaching videos or not turning them on at this point. That said, I have not always had a “Stand your ground” mentality towards police, but I do now days. I also know the difference between relying on them to save you, and being ready to defend yourself. Police do not exist to help people or protect communities. Not even during riots. They never have. So for the rare occasions they do something worthy of merit, the rest is just enforcement as usual. Obviously, a lawless society is chaos and there needs to be enforcement, and also, how do you counter violence while weighing the cost of all lives involved in the confrontation/response? It’s a no win scenario, always has been. So I don’t blame cops for walking out, giving up, but I also know it’s good to see them finally come to terms that being a tyrant might not be the best career choice. The benefits never outweigh the cost. Only for a limited time is there enough peace to live peacefully and take advantage of the kings shillings. Some learn the hard way. Some never learn and boot lick their whole life. It’s clear these couple generations going back to the 60’s until now are slowly learning that nobody cares about them, and to protect yourself above all else. Find a career that lets you stay as far away from politics and war as possible.

    • Most cameras don’t have a great way to attach to a uniform. They’ll stay on for normal stuff but during a foot pursuit or a fight they tend to go flying. It’s a problem but it’s the sort of problem that doesn’t get addressed. Mayors and city councils understand “we need body cameras” but don’t understand the technical problems.

      Storage costs for years of HD footage are another huge impact that doesn’t get talked about until it’s too late.

      • Storage is still surprising expensive too. Especially once you drop the HDD’s.

        • Mechanical HDDs are functionally obsolete. SSDs are rapidly taking over.

          I went SSD on this 12 year-old laptop, and have never looked back. It now boots in short seconds instead of nearly a minute, and shutdown nearly as fast…

        • I had a 3TB HDD that was loud as hell, brand new. WD Black series when I built my first pc. Then I built my second and got a 6TB one that was supposed to be quieter.. it was louder and slow. So this time, I said screw it, spent almost $500 for a 4TB Samsung SSD. The transfer speeds from my M.2 to the SSD are almost instant for multiple GB files. It was well worth the money, and when they make a higher GB version, I will grab it too. Most builders will not spend that much on storage other than for the OS drive and cap at a certain GB, but I went all out this last build because I am tired of slow, loud, and obsolete storage. SSD prices SHOULD be dropping, but they have not in years.

      • Someone needs to explain to me the need for storage past 24 hours. The costs disappear if you simply reuse the storage the next shift. If there has been no issue by then, you’re golden. After that assumption is wrong 100 times, revisit the storage period. That will likely take decades. Look, airliners have a “cockpit voice recorder”, which does what it sounds like. Crews refused such a thing (like, 40 years ago) as a violation of their privacy, the solution was simple, when the aircraft’s parking brake is set the junior officer in the flight crew presses the button which erases the recording. Every time. Because the only reason for the recording device is to help figure what caused the crash which killed everyone. If the brake is set and that hasn’t happened, there is no excuse for “storing” the recording. If an officer’s shift ends and there is no clusterfuck which requires deciphering, erase the recording and use the media again tomorrow. My understanding is that reduces the cost of bodycams by over 50%.

        • The issue is that if someone comes in 25 hours later and says that the cop slapped them and called them the n-word you can’t say “well, we deleted the recording after 24 hours.”

          In many places evidentiary rules come into play as well where the police cannot dispose of evidence until a certain threshold of time has elapsed

    • it’s interesting to note that BOTH of the officers had their cameras detach from their uniform and so no video is available.

      So I guess the body cam video I watched was just a figment of my imagination.

      If you’re going to so disinformation you should be a bit less obvious about it.

  20. You’re solely responsible for your own safety whether the cops are there or not.

    Protect yourself or don’t get protected at all.

    Anybody who tells you different is a liar.

    • Have you checked out this column by David French?

      Here is an excerpt.

      For example, if you’re a conservative, you’re likely quite aware that the Obama Department of Justice decisively debunked the “hands-up, don’t-shoot” narrative of the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. You’re less likely to remember that there was a second Ferguson report, one that found Ferguson’s police department was focused on raising revenue more than increasing public safety, and it used its poor, disproportionately black citizens as virtual ATMs, raising money through traffic stops, citations, and even arrest warrants. It painted a shocking picture of abuse of power.

      Here is my comment.

      I remember when there was so much focus on police brutality and asystemic racism from 2015-2016.

      Then it suddenly disappeared around the fall of 2016.

      Indeed, when some lowlife gangbanger gunned down a bunch of kids in 2017, people were asking for gun control now, were saying that only law enforcement should have access to assault weapons and high capacity magazines, forgetting that many of them said these law enforcement officers were racistically gunning down unarmed black men.

      One reason, of course, is that a huge chunk of the electorate has an attention span barely more than that of a toddler’s.

      But another reason is the truth behind the Michael Brown shooting. It was the shooting that was the front and center case for the #HandsUpDontShoot narrative. People understandably were not receoptive to claims of systemic rqacism and lack of police accountability, and few of them voiced these kind of objections when gun control laws were being proposed.

      Similarly, when some New York legislators proposed using a search of social media posts to vet applicants for gun licenses, ostensibly to search for evidence of gang membership as a basis for denying a permit, few asked how systemic racism would affect the enforcement of such laws.

      Perhaps it will be different this time.

  21. A lot of innocent people going to pay this weekend… Assuming this pans out the way most expect it to. Then again, it seems like all these are pretty secluded to blue urban environments anyways… so I honestly don’t have much sympathy. Just sucks that people’s businesses end up paying the price. I mean, it’s the price you pay to live in those areas though. Just no winning. Will be interesting to watch. That’s about where I stand on all this at this point. It’s like a new sport on TV. All I know is my building and reloading has increased dramatically. By 2021 I’ll need an additional room. Instead of eating popcorn, I build during the live showings.

  22. Why stay off the job? Far better to arrest the mayor and DA and let them rot till the police go back to work… eventually.

  23. Shit, did someone just say that TASERS are considered a “LETHAL WEAPON” under Georgia State Law? Wasn’t it the same DA that is charging these officers in a statement he made just a couple of weeks ago? Ain’t that interesting.

    Shit, does a TASER still pose a threat in the hands of a violent suspect even after the nitrogen propelled prongs have been fired? Another feature of the TASER is the ability to “Drive Stun” with continuous electrical current via muzzle contact with the muzzle, like a Stun Gun. The lithium batteries are inside the grip and the TASER itself creates the arc to travel through the wired prongs. Just because the two-shot cartridge(s) have been spent, does not mean that the TASER is deactivated from “Drive Stun” mode. Ain’t that interesting.

    Shit, what about shooting the suspect in the back? If the human body can turn its head and use peripheral vision to identify what’s behind it, and orient its hand to point and fire in the rearward direction, THEN it has successfully demonstrated its full physiological CAPABILITY to carry out that threat, regardless of its main body’s position or direction. Ain’t that interesting.

    Shit, what has the advantage, action or reaction? Action. What about the Reactionary Gap that’s been quantified in real time, over and over again, just like in contact sports. Ain’t that interesting.

    Shit, what about State Law or Case Law when in pursuit of a violent felon that is armed with a TASER (WHICH = A FIREARM under Georgia Law) and poses a physical threat to the immediate public, including pursuing officers, under reasonable expectation, based on violence already demonstrated and still in progress, while in possession of an active “Drive Stun” device, capable of incapacitating however slight, if not worse, and increasing risk to Officer safety and potential further disarming of Officer’s firearm. Now that ain’t just interesting, it’s reasonable and necessary under the law, or Officers don’t stand a chance always being behind the physics curve. Regardless of any statute, self defense is a God given right.

    Shit, what about failing to be more sensitive to his fear of going back to prison for DUI, like having him park his car and walk home? Was this just because officers wanted the “Stats”? So his previous DUI conviction obviously had no impact on his decision to drive under the influence AGAIN,…Sigh, I don’t think the families of innocent victims killed or named by drunk drivers would appreciate such courtesy especially with repeat offenders.

    It’s been said many times, that Police work is a thankless profession. But to be betrayed by your own Mayor and the Justice system, should have its own consequences. Severe consequences. This is a travesty, but why am I not surprised.

    It’ll be real interesting how this all plays out. Like I said before, there’s no pleasing a mob. Atlanta will burn. And firefighters will watch.

    • Georgia has the GBI. I don’t think they had time to fully investigate this before charges dropped.
      South Carolina has SLED and investigates ALL officer shootings, pretty sure Georgia is the same.

      I don’t understand why standard practice was not followed in this case to have the State agency investigate and provide their findings.

      ..and that’s interesting too.

      • “Georgia has the GBI. I don’t think they had time to fully investigate this before charges dropped.
        South Carolina has SLED and investigates ALL officer shootings, pretty sure Georgia is the same.

        I don’t understand why standard practice was not followed in this case to have the State agency investigate and provide their findings.

        ..and that’s interesting too.”

        The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has NOT completed its investigation. Source:

        This is pure politics.

        • Bingo. Immediate termination from the Mayor without departmental review or due process, as well as the speed in which the DA files the charges without conclusion from GBI means one thing only…this case is being tried in the court of public opinion and not on the facts. This is a political hack job by two elected assclowns.

    • You must just might unite Americans.

      The President and the Military won’t stand for it.

      Blue helmets make great targets.

    • You won’t find it here. Even if someone did support the “thin blue line” stuff before all this, the general consensus is we exist to defend ourselves and expected this outcome. Probably the only sense of unity you will actually get amongst gun owners regardless of their other beliefs. Self defense above all else. Its more just wishes of good luck to anyone who might get stuck in the middle of it all. Any stockholm syndrome you will witness won’t be for a while longer, and it will come from far leftists who realize they dun fucked up. Not gun owners that frequent here, again, regardless of their stance on police before.

      Homeless people all over US already hearing about Chaz and making the journey. It’s gonna be GREAT! Didn’t you get the memo? Free hot dogs bro!

  24. This might jeopardize Keisha “Sweet” Bottoms’s chances of being Joes replacement next year.

  25. “Everything’s fine. We got this.”
    “Will surrounding munis please send assistance?”

    • Says the first guy to call 911 the moment anything happens
      Same ole stuff everyday boo hoo the bad po-po but then call you wanting
      It even happens in prison where they snitch off the wrongdoings
      Even stupid gangs have “enforcers” AKA Da Police

    • Here’s a proposal: a roster is created where you can sign up. This roster will include your name, address, and phone number. You and only you, can put yourself on this roster. If you do, you receive a 2% break on your taxes.

      What this roster does is exempt you from police coverage. If you dial 911, they will send medics or fire, but never the police. If you are involved in an incident and the police come to your aid before they know who you are, you will be sent a bill for services rendered. If you call for assistance and misrepresent who you are in order to get police assistance, you will be prosecuted for fraud and theft of public resources.

      Should be a no-brainer, if you don’t need them.

  26. Tell the mayor to get off her taxpayer funded security ass and get in a patrol car and work a shift in those zones. That should shut up her stupid pie-hole.
    Play stupid games – win stupid prizes.

  27. Why would ANYONE want to be a cop now!? Yo people better step up and choose the right side, or be prepared to protect yourselves!

  28. The Left has declared war on the Atlanta Police Department. The force is about 60% black. I wonder how those black officers feel about that? I wonder how they feel about their mayor and DA? The DA described the drunk fellow as compliant and jovial. I’m for the truth and justice, but how could you ever trust a DA like that?

  29. When the next LEO gets killed by one of these rioters! LEO’s around the US should all stay home and self-quarantine as recommended when showing symptoms of covid-19 per the recommended 2 week isolation period. Protest from home, much safer.

  30. OK, I get yeah idea.

    When a police officer uses a taser, it is a perfectly safe, non-lethal device that can be used to urge a suspect to comply with the officers directions.

    When a citizen uses a taser, it is a vicious assault with a deadly weapon that must be answered with a hail of bullets from the officers firearm.

    Smells like freedom to me!

  31. Clearly the only solution to manufactured racism is actual racism and segregation. Only allow black cops to deal with black suspects, and white cops to deal with white suspects. If this causes any issues, take it up with the woke crowd that never has a good solution for anything.

    • This is exactly what they’re all calling for.
      They demand their own schools, their own neighborhoods, their own police, their own doctors, their own government.
      It wasn’t all that long ago they were demanding to share.

  32. Cops who collect a paycheck but walk off should be fired. Blue Flu will make it so much easier to bust up the union.

    I don’t really get why people support the police union. This is purely about the police union power preserving their monopoly nothing more. They are anti-2nd Amendment. People like to boycott orgs that are anti-2A, except when it comes to the biggest ones of all, the police unions.

    If you are pro-2A and pro-police union, you are very confused.

  33. Well, another dangerous thug off the street, good job, boys in blue!

    Who knows how many innocent people this BLM thug might’ve killed, if his crime spree hadn’t been brought to a halt by 2 brave LV police officers.

    “On Sept. 5, two Las Vegas police officers arrested Williams, 50, who was Black, for riding a bicycle without a safety light. Body camera video released by police showed the officers chasing Williams, holding him on the ground, handcuffed, and kneeling on his back before lifting him upright and dragging him away. Williams repeatedly told officers, “I can’t breathe.”
    He said it at least 17 times before he died, according to the police video.”

    • Yeah just like all the people Antifa Vanilla ISIS BLM beat, robbed, murdered, set of fire, and raped over the past few weeks.


      • Did you say rapes?

        The data shows that on average, the cops have raped more people this year than BLM and antifa put together:

        “A police officer in Prince George’s County, Maryland, was charged this week with raping a woman during a traffic stop. He’s pleaded not guilty, but it’s a disturbing headline — even more disturbing when you consider there are hundreds more like him.

        Yes, hundreds. According to research from Bowling Green State University, police officers in the US were charged with forcible rape 405 times between 2005 and 2013. That’s an average of 45 a year. Forcible fondling was more common, with 636 instances.

        Yet experts say those statistics are, by no means, comprehensive. Data on sexual assaults by police are almost nonexistent, they say.
        “It’s just not available at all,” said Jonathan Blanks, a research associate with the Cato Institute’s Project on Criminal Justice. “You can only crowdsource this info.”

  34. Not to judge the situation, but if I’m a black guy and I know all cops are looking for any reason, or even no reason to kill me, right or wrong I wouldn’t do everything I could to give them the opportunity to do it.

    • Not true about “all cops”. Complete nonsense in fact.

      Some cops are bad people, or given to excessive force and violence far beyond what is needed, or escalate and create violence where none was needed. Some are outright racist or inclined toward really bad decisions when confronted by darker skinned persons. There are problem types, training that is wrong headed, various defects of man and organization.

      But most cops are good and decent people.

      As is always the case as in any profession bad ones have a negative impact out sized to their numbers.

      Brookes should not have struggled and run. Should not have been drunk behind the wheel. So many things he should not have done.

      None of which carry with a death sentence or a use of deadly force authorization in that jurisdiction.

      Which is why Rolfe and Brosnan are now charged for what they did.

      Well, that and the eight videos from various sources that show a lot more than what has been released to the public.

      • enf said: ” Some are outright racist or inclined toward really bad decisions when confronted by darker skinned persons. ”

        You reveal your racism. Apparently black officers cannot be racist, only white officers.

      • enuf says: Brookes was unarmed, the officers knew this.

        No he was not unarmed when he turned to fire the taser.

        The Taser was empty when Rolfe fired and Rolfe knew it was empty.

        I would like you to be able to make a split second decision on whether to shoot or not shoot while run at full speed behind a suspect that just stole your loaded Taser and turned to fire at you. I can guarantee that the officer made the decision to fire as soon as he heard the sound and so the weapon pointed at him. I pretty much assure you that the officer did not have time to think was that one shot out of the Taser or the second shot,

        The Taser is effective to 15 feet (when not empty), and Brookes was 18 feet away when shot.

        The distant is irreverent due to the fact that you are talking a distant less than one full stride. Hell most people cannot tell distance when standing still much less running behind someone.

        Over two minutes passed before medical aid was offered.
        During that two minutes, Rolfe kicked Brookes and Brosnan stood a boot on his shoulder.

        I cannot dispute this information but I have not sen any video that shows the officer kicking him or standing on his shoulder.

        There’s more to it than that, violations of Atlanta PD policy, training and procedure. What was said by Rolfe. The failure to announce he was under arrest before cuffing him.

        I have to go back and watch the parking lot video from the beginning but I believe I heard the officer tell him that he believes he had to much to drink and he needs to be taken in and starts to cuff him. To most people that would mean I am under arrest.

        All the folks that want to Monday morning quarterback this needs to sit back and wait for the facts to come out. Just because the DA says something does not make it factual. The GBI has not finish their investigation into to this to say if it was justifiable or not. I sure the FBI is also looking into this given the issues at hand at this time.

        What is the DA going to do if the GBI and FBI clear both officers. He is going to have egg on his face. He should have waited to let the investigations complete before filing charges. This was nothing more than a political move to appease a certain group of people.


          He did not kick or stand on him. He spread his legs and cuffed him. Just because he was down does not mean he is not a threat. Also, the “I got him” could be interpreted as eliminating the threat… not some warrior chant.

          The video shows nothing but a clean shoot.

  35. There are now eight videos from various angles, including several cell phone videos, that the public has not seen but are the basis of the charges filed against Rolfe and Brosnan. What has been broadcast by District Attorney Howard is the briefest of descriptions of what those eight videos show.

    Brookes was unarmed, the officers knew this.
    The Taser was empty when Rolfe fired and Rolfe knew it was empty.
    The Taser is effective to 15 feet (when not empty), and Brookes was 18 feet away when shot.
    Over two minutes passed before medical aid was offered.
    During that two minutes, Rolfe kicked Brookes and Brosnan stood a boot on his shoulder.

    There’s more to it than that, violations of Atlanta PD policy, training and procedure. What was said by Rolfe. The failure to announce he was under arrest before cuffing him.

    Bad shoot, but it is crazy hard to prosecute and convict police. So getting a conviction is not likely.

    • Taser was not empty watch the video again the drunk guy turns around and fires the taser you can see something came out of it then the officer fires his gun , IT is not the cops fault that he resisted arrest fought with them then took a weapon from them , We are a nation of laws and if you don’t like that you can go to Canada they take anybody no questions asked


      He did not kick or stand on him. He spread his legs and cuffed him. Just because he was down does not mean he is not a threat. Also, the “I got him” could be interpreted as eliminating the threat… not some warrior chant.

      The video shows nothing but a clean shoot.

  36. Oh no!
    Who will enforce unconstitutional gun confiscation red-flag orders, no knock warrants, and random acts of taxation/road piracy?

    • There’s 1770 cops in that city, not counting surrounding town and county cops and of course state cops all under mutual aid agreements.

      I figure they got this small number of AWOL cops well under control.

  37. The irony about this is that people in low-income neighborhoods rely on the police for assistance more than anyone else. Where does most of the crime occur? The people that will be harmed the most by this are the ones that BLM supposedly stands-up for. But, that’s not what this whole thing is about, anyways. BLM is no different from the environmentalists, it’s just a means to transform this society to totalitarianism.

    “Never let a crisis go to waste”

    • BLM is a gang front. Their object is to prevent the police from interfering in gang operations. They have met their objective.

  38. Well let’s see…2 cops and a taser didn’t work so try the Glock. Oops it worked a little too well. Would I have placed 2 rounds in the fleeing perp’s back? No and hell no.

    Some people are just a little too trigger happy and they wind up in deep dodo and to make matters worse they take a whole lot of folks down the crapper with them.

  39. I think that one question that I have to ask the mayor and the DA is why is the other officer being charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault. I have watched the video multiple times and have not seen that guy throw a punch, kick gouge or anything. He did try to tase him in the leg and he struggled with him all due to Mr. Brook’s actions.

    Acknowleging that I do not have all the facts, but with what I have seen this really makes me doubt the credibility of the charges against both officers. It lends me to believe that there is much more going on than justice. Politics for sure. Hence the reason so many have called out.

    • Per the DA in his press briefing, there is much more video than what the public has seen. A total of eight videos, different cameras and angles. Some are from citizens who turned in cell phone video they recorded.

      • So, you’re claiming that there’s video that somehow contradicts the video showing Brooks choosing to fight the cops, steal the taser, and attempt to use it on them?

        All any additional video can do is show additional details of what is already clearly shown in available video.

        Get bent, viper.

        • Oh look, there’s more body cam video out.

          Amid angry shouts and accusations from by-standers Rolfe can be clearly heard pleading, ‘Mr. Brooks keep breathing. Keep breathing for me.’

          All you lying, bigoted, hateful, lying instigators need to shut the hell up. Now! People are dying BECAUSE of your bullshit.

          Yes. I am angry at the liars. And with good reasons.

          Quoted from elsewhere:

          “A friend of mine who is a political activist said something interesting the other day, and that was for most people on the left political violence is a knob, and they can turn the heat up and down, with things like protests, and riots, all the way up to destruction of property, and sometimes murder… But for the vast majority of folks on the right, it’s an off and on switch. And the settings are Vote or Shoot Fucking Everybody. And believe me, you really don’t want that switch to get flipped, because Civil War 2.0 would make Bosnia look like a trip to Disneyworld.”

          Stop begging for this. If you get it, you will not like it.

  40. Charlotte, NC: 122 gun murders in 2019.

    This month, city leaders have raised concerns following the 88% increase in the number of homicides in 2019 — 107 — compared with 57 in 2018.

    Police Chief Kerr Putney has criticized judges granting bail to people charged with murder, denounced the rate of dismissed criminal charges by Mecklenburg County prosecutors and called for more investment in community groups, especially those that mentor young black men.

    ‘He’s going to kill.’ Half of 2019 murder suspects had prior gun charges dismissed

    In about half of the 76 homicide arrests from last year, the suspects charged have been arrested before for gun crimes.

    In 13 murders where someone was charged, they were out on bail from a previous arrest with an illegal gun.

    Although only 35% of the city’s population is black, according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, the majority — 80% — of 2019 homicide victims were black, according to the Observer’s analysis of data provided by CMPD. Of those killed, 80% were men.

    Half of the victims, both men and women, were under 30 years old.

    This information is from the Charlotte Observer.

    Vigils for black on black murder, riots and destruction for one white cop killing a clack man.

    This is our culture, white on black is bad, black on black is okay.

  41. Poignant words of LAPD Officer Pete Malloy after the funeral of a friend and fellow LAPD officer killed in the line of duty.

    “And if there must be a final postscript to all of this, then let it here be noted; the coffin will soon be buried, he will be forgotten, except by a very few. Out of sight, out of mind. And strangely enough, in view of current custom, no one will raise a placard to denounce his senseless murder. No one will raise indignant cries of protest at the shedding of his blood. No one will march in anger because of his death.”

    Adam-12, Season 3, Episode 8, Elegy for a Pig
    Aired November 21, 1970

  42. Police don’t prevent crime, they just respond to it with tickets and arrests. No responses the crime rate will go down as there will be fewer tickets and arrests. Most drunks will make it home, most get through the sieve anyways. Most bar fights will deescalate as bouncers take care of the problem and send troublemakers home. Gang shootings of course will continue but the police don’t prevent those anyways. There might be a few more break-ins.
    Lack of police activity is mirrored only in long term stats. The longer a police presence is unfelt the more anarchy and chaos will increase and rule, but that is long term. The biggest result of “blue flu” will be fewer tickets written and loss of revenue to the city involved.

    • “Police don’t prevent crime”…
      they “deter” crime just merely by their presence.

      Not agree with me? see how crime went up in many blue cities in the last 3 weeks.

    • “most drunk will get home”
      perhaps 1 of them will hit your family when you’re on the road, instead of being stopped by police 5 minutes ago.

  43. They have defunded the police, I have never heard a louder invitation to mass gang rape, here comes the summer of love!

  44. A political lynching to appease the mob. They should ALL quit and give them the no police zone they want. In less than a day they will be crying to get the police back.

    Here is something to try, if you are afraid of being treated unfairly by the police then don’t break the law. Problem solved.

  45. Whoever posted to guard the mayor’s mansion should go #BlueFlu, including the backup & backup of backup.

  46. Rule of law. The police use of force rules say deadly force can only be used when life is threatened. A taser is A non-lethal weapon. This means the officer broke the rules and killed A man. Requiring the charges against him. I am not against police. But I do believe in justice. Let the courts and the jury decide. They will be presented with the evidence we do not have.

    • And tasing or peppering someone to put them out of commission and grab their weapon never occurred to you. But it did to police trainers.

      • The Ford County DA prosecuted several police officers who used a taser against a couple who refused to comply with police orders to get out of their vehicle. He stated the taser was a deadly weapon that can kill. Can’t have it both ways

  47. If Black Lies Matter had their way the person who called the police about Rayshard being asleep at the wheel in the Wendy’s drive thru line would be prosecuted as an accessory in the shooting.

  48. Rolfe kicked Brooks after had been shot and was on the ground while Brosnan stood on Brooks’ shoulders. So Rolfe is just another bad cop and because he kicked Brooks when he was down, two minutes of it on video, he’s as bad or worse than the cop in the Floyd incident in Minnesota.

    ‘What we discovered is during the 2 minutes and 12 seconds that officer Rolfe kicked Mr Brooks while he laid on the ground fighting for his life,’ Howard [the ATL D.A.] said during the press conference, showing this image:

    Looks like Rolfe is winding up to kick Brooks in the image.

    Rolfe has also been charged on several counts of aggravated assault, seven violations of oath each carrying sentences of 1-5 years and an eight count for kicking Brooks as he lay dying. As well as his colleague’s testimony, Howard said that his office had used Rolfe’s own words against him; He said that they had based their view that his response was ‘excessive’ on what he called ‘an excited utterance, ‘ – the unfiltered statement picked up by audio in the immediate aftermath of the shooting when Rolfe said, ‘I got him.’

    He said that such utterances were considered, ‘highly reliable in law,’ precisely because they were said before a person had time to think or consider their words.

    Atlanta cops are, in general, just bad, the worst in GA, and most everybody knows it.

    • Looks like Rolfe is winding up to kick Brooks in the image.

      Bullshit. It doesn’t even look like that in the still.

      To add to the indicator that it’s obvious lying: it’s a still from a video, but somehow doesn’t include the context.

      Stop lying! That can only lead to anger and death, just like the other lies have been doing!

  49. Atlanta – another lost cause. You can track the decline of Atlanta and other once-viable cities with the increase of Democrats in those cities public offices. In this case, Atlanta gets what it deserves.

  50. Serves em right. All Keisha is using this for is to get her ticket into the White House with Idiot Joe. Erica Shields was always worn out with trying to keep all the rodents that come out of S.E. and S.W. ATL from over running Buckhead she did not know which end is up , adding all this to her plate would make anyone say F… off and quit I will not blame her for it.I cannot even watch the weather around here as it is being interrupted by reports of this thing. Of course now you are seeing the same thing we saw with Travon Martin. Pictures of Rayshard Brooks as some poor little martyred angel. While I agree what happen to George Floyd was unjustified. in this case with the guy grabbing the officers taser and aiming at his head, this action was justified. Hope you like what your about to get Atlanta. Sleep tight… NOT

  51. EWTHeckman says:

    June 18, 2020 at 13:55

    Looks like Rolfe is winding up to kick Brooks in the image. Bullshit. It doesn’t even look like that in the still. To add to the indicator that it’s obvious lying: it’s a still from a video, but somehow doesn’t include the context.

    __The ATL D.A., Howard, has rightly not released the video the still image came from, probably so as to not inflame the natives; it will come out during the trial of Rolfe and it’s good that it’s being held until then.

    __Then how about you describing Rolfe’s dance move in the still image?

    Stop lying! That can only lead to anger and death,

    __Death is a ‘Grim’ business … And no reason for me to lie… The anger is already there now in ATL., & nothing can stop it from running its course now. I would expect the image of Rolfe kicking Brooks after he had been shot and was laying on the ground to go viral by now, or soon. Just imagine how it would be if the entire video was released.

    just like the other lies have been doing!

    __The still image, even though just an image, doesn’t lie. That’s quite a dance move to be doing over a man that has been shot in the back.

    • Try putting your own body in that position then kicking to your back left. Doesn’t work.

      It looks more like him getting up from the ground after the initial fight to give chase.

      Compare that to the video I linked directly on YouTube. Getting up is the only moment that is even close to a match.

      • You are talking to a guy who thinks he can fight anyone and win with the ol 1, 2…

        His entire existence is fueled by hatred for blacks. He’s a “The south will rise again” type and a conspiracy theorist.

  52. Now, drop hundreds of bindles of pure fentynil around and eliminate a bunch of other problems.

  53. Also BTW, Brooks was no saint,

    but even so if seems to be the case that these two white ATL cops were bad cops. Brosnan bad and Rolfe much much worse… It being a white on black thing, with two white cops, just makes it as bad as it could possibly be. But it’s two APD cops, after all, so it’s probably not that surprising to the citizens in GA. Steer clear of and stay out of ATL as much as possible. This is common knowledge and only new comers and visitors don’t know it. Many off them learn their lessons about it the hard way.

    • Whatever the histories of the players are, the prosecution has to charge on what happened in this incident. The jury will be instructed to examine the incident second by second, and no historical data will be allowed into it.

      The prosecution is saying there are eight videos in total. All those camera angles captured more than what the public has seen.

      If the jury agrees with what the prosecution says those videos show, Rolfe and Brosnan will deserve the punishment that results. The history of Brooks does not enter into it.

      I lean toward the prosecution in this one, but fully realize how very hard it is to convict a police officer of anything.

  54. Atlanta has been burned once before … maybe it needs to burn again. I’ve been wondering when the book burning would start anyway. It’s a world gone mad … if anyone needs me I’ll be in the basement reloading ammo….. looks like we may need all we can get.

  55. enuf says: >>> June 18, 2020 at 00:16

    John Bloch said this golden nugget crap: “Folks who live there may have no police response tonight into tomorrow after a “blue flu” pandemic” … Don’t need your political diatribes Bloch.

    __That’s Boch, not ‘Bloch’ … Get his name correct if you’re going to try to criticize him. But there’s no legitimate reason to disparage Boch because his writing is good, frankly quite good, and is better than the writing of many ttag ‘contributors’. Also, how can you not be some what political writing about a story that’s very much political? Boch isn’t a liberal and that’s a good thing – right? You want and like liberal spin there’s plenty of it from CNN and the MSM.

    Fact is some cops are pulling a sick-out. But ever one of them is covered, that’s reported in local news. It is not a “pandemic”, that’s a Main Stream Media tactic and you know it! What the fuck is wrong with you anyway?

    __No way the city can all ~really be covered with so many APD cops on a sick-out. They would like folks to ~believe it’s all covered. Plus the surrounding counties will not come into the city to help with anything unless it’s a cop down or else a life threatening situation of some sort. You have to mostly take care of your own in times like this. And also ATL is going to be hard pressed for police officers, of any sort, or new hires, for a long time to come.

    __Keep up the good work JB. The subjects you choose to write about are usually relevant and on point in relation to what’s going on. The articles about Chicago and the black-on-black body count there were long over due.

    As a correction from previous comment: Many ‘of’ them learn their lessons about it the hard way.

  56. Last I checked, Georgia law consider a Taser a deadly weapon. Pointing a deadly weapon at a police officer is assault with a deadly weapon! Bad choice by Brooks. Office WAS justified ! EOS end of story!

    Furthermore the mayor had no business to declare the officer guilty and fire him without an investigation or consulting with the chief of police! A true political stunt by the mayor to get picked as Sleep Joe Biden’s running mate! SHAME!

    Officers should ALL walk-out on this pardon my french shit show, political stunt by the mayor!

  57. Watching Ron and Miner49er is the real reason why I come here. Top it off with some Grim Reaper and tdiinva, and you have an interesting night sure to lower your IQ.

  58. Paul says: >>> June 18, 2020 at 14:59

    Atlanta has been burned once before … maybe it needs to burn again. I’ve been wondering when the … burning would start anyway.

    __The video(s) of Rolfe kicking Brooks are being held and that may be the only thing keeping the mob(s) back. The DOJ may well be behind the video(s) being suppressed and held back from public release. It’s a good thing but also recently the DOJ issued a ‘stand down’ order, certainly from now through election day, to all police departments in the country; this has received little if any MSM coverage. With this cops being on sick-out may not make much of a difference; they could not really do much even if they were on their beat(s). Politics, just politics, and so much of this is election year politics. You’re on your own, as they say, but you’re even more on your own than you may have thought.

    But despite this the usual crew of rabble rousers will probably be in ATL soon to keep the anger and hatred stirred up. Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and a long list of others, are shakedown artists. They have been described as “poverty pimps.” Helping black Americans is their stated cause, but their efforts over the years have only enriched them financially and they have done well, very well [$$$] indeed, and it has kept racial animosity at a fever pitch. There will probably be a [BLM] MARCH through downtown Atlanta protesting Rolfe kicking Brooks after he was down and had been shot in the back. Not sure what new slogan Sharpton might come up with in relation to this. Don’t kick a dog when he’s down? But that’s an old one.

    Fred says: >>> June 18, 2020 at 16:05
    … WAS justified ! EOS end of story!

    __Yeah it was looking OK, legally, for these two cops, BEFORE the video(s) of Brooks being kicked came to light. The Atlanta D.A. apparently saw all of the videos and was convinced that Rolfe kicked Brooks for 2 minutes when he was laying on the ground and had been shot in the back twice. The ‘I got him’ remark that Rolfe made, recorded on audio, also doesn’t help at all.

    mayor had no business to declare the officer guilty and fire him without an investigation or consulting with the chief of police!

    __You may be right, but now with the ‘kicking’ thing coming to light it may no longer matter about such details.

  59. Decent white folks should find a sniper position and, when the BLM low life protesters and looters start running amok let it be Fire at Will.

  60. Montana Actual says: >>> June 18, 2020 at 16:26

    Watching Ron and Miner49er is the real reason why I come here.

    __Yeah I usually like to read Ron’s material. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because he has been so hard to profile. Miner49er on the other hand, the guy that doesn’t understand succession or the South at all, and would of hanged Robert E. Lee… But then he’s really probably a re-located socialist do-gooder wanna-be originally from the old U.S.S.R.. Just a guess.

    Top it off with some Grim Reaper and tdiinva, and you have an interesting night sure to lower your IQ.

    __It should not hurt you any however, or much at all, seeing how your IQ is already so low. How could your IQ get any lower – bro? Sorry, that may be a black thing to refer to somebody as bro. But then you do kill off brain cells and destroy valuable neurons, what few that remain, by continuing with some of your activities.

  61. MagnaV45.

    UUummm, there were 3 shots fired! One hit perp in the chest and spun him around and other 2 shots hit him in the back. Always use 3 shits when in danger, many times the first shot goes wild.

  62. Montana Actual says: >>> June 18, 2020 at 16:24

    You are talking to a guy who thinks he can fight anyone and win with the ol 1, 2…

    __There are many ways and ~means of bringing the ol 1, 2… And no real reason to fight fair…

    __NOTE:__Some cops play softball and play after hours and weekends, so by having a softball bat in the trunk of their police cars, so what it’s no big deal right. Even not actually intended for such use, it can come in handy in situations like what went down with Brooks. A suspect gets rowdy or resists arrest and runs, not much problem to chase a suspect down to ‘knee cap’ or other the suspect. It’s much better than counting on a taser or shooting a suspect. Suspect may end up with an arm or leg in a cast, may need minor knee surgery, or have a knot on the head, but will live and will be alright – eventually. Good if a softball bat is black to not be so visible or flashy after dark, but aluminum bats should not be in the trunk. A Louisville Slugger or similar wood bat is good enough. There are some smart cops out there that know where I’m coming from. A pity that the two ATL cops were not very smart. Just me, seems like I always have a wood bat in a vehicle – that I forgot to take out. Just an oversight that I have not taken it out and it’s in a canvas bag with a glove and some softballs.

    His entire existence is fueled by hatred for blacks.

    __You’re the person that’s filled with hate on this forum. You show it all the time. But just me, I like and do support Herman Cain and would vote for him any day, any time he ran for any office. I have talked to him a number of times. So you’re way off base. Give it a rest punk. w w w face book . com/THEHermanCain

    Herman Cain– one of President Trump’s close pals — insists POTUS has done a lot for African-Americans, but says black people still hate him because the media’s messing with their minds.

    He’s a “The south will rise again” type …

    ___The south has indeed risen again, so it’s a moot point now isn’t it. And so much so, has the South risen that, look at all of the yankees running away from NY and other blue states to get to so many of the red states in the South. Now after they’ve fouled and bankrupted their states with all of their liberal cheit they want to come South and do the same to the red states.

    and a conspiracy theorist.

    __I back up any and all ‘theories’ I ever put forward. That you live in a fantasy world, and keep your mind in a fairy tale state, isn’t my problem.

    • Could you just type a little less? More summary, less ranting.

      Also, it’s clear that you don’t own a gun if you are talking about grabbing a wooden bat from your truck… and didn’t I mention a couple days ago something about you being a road rager? Bat says it all.

      It is SERIOUSLY amusing how personal you are taking one line to write out a books worth of rants. I’ll enjoy this for months to come.

    • Just to add a bit to that… if you don’t carry, and have NEVER contributed to any gun related topic other than the most recent attempt to say “war involves guns hur dur”, then why the fuck and how the fuck are you even here? Was it the confederate flag drivel that brought you here? Are you mad about some shitty monument being torn down? I think at this point we’d all even just love to see an EDC photo so TTAG can post it. At least Miner and the likes are here for their left sided agenda… you? Just to rant? I mean… this shit is straight off Craigslist rants, BRO.

  63. Sounds like a greenlight for more looting and rioting…err I mean “protesting” I don’t blame the cops at all. Should be interesting to see history unfold. There is an old saying ” you dont know what you have until its gone” or something along those lines. The solution to end police violence is so simple…citizens obey the laws, respect authority, easy.

  64. A full length video showing everything:

    He did not kick or stand on him.
    The taser was NOT empty.
    The scuffle was more than just a quick one like the other 8 videos showed from various angles and cut out at just the perfect opportunity for certain media outlets to utilize them…

    This is NOT a cop suffocating someone by standing on their neck case. Stop trying to turn it into one.

  65. I would think that the police officers who provide the security detail for the mayor might get the ‘blue flu” as well. The citizens on the street must depend on the police for help and therefore, THEY need to stand up for the police and demand that government leaders (especially those who know the facts), stand with the police in this time of turmoil. Everyone, including the police are entitled to due process. To fire an officer without all of the facts present, is just plain wrong. It isn’t right for the mayor and others in city government that have a police detail assigned to them to continue to use them. Defunding should start at the top. Those officers should be reassigned back to the police department . With all of the sickness in Atlanta I imagine that the officers might consider not showing up for the security detail. Maybe the Mayor might reconsider if she finds herself absent her police detail, driver and others who provide this service to the elected officials.

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