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Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., (AP Photo/John Locher)
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It probably feels like Groundhog Day all over again for Bernie Sanders. For the second election cycle in a row, Sanders has quit the race for the Democrat nomination for President. This leaves “Sleepy” Joe Biden as the Dem’s presumptive nominee for the 2020 Presidential election.

Sanders did the same in the 2016 race against Hillary Clinton. The Donkey Party’s still haven’t embraced his brand socialism (yet). While Sanders didn’t change his redistributive core beliefs this time, but he did change his tune on guns.

This year, Breadline Bernie vigorously supported an “assault weapons” ban, magazine capacity limits, universal background checks and more.  It didn’t play well in Peoria. Or most other places.

FoxNews has the story of Sanders’ quitting. Again.

Bernie Sanders suspended his Democratic presidential campaign on Wednesday, effectively ensuring former Vice President Joe Biden will be the party’s nominee even as the liberal Vermont senator vowed to continue to lead his “movement” into the future.

The senator, at one point the front-runner for the nomination, initially announced the decision during an all-staff conference call Wednesday morning, and followed up with an address livestreamed to supporters shortly before noon.

Citing Biden’s lead of more than 300 convention delegates, Sanders declared: “The path toward victory is virtually impossible.”

Yes, another hard-left candidate thought that the gun control message would help carry them into office. And it did not happen. Americans don’t like the smell of weakness, failure, or civilian disarmament.

Any politician can repackage lies and untruths to promote gun control schemes as Bernie did this year. But as Breadline Bernie’s failure again shows, supporting gun control isn’t even enough to convince a majority of Democrats to support your campaign, much less a majority of Americans.

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      • Unless the democratic party dumps biden at the convention or something similarly dramatic it’s pretty much true

        The only thing I’ve heard about Biden in the last three weeks is about him talking to Trump on the phone.

        • Who else can they get? Take on Trump in 2020 and get your ass handed to you? Doesn’t look good on the resume.

          We are living through uncertain and very trying, and fearful, times. That tends to push folks towards faith and to the right of the political spectrum.

          We may be seeing the end, for a generation or two, of the far left lunacy in this country.

        • @ jmm:
          “We may be seeing the end, for a generation or two, of the far left lunacy in this country.”

          I hope you’re right, but I think you’re dreaming.

        • Biden is the stooge candidate. The DNC know he’s going to lose but they have to go through the motions to keep the party faithful motivated.

    • Guess so as the Commiecrat’s are putting up as their candidate,a man who is lucky if he knows his name or what city he is in.

    • Well, folks, let’s don’t get cocky. All we need is enough “we’ve got it in the bag”, and the margin needed to win stays home.
      Remember 2016, when Witchy Woman thought she had it in the bag…..

    • don’t count on it…Biden has some support…where it counts…picking a woman as vp may cut into that somewhat…if my ears are to be believed….

    • He’s not running unopposed….He is running against himself. Everyone says that they aren’t concerned about November or that he has it locked up. It’s when people start thinking like that that Joe sneaks in…..and that would be terrible for gun rights.

  1. Any way we could get all liberals, socials, communists, democrats, etc. to either quit or get converted. I honestly don’t see how those people are supported by sane citizens.

  2. Now for the really important question of the day: which woman will Sleepy Joe select as his running mate? Because, in the unlikely event he wins, that woman will be the true power in the White House along with Joe’s Chief of Staff. We know that warren is not in the running, but that still leaves Hillary, Kamala, and a few others.

  3. The best part was how the markets jumped 3.1, 3.1 and 2.4 percent on this news.

    He’s gonna need some ointment for that bern.

  4. “Yes, another hard-left candidate thought that the gun control message would help carry them into office. And it did not happen…”

    It’s not as if Biden has any less of a gun control message he’s trying to send. Evidently it was not much of a factor in this election (the primary).

    • Yes, I don’t get that logic either; Biden has been more extreme and more consistent in his call to restrict rights, so it’s hard to see that Sanders losing to him is somehow a rebuke of gun control.

      • Bernie’s never been a strong supporter of gun control…he said what he thought he had to to try to win primaries…of course it’s all a moot point now….

        • Well, come on, he’s been in congress for over 100 years from a state which had *zero* gun control, ever. The original “constitutional carry” state, 100 years before the term was even invented. He doesn’t care about guns, got fooled into thinking gun control was a winning platform. Either that, or he realized that a socialist state had to disarm the peons or the leaders will all be promptly murdered.

  5. Remember when you had to wait in a literal breadline to get groceries due to Bernie’s ineptitude monitoring and reacting to the 2020 pandemic? Me neither.

    • Remember when Trump took a beating in the polls and a Democrat got a pop because of the pandemic?

      Yeah, me neither.

    • TD –

      Not sure which is a bigger indicator of your sad state of “mind” – that you connect the actions (or inactions) of the chief executive of the United States government with the behavior of people shopping for groceries at your local supermarket or that you sought out a comment section on a website about firearms to spout off about it.

    • You’re actually blaming a world wide pandemic on Trump? How do you socialists explain Venezuela? Breadlines and police state when everything was normal.

      Tards like you make Trump a shoe in for another 4.

      • That’s the only argument they have, so get used to hearing it. What else are they going to say? That Trump’s controlled by the Russians? That’s a good one! Joe has a better plan to get the economy going again? That’s even better! Trump will start WW3? Another proven falsehood. They have nothing up their sleeves but cheating and lies.

      • don’t think blaming Trump for the pandemic will fly…it’s more a question of what he says than what he does….people want straight talk,..not false optimism……

    • In a capitalist country the breadline lasts as long as it takes to make more bread. In a socialist country a breadline lasts as long as the time between one “revolution” and the next. Commie virus is somehow Trump’s fault? That’s some serious commie logic for ya. Ussr still grow best potatoes… Just ask the people that ate their shoes.

    • Huh can’t say we have much of a bread line for most of NY. A quick moving line to enter the store to keep crowd density down inside but pretty damn sure nothing like any commiebloc version. I will let pwrserge cover that one as I only have 2nd and 3rd hand experience.

      • Cuomo is still looming out there…came across better in his news conferences than trump did…straight bs…don’t count him out…just sayin’….

        • frank speak,

          Sadly, I think you could be right.

          Everyone with two brain cells sees the Democrat candidates thus far for what they are: unelectable. And multiple people of all political persuasions have been talking for several months about the very real possibility of a Democrat convention that rejects the leading candidate (Creepy Joe Biden at this time) and nominates a heretofore unknown candidate. Some of the names that people have bandied about that could receive the Democrat nomination are Hillary, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Mario Cuomo, and Michelle Obama.

          Scoff if you want: I think Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Mario Cuomo, and Michelle Obama all have a really good chance of winning the election and I shudder every time I seriously think about it.

        • While I think Coumo would be ripped apart in any proper debate he would be a realistic choice for the left especially with how any criticism is largely edited out of his briefings (held to the end feed often cut). With that said it will be interesting to see how the rest of the state reacts to the reality of nothing past Rockland county mattering. Only saw one van from NYC (shopping trip hoarders edition) but I hear a lot of it happening in Green Ulster and Columbia county.

    • Remember when the TTAG trolls used to line up and bash Trump for non-existent ineptitude?
      Me too, because the TDS will be running deep here on TTAG, all the way into November.
      Can’t wait to watch all the crying snowflake vids for the 2020 election cycle. 🍿

  6. I thought it impossible for someone to look worse than Joe on a teleconference but Bernie managed to pull it off. At least Joe built a nice fake library studio in his basement.

  7. If there’s still any doubt as to Bernie being delusional, he was the only one in the country who still believed he had a shot.

    • Dennis,

      Who says Bernie thought he had a shot at winning the nomination? Rather, Bernie’s strategy all along could very well be simple personal profit.

      Think about it. He collects 10s of millions of dollars in campaign contributions. Where does all that money go? And he has the allegiance of several million voters — enough to win or throw the November general election. What can he command in exchange for endorsing Creepy Joe and directing his voters to vote for Joe?

  8. The second amendment is the most important part of being an American. Most of us Americans have the rights to defend our homes, family, properties or our lives.

    Social unrest is the enemy. State’s that restricted gun ownership deprive us legal gun owners the rights to protect our families.

    Mental illness is the factor of mass shootings, not the responsible gun owner. The knee jerk reactions from politicians is only band standing that politicians do to get votes.

    All politicians suck. As gun owners, we just have to elect the lesser of the two evils that will support our rights. Thanks god for the NRA.

  9. Let the countdown begin.

    Within 24 hours, one or more looney-toon Democrats will begin screaming that it’s Trump’s fault that the Democratic nomination race’s wheels have fallen off because of his dreadful mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis. This leaves “Sleepy Joe” sitting pretty until the DNC realizes they can’t let Joe possibly have the nomination, so the convention will be delighted to have Hillary gallop in on her trusty white steed to save the party, and the country, from the vile grips of Orange Man, the most evil bastard who ever lived, at least in their eyes.

    • I have a lot of Democratic friends and family, and none of them want to give Clinton an opportunity to lose a 3rd time.

    • The DNC has already thrown out their own rules several times, but throwing away all primaries and simply letting the committee itself select a candidate who has not even run in a primary, much less gained a single vote (think Oprah, Michelle, Hillary, or Cuomo, etc), would be a very entertaining exercise. Perhaps we should have a thread concerning whether we should loan our guns to Democrats determined to hunt down and murder the DNC!! Either way, stock up on popcorn futures.

  10. weird question what’s the chances we get a totally off the wall candidate for the Democrats if Joe dies? Just throwing it out as a rhetorical.

  11. Don’t cheer and think the war has been won. Remember back in 2012, the American voters DID re-elect Obama. Make sure that you vote, either in person or via absentee ballot.

    • Well, in my state it doesn’t matter what I do, because it’ll go 65% (or more) in favor of the Democrat, no matter who the D is. I’ll probably vote for Trump just so I can say I did it — and to piss people off.

    • Obama did a decent job in his first term…it was only in his second that he finally began to reveal himself…tends to happen…

      • Boy, did you spend a lot of time with your eyes closed!! Stimulus bill gives a trillion bucks for “shovel ready jobs”, states toss it into general fund and it stimulates exactly nothing, quick let’s jump into socialized health care, Supreme court justices, Benghazi, Libya, absolute and complete incompetence from beginning to end, and you say he did okay? His only successes were in subverting Federal agencies and the media to lie and cheat for him, fooling the American people into thinking he should be reelected. He learned his “politics” in Chicago, and it showed.

  12. I’m waiting to see who the DNC anoints as their candidate… I put the odds that it’s Biden at about 10%.

    Will it be Hillary? I have no clue, but I don’t discount it.

  13. Hey what about all those Bernie bots who vowed they’d “NEVER”vote for S L O W Joe?!? And burn Milwaukee? AND vote Trump or not at ALL??? Fun times but unlike 1972 when I voted for McGovern over Vietnam all today’s youngin’s just want free chit😏

  14. Ole Crazy, Creepy, Sleazy, Sleepy, Fire-Two-Blasts-In-The-Air, Where/Who-Am-I-Today Joey should keep one eye over his shoulder. Word on the street is that Hillary’s fixer hit squad is up for one more big nappy time assignment. Not sure we’ve seen the final Democrat Presidential candidate yet.

  15. When Joe saw the hospital ship in New York harbor (with its red crosses on the side) he exclaimed “Oh shit, we’re being invaded ny the Swiss”.

  16. LOL. Such bravado from the 2A radicals. While you’re all gloating about Trump’s chances in November consider this. Guess who’s in Biden’s corner? Barack Obama, Beto O’Rourke, Hillary Clinton, AOC, and all the voters who supported Bernie. Where oh where will Trump get support? Not from the east coast. Not from Texas or the south where Beto has the crowd in the palm of his hand. Of course we all know about the west coast. Hmm… maybe the midwest where Biden has been unbelievably dominant? Nope. Trump will have his support in some backwoods state like Wyoming or Montana. Not enough for November. I can see it now, Beto O’Rourke, gun czar and taker of all you hold dear.

    • Where, oh where, will Trump find support? In the same states that got him elected 4 years ago — plus some.

      I didn’t vote for Trump last time around, but it’s crystal clear that he was a better choice than Hillary the sociopathic harpy, and he’ll be a better choice than any of the NPCs the Democrats are running this time around, too. Your progressive heroes haven’t exactly been models of sanity or restraint…and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that observation.

    • Bernie’s supporters….not too sure of that…there’s still a battle going on inside the party…would they like a “centrist” to lose…just strengthen their position?….possibly….

    • “…Texas or the south where Beto has the crowd in the palm of his hand.”
      If Francis Beta O’Rourke is so popular, how come he lost both his race for Congress and Dem primary? That guy is a joke.

  17. Well… don’t say good-bye to Bernie just yet. If the old fart had any sense he’d dump the Democrats (since he never really was one anyway) and split off to form his own party. Most likely he’d take AOC, Inc. with him– which accounts for about 30 seats in the House at the moment.

    What’s he got lose? Nothing. The Democratic Party is never going to give him a voice. They never were. All they want from him is his vote. Same with AOC, Inc. Their idea that they could capture the party and have their way was never more than a pipe dream. If they want a voice in American politics, they have to split off from the Democrats and force them to make deals to get their agenda passed. Otherwise the Bernie “movement” is dead.

    • Once AOC grows up enough to control her temper tantrums. It like watching a pre-school child in an adult’s body.m

  18. More proof the left side has gone completely nuts. Granted, I could care less for Trump but his election was a giant middle finger to the traditional establishment at least, now if we could only get out of buying the presidency, that would be great. Maybe then someone neutral could actually represent the majority of people in this country.

    Just sad. If half the population doesn’t even bother voting because they don’t feel it matters, are not represented, don’t trust the system, know that money is what controls politics etc etc… then why do we continue to allow the 24% and 26% represent themselves as majority leaders? I’ll bet if a politician who open carried at every rally started running and told his opponents that tyrants would be hung in public if found guilty, the system might be a little more equal. Also, because if those who tired them were found to be tyrants, their trial would go the same. There is simply no fear and no consequences anymore when money can manipulate the law.

    TL;DR Fuck the system.

    • Also, Hillary for prison? lol. Nice slogan. Even better follow up.

      INB4 rage comments about politics from all the FUDD’s who frequent here. Go fuck yourselves.

  19. Do svidaniye, Bernie! Now you’v got time for that second honeymoon to Moscow! If you ask nicely, maybe they’ll install bunk beds in Lenin’s tomb.


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