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Former National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)
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The National Rifle Association has felt the pain of the Wuhan virus pandemic. Bigly. The Virginia-based gun rights operation has reportedly laid off 60 employees and slashed salaries of plenty more. Supposedly the group’s leader, Mr. $20,000 suits himself, Wayne LaPierre would also take a cut in his $2M salary.

The nation’s oldest civil rights organization has faced all manner of turmoil in the last couple of years.  Last year, lawsuits flew after the messy divorce between the NRA and its public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen. And both parties have sued each other — repeatedly — over the breakup.

Attorneys general have investigations underway. Other investigations regarding the NRA’s failed Carry Guard program have resulted in settlements against the group.

The financial “challenges” have included a downturn in charitable gifts to the organization. Not surprising when news leaked out of LaPierre’s $20,000 suits.

The Politico has the story of the layoffs and salary cuts.

The National Rifle Association has laid off more than 60 employees in recent weeks, according to three people with knowledge of the matter.

The move comes as the gun rights group faces acute financial challenges during the economic crunch caused by the coronavirus outbreak. The association recently took a large financial hit when the pandemic forced the NRA to cancel its massive annual meeting. The group often makes millions of dollars off the event, from the fees people pay to attend to the funds raised from the convention. Its cancellation appears to have wiped out that revenue.

A spokesman for the group did not dispute the layoffs when asked for comment.

No doubt the NRA’s rank and file employees, who actually do the work, will likely suffer the most in these layoffs and salary cuts. Meanwhile, the troubled organization’s so-called leader Wayne LaPierre lives the high life. All while Joe and Jane Sixpack sacrifice to send their annual dues in for another year to support the noble cause of defending gun rights.


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    • Agreed. If the NRA intends to remain solvent (let alone relevant) it needs to ‘cut the dead weight’, which includes its oversized board of directors (70 at last count)

    • Yep, that’s the real reason they’re in a financial pickle. Bye Wayne.
      Also, the meeting is free for members. I don’t think they were making “millions from people who pay to attend”. Donations? Maybe. Who are those “three people with knowledge of the matter”? Was there a “Pee dossier” from the whistle-blower, too? Typical “news” from Politico.

      • NRA Annual Meetings are free for members to attend, but there is normally a large influx of renewing & new members during the weekend. In order to attend, a person must show they are a member in good standing (active membership).

      • That’s why they aren’t getting my financial nickel (which goes to other 2A orgs). And I’ve told them as much!

    • I’m guessing he’ll get a bonus for navigating through this challenge. But I’m wondering if his intern is still around at that rented townhouse…

    • While there is no doubt in my mind that the Corona-virus has impacted the NRA money wise, at least in my mind, there are other things that need to be addressed to bring back a favorable flow of income. Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre needs to step down. Restore the attitude that management exists to support the gun rights and and the members. A decent level of salaries is needed, but how did things get so out of control that money needed for the policies and goals of the NRA go to some levels of management? Two million dollars, or anything half of that is way out of line. The NRA, last I knew, is not a for profit company, so why the crazy salaries? Shameful.

    • Ferg – he should simply resign – his annual salary would likely pay for some of the commoners that are taking pay cuts or furloughs. As to his suits, one of them likely cost more than my entire wardrobe.

      • @ GomeznSA:

        Are you kidding? One of his suits likely cost more than 40 of my wardrobes.

        • One of his $10,000 suits cost more money than all my clothes and my wife’s clothes combined

        • I know it does mine because All I wear is jeans and part of then are second hand and pocket tees and work boot or tennis shoes even to Church also the reason, not a member anymore

    • Then how would his mistress, er…, intern afford the rent on the fancy apartment?

    • “I’m sure the GOA and others are hiring.”

      I bet not.

      Any idea how “big” GOA actually is compared to NRA? Not even in the same league. No real training program, safety program, youth program, working network in US and state legislatures, no programs directed at women, and paltry in compared to actual numbers of members. In fact, I’ll bet at least half of GOA’s members are also NRA members knowing first-hand how lower grade supporters are- those who think giving someone $25 or $30 is actually doing their part in maintaining the Second Amendment, let alone recapturing some of that which has been chipped away over the years prior to say, 1968, except perhaps 1986.

      BTW, name one large corporation, business or non-profit that has not, or is not currently in the process of downsizing right now. (The US Govt bureaucracy doesn’t count…)

      Don’t any of you even follow what’s going on?

      • NRA Lifetime Benefactor, but no more donations until they dump Wayne and clean Board. Wayne and Board have become distraction to NRA core mission. Have 2A support money available. So I think maybe switch to GOA. GOA would be at least one Lifetime Member stronger if they would continue with our agreement for 10 quarterly payments for Lifetime Membership. Received invoices and promptly paid four quarterly payments in 2019. Then, 1Q2020….no invoice. Several attempts to contact via web site “Contact Us”. Crickets.
        Called GOA HQ several times. Tried to leave messages….Crickets. Kept trying. Finally, lady answers. Explained issue. Little interest in taking ownership of member-trying-to-be’s problem. At last, in attempt to dump me, said she would contact “accountant.” CRICKETS
        Yet, they can send pleas for donations. Hmmm. are Larry and Eric are taking lessons from ole Wayne???
        Anyone else experiencing similar issues with GOA??

  1. Isn’t it a democratic organization?
    Want Wayne gone? Vote him out. Or institute term limits.
    Not really that difficult.

    • Nothing easy about it. Incredibly difficulty, Power hungry scum play the system, game it to maintain power. It’s an old story in corporations great and small.

      • “Nothing easy about it. Incredibly difficulty,…”

        I’ll wager that the real difficulty of those around TTAG who hate NRA lies primarily with the fact that you must be a member to vote in any NRA election. To quote Earl Butz: “He [You] no play-a da game, you[he] no make-a da rules.” As it should be…

        • the rules were specifically changed so your votes do nothing except for the “board” cant vote wayne out so the cancer stays put

        • This was the first year I could vote. When I got the ballot, it was a joke. I ran it through the shredder.

        • First, I do not hate the NRA. Second, I vote in all of their elections and would have been at the annual meeting to try to speak up like I tried to speak up last year.

          I used to give them money, but no longer – at least until WLP and his cronies are gone. I am putting the money I would have given in a fund to be given to the NRA after WLP and cronies are gone and a better set of bylaws and Board is in place.

        • “Vote”???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s no different than the rigged US elections. I’ve been a LIFE member since 1983 and since the day Wayne was elected have not supported the NRA in any way. Wayne worked for a LEFTIST politician before his move to the NRA, that speaks volumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Craig in IA, it is incredibly difficult to vote out anybody at the NRA. It is impossible to vote out the Executive VP Wayne LaPierre. If you were a voting and engaging NRA member like I am, then you would have read the NRA’s bylaws and knew that!

      • With your comments in mind, it makes sense you would want the organization that has done far more than any other to protect your 2A rights. You are either a Soros troll, or just pissed at life because somebody – anybody, has done better at this life thing than you.

        You don’t like the NRA? Then work to change it instead of sitting around with a chapped ass over it.

        • And by “protect” you mean cave on every major 2A issue. You can thank them and Reagan for the 1986 FOPA because you know, commoners should not own Machine Guns. Like the NRA you are no friend to gun rights.

      • Wayne is voted in just like the board members. Majority rules and if he wins the majority of the votes then he remains, don’t some of these people on here know anything? I wouldn’t believe Politico if they said the grass was green in July.

        • Members don’t vote for the executive officer.
          The Board does. And they changed how voting for the board is done, and made it more difficult for new people to get on the ballot.

        • John Kellerman, please read the damn bylaws if you are actually an NRA member. The 2017 bylaws can be found here: https://www.savethe2a.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/NRA_Bylaws-1.pdf. The 2019 changes can be found here: https://www.savethe2a.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/2019-05-03-bylaws-proposed-amandment-re-eligibility-as-adopted-by-BoD-1.pdf.

          As Hydguy pointed out, Wayne LaPierre is an Officer of the NRA organization. He is elected by the NRA Board of Directors and not by the NRA members. If you had ever filled out an NRA voting ballot, then you would know that!

          The NRA has 76 members on its Board of Directors! The quorum is 25. So in the best case scenario, you would need 13 Directors voting for someone else to discontinue Wane LaPierres reign as the NRA’s Executive VP since 1992. In the worst case scenario, you would need 37 Directors voting for someone else. The Board of Directors is stacked with Wayne LaPierre cronies, so good luck in electing anyone else.

          This has been tried and it failed before!

    • It’s not difficult. However, when you have cronies in the BOD, getting rid of him will almost be a Sisyphean task.

    • What other corporation or non-profit has 70 board members? The NRA structure has been deliberately designed to resist any reform and Wayne has leveraged that to the hilt.

    • The NRA isn’t a “democratic organization”! Wayne LaPierre can not be voted out by the NRA members! NRA Members also can not institute term limits! Yea, it is that difficult!

  2. Let’s not beat about the bush on this one. For the common worker, that woman or man in the offices just putting in a hard day’s work trying to support their family and the goals of an important institution, I’ve only respect and sympathy. Appreciation too.

    For the executive fuckwits, shitforbrains, money grubbing power hungry ego driven bastards/bitches sucking money out of the membership to fund their own inflated lifestyles, any reduction in salary now is an utterly inadequate punishment for their total failure to serve and protect the membership, their employees, the long term needs of the organization and the Constitutional Right they are sworn to defend.

    So, much empathy for the little people.

    Much disgust and “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!!” to the Wayne LaPierre’s and their sycophant defenders and fellow thieving scum.

    That’s just the way I see it. If your mileage varies, well that’s your dysfunction not mine.

      • Hey, John Kellerman…….Enuf was honest enough to speak the words that many of us NRA Members also agree with.

        If you don’t like what he said, perhaps you are part of the problem.

      • WLP, and many of the board members are a cancer to the NRA.
        He needs to go, and the board needs to be trimmed down to maybe 25 people.

  3. I first joined the NRA back in the early 80s. I have given regularly to the ILA and PFV and at other times when they have asked. I was greatly disappointed when the Suits-Gate hit. My dues are paid thru 2024. I may or may not renew, we will see. I have dropped the ILA and PVF to $52 a year each. I will keep my RSO cert up to date until then.

    I have joined a couple of other Gun Rights organization and company that provide education sources. I do think they need to rethink the organization, become a bit more transparent with the inner happenings. But they are probably still the strongest gun rights organization in the US.

    • The NRA may be the 600 pound gorilla in the room, but I’ve seen more positive action from the Second Amendment Foundation than just about everyone else in overturning “laws”.

      • Right on the mark, Tom. I’ve been impressed with SAF and may well send my NRA renewal dues to them.

      • Supporting the 600 pound Gorilla in the room is futile if all it does is leave 600 pound Gorilla piles of poop in your Living Room. The NRA has long descended into Mission Creep. The goals of training gun owners and protecting gun rights have been subsumed by the desire of the elites to travle the cocktail parties and rub elbows of the Political Class.

      • One advantage is that as long as the 600 lb gorilla is in the room, no one will pay attention to the little guy doing the actual work (SAF, GOA, etc.)

        • The NRA does serve well as a target for the hate and vitriol of the anti-gun groups.

  4. I have abandoned NRA donations until after Wayne is gone. He is holding on to his power at the expense of the NRA and it’s members. It is time for him to stop, look around, and resign. He was important to the business of the NRA for many years but he is now stinking like a corpse and it is time for him to go.

    • Dittos on what you said. I’m a “distinguished life” member so I can’t withhold dues, since I’m paid up for life. Wayne Lapierre is a total disaster and is the reason that I haven’t made any donations that would go toward buying another $20k suit for him. I supported the NRA for decades so this is a particularly bitter time for me and I’m sure many other members.

      Now if I could only get off their phone soliciting list!

      • well,..they quit calling me…you should never be a life-member of anything….make them earn your contribution….

    • Also a lifer. When they call and ask over the last two years for some cash I tell them that until Wayne and the current leadership is gone they will not see any money out of me. It’s honestly sad because for so long the NRA did a good job. But “money talks and BS walks.”
      Wayne it’s time to leave. New blood is needed.

  5. Sorry to hear the employees were sacked. I wonder if Wayne could have helped save their jobs by cutting his own salary down to $1 from this point forward as a goodwill gesture. I’m sure he already has plenty of money with which to comfortably live the rest of his life.

    • I’m not an NRA defender, but this same question could be asked of any major company with highly paid executives. We know the NRA already had money problems due to poor decisions by their executives. Considering the type of economy we’ve had for the past 3 years, the NRA should have been making record collections. If they had done that, along with not blowing money on Ackerman, etc., they could have easily weathered this storm. Now maybe the laid off employees will be more likely to denounce the NRA leadership.

      • Highly paid execs in business are there to reach goals and their pay comes from profits. The NRA doesn’t produce anything so they’d better be giving the donors good reasons to keep donating, not alienating them.

        • That has been Wayne’s personal selling point, but he has objectively failed. If they were doing their job properly, the coffers would be full, and people wouldn’t be calling for his head.

    • Personal expenses rise with income like a cork in a pail of water. That’s true if you’re making $20k or $2mm.

      • That’s true if you spend all you can. Celebs who spend on yachts, posses, exotic cars, huge mansions, private jets, etc have nothing left when the game fades. Warren Buffet is worth billions, and he lives in a modest home and drives an old pickup truck. People who take home $100k and spend $100k aren’t doing so well right now. People who take home $60k and spend $40k have a nice cushion to ride things out.

  6. You’re not a part of the solution you’re part of the problem! Let’s keep defending them until every one of them is laid off! Then maybe then they will get the picture

  7. Unfortunately we NEED the NRA! But we need it as a vibrant, healthy organization who listens to its members rather than the scandal-ridden dysfunctional piggy bank it’s become for LaPierre! How long will it take for the bloated, self-serving Board to clean out the cancer it’s become?

    I can’t think of a time when our 2A rights have been more in jeopardy; particularly at the state level, and this premier organization is limping along; playing right into the hands of Cuomo (who brags about how he’s brought them down) and the Bloomberg-supported groups. (Fortunately, they haven’t realized that other groups such as GOA & SAF have taken the lead while they still spew hate on the NRA).

    As an NRA Life Member I’m no longer supporting them, and whenever I get the annoying fund raising phone calls, I tell they they won’t get another dime from me until they clean up their act.

    If I were a betting person, my bet would be that:

    1) The NRA is not going to reform in time to be of any help to the cause, and

    2) That without a unified, intelligent defense by our pro-gun groups, the 2A is doomed to be permanently relegated to a 2nd class right; and very likely subject to repeal within a generation or two.

    • Nope. Repeal of the 2A would require supermajority approvals of the House + Senate, plus the President’s signature, and then at least 38 States to ratify. Plus, we have a more constructionist SCOTUS now that will affect court opinions for decades (and RBG should be out of the picture soon as well). Seeing as though there are now 20 states with full or partial permitless carry – with more states deliberating similar legislation – the chance of the 2A being repealed at any time within the next generation (or perhaps two) is extremely low.

      What we’ll continue to have instead is a fracturing between the two camps.

      • Not sure you got that correct, with proper emphasis. Unless I’m mistaken, those 38 states needing to ratify, have to do so with 2/3 of the vote, not just 50% plus 1. Good luck with that, I don’t think you could pass that in CA, much less the rest of the country.

        • Constitutional Amendment requires a 2/3 affirmative vote by each House of Congress and Presidential signature. It must be ratified by at least 3/4 of the various state legislatures. Currently, it must be ratified by a simple majority of each house of at least 38 state legislatures.

      • they’re already repealing it…in piece-mail fashion…in many places…until the SCOTUS takes a stand that is likely to continue….

  8. The NRA: because fat pasty cowards who cannot get laid without paying for it need lobbyists, too!

  9. Whenever there’s a mass shooting, the first organization I hear from, almost before the smoke clears, is the NRA. Before the politicians, before the mad moms, before the talking heads, it’s the NRA with their hand out. They try to capitalize just like the fool gun grabbers.
    La Pierre’s salary is stunning. I’m definitely going to have to consider this when my membership is up. I don’t know what a reasonable benefit package for someone in that capacity should be but it takes 57,143 memberships to pay a $2,000,000 salary. That’s a bunch.

    • As a Benefactor Life Member, I cannot differentiate what causes fund drives, I get around 5 requests for more money from NRA every week. I don’t even open them anymore.

  10. Maybe they will file for a WuFlu business loans? That would surely piss off the anti-gun orgs an politicians!

  11. I hate it when TTAG has an article about NRA, the haters come out of the woodwork! They are still, and always will be, the big dog in the room for the 2A. Benefactor member, and 11 life memberships for my wife, kids and grandkids (the youngest was a life member 4 months before he was born). If you aren’t an NRA member, you are part of the problem with this country, and have NO right commenting on the actions of the organization, or it’s members!

    • Unfortunately that “Dog” is Old, Fat, Toothless and lays around passing gas. Can’t Bark and Won’t Hunt. I can comment because I’ve been a Life Member for almost 40 years. Times come to put the Old Dog down. Bring in a new pup and start training it to lead the pack.

    • I”ve been a member since 1979, a Patriot Benefactor Grand Poobah Life Member for at least 10 years, an NRA pistol and defensive pistol instructor for about 15 years. While the NRA was absolutely the big dog when it came to pro-rights lobbying for a long time, my observation is that they have been resting on their laurels as well as tooting the alarm horns to beg for donations for several years now.

      I’ve also been a life member of SAF and CCRKBA since the late 1990s. I know Alan Gottlieb. They have been at the forefront of pro-rights lobbying and action, taking up much of the NRA slack.

      The group that continues to amaze me with their energy and efficacy is the Firearms Policy Coalition. Of all the pro-2A groups, they seem to be out in the front lines of the battle.

      If the NRA falters and dies, it would be a symbolic loss to us and a symbolic victory to the anti-gun forces. However, I have no doubts that the combination of SAF, CCRKBA, and FPC could step up to the challenge. In fact, without the NRA muddying the waters and claiming credit for progress they had little hand in, they might even be more effective.

    • Ron is a liar ! Membership requires a birthdate , He is either lying to us or he lied about the grandchilds birth date .

      • Actually, they had a due date by then and Ron could have put the expected date in as the DOB. I seriously doubt the NRA checks that as long as there’s a check accompanying the form.

    • 5 million plus members are a pretty significant political force. Even liberal progressive politicians feel that weight. The bottom line about NRA members is that we vote.

    • Ron you seem to think you got the golden key to the crapper. Your not the only one who has over a very long time supported the NRA. My grandpa was a member back in the 50s. My dad is a member and I am. All lifers. They need to fix the fact that they are arguably corrupt, mismanaged, and wasting member fees on advertising and waste. It’s time for some new blood. They need to get lean and mean. No more fancy suits, no more limousines, no more pissing away hard earned money.
      They won’t see a cent out of me until the present leadership has moved along.

    • I’ve been a Benefactor member for probably around 30 years. I paid for Life memberships for 7 nieces and nephews.

      IF the NRA would ever get rid of Wayne and all the other worthless do-nothings on the Board, perhaps people who cherish the right to own a gun, would once again join and/or support the NRA.

    • I don’t hate the NRA. We need the NRA to lead, of which current NRA leadership ain’t doing. I’ve renewed on an off for many years, but I do have 2 uncles that are life members if that counts.
      FPC, GOA, all the state gun org are doing a great job, but we need the NRA leadership as the point man.

  12. When the going gets tough, the tough get going…

    Ok isn’t this the time they’re supposed to be putting up a fight for our rights?

  13. Bought into the life membership long ago, a fact Wayne La Pierre has caused me to regret over and over.

  14. It’s time for the NRA to cut their losses and reorganize. They are going to have to do it without my dues though, I’m done with the current order of ‘fat cats’…

  15. I wish they’d lay off Wayne first. And maybe they could get a more solid pro gun rights person in.

  16. Nobody I talked with would tell me if Wayne’s favorite sorority girl intern turned full-time NRA employee was given a pink slip.

  17. My membership goes for a couple of years more. I will not renew or contribute until they get rid of LaPierre.

  18. NRA member since the 60’s. No more. I will reinstate the day Wayne is gone. His ilk degrades the credibility of it’s members.

    Corruption is evil regardless of whatever good or great it accomplished. The rediclous salery + expenses alone are .

    Joined GOA.

  19. Time for WLP to start buying his suits off the rack. The guy dresses better than John Gotti.

  20. I am still a member of the NRA, got at least two more years on my membership, the only thing I can think to say that hasn’t already been said is , if they laid off people, I Hope those were the ones that keep calling me on the phone to re up my membership when I still have years on my current membership, it drives me crazy & pisses me off at the same time.
    Thank you very much… MAGA.!

  21. Life member here. The NRA won’t get another penny from me until Mr. LaPierre retires and they overhaul their governance.

  22. Not another penny until Wayne La Pew Pew and any BOD who voted to retain him are Gone from the organization.

  23. I am a life member, and not unhappy about it. no one right now has the money to give in to the NRA since many are out of work. and simply don’t have the funds. but I am sick of all the NRA bashing out there, I know they are not perfect, and they also screwed up a few times. but they are the biggest supporter of gun rights that we have right now. and when they screw up like the bump stock thing, then yes, hit them good and hard to let them know how angry you are. but we should not all rally against them in such a way we get them closed down. if that happens all the communist win big. and not all the other gun right orgs have the same clout as the NRA. and a I think some people here who bash them are some of those nanny pannys that are trying to get them shut down because they work with the communist party ( the democratic party) . we need ALL of the gun rights orgs that we can get fighting for our rights. not less.

    • Sutherland Springs and the West Freeway Church Of Christ were defended by NRA members.

    • ” I am sick of all the NRA bashing out there,”
      well, we are sick of a lot more than that. GOA, SAF, VCDL and countless other much smaller orgs are charging the hill while NRA stands for Not Really Answering to the attacks on our rights.

    • Glen you are absolutely right. Many idiots on here may have forgotten all the good the NRA has done. If it weren’t for the NRA, there would be no gun rights right now.

  24. Like others on this site, I will not support the NRA until new, responsible, TRUSTWORTHY leadership is in place.

  25. I quit donating when I found out how much money had paid for suits and they were paying a lawyer $50,000 a week, not to mention executive salaries. Besides that they did nothing to try to fight our Furher Grissom here in New Mexico. I have so many “gifts” from donating, that I could probably make a pretty penny off them at a yard sale. I’m paid up for nine more years and when they expire, I’ll be 77 years old. I might be a little more supportive if Wayne reimburses the NRA for the suits and his “modest” salary. I don’t blame Ollie for telling them to pound sand!

    • think it’s truly sad that we had to find out about all this corruption from leftist sources…a victory for them…but a revelation for us….

  26. La Pierre has already killed the NRA , A lot of its members just have not yet figured out that our once beloved NRA is on its deathbed.
    Intense CPR in the form of cutting the cancer (LaPierre , and the BOD) could resuscitate this flat lining org. But it needs to happen quickly befor all neurologic activity ceases.
    Former donor, still a life member for now, hoping I can resume donations to a working NRA.

  27. N-Now R-Relinquish A-Arms, another dictatorship ruined by greed !
    GOA and 2nd amendment foundation are the places my money goes!!!

  28. The millions they spend, not just pay, on WLP could pay quite a few salaries of people that are actually doing real work on our behalf. Look at the legal bills this schmuck is running up for them.


  29. I let my NRA membership lapse in February 2020. I kept receiving emails, letters, and phone calls asking me to renew. I was always very polite to each caller, but the last call I received I interrupted the caller’s script by saying: “Excuse my interruption, but I just want to say that I will never renew my membership until Wayne LaPierre is removed as the NRA’s Executive Director.” There was a moment of silence, then the caller replied: “I completely understand. Thank you for your time and valuable opinion. I will relay your message to my supervisor.” Whether the caller followed through with that I don’t know, but since then I have not been contacted about the matter.

  30. Wayne has enough money that he could work for free the rest of his life, but I think that even for free, it would cost us. At the very least, he could give the laid off workers 3 or 4 grand apiece out of his salary. There is no reason that any head of a non profit institution should be taking any money during the current crisis.

  31. When Oliver north stepped down that was all I needed to know. Crooked as hell!!!

  32. My NRA membership expires next month. I have no plan to renew unless old Wayne goes. My $ is going to state group’s and I’m joining SAF. Voting R will do more than a corrupt NRA.

  33. All they really needed to do was cut one, WLP, and they could have paid the others until this manufactured crisis is over.

  34. I am a NRA Life Member. My contributions would have purchased a nice firearm collection or most of a suit. Nonetheless I am NRA though the good times and bad times. Anything less equates to a fair weather friend.

  35. I’ve been renewing every 5 years since ’77. Didn’t do life so I could give more money in dues over the years. I regret my last renewal that expires in ’22 and I will not renew nor provide additional funds unless either a complete 3rd party audit is released showing that the charges against Wayne, et al are false or Wayne and others on the BOD resign. I don’t think either will happen and Wayne will drag the NRA down with him but I can dream!

  36. That’s okay….SAF and GOA are the ones killing it right now. No $20K suits needed, either.

  37. The NRA will have to work out their internal issues. Who knows when but they will have to survive in order to protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Remember, the power hungry Democrat leftist scum will always take advantage of any shooting to take away your rights. Ever notice that the scum Dems propose laws that affect the law abiding gun owner? It’s all about POWER and has nothing to do with crime, etc. They take away your guns and they can rule like the Tyrants they all dream of.

  38. I just got a phone call from them. Probably looking for a donation. I hung up immediately after hearing that they were fron the NRA. The only reason I’m still a member is I stupidly bought a lifetime membership years ago.

    • no need to hang-up on them…it’s not their fault…just calmly state your position and make sure they pass it along…

  39. I wish I could get my life membership money back to buy more arms and Ammo!
    Wayne screwed all of us! Never again!!!%

  40. Financial shortfall which NRA is experiencing has little to do with COVID-19 Coronavirus.. Has MUCH to do with Wayneavirus. Contributing members being sick of Wayne’s $20,000 suits and his Little Trollop’s apartment….in conjunction with Negotiating Rights Away tendencies. And, Board Member Ted Nugent being paid $50,000 plus expenses to twang his guitar and “preach to the choir” (maybe 1000 NRA members in attendance) for an hour on Sunday afternoons at Annual Convention; and, paying Nugent $60,000 annually (1200 guitars at $50 each) to sign guitars for auctioning at Friends of NRA Dinner Auctions. Starting to have an impact.
    Like so many issues in today’s America, there’s BIG money in The Second Amendment…….for politicians and NRA/GOA/SAF leadership and friends. With his classic Socialist union organizer comb over, wire rims, and perpetual scowl, where else would Wayne make $2,000,000 plus benefits per year? For that kinda jack, one would expect at least a warm engaging smile once in a while.
    Kinda like …..there’s way more money, power, influence, prestige, and control in GOVERNMENT than COTTON. And, that’s why the Government Plantation came into existence. And, the former cotton plantation owners turned politicians can now tax others to pay for the inhabitants’ shanty shacks and sow belly/collard greens….and get all the inhabitants’ votes to keep the politicians ruling the Plantation.

    • Actually, it’s due to both. The NRA’s finances are a mess. The NRA is in deep debt and bleeding money with all that stupid legal action and fancy salaries and handouts. At the same time, the NRA Annual Meeting was cancelled, which is a HUGE fundraising event for the NRA. Last year’s NRA Annual Meeting saved the NRA’s finances from a collapse! This year’s cancellation due to the virus may be literally the financial end of the NRA.

    • Unless you have proof of those organizations mismanaging their funds quit lumping the NRA in with SAF/GOA and politicians. It makes you look like a shill. GOA and the SAF have been active in trying to win back our rights.

  41. Now I want the pandemic to last longer (not really) until the NRA declares bankruptcy and Wayne is out a job and then we can start over.

  42. The suits are the least of the issues. He appears (or used to) on TV often, so it’s kind of a costume. How much money was billed through AMcQ and funnelled back to NRA execs, BoD, or their family? Contracts awarded to inner circle or family? Nobody knows because they refuse to have an independent audit.

    • got my first clue when I attended a convention a while back and couldn’t help noticing the fancy suits these guys were wearing…when they should have been attired in jeans and flannel shirts like the rest of us…the only time that look could possibly be justified is when they were walking the halls of congress……

  43. Once Wayne is gone, I’ll rejoin the NRA but not a second before and I do mean gone with no golden parachutes or fat salary for “consulting” Gone as be gone and stay gone….have a nice life and BYE.

  44. So what, how many employees does the NRA employ. May be a non story.
    You got any data to go along with your implied assumptions? Reeks of another smear campaign.

    • It’s not a smear campaign. The NRA didn’t even protect their home state of VA. Wayne and his cronies are interested in lining their own pockets, not in actually defending the 2A. When he and his board resign I’ll be a member again. Until then the gun right’s organizations worth belonging to are:

      Gun Owners of America
      Firearms Policy Coalition
      The Second Amendment Foundation
      I also belong to my state level Gun rights organization.
      If everyone browsing TTAG joined those 3 and then their local, we’d be much better off.

  45. While we are all mad and hating on the NRA and as much as I hate to say it WE NEED THEM!! but until those assclowns get rid of that thief Wayne LaPierre and put someone in charge that we can TRUST!! I’m sorry they aren’t getting any more money from me. I wouldn’t mind giving both GOA and the NRA money every year if I thought they were both fighting for our rights but the NRA is only fighting themselves!! LaPierre is a snake who’s no better then the politians in Washington he acts like. Any man who works for a “non-profit” and pays himself 2 million a year and YET uses our money to buy 20,000$ suits is a real piece of SHIT. Wayne can kick rocks it’s time for him to GO!!
    God bless all of you guys (and ladies) and your families


  46. The Second Amendment Foundation files law suits to defend our rights; CCRKBA joins in; GOA files separate law suit…..NRA asks for donations….bet Wayne didn’t take any ‘cuts’…

    • SAF & CCRKBA are both under Alan Gottlieb. Both are headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

      • Yeah, not too good on their resume. Everyone complains that the NRA couldn’t save VA but how about SAF & CCRKBA being unable to save WA? And, yes, it is a fair comparison. VA is certainly not the reason I oppose Wayne and his cronies. VA really has a DC/MD spillover into Northern VA (NOVA) and nothing any group can do will save them. As the population increases in NOVA things will continued to go down hill just as MD is controlled by it’s central counties.

  47. In 1968 the NRA sold its membership down the river, same thing in 94, now they are going bankrupt and want a bail out sot they can afford 20K suits!

  48. I’m not going to condone or condemn Wayne LaPierre.
    At ANY salary, I wouldn’t want his job.
    I have 2 questions, can someone answer?
    1) Remember about a year ago when Mr. Quomo targeted the NRA’s business associates to stop doing business with the NRA, OR ELSE? You would think that an action like that by a state governor would be Extremely illegal. But it apparently is not, because nothing happened, except that most of all of those nice discounts we used to have all went away.
    Now pretend you are Wayne, and the NRA is struggling after all of those school shootings. What would you do?

    2) can someone tell me what happened regarding Oliver North? He became president (?) Of the NRA,
    I thought to be a very capable man, then he was gone again. Why? Did Wayne have anything to do with that?

    • Nobody can get Wayne LaPierre’s job, because he won’t let that happen!

      It’s Gov. Cuomo (not Quomo). You know, the guy from NY State who is on TV daily. The NRA was targeted, because the NRA made itself a target! It always does! Drama is the only way for the NRA to make money.

      The NRA was also targeted, because of its shady business practices in selling a crappy self defense insurance product. According to Wayne LaPierre himself, the legal battle stemming from those shady business practices alone did cost the NRA $100 million.

      Yeah, we are NRA members because of discounts. LOL.

      The NRA made money after each school shooting! After each shooting, people are scared that the government is going to enact more gun laws, so NRA membership and donations increase.

      Oliver North was ousted as the NRA President by Wayne LaPierre’s cronies a year ago, because he wanted to remove Wayne LaPierre. Oliver North is still an NRA Board member. Both are corrupt!

      Please inform yourself: https://www.savethe2a.org and https://helpsavethenra.com

  49. I will only pay my dues when do. I will not give the NRA anything as long as Wayne is employed with the NRA.

  50. The press often speaks of “The power of the NRA” and there must be something to it to be constantly mentioned. Are there really any viable alternatives available to us at this time? I am a “LIFE” member of the NRA and a Charter member of the Golden Eagles, which means I have contributed at least $200/year for the last 25 years or so. If we stop contributing to the NRA, in spite of our discontent, who will be there to pick up the pieces? Beware of what you wish for.

    Not liking Wayne is not a sufficient reason to stop contributing. Tell us how to get an internal “grass roots for change” group to drive the changes we desire but don’t stop contributing as that would undermine the entire structure.

    I also contribute to the 2A Foundation and The Citizen’s Committee to Keep and Bear Arms under Alan Gottlieb. They seem to do more universal legal work for gun owners than any other organization.

    Gun owners should be able to truly unite under a single banner and if such an organization were to be started today, it would take years to become well developed. Since we already have the NRA, why not restructure it to better serve its membership.
    5 million members should be able to do just that. We just need better leadership. The time for change will soon be history if nothing is done now.

    • Nobody will stop you from throwing away your money. It seems you are very well experienced in it. The cronies in the NRA will thank you for your contribution.

      As an NRA Endowment Life Member myself, I know that my money is better spent with the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Second Amendment Foundation, the Gun Owners of America and my state’s gun rights organization, the Tennessee Firearms Association.

      If you want gun owners to unite under “a single banner”, then you are just asking to be betrayed. Competition between actual gun rights organizations yields better results!

    • In the April issue of American Rifleman, there is the expected bullshit from Wayne and others. But the one who disgusted me the most was Carolyn Meadows talking like she had actually done anything to protect and advance the NRA and the 2nd amendment.

      It will soon be time once again to vote for those who we wish to have calling the shots in the NRA.

      As far as I am concerned, Carolyn Meadows has to be one of the first we try to get rid of, for the betterment of the organization. Perhaps if we can get rid of her, others who have done nothing, will see that the membership is fed up with the status quo, and decide that they need to do what is right for the organization if they want to remain on the board.

      IF you are eligible to vote, please do so, and BULLET VOTE, dammit. This is not a smorgasboard where you want to vote for as many as you can; vote for the people who you truly feel has our best interests in mind, and have demonstrated so in the past. ANYONE who speaks glowingly of Wayne’s leadership, is the type of individuals we want to get rid of.

      IF you don’t know what BULLET VOTING means………….LEARN……..and apply it in the upcoming vote.

      • The deadline for receiving your ballot for counting for the 2020 NRA Board of Directors election was March 29! Your call to BULLET VOTE is a little bit too late (by two weeks).

        Carolyn Meadows is the NRA President and that position gets filled by the Board of Directors during their next meeting and not the members. She was not on the ballot!

        It will be interesting to see what the NRA does with the 76th seat on the Board of Directors. No-one seems to be catching that oops yet.

        I am sure the clowns on the NRA Board of Directors will reelect Wayne and Carolyn, while the organization just furloughed more people: https://freebeacon.com/coronavirus/nra-will-furlough-more-workers/

  51. Dear Leader Wayne LaPierre could have forgone his $2M salary and given it to the 60 now laid off employees who would have gotten $33,333.33 each.

    He really doesn’t have the faintest idea of what is the right thing to do. Or he does and doesn’t care.

    The NRA doesn’t get any more money from me until there is an independent forensic audit by a Big 3 accounting firm showing he is innocent, or he is gone and the BOD is reformed.

    To all those NRA lifers out there, this is why you should only join ANY organization on a 5 year or less term.

  52. I have been a life member since 1965, currently a Benefactor Life member. I feel that the budget cuts must start at the top with LaPierre, in fact it’s time to find someone else for his position. If the board could be downsized to save overhead then do so. Cutting the back bone of those that do the everyday work should be looked at very careful so we don’t loose are mission of Defending the 2nd Amendment. Just to give you an idea, I haven’t received a membership card since 2017.

  53. Wayne sounds a lot like Benedict Arnold, he saw all the money coming through and figured that should be mine ,that’s coming here because of me .

  54. While I feel it’s important to continue my membership in the NRA, I have chosen to curtail my donations. If the board would act in the best interests of the organization, they would correct the leadership. While I believe in the importance of the NRA and it’s goals, I’m not sure the original goals match those of our current leadership.

  55. I’m not donating a dime to the NRS until Rich-Baggage-Wayne goes !!!!! I am currently supporting GOA and a couple smaller groups.

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