Bravo Concealment LINKed holster magazine pouch
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From Bravo Concealment . . .

The LINKed Holster from Bravo Concealment combines our IWB Torsion with an accessible mag pouch. Using just a few screws, a clever but simple design secures a mag pouch and belt clip to our standard Torsion IWB holster so you can appendix carry both at once. 

Bravo Concealment LINKed holster magazine pouch

Designed to be adjustable for your comfort, the LINKed Holster puts a secondary mag at your fingertips. By integrating the mag pouch with our patented Torsion Technology found in our IWB gun holsters, the extra magazine access is also comfortably tucked closer to the body. Adding our concealment wing on the other side of your holster allows for extra concealability – Again using a simple screw attachment. 

Bravo Concealment LINKed holster magazine pouch

The LINKed Holster includes an intelligently placed cut-out to prevent digging when you sit. It also lacks extra material on the bottom of the holster that could get in the way. 

Plus, enjoy our Free Shipping, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

Price Details: 

The LINKed Holster retails at $63.39 

Magazine Pouch will be sold separately for those who already have the Bravo Concealment IWB Torsion. The pouch will retail separately at $36.99.



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  1. This is new? Or just new for Bravo? A little late to the game I’d say, but better late than never.

    However, they won’t offer much. WML variants if they have any will be slim to none and you can find better, and probably cheaper options for what they do offer. $100 for this pre molded AIWB? Hard pass. And cheaper custom options even offer a flex in the middle between the mag and gun holster – which is way more comfortable.

    Always check local first.

  2. I thought this went away years ago. It is only a little short of no reload at all. To try to reload from this carry rig is clumsy at best. Think about it for a minute.

      • Well I can see me getting shot at, running out of 8bullet rounds, missing the mag release, hanging the magazine up in the bottom of my shirt and then it goes flying out of my hand and hits the bad guy right in the nutz.
        Hey neat, I just discovered a new tacticool maneuver.
        Who needs a gunm?

      • Wut, wut? Montana, you’re right. You would be able to access the magazine with appendix carry. I didn’t think of it because I don’t do it. I’ve tried it. Not for me. Attaching the magazine carrier to the holster is not a new idea. Been around for decades. Poor concept then. Still is.

        • I’ve tried appendix carry, uncomfortable carry for me and not faster than my strong side 4 o’clock.

          ‘They’ said: “Oh, you’re not doing it right. Do and get holster brand . Its the best carry, perfect, faster than any other type of carry. You need to practice with it.”

          Me, a few months later after every day practice and EDC for appendix carry: “Its not working out. Don’t like it, overall its uncomfortable and I can draw faster from my strong 4 o’clock.”

          They: “Nah, its faster and comfortable. Did you use holster from ?”

          Me: “Yes I did, several of them.”

          They: ‘You just need to practice with it to get used to it. Trust me, once you get used to it and everything arranged properly and practice a lot its going to be a lot better. ”

          Me: “I practiced every day for the last few months. Did everything and got everything you guys (e.g. the ‘expert’ experienced people advising me, the ‘they’) said. What else do I need to do?”

          They (again for the ump-teenth time trying to convince me) : “Here, let me show you how much faster it can be ”

          Me (from strong side 4’oclock this time having already been up on target and firing before they fire first shot): “You mean faster like that?”

    • Not sure what you’re talking about. It’s a hot seller with many. It’s not my thing but they are very popular

  3. Okay, this is an honest question, as dumb as it sounds. I have(haz) a question…

    I’ve been a Glock Boi for years, but always Gen 3. I don’t need the ambidexterity of a Gen 4 because I’m right-handed, and the only Gen 5 I’ve ever seen (because they’re not available in CA) was on an instructor’s hip in NV.

    So…the vendor’s photo at the top of the article shows a right-hand setup, yet the slide release on the gun is visible. On a Gen 3, it’s on the opposite (left facing) side of the frame, and when I Google images of a Gen 4, its slide release is also shown only on the opposite side.

    Am I correct in assuming the vendor’s photo is weird, or is that a legit configuration?

  4. New?

    this could always be done with a Bravo holster and a Bravo mag carrier. attach them together just like they have in the “new” and move the clip to the other side of the mag carrier like they have in the “new” pic

    • Yup. I have one set up that way in my box of holsters. I have a lot of Bravo stuff.

      Currently running with the Phlster Enigma. Still trying to figure out how to carry with tucked shirt with it. When you got the extra weight, you got to loose it or swith holsters to accomadate.

  5. Don’t like magazines on my strong side. Much easier to draw them on weak side. As for appendix carry, that’s too much junk directly in front of me. Seems horribly uncomfortable, and I don’t like the way appendix carry conceals or feels when sitting. Adding another mag in front just doubles all that. My chest measurement is much bigger than my waist measurement, which I believe is supposed to be considered good for appendix carry, but I just don’t like it, and with any reasonably well-fit shirt looks like you’ve got a colostomy bag and insulin pump under the front of your shirt.

  6. Already have a Bravo ‘torsion’ holster? Save yourself some money (yes, people with bravo holsters would go out and buy this not knowing they can do it their self) – then get this instead and attach it like in the pic >

    Seriously, This could always be done with Bravo concealment holsters. Unless Bravo comes up with something actually new, they are done for innovation and have gone and far as they can with their line and even now with their ‘new’ they are basically just re-marketing what they already have and saying its new. They should try to come up with min level II active retention OWB concealable and try for the ‘duty gear’ market which captures both the ‘duty’ and civilian market, but their founder/owner has indicated he is dead set against active retention.

    • For some reason they really went quiet. I used to watch the owner’s YouTube videos all the time. I don’t know if Rene is still around or sold the company or what.

      You’re definitely correct about the need to expand the product line.

      Expand or die as they say.

    • This is on the opposite side.
      They are just both kinda close to the middle.
      The press release clearly states it is appendix carry.

    • Wow, how stupid of a comment from someone utterly oblivious and incapable of reading even the title. Appendix carry, dimwit. Centered in front of you means holster on one side, magazine on the other.

      R > center < L for the daft that cannot connect the dots.

  7. no to sitting down. does the barrel tickle your left or right nut? no to all plastic, maybe owb with retention for competition.
    yes to the “concealment wing” coupled with that clip placement below the barrel. slimmer and more tucktuck that way.
    yes to strych’s horizontal weak side mag pouch.
    r. grizzle “rough and ready” and a good belt.

  8. This has been a common holster setup for many years among people who aren’t in the AARP; but this price is excellent compared to what TRex or Tier1 have been offering.

    That said – John Correia from Active Self Protection has watched thousands of videos and is on record as saying he’s never once seen a self-defense reload.

    • John Correia hasn’t seen everything. I’ve done a defense reload, under fire, defending and rescuing my wife from abduction and rape and death, by two very evil animals. A few 15 round mags later I was down to three rounds left when the last bad guy went down. They had abducted and raped three other women prior them attacking my wife. They didn’t kill two of the women but had discussed it, but on the third one that had decided to kill her when they were through and tried to kill her outright but she lived. They will not be doing this to any more women – one evil animal dead and the other paralyzed for life.

      • I’m sure almost everything has happened in a self defense gun fight by this time. Go back far enough and I’d bet people have had to use a frying pan as a cover, but it’s not common.

        That said, I know I carry extra ammo. May not need it, but….what if I do?

        PS: Good job clearing the street of those two.

  9. I’m just a FOWG that needs a walker to get around. Does anyone have any realistic options on how to CC a pistol with at least a 4″ barrel?

    • I had a friend who used a walker that just carried at the 3 o’clock. He carried spare mags in the seat.
      Any reason you can’t at that position? I know bent over it can print some. He wore a vest.

      • Thanks for the comment Matt. That might work but I live in Las Vegas so a vest would get a little warm during the summer when it’s 110. I know I look like red meat when I go out but can’t stay in the house all the time. I’ll figure something out eventually.

        • Man you just keep working at it. We are all in search of that perfect carry rig. 40cal booger has some great ideas there.
          We have high temps too. The distance on my now passed friend was limited because he had one leg shorter than the other.
          Ya might consider the pocket rockets

    • If you don’t plan on carrying a holster on your person, there is also…

      1. fanny pack ‘holster’

      2. crossbody chest bag

      3. Sling Backpack

      3. Crossbreed has a Modular Belly Band Package that is popular with disabled people (but they tend to get hot in the summer).

      4. There is Scott Works ( that makes a gun holster adapter for wheel chairs and a Concealed Carry Cover – that can also be used on walkers if you want something that mounts on the walker instead of you carrying it on your person. But they seem to be holster specific with their adapter made for the BlackHawk CQC Serpa Holster for their holster adapter but the good news it although they don’t say so their adapter will probably also work with their newer T-Series holster with a little modification because it uses the same basic hole spacing pattern as the Serpa. They have a Concealed Carry Cover, I know someone who uses this and although Scott Works states it fits over a BlackHawk CQC Serpa holster & Service size handgun he has no problem with other holsters of similar size as the Blackhawk and a Glock 17 which has a 4.49 inch barrel.

      Maybe some of this will help.


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