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From Brownells . . .

Brownells customers can now turn their hard-earned tax refunds into guns and accessories during the second annual Brownells Tax Time event, starting January 24 and lasting all the way through April 15.

The special deals and offers for Tax Time will be periodically unveiled at the Brownells Tax Time page.

In addition to special deals, visitors to the Brownells Tax Time page can expect exclusive content from Brownells personalities Steve O and Caleb, as well as various well-known content creators from around the online firearms community.

The first batch of special deals for the Brownells Tax Time Event will be the “Top 5 Rifle Scopes,” allowing customers to upgrade their rifle optics or to score a scope at a great price for that new rifle or next build project.

Shortly after the Top 5 Rifle Scopes, customers can also look forward to more deals and content on the “Top 5 Rifles” and “Top 5 Handguns.” In the following weeks, customers will be able to browse popular products in many other categories.

To keep up with the newest special deals throughout the Brownells Tax Time Event, keep checking the Brownells Tax Time page.

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  1. No tax refunds for the Haz household. I always finaggle the finances to get as close to $0 on both my federal and state returns, with a slight lean toward underpaying and owing a little bit. There’s no way I’ll ever willingly let any taxing agency have any more than necessary. I always shake my head at people I know (and I know a few) who overpay to the tune of thousands of dollars throughout the year as their way of “savings”, only to feel a euphoria of “getting paid” later on. No way, Jose.

    • I Haz a Question,

      I sure wish that I had the time to track my finances and tax liabilities–and end the year owing a tiny amount. Alas my life circumstances for the past several years have not been conducive to that situation.

    • I have a good tax agent. I get a $2000-3000 refund every year. Nothing dodgy. Just claiming my working expenses. If anything, my claims are understated.

    • yeah, I try to make sure my taxes and witholdings are balanced. I haven’t gotten a refund in years and generally owe a little extra. Despite owing a little extra at least the money has been sitting my in bank account getting interest rather than sitting in the .gov’s hands being treated as a “bonus” to me when it is returned.

    • Tf? The “top 3” are always in chronological order.
      And yes, this website does advertisements. Because if you’re on a website without ads or sponsored content, you’re being data mined.
      But I guess some people just like to throw stones.

    • you’ve never been to a store where the employees seem to feel it’s a favor to you that they even notice you, let alone deign to sell you something? the classic example here would be some gun stores, but it can happen in almost any retail environment if you get the “right” staff.

    • I have a 700, and that trigger looks interesting. (putting on foil cap) Except whenever the CIA learns how to hack it, in which case it wouldn’t be any better than the old bump-fire trigger…

      So I scrolled down to the alarm clock pistol safe. Say, now we’re talking, I could use something like that. Then I pictured myself slapping it to shut the alarm off at oh-dark-hundred, causing it to pop open and flip my eyeglasses off the nightstand and onto the floor under the bed, in which case I’m done for. Angry, only partly awake, with a pistol easy to hand. Sigh, 0 for 2.

      Not much for me at Shot Show ’23.


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