The Kids From Everytown Were Apparently at SHOT Show and They Were Really Really Angry [VIDEO]

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We were at the 2023 SHOT Show from Saturday the 14th through Friday the 20th. We attended private range days on Sunday, Industry Day at the Range on Monday, and then walked our legs off Tuesday through Friday on the miles of aisles of the Venetian Convention Center and Caesar’s across the street.

We ate and drank at restaurants and bars at the Venetian/Palazzo complex and other hotels around town. We Uber’d to various events offsite held by friends and vendors.

Just to be clear, AT NO TIME did we see any sign of the activity depicted in the just-posted video above, produced with Micheal Bloomberg’s money. We didn’t hear about Students Demand Action at all. We’re not saying it didn’t happen, just that it was evidently so innocuous and inconsequential as to be…utterly useless.

Useless besides, of course, boosting the self-esteem of these oh-so-earnest Young People™ who were chosen to go.

As the description under the video at YouTube says . . .

Students Demand Action leaders confronted the gun industry head-on at its trade show and party, SHOT Show, in Las Vegas last week. They’re demanding they market their products responsibly, never to kids and teens, call out and refuse to work with bad actors in the gun industry, and secure their supply chains.

We saw no confrontation. We didn’t see their roadside signs on the way to the range. We didn’t see the posters they put up or table tents they placed. If we had, we would have photographed them ourselves and would have been very anxious to talk to one or more of the Very Concerned Kids.

As one skull full of mush in the video proclaims . . .

It’s really exciting because some activism is on social media, but walking on the ground in a place where there are thousands of people attending one of the world’s largest gun shows really feels like it’s making a difference. 

We beg to differ.

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  1. Guns are the #1 killer amongst kids and teens in America? Even if we assumed every suicide was by a firearm and added that with every homicide having been committed with a gun that would barely account for half of the actual #1 killer for that age group being accidents (overwhelmingly motor vehicle). But never expected any kid involved with that group to be a statistician let along a math major.

        • I have pointed out to many anti gunners that if guns cause crime please explain why the rates are so extremely different among age, race, gender.
          I never got an answer.

        • frank…white kids are not killing white kids? Surely you jest.

          richard…The straight answer is the criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, feet, fists, vehicles, etc. Therefore the “answer” has nothing to do with rates, race, age, gender, etc.

    • Another issue with the claim is that it’s based on numbers from 2020, when a vast number of children were at home attending school remotely and with extracurricular activities shut down by the pandemic. It was a year when children and teens were driving around far less than usual. The claim that guns are NOW [still, 2 years later] the greatest killer of 0-19-year olds does not have data to support it, because the statistics for 2021 and 2022 aren’t out yet.

    • Students Demand Action against losing their potential classmates to abortion? Feels like that number needs to be weighed versus guns, cars, drugs, swimming pools and myocarditis.

    • No one gives a shit about this petition circulated by children lacking worldly experience. Certainly not gun owners.

  2. Even if they truly were there…don’t you have to be part of the industry (it is a trade show) or sponsored? Who would sponsor an anti-industry movement at a trade show promoting their trade?

      • Hey, SHOT provided BATFE a damn booth. 🙂

        Heck, SHOT should have given them space on the floor, just for the sheer entertainment value. Imagine Colin Noir engaging with them in front of a crowd of friendlies . . . their little heads would quickly vapor lock with cognitive dissonance (“does not compute . . . does not compute . . . does not compute”). Or even better: Kyle Rittenhouse! (Hey, I’d pay to watch that.)

        Seriously, anyone who knows jack about SHOT knows the self promoting spin these idiots are trying to peddle is a bunch of hooey: they likely never got within pistol range of any official part of the event. They “confronted” the gun industry at SHOT about as much as the nonaggressive panhandler down at the 360/BCR intersection is “confronting” society.

        • And they stuck a bunch of yard signs down a median of a boulevard… With no traffic on it…

    • Hopefully whatever mess they used has far better outcomes than what was observed in the 90’s ………in which case your timeline may be about right.

    • Teens (mostly boys), should be protesting the maybe 3% of mRNA vaccinated that have heart scarring so their lives will be shortened. This single injury (myocarditis) is often not known to the victim turns out to be much more common than admitted to by Phizer etc. They deliberately made detection during studies impracticable by asking for biopsy whereas MRI is superior and doesn’t require catherization and the stabbing of a beating heart. But media suppresses this. No teens should accept these vaccines and indeed in many places they are forbidden (Florida, Denmark) for teens. For those that had any chest discomfort or felt rough a cardiac MRI is the way to establish. If less than 6 months have lapsed sone doctors prescribe ibuprofen as caution. It’s funny how casually governments kill people.

  3. “but walking on the ground in a place where there are thousands of people attending one of the world’s largest gun shows really feels like it’s making a difference.”

    such a difference that thousands of people attended the show instead of your mocked up fake showing for a propaganda posed photo op.

  4. “and would have been very anxious to talk to one or more of the Very Concerned Kids.”

    we did that once, asked them if they wanted some nice free AR-15 key chains.

      • no comments allowed for them on things is a normal thing. You will note, these types also want to decide what is ‘correct’ speech and what isn’t. Its not correct ‘speech’ to say something about firearms that’s counter to their narrative, its why they go after firearms company advertisement as its counter to their narrative thus that is not ‘correct’ speech. Heaven forbid someone should come along and point out in comments what they claimed was provably false, that’s not ‘correct’ speech for them.

        Its all part of their failing attempt to control the narrative. Key parts of their strategy and movement has been gutted in the courts already. Their narrative is collapsing or weakening all around the country. Their ‘facts’ have overall turned out to not be as ‘fact-y’ as they claimed as they collapse under numerous independent researchers work and work of credited independent trusted heavy hitters in the research community (e.g Pew, Rand, and others). Even their own ‘queen of darkness’ Shannon Watts sees the writing on the wall and did what she has always done in her work career, when things start to not go the way she wanted she bugs out and does some other con elsewhere. Mostly all they have left going for them in trying to remain publicly visible and screeching a lot and you notice the bigger organizations have not been very publicly visible lately and that’s because they can’t get up enough support to get people out to ‘protest’ ’cause they have other things to do, and you will notice the democrats have increased the intensity of their stupid screeching louder trying to cover up the noise of their gun-control effects screeching to a halt of collapsing.

        But don’t worry, we still have daican stupid with his debunked studies and Miner49er stupid screeching ‘TRUMPPPPP!’ for everything.

        • Heck, this group couldn’t even drum up enough people to make a really visible showing at one of the biggest pro-gun events of the year despite knowing a year in advance (like birthdays) its coming every year. It also shows they didn’t have the support of the bigger national orgs like they have in the past that supplied them busses and accommodations in motels and transportation and food and other support. This was nothing but a staged photo op to say they were there trying to look like they are still relevant – they way they did it even makes them look desperate and on the ropes in this fight.

        • Then on the political front, 2024 is coming up and in 2024 for congress the Democrats are going to need to defend twice the number of seats the republicans will need to defend and many of those democrat seats are now in areas that have either gone from blue to purple or have gone red and for which the democrats barely carried this time. Even Biden is getting desperate with democrats being denied seats on committees by republicans in the house and seeing his efforts to rule by fiat with executive orders being challenged in court with good chance of succeeding. Bidens key strategy for a confiscation plan failed, the ‘public health emergency’ thing he tried at the beginning of his term but to make it work he needed an exception to the ‘community care taking’ exception under the fourth amendment which is why he sent in the DOJ to intervene in the CANIGLIA v. STROM case at SCOTUS and he lost there too.

  5. Astroturf. Like when the news takes a tight shot of 8 people holding signs to give viewers the impression of a much larger group.

    Never believe your eyes when there’s a screen in the way. And definitely don’t ever take somebody’s word that they did a thing or were at a place.

    Everything is entirely too fake these days and there’s no reason to believe any of it.

    • 98.5% of everything on the internet is bogus. Your mission, if you decide to accept, is to ferret out that 1.5% of the internet that is not bogus.

      Talk about mission impossible, huh?

  6. Guns are the #1 killer of kids and teens in America…

    not true. when their data is examined and broken down it shows otherwise.

  7. “feels like they’re making a difference”

    Well I’m so happy you folks feel good. No wait, I couldn’t give a flying bat shit how you feel.

  8. What’s the number one killer of children in the world and, by extension, in the US?

    I can’t get my comments past moderation so I have to leave out the “a” word.

        • Yea it’s pretty scary actually. It’s like some people have perfected the art of passive aggressiveness when driving, then they just hit the “fuck it” button and go full send randomly.

          But I’m pretty sure the #1 is something like just getting sick. Pneumonia. Or fatal vehicle accidents. Also keep in mind, they base “child” off anything below 18. Actually, it’s 1-19… and that was just one quick google search. Anything to prop up their stats.

  9. Number 1 killer of kids? Well, from the info I’ve seen in recent years, it would be motor vehicle accidents, drug use and, in younger kids, swimming pools.
    The needless death of any child is too many and we should be working to keep kids from needless harm. And, instead of trying to punish the millions of firearms owners, or the legal manufacture or sales of firearms, how about basic education in firearms safety and in conflict avoidance.

  10. They should be educated about the Pitch Fork murders in alifornia. And all the children who used guns to defend themselves. And since they were not taught about their second amendment civil rights in schools.
    1. I would ask them have they been taught how to put a condom onto a cucumber???

    2. Have they been taught in school how to give oral sex?

    3. Have they been taught in school how to receive anal sex?

    4. And have they been receiving the proper grooming of an attentive School teacher?

    5. And have they been given abortions on school property or driven to an abortion clinic from their school without their parents knowledge or consent?

    Based on the testimony of parents and teachers at school board meetings across the United States. And their presenting of the types of Education materials, that are currently being used in schools in this country. I don’t see why these questions are out of bounds.

    And because gangster rap music is very popular with teenagers and has been for decades now. And adults support this kind of music being sold to children. I don’t see why any adult would be uncomfortable with me asking these questions.

    The worst examples of gun handling are found in gangster rap music videos. Videos that uneducated children watch.

  11. What a bunch of misguided kids, their parents ought to be ashamed of not teaching them about life. They need to read the Bible and find the LORD.

  12. HOW DID THEY KNOW THAT I HAVE A COUPLE OF GUNS THAT SIMPLY JUMP UP AND KILL KIDS AND TEENS? Thet are fir sale if Bloomburg wants to buy them from me to get them off the streets. For $10,000,000 each he can make the world safer for Kids and Teens.

    • The AFT would then come to your door and want to talk to you about a straw purchase. AFTER Blumbag had successfully ‘secured’ your killer gunz.
      And then they’d probably go after civil asset forfeiture.

  13. “…attending one of the world’s largest gun shows really feels like it’s making a difference.”

    It did! Attending the show made a yuuuge difference to me.

    I’ve been working part-time for a small dealer who asked me last year what kind of items I had on my bucket list. I told him that SHOT was pretty high on the list. Six weeks ago he informed me that he had registered both of us for the show. Split hotel costs 50/50. Unfortunately, he is a small LGS and does not rate an invite to Range Day *sigh*. It was exhilarating. I found most of the exhibitors to be friendly and generous with their time, knowledge and tchotchkes.

    Well worth bringing home a nasty Influenza-A variant….Mama is a bit aggravated that I went to Vegas and all I brought her was body aches and nausea.

    PS: Never saw hide nor hair of the Propaganda Children in the article….Bloomberg Fake News!

      • Thank you Possum.

        Both of us are almost back to 100%. Nasty cough may hang around for a couple of weeks (says my MD, one of the few I actually respect).

        You and Gadsden should try to go sometime. LaRue Tactical gave out some awesome spice rub for grilling.

    • Congrats on checking one off your bucket list. I will admit I’m envious.
      Story of my life. When I had the money, I never had the time. Now retired on disability, I’ve all the time in the world, but No money. Especially since McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants took office.

  14. I was all over SHOT and never saw these little knuckleheads, no one there made mention of them. The litter they left must have been immediately policed up.

  15. the number 1 killer of teenagers is other teenagers.

    the number 1 killer of kids 0 to under 12 years old is mothers followed by mother’s boyfriends then step fathers and step siblings.

    Of course the number 1 killer of kids who have not been born yet is mothers and abortionists who kill about 20 times as many people each year as guns.

    • #1 killer of the unborn is miscarriages, about 750k-1m per year in the US. Unlikely that criminalizing them will reduce that number.

  16. I bet they jumped out he car long enough for the video/pictures and back into the car to play on their phones!!!

    How much were they paid to be actors/actresses for that short of a time???

  17. “On Thursday, January 26, 2023, shortly after 8:00 am, a loaded handgun was found in the book bag of a student at Milliken Park Elementary in Fremont, Nebraska. No staff or students were threatened or harmed.

    Police were immediately called, responded and were in control of the situation. The initial investigation has revealed that a fourth-grade student brought the gun to school to show others.

    • obviously, since no one was shot, the fourth grader must have been following prudent gun safety rules and procedures. what’s the problem?

      • 10 year old brings loaded gun to school to show off to friends and you don’t see the problem?! You’re the problem.

        • The only problem I see is that you are cheering a police state into existence.

          Hoplophobia must be a crippling fear, you should seek help for it.

        • When I was about 8 a kid of maybe 12 brought his 22 revolver to school and at recess was showing it to his friends and was shooting at crows past the fence in a wooded area.
          The principal came out and asked the kid to come to the office.
          He called his dad who came in a big convertible and wore a cowboy hat. They lived in a rural setting. Dad took home the gun, apologized as kid was not to take gun to school. Kid went back to class. End. No one. Absolutely no one, ever considered the kid might shoot a human. That was about 1968. Now if a kid brings a gun to school he is more likely to be intending to shoot the bully that tortured him etc. Cuz he saw on Hollywood that all powerful revenge is the way.

      • A Fremont elementary school student brought a gun to school Thursday, believing it “to be a toy,” according to authorities.

    • My Dad, and his Mom (on her 100th Birthday no less)have both talked with me about the school days of Dad and his eight siblings. They rode horses to the schoolhouse (one room) until, when Dad was 14, the school bought a bus, and Dad was the driver. They’d bring their guns with them on teir horses, lean them up against the back wall inside the classroom, and at recess and especially lunchtime, they’d have shooting contests. mostly the assassination of tin cans. They beame quite roficcient at it, too. His littlest sister, when she was around seven, made many of the boys mad because, after finally letting her shoot against them (“gurls cain’t shoot none”) they realised she was a far better shot than any of them. No one “taught” her, she just got tired of watching her big brothers and snuck out the rifle one time they were distracted with something else… most likely the farm work…and put into practice what she had observed them doing.
      And NOT ONE of those schoolkids ever shot anyone else, except those who served in the war.

  18. I was going to go to the FFL to pickup my gun but then I saw one of their signs on the side of the road and instantly turned around. I went home and cut all my guns up with a saw and now I will never buy another gun ever in my life!

  19. Well that’s no good. All the kids are holding up signs that say the same thing.
    At least one of them should have had a Gocks Not Clocks sign.
    Ban twisted pretzels.
    Ban little bread sticks. Somthing besides everyone having the same sign. And they’re supposed to be made out of cardboard, nothing says pissed off protest like a cardboard sign worded with crayon graphics.
    You kids didn’t put much effort into your protest.

    • Them kids dint put NO effort a tall a tall into their protest. The adolts in the roomdid all the planning, made the stupid signs, picked them up from their hangouts and drove them to the site of the fake photoshoot. All they did was stand there with their moufs poked out and sulked justas they were paid to do. After they were all brought back home and bid a good night. Not one of them had an original thought that was their own.

      Little Thurnburgian bots.

  20. This is a great way to get an easy “A” in a class run by a professor that is very sure of his/her liberal beliefs. Hell, get the school to fund a trip to Las Vegas and these little punks might just get lucky with another one they might be attracted to, not to mention the single parent at home is glad to have a couple of days off from the constant whining. For the kids, it is a win-win!
    Reminds me of the giant church with the “cool” youth group leader.

  21. “They’re demanding they market their products responsibly, never to kids and teens”
    now do the transgender movement

  22. “They’re demanding they market their products responsibly, never to kids and teens”
    now do planned parenthood

    • That is a huge elephant in the room.
      Hollywood has warped kids minds on drugs, promiscuity, and violence. They make gun violence cool.
      In 1970 a rifle in the home had an overtone of a serious tool. Hollywood shows angry people getting their way with guns by canting them and shooting everyone. Kids are desensitized to an extreme and are now desensitized adults. The military complains they need to train soldiers to not kill everyone m, the opposite of 1940 when people were reluctant to kill.

  23. There are few things more comical and yet pathetic than seeing kids who have not lived life and dont even have public hair yet protesting and trying to tell actual producers how to fix their worlds ills. They were a joke when I was a teen and they’re a joke now.
    Truth be told, most of the guys there probably dont give a hoot about the protest. They’re trying to get laid and they think they found chicks stupid enough to fall for it.

  24. This video is nonsense.
    A casino and any grounds it owns is private property.
    Casino security can ask you if you are a guest. (staying there)
    If you say yes they can ask for a room key and if you say you don’t have one they can call the front desk and check. That’s assuming these kids are at least 21 because if you aren’t 21 then you must be staying with an adult who is 21 or older.

    The point of a casino is to have people gambling and in this case also the SHOT show. If you aren’t gambling and causing trouble then they can hold you until the PD gets there and trespass you regardless of age. In the old days they would have beaten those “kids” in a dark part of the property w/o cameras.

    Do you think The Venetian Convention and Expo Center wants lose future SHOT shows because of some fake stunt? The 2024 SHOT is already booked there. The Venetian should put some heat on whoever did this, stating possible loss of future business. They are planning a $1 billion update and maybe Micheal Bloomberg wouldn’t be too happy paying for part of that update. The video is proof of wrongdoing.

  25. I think they should of given them a space/booth . . . right in between the two largest firearm manufactures with the biggest displays!
    See how they would of behaved. Could of been fun.
    And, then let them interact with the industry. I am sure a number of attendees could of educated them on actual firearms, firearm safety, and debunked a number of misinformation like,
    “A 9mm will blow lungs out, kid!”

  26. It shows their activism is just a cosplay. Make a sign, take a picture and award themselves a massive power boost for standing on actual, real, earth-based ground near the enemy camp.

  27. I’ve always thought that the uneducated opinions of minors were important to the existence and exercise of my INHERENT rights (self-defense, and RKBA to support that, among others).

    Since a bunch of ignorant teenagers don’t approve of my guns, I must get rid of them.

    *Just got back from my afternoon canoe trip, and all my guns went to the bottom following my tragic canoe accident.*

    Problem solved, teenyboppers. Now go do your homework.

  28. I did see a pair of Digital Sign Trucks cruising (really more like stuck in traffic) outside the Venetian on Tuesday evening. But that was it.

    Saw much more of Dan than I did of Everytown.

  29. The fact still remains guns DO NOT kill anyone. PEOPLE kill. If there were no guns they would use knives, clubs, poison, their hands or any other of a thousand things to kill with. Punish the people, not the tools.

  30. The street that they have plastered with signs in the video at 00:20 is of Adam’s Blvd in Boulder City down by the Golf Course and would not be the primary way that most would have gone to Industry Days at the range. It is this exact stretch right here:,-114.8569683,3a,75y,41.56h,94.21t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sPrJe7BvyaHiOx4e2SII9JA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    The range used for Shot Show is my home range so I know the area quite well. Quite the misdirection on the little kiddies part. Maroons.

  31. When I was about 7 or 8, my Dad got a subscription to Shotgun News, and he used to buy Gun magazines all the time. I still buy some ofbthem today and have an ongoing G & A subscription for 25+ years. I’m going on 63, and I can’t ever remember seeing an advertisement targeted towards kids, except for Crosman, Daisy and Benjamin Air Rifle manufacturers. On the rare occasion a child model was in an ad, and adult was present and the ad was geared towards teaching the youth Gun Safety and Responsibility.
    Frankly, Hollywood, Videos and Online Gaming deliberately targets children with Weapons far more than Gun Manufacturers.

    That’s where they should be picketing.

  32. UHHH . . . NO – KILLERS using GUNS are the ones doing the “killing”. Go after THEM! QUIT blaming GUNS when there are MILLIONS of Law-abiding citizens using them SAFELY.

  33. Facts and truth not allowed in the woke sheep society, sponsored by the democrat party
    where facts and truth are also not allowed.

  34. Someone might want to tell these “children” that a NUCLEAR CONFRONTATION with the RUSKIES is a bit more “concerning” at the moment then the tragic deaths of those in AmeriKa who die by being shot. Of course, there is a MEDIA BLACKOUT on the subject of provoking a NUCLEAR “HOLOCAUST” with the Ruskies, or chicoms for that matter.
    Best go back into the DARK DARK CLOSET where ALL the MUSHROOMS are grown here in the “LAND OF THE FREE”, and “HOME OF THE BRAVE”….cause that’s where they want you….IN THE DARK, and FED ALOT OF SHEET 24/7.

  35. This may sound trivial, but I have had weapons placed in safes and safe locations and have yet seen one of my guns move by itself, leave the safe and never heard it say that it was going out to do harm to anyone or anything. I understand that the violence is getting worse but, in my 49 + years in law enforcement and in my private life also, it has never been an inanimate object that has injured a person on its own. There has been a human being that controlled the object to inflict pain and/or death. I have seen a lot of what human beings with a brain can do even without guns, as in the large number of drug overdoses and dui’s that kill people. Seeing some of the recent articles where such as the 6-year-old who had mental problems it was immediately blamed on the gun, but no one will look at the real cause…. the human factor behind these deaths.

  36. If these kids were put into a situation where they expected to be reviled, sounds like child abuse to me. Sounds like someone(s) needs to be looking at filing charges against the parents of these kids. Mental anguish.

  37. The future of Amerika right in that photo folks……God help us all.

    Although, with all the pedo’s, vax’s, boosters, fentynal abuse etc I may outlive all-dee’s-yoots afterall….. what a country


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