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Thomas Nordstrom, a “field superintendent,” sends in his collection for our EDC today.  He calls it “FDE Fan.”  I call it brand new, and never carried.

Look at that.  No holster wear on his GLOCK 26.  No pocket wear on his Streamlight single-AA flashlight.  Zero wear on that Leatherman multi-tool.   In fact, the whole thing, right down to those C-notes look brand new and never carried.  What’s the point of having that stuff if you don’t carry it?

Yeah, some might say, “well, he takes care of his stuff.”  I say the real world isn’t like that.  You’ll get holster wear from carrying your piece and practicing with it.  Just like you’ll wear off anodizing from your flashlights, and get scuffs, nicks and character on your multi-tool unless you keep it in a velvet-lined carried never to be used.

And unless Mr. Nordstrom lives in one of the 16 (or is it 18 now?) constitutional carry states, he needs a license to carry.  I don’t see any wallets there.  Or a holster for that matter.  But hey, when all your gear is unused in your gun safe, you don’t need a holster.

Sorry for being a little harsh, but I like these EDC things to see what works for real people in the real world, not hypotheticals.




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      • Posted mine this past week. Waiting for Boch to catch up to me. i did forget to include my cheap Casio Fishfinder in it though.

      • Snow, I’ve had a Submariner since my son John was five or six. He was with me when I bought it. Looking at it now. John is 23 now. Buy all stainless. It won’t show wear. Gold is soft. The links begin to get loose. Especially if the bracelet is two tone. Stainless on gold. Steel is harder than gold.

        • I’m surprised he (your son) doesn’t own it by now.

          My stainless went to my son when he graduated from high school and my gold one he go when he graduated from college. (I’m not chasing girls anymore – I finally caught the right one.) Now I’m wearing a Seiko dive watch that is solar powered and actually like it better because it keeps better time.

        • Chance, you’re right. John will get my Rolex one day. Also right about keeping time
          Had to have my dad service my Rolex about once a year. Always gained time. Dad’s gone and the Rolex spends most of its time in the gun safe. You’re also right about the Seikos. I’ve owned two of their dive watches. Both automatics. Great watches. The best watch I’ve ever owned was an Omega Seamaster Professional. Foolishly let a friend talk me out of it.

  1. I agree, John. I take care of my EDC stuff, but normal wear and tear over several years makes it look like it’s been drug down a gravel road.

    This post does show good gear, though. I carry a Glock 26 and couldn’t be happier with it.

  2. There was a time I routinely carried 500 + in cash nearly all the time. Of course, the earth was younger, sunlight fell less harshly, and people were much nicer to each other then…

  3. I wonder were I submit my chewed up junk at.

    M16-10KZ knife,
    G19 w/ Alien gear IWB holtser,
    Card holder, cause a wallet is just too fat for me. . . flashlight but only at night, a pen, and two keys.

    Can’t forget my government tracking device, (cellphone)

  4. I don’t know. I bought a new Glock 43 last Thursday. Going to retire the very used looking Smith 442 I’ve carried as backup/off duty for thirty years. Not get rid of. Too much sentimental value. The Surefire, Spyderco, etc has been upgraded over the years. So. If my EDC doesn’t look worn out; it’s not viable? BTW, the 43 doesn’t hit the street until it has VZ Big Dot night sights. Looking forward to it. Oh yeah, Mitch Rosen Pocket Softie on order.

    • I like the 43 pretty wwll. Mine is a Talo with a Ameriglo front and a U notch rear.

      I did put a Ghost connector and model 42 trigger shoe on mine. Brought the trigger down to a spongy 5 pounds versus the 8.5 pound mushy one.

      I also have a plastic ghost +1 mag extension that like better than the Taran tactical +1. Its about the same length as the stock finger extension one. The Taran is shorter but offers no purchase on its slick little bottom.

    • Mitch Rosen stuff is top notch and I’ve only ordered from the express line which is probably the best value in slightly cheaper leather holsters. Somehow his leather is made harder and with less flex than Kydex, not even sure how that happens.

  5. Yeah… I’m not sure if the authors logic checks out on this….
    My stuff looks virtually new, although I’ve been carrying my current setup for several years….

  6. The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Or Boch.

    Cmon!. Y’all know damned good and well that most of the postings on everyday carry are posed for artistic purposes.

    Color coordinated, all brass, all stainless, etc. So this guy bought some nice new stuff and posted it cause its pristine.

    Maybe he is going to carry it? Maybe not? This would be good stuff if that’s what he carries. Maybe he’ll re-post when he get a new kydex holster and a real flashlight.

    We all know the straight dope when we see it. Seriously, we know nobody carries around 10 pounds of kit everyday if they don’t have to.😉

    • That was sarcasm on the flashlight by the way. Needs to be at least a 2AA or 2 123s so he can ignite paper across the room.

    • “Cmon!. Y’all know damned good and well that most of the postings on everyday carry are posed for artistic purposes.”

      Yeah, I’d say over half are folks just feeding their own egos, or just trolling for comments to make themselves feel superior to others.

      …and speaking of over-inflated egos biting off more than they can chew, allow me to introduce a Mr. Gage Halupowski, who’s tolerance and accepting of others not like himself got his bitch Antifa ass 6 years is state prison where a pretty-boy like him will be a very popular ‘date’ with Bubba :

      “A 24-year-old member of Antifa who hit another man over the head with a baton during a June 29 scuffle in Portland was sentenced to nearly six years in prison on Friday…”

      (Video of his prison award-winning ‘performance’ in link below)

      *sniff – sniff*

      Don’t you just a love a happy ending where a Leftists gets what they deserve, (in his case, in his keister late one night) in the State of Oregon ‘bed and breakfast’? 😉

  7. Nobody needs to what I carry everywhere, everyday. They just need to be aware that I learned how to use them effectively, and I don’t ever want to. It’s interesting to see what people post, but I guess I don’t understand why someone would post something they probably have never practice with. The additional of cash seems like ego trip.

  8. No wallet, no spare magazine, no car keys, no holster, all these complaints I can agree with. The EDC is incomplete, there has to be more to it. The complaint about it all looking new means he isn’t really carrying this stuff, that’s a stretch.

    I’ve been carrying the same two guns (Ruger SR9, KelTec P3AT) in the same holsters for the last ten years. But I had made a change in my practices, bought all new at that time. New wallet to get a thinner one. New mag pouches. New guns and holsters. Had I took a photo of my EDC back then it would have looked all shiny and new as well. It all looks well used but cared for today, but it’s been ten years.

    So maybe the man simply bought new stuff recently? Changed his carry from older gear to new and color coordinated?

    People do such things, from time to time. The buying new and splurging I mean, not the color coordinated, I don’t really get into the feminine side meself.

  9. An execellent narrative! I’ve lambasted so many “LNIB” or pawn shop grab bags that I ignore most of them. This shouldn’t be Show-N-Tell, it should be Show-What-Works 4U! Now, I’ve worn, replaced, upgraded gear but never an entire Kit in one fell swoop while stopping to get a Kodak moment! Nothing wrong with well maintained gear either: it should be.

  10. These “EDC Pocket Dumps” appear to be little more than opportunities for TTAG groupies to bash on others because the featured “dumps” aren’t exactly what they themselves would carry.

    G43? Nice. I have one. Luv it, and this guy’s FDE with black slide is the same combo my first Glock had.
    Leatherman? Knife? Light? Cash? I carry all those as well. I like this guy’s setup.

    Oh darn, today’s Pocket Dump isn’t exactly what you carry? He doesn’t show two extra mags? Or a $5K watch that can survive water depths to 30 meters? Or…or…or?

    Sometimes these Pocket Dump bashes read like school girls dumping on Brittany’s new hairdo because it’s not like the one all the Bellas wear.

    This time, everyone’s bitching that they’re not seeing enough wear and tear. Really? It’s always something, isn’t it?

  11. Never understood the person who felt the need to show off his/her placket contents. And most of these EDC posts appear to be total fakes.

    • But you never contribute to the conversations. You just leave a bland one-sentence comment each time, with a link to your store front.

      No one cares because we know you don’t care.

  12. I have to agree with the wear and tear. Even though my P365 was new in March of this year, the tell tell signs of wear are there on the front sight edges as well as the corners of tne slide. I carry most every day, but practice drawing and dry firing at least once a week. No spare mag. Maybe he keeps the Streamlight in his shirt pocket, the anodizing doesn’t wear as fast as pants pocket carry. The Multi-Tool looks brand spanking new.
    So I have to wonder to whether this all just came out of a safe or display case.


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