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…Showbeg was not exactly a stranger to police. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder in 2005 for an incident that saw a car shot up in Toronto’s north end.

In 2006, he faced firearms charges that resulted in a lifetime gun ban.

So how, given that he is subject to a lifetime gun ban, did Ali Showbeg get a gun and then get that gun into the back of a squad car?

I mean, surely he would have known he was banned from owning a gun. Surely he would have known he has never taken the required safety course and passed the test to get a gun licence. So how could he have gotten a gun?

– Brian Lilley in Gun in cop cruiser shows why bans don’t work with criminals


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  1. When will the sheeple learn that criminals DO NOT obey laws? They are not called law-abiding criminals – just criminals!

    • I read awhile back that due to so many laws both federal and state and local everyone breaks a few laws everyday. So we are law abiding criminals. I broke at least 3 Florida laws last night.

      • That is BS. It is possible for people involved in commerce to unknowingly break some law but beyond consciously breaking traffic laws you are probably crime free most days.

        • no it is not. Even the feds have no clue exactly how many laws exist. Estimates are between 15000 to 50000 for federal alone. Plus state and local laws for instance where I live it is against the law to plant in a flowerpot that does not have a drainage hole. If you have kids they need a license to ride their skate boards, and no singing in public while wearing a bathing suit. All of which a LEO could cite you with if he wanted to. The skateboard one does get used around here.

          Ever write a check for less than $1? You broke Federal Statute 18 U.S.C. § 336 .
          Ever clean fish at a location not marked for fish cleaning on federal lands? You broke Federal statute, 36 CFR §261.16(c) ANd on and one. So yes odds are you break at least one law a day. Unless you are dead. If you are make sure you do not open up a winery and sell zombie wine as that also is against federal law.

        • Clear out some dead brush on your own property in California, and you likely committed a felony. Not living vegetation, *dead* vegetation.

          At this point, it’s clear the purpose of such laws is to be a cudgel the ‘Authorities’ can use against you when it is convenient for them to do so.

          Don’t rock the boat, ‘Citizen’, or you will wish you were never born…

    • @EAGLE10 Not according to AOC when it comes to “migrants!” “You’re treating them like they have done something illegal…”

    • Unfortunately this event plus many others in wonderful, progressive, and advanced Toronto will be used as the continuing excuse for disarming everyone living in the rest of Canada.

      (For the American posters here- a simple though exercise will suffice. Imagine if New York City decided half of a national election. That’s Toronto and Canada. Now you know why things look the way they do up here)

    • I know a few guys that were once in a Canadian court room (they were there as witnesses, long story), and they couldn’t believe that no one entering court was run through a metal detector of any type. When they commented on it, court personnel smugly stated “Guns are illegal in Canada”.

    • Build a a Great Northern Wall !!!

      If we build it out of ice 700 feet tall, it will even help to cool things down some down south.

      A substantial electrical bill may result from al the required HVAC facilities, but hey, it’s worth it to keep the Guns in the USA where they belong!

  2. A simple editing of existing laws would solve all this. Along the lines of:

    “No no, stop that, we really mean it, that’s illegal, you may not do that, you are being very naughty, cease that activity at once, do not do it again, you are making us very cross, this is getting serious now, you are going to get into trouble, okay, that’s it, you are grounded for a week, please do stop now, alright then make it grounded for a month, care to try for more?”

    Yes, all that is needed is a firm and clear legal dialectic. That will show those evil doers who’s boss!!!

  3. Another article that perpetuates the narrative of the communist party USA (demoncraps) and communist party Canada. If we let them define the language we start out loosing the battle. What is “gun violence”?

    We continue to let the left demonize a lump of metal instead of focusing on criminals committing the crimes.

    Here in the USA I continue to hear the chant, “shall not be infringed”, like an incantation that will prompt God or some other omnipotent power to stop the left from their drive to completely ignore the Constitution. Until conservatives show up at the voting place and vote for real Constitutional conservatives we continue to see more and more infringement of our rights, and not just 2A rights, all of them.

    • The commie talk is absolute ignorant bullcrap. There is this weird uneducated nonsense chatter that runs as a constant in the conservative ranks where anything we do not like is somehow Marxist-Leninist-Maoist in nature, or somehow worse. Extremism in defense of liberty may not be a vice but ignorance certainly is.

      Marx liked guns, promoted gun ownership by all his followers. Promoted the ownership of cannons for crying out loud. His movement was evil and despicable for many other reasons, not because of guns.

      Otherwise, hell yes, the problem is the criminals not the guns. Inanimate objects do not hold responsibility, only humans do that. Focus on the criminals and the imaginary “Gun Violence” problem is solved.

      • Don’t even try telling me there’s no real Marxism/socialism in this country. I went to grad school with a whole buttload of people who were dyed-in-the-wool Marxists. I *know* these people. Spent a lot of time with them.

        They’re dedicated socialists. They were SJWs before we had a handy acronym for them. Many of them are teaching YOUR children in high school and college right now.

        Claiming that it doesn’t count unless they’re in perfect step with Marx’s avowed ideals is an appeal-to-purity fallacy. Nobody has ever been a “pure” Marxist, not even Marx himself.

        This country is rife with socialists — Marxists, proto-fascists, communists in friendly guise — and they and their fellow travelers infest every institution of American life.

        • Which is not to say that everything and everyone that gets called commie or socialist really is… Just don’t make the mistake of thinking that Marxism (however distorted it may be) isn’t what animates the authoritarian anti-freedom side of politics in both Canada and the US. It demonstrably is.

  4. I am an attorney and I stopped doing litigation about a year after every courthouse in the land started making you strip, be metal detected and wanded.

    Convicted Criminals are only symbolicly punished if at all. I could not submitt, as a law abiding citizen / attorney to a daily strip search. Unleash the bailiffs and court security to uphold the law up to deadly force and get me back to Mayberry.

    • Jackson Co., Missouri, recently suspended recognition of attorney courthouse security passes we can purchase through our local bar association because an attorney who did not hold a pass and therefore had to go through the metal detector was found to be carrying a gun.

      The presiding judge incorrectly claimed in his order that most other courthouses in the area don’t allow attorneys to bypass security, so we now have Jackson County security passes that work pretty much everywhere but Jackson County. He also claimed that the measure is temporary and to conduct a full review of courthouse security practices. Of course, it only applies to private lawyers and public defenders. Prosecutors and judges are exempt.

      Most of the deputies more or less still just waive you though, but the rent-a-douches who handle security in the municipal courts have gone full “mah-authoritah!”

    • Yup, that’s kind of embarrassing alright.
      “He had a gun? I thought you searched him!”

      “Me,? It wasn’t my turn, you were supposed to search him!”

      “No it wasn’t! I did that last one, the smelly guy last week? Remember? Smelly guys count as three!”

      Oh, so that’s it, just a matter of confusion.

  5. Eagle10, sheeple may be strong enough if some of these impeachment poles are correct and they can’t understand what kind of job Trump has done with the economy. Who the &&^%#%*( cares what he talks like. And for Obama and his horse manure that Trump inherited a strong economy why did the DOW go up the day after the election, long before he took office?

  6. How did he get a gunm?, I loaned it to him, he was supposed to bring it back, damned crook ripped me off

    • Canada like the US and all other white countries have magic dirt. Simply stepping foot on the land makes one as Canadian as can be.
      To imply Canadians are a distinct people with their own culture and a right to live as they like is racist, dontchaknow?

  7. That the prohibited person had a firearm I can understand. Never heard of a law abiding criminal. But that the LEOs that took him into custody allowed him to keep it and when he spends quite an effort to retrieve it, fail to notice is appalling.

  8. Gun Bans don’t work in Canada, in the U.S., or anywhere else for one simple reason. Criminals do not abide by the law. if they did, they wouldn’t be criminals, right? How this obvious fact escapes the attention or mental grasp of Anti Gun Types is something that I cannot understand. Am I thick headed, or is something wrong with the Anti Gunners? You tell me.


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