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Ahhh, Fall.

So says John the 56-year-old sheepdog from Summerville, SC.

His carry gear, aside from the usual stuff, is pretty limited.  Gun.  GLOCK 19.  I thought it was an Emerson knife at first, but then saw it was a Kershaw.  I’m sort of confused, but whatever.   And another (yes, ANOTHER) Streamlight 1L single AA-battery light.  Seems like everyone and their dog carry that light.

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  1. I don’t. I carry Surefires. Spare mag. I don’t care how many magazine in the pistol holds.

    • That is an Emerson design, but I don’t know about Kershaw. My Emerson is a Benchmade CQB. Owned two. Gave one to a friend. Kept one for my go bag. Really prefer Spydercos.

  2. Pretty basic.

    I like Streamlight. Mine have always been reliable and affordable.

    His Gen 2 Glock has more rounds than my 43 with a reload. And both my mags are +1.

    I just cant conceal a 19 with normal clothes (Florida). I can hide it, but not conceal it.

    So my summer and winter carry is mostly the same.

  3. Specialist38, what part of Florida are you in? It was 29 on the farm yesterday morning with a light frost. Got the last four food plots in this afternoon. Since we started getting a little water. No rain for six weeks until recently. Anyway, I’ve carried full sized 1911s and Glock 23s year round here. Although, I admit I carry almost nothing but subcompact now.

    • Right around the central/eastern zone.

      Fast time and slow time.

      We didnt get that cold. You must be up in the hills…..couple of hundred feet above sea level…

      • A few miles east of the highest elevation in Florida. LOL. We tend to get those NW fronts first. And colder. That pensula has a lot of latitude lines. Good luck down there.

        • You are not where I thought you were in FL.

          Yes, you guys get colder quicker than we do. And often get more severe weather (excluding Michael last year).

          Spent a fair amount of time in that neck of the woods back in my forestry days.

        • Specialist38, I worked a lot of hurricanes. Lived thru Kate (cat 1) yawn and Michael (cat 5) holy shit! I worked Katrina. Michael. We’re still recovering.

        • Tell you this. The aftermath of Katrina was much more violent than Michael. The gunfight that broke out on the corner of my street after Michael not with standing.

  4. I have the Kershaw CQC-8K and it does the job. May not be as classy as a real emerson, but itll still cut most things that need cutting.

    • Kershaw executes the Emerson designs they have licensed well. I use Kershaws and Emersons but at the price the Emerson is more BBQ carry.

  5. Looks functional. Will get you out of trouble and hopefully not get you in it (i.e. the EDCs with brass knuckles and other silly crap). There aren’t many situations that 16 rounds won’t solve for an everyday carrier.

  6. Thats more like it. Not much there but all functional. I carry a spare mag or two when traveling places Im not familiar with. Im also saving to purchase a yuk plastic gunm. Okay Ive never owned a plastic gunm, shot several different brands but never owned them. Which one to buy? becsuse honesty I cant tell mych of a difference between any of rhe yuk plastic gunms, they all suck to me, I just want more boolits and less weight then the steel frames Ive got now.

    • Possum, I’ve said before. The best reason for a spare mag is not the extra ammo. It’s for after you clear the malfunction. Which all weapons will eventually have. Especially an AR. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Of course, more bullets never hurt. Except the other guy.

  7. Kershaw is the right price point for an edc. Anything cheaper and you start getting into shoddy territory. Anything pricier and you get into heart break territory if its lost or broken.

    • jwm, I have to disagree. The price point is whatever you can afford, or are willing to sacrifice for. Lost is lost. That can happen with anything. This afternoon I was working on the farm. I was carrying a somewhat new Randall Combat Companion Full Tang. I paid somewhere shy of $500 for it. If I had broken it Randall would give me a new one. Besides, when I have a grandson I want to leave him something better than money. That blade is on my coffee table now. It’s handsome.

    • Not impossible, just difficult.
      I have some crazy shaped carving knives and have stones and such just for them.
      Check out wood carving type sites.
      Try to afford diamond type “stones”. No oil needed just water for a long session, dry for a touch up. Best edge possible, outside of a Japanese blade polisher. (The Japanese don’t “sharpen” fine knives, they polish them.)
      Then finish with a canvas/leather strop with sharpening rouge.
      A Ken Onion “Work Sharp” tool is also a great help for really dull or broken tip knives.
      Also check the edge geometry. Some knives have a fine geometry for fine slicing, others a more robust angle. EDC should be about 40 degrees inclusive. Or about 20 per side.

      • Care to explain how one could sharpen a concave edge on a flat stone regardless of type? Seems geometrically impossible unless you are using just the corner of the stone or something ridiculous like that.

        • Well, you can use just a little of the side an a flat stone, It does work.
          I also mentioned checking out carving sites.
          Or you can go to a decent hardware store and get a round or semi round diamond sharpener. These come in different sizes, to sharpen the serrated edge to big curvy knives.
          Sounds like to me your just looking for excuses to keep from learning something new.

    • A decent quality 1/2″ wide stone can be obtained for about $20 and will solve your recurve sharpening woes. I have a 15 year old Emerson cqc 11 (the knife the one above is modeled after) and I’ve been sharpening it successfully for all those years with a narrow stone and a ceramic rod.

  8. I look forward to Fall/Winter every year. I can finally carry full sized, OWB and be comfortable.
    Only so many pistols I can carry IWB and most are lower capacity.
    Nice set up.

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