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Veteran “Mountain Dewey” from Pensacola sends his same-named EDC collection.  Via Everyday Carry.

He builds from his SIG P229 with a Streamlight TLR-3 weaponlight on it.  The holster?  A “Stealth Gear” rig.  I had to do a little googling to find out it is a competitor to Alien Gear’s popular product.   Additionally, he carries a double mag pouch, also inside the waistband.

Now, I don’t know about all of you, but my pants are baggy enough stuffing a gun inside my waistband.  I’ve got some nice, leather IWB mag pouches, but they eat up about 1.5″ of waist each.  So I’d need to skip up to a 37″ or 38″ waisted-pants to carry a pair of mags IWB.  And I don’t have the butt to fill that as my wife likes to point out.  (Thanks dear.)

Throw in a Benchmade auto blade and a Streamlight single-AA powered 1L light (those are really popular, by the way…) and he’s a good Boy Scout.

He’s also got a Casio G-Shock watch.  More googling.  Man, they make some expensive watches.  A far cry from the $10 Casio calculator watches of my youth.

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  1. G-Shocks can be reasonably-priced to ‘Mr. G.’ ridiculous prices (5K+).

    Pays your money and take your chances.

    He looks good on ammo loadout…

  2. Looks good. More/bigger stuff than I can tote as EDC.

    I dont wear a watch, but if I did… would probably be a cheap timex …or maybe a cheap casio.

  3. Hey. All that IWB? If his pants will accommodate it, go ahead. I only wore one mag IWB. Two or more OWB even if the pistol was IWB. Comfort is a factor too.

    • Agreed. My 2 mag pouch is OWB, too. Unless its a really hot day outside, I can get away with it here in WI. (PS, and by really hot in WI I mean 80 degrees)

      • That’s called spring in North Florida. Although, we usually push 90 in February before we chill back down to 75-80 in March.

  4. That’s pretty much why the only thing I ever carry IWB is a Kel-Tec P32. I really don’t want to have way oversized trousers.

    OWB has always worked very well for me. I don’t have to go into an office and am not under any social pressure to worry about my carry being detected, so OWB and a cover jacket or t-shirt is fine for me. I carry a small gun (LCR or G26) in a high-ride pancake holster and a speedstrip or a mag in the pocket in with a NeoMag magnetic holder. Sometimes a pocket holster for the LCR or P32.

  5. The hypocrite John Boch writes”…I had to do a little googling…More googling…”

    You call yourself a 2A supporter yet willing use google who seeks to destroy the U.S. as we know it?

    Nice, maybe tomorrow you can renew your Washington Post subscription.

  6. Using too much oil on the gun. Look underneath the slide and the pins, my Sig bleeds like that if I put too much oil on it.

  7. If my name were Dewey, I don’t think I’d answer to anything other than “Mountain Dewey” for the rest of my life.

  8. >>And I don’t have the butt to fill that as my wife likes to point out. <<

    Hey John – Isn't that a complement? 😉

    My wife admires my taunt butt and I take it as a complement. 🙂

    I'm with you on IWB carry. I wear skinny jeans and if I wear a 34 waist to accommodate that kind of carry, the backside and thighs look like Omar the Tentmaker made my jeans.

  9. Hahaha thanks for the comments, I have a 32 inch waist and a decent ass so I’m good on the mags. I like them pointed that way as well. The G shock was only 100 bucks I think at Wally world…and I dont use much oil on my gun, grease is my preferred lube. But I keep it well lubed due to Florida humidity. Thank you for the feedback.

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