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Whenever I’m confronted (confronted I tell you) by a poll from an advocacy group, I pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Only in this case—The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence’s survey on whether or not Starbucks should allow guns on premises (presumably where it is legal to do so)—it’s a woman. And how. Lake Research declares that “We’re a woman-owned business with a commitment to diversity. We have a strong client screen built upon our core values, working only for pro-choice candidates, clients with whom our labor friends can work, and good corporate citizens. Check our competitors’ client lists – you’ll find many cannot say the same.” Ain’t that the truth. “Our principals are leading information and political campaign strategists, serving as tacticians and senior advisors to a wide range of advocacy groups, labor unions, non-profits, government agencies, companies and foundations, as well as dozens of elected officials at all levels of the electoral process.” And that. Now, those “results” . . .

A majority of Americans oppose people carrying loaded guns openly in public. More feel unsafe than feel safer – and a third feel much less safe with that knowledge, according to a poll conducted for the Brady Center by the polling firm Lake Research Partners.

Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Center, said of the findings,  “Having more guns in public places not only puts more people at risk, it clearly makes people feel less safe.”

No, no. THE STATS!

·    Fifty-two percent oppose allowing people in general, not just those connected to law enforcement, to carry loaded guns openly in public.

·    Fifty six percent of those polled – favor Starbucks and other retail establishments establishing strict “no guns” policies for their businesses – and far more gun owners support a “no guns” policy for Starbucks than believe Starbucks and other businesses should allow firearms on their premises.

·    Women across all groups oppose open carry broadly – 76 percent of women of color, 68 percent of urban women and older women, 59 percent of suburban women 55 percent of younger women and a majority of rural women.

Huh. Now, can we please see the actual questions asked? Apparently, both sides of this debate like to keep their cards close to their chest. Chests. And the media lapdogs are there!

UPDATE: The Huffington Post is running Brady Campaign prez Paul Helmke’s poll-based rant, which credits Lake Research as a “respected polling firm.”

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