Starbucks CEO: “Only Unloaded Guns at Starbucks”

So, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz screwed the pooch at the shareholder’s meeting re: the whole gun control thing. Maybe. After a sensible statement about the logistical issues surrounding the idea of asking employees to frisk customers for firearms (or some such thing), Schultz apparently shot himself in the [metaphorical] foot. “I do want to clarify […]


The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence doesn’t like guns. They don’t want private citizens to own guns unless they really, really have to. (And probably not even then.) Some of those gun-toting private citizens caffeinate at Starbucks. Some of these coffee-drinking gun owners take their guns into Starbucks—where it is legal to do so. […]

Texas Starbucks Robbed At Gunpoint

Lost among the hyperbole of Starbucks’ policy of allowing local custom/laws to determine their position on conceal carry is the question: “has Starbucks ever been robbed at gunpoint?” To which I can reply without hesitation, “yes.” My ex-wife witnessed an armed robbery at a Texas Starbucks. It went down like this . . .

NYT: “Should customers be free to sip Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes at their laptop screens while brandishing a gleaming Ruger .357?”

The New York Times’ Op Ed team has weighed-in on the controversy surrounding licensed gun owners bringing their firearm into restaurants. The story hit the headlines when Virginia moved to rescind its ban on concealed carry weapons in eateries, provided the licensed owner doesn’t drink excessively (go figure). Needless to say, The Gray Lady comes […]