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We recently reported that a judge dismissed a lawsuit by one Jesus Gonzalez against three police officers and two municipalities. Jesus Gonzales was pissed because he’d been arrested for openly carrying a firearm into retail stores. [download the court’s decision here] Turns out Gonzales was arrested for shooting two people, killing one, the day after his lawsuit was dismissed. “Gonzalez, 23, was charged Thursday with first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide in the death of Danny John and the wounding of his nephew, Jered Corn.” jsonline reports. Here’s how it went down . . .

Corn told police that as he left the parking lot he saw Gonzalez pointing a gun at him on the sidewalk. He said Gonzalez ordered him to back up, which he did for several feet before Gonzalez shot him. Corn said he recalled John’s car had arrived in the parking lot, and then sped away, but he couldn’t remember more. Corn was shot in the throat and paralyzed.

The complaint does not include a post-interrogation statement from Gonzalez but indicates that he called police about 12:30 a.m. to report that “I just had two individuals try to assault me when I was going outside to move my car.” He tells the dispatcher that he shot out the window of a car, and one of the men fell down, but he wasn’t sure whether he hit either or both of the men, and that he ran after firing the shots.

When the dispatcher asked if the men had a gun, Gonzalez replies, “I don’t know what they had, but they must have thought that I was not armed.”

Upon arrival, police found Gonzalez standing outside with his hands up, wearing a black nylon gun holster on his side. His 9mm semiautomatic was sitting on top of a stack of boxes inside his house, with the slide pulled back exposing the empty chamber.

Clear as mud, as the Brits would say. Still, combined with the mug shot from hell, Gonzalez’s arrest should provide plenty of grist for the anti-open carry—and anti-concealed carry–mill. For example (from a comment under the story):

A few months ago, the gun nuts were shooting Milwaukee police officers. Last week the gun nuts were shooting pregnant women at the Delafield Brewhaus in Delafield. Now the gun nuts are murdering innocent people walking on the streets in Milwaukee.

When is this going to end?!?!?!!!!!???!!!

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  1. mikeb302000: Sounds about right. Although I think the word "inconvenience" trivializes the hoops through which legal citizens have to jump to A) purchase a gun and B) carry that gun.

  2. That story sure is grist for the anti-gun mills, but with good reason, wouldn’t you say? Is your contention that the percentage of lawful gun owners who do stuff like this is so small it’s worth it for the rest of you to have as little inconvenience as possible?

  3. We need to find the hole story, can't make a judgement on the man's looks. Was he being assualted, did they have a weapon? We have not heard any of these things. We need to see what comes out of this. Not that the Journal Sentinal (Milwaukee's paper) is the greatest at giving the full story (it isn't)

  4. Jesus looks like someone not to be trifled with when he's not packing. These boys that got shot would must have been on an awful drunk to think about trying to roll him. Too bad someone died. But from the video I've seen with pictures of them, these guys must have had weapons or Jesus would have just kicked the crap out of them if they assaulted him. If the charges are dropped then that is likely the case, or it could be up to a jury.

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