Scientific American: Socialism Stops Gun Deaths

It’s not very scientific and it sure ain’t American. But John Horgan at just up and goes for it in a rant entitled A modest proposal for curbing homicides: Socialism. Well, not at first. At first, the author admits that his previous belief in a cause and effect relationship between gun control and crime control […]

“If someone’s not complying with what the government requires of somebody, that’s usually a sign that you can’t trust them to follow the rules with something like a gun”

So sayeth Paul Helmke. The President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence made the pro-Stalinist—I mean, pro-government remark whilst in support of proposed changes to the New York City police department’s concealed carry permitting process. This from a man who presumably has never been “arrested, indicted or convicted for a crime or violation, except minor […]

Scarecrows and Gun Shows

In the wake of the McDonald ruling by the Supremes, anti-gun groups are (predictably) in a froth. Sadly for the rest of us, the McDonald ruling has left a whole lotta wiggle room regarding what is – and is not – permissible in the way of new regulations. While Messrs. Bloomberg and Daley and the […]

NRA versus Brady Campaign: Compare & Contrast

The NRA show just wrapped up this afternoon. It was a three-day event – a trade show/seminars/celebration of values. The average attendee spent a couple of hundred dollars to attend the show, including tickets for the two keynote events. If you’re a high-roller, you could drop an extra thou and get better seats. But you’d […]

Million Mom March Against Gun Violence Set for Saturday

Gun violence is a horrible thing. When an innocent person is shot and killed by a gun, whether legal or illegal, friends, family, colleagues and society at large feel the ballistic butterfly effect. Many lives are ruined. The emotional pain resonates in endless waves that only diminish, never disappear. There is nothing wrong with seeking solutions […]