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By David Casaceli

It didn’t take long for Bloomberg’s goons at the NYPD to jump out and let us all know that the most recent whack job with the hots for castor beans was an evil gun nut. With this latest white powder copycat apparently an IGOTD, some self-reflection may be in order for the Armed Intelligentsia. We all dreaded this moment, hoping it wouldn’t come. We looked forward to it about as much as a Rosie O’Donnell fan club hot tub group date. But we all probably knew, somewhere deep down, that it was only a matter of time before some closet case figured that doing something stupid like mailing a few envelopes of poison was a good way to effect some change. Maybe we’ll be lucky and this copycat will have copycatted a botched setup much like the last copycat mailer, but I’m not holding my breath . . .

The question now is, how do we respond? How, in the world in which we live, with the anti-gun media we have, do we limit the damage this may cause to the pro-choice gun movement? Can we stop the SWAT mobiles of civilian disarmament — also known as the main stream media — that are always ready to roll, surely building a battle plan and beginning to lurch forward even as I type this?

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    • OMG don’t use the words “False Flag” or BlinkyPete or Binky the Clown or whatever he’s calling himself this time, will be all over you. LOL to quote the great Bugs Bunny, “What a maroon.”

      • I love Bugs Bunny! But really though, your grammar tells me you have the intellect to get to the bottom of this conspiracy, and your physique tells me you will the one to rise and lead the rebellion.

        • Half my kingdom to be as quick and witty as Blinker. My full kingdom for the sense of self genius.

        • Sorry, but I’m going to need more than a trailer-home and a broke down Chevy for any of that.

        • So what kind of person states they will shoot someone in the face, a gunny who learned to shoot center mass, or an anti who is technically stupid on guns, their parts, their handling, and their use?

      • And believing they are incompetent gives you a whopping “competency” hard-on. I GET it.

        Well, maybe not so whopping. Do I think you’re more competent than the United States Cryptocraqcy?

        No, I don’t. Clearly, you’re not even CLOSE. Not the two of you mastys put together.

        • I’m not sure if these words make sense in your head, but it might be time to start breaking the lithiums in half.

        • I love it!

          The whole conspiracy was probably cooked up in the same place they faked the moon landing.

      • I have to say, C, your statement that “one has to believe the government is competent” is obviously not true. Many conspiracies have been run incompetently. Forming conspiracies to cover one’s errors or to attack one’s enemies appeals to many, including the natural-born bunglers. I’ll cite the Watergate Coverup for starters. As for the fervor of fringe types, better that than some pathetic incident involving a gun, eh?

        • I don’t know what the Watergate break-in was for certain, but it was no “bungled third-rate burglary”.
          I believe the truth was in America’s face all along: a bloodless “assassination” of Richard Milhous Nixon!

      • The government does not need to be competent to pull this off, a 10th grader with a C average could have accomplished this stunt. I trust his administration and its response as much as I trust the IRS. And the IRS isn’t exactly grabbing trust these days.

        • Yes, Blinky, I did. I hope the idiot who did this gets caught as well, and if that person happens to be a “gun nut,” I still will not support gun control.

        • When one sees one cockroach, there are usually thousands not seen.

          You expect everyone to believe all government employees are stupid, (hint they aren’t), or is it that ultimate power ultimately corrupts with sloppiness combined with arrogance of those who dont care if they get caught?

        • When one see’s ONE (co(ckr(oach) there are as a rule thousands more not seen.

          Not all govt. employees are stupid either.

          Then again is it simply ultimate power ultimately corrupting so that some reach the stage of ultimate ARROGANCE and dont care if they are caught as they think they have a get out of jail free card like Holder or the gal from the IRS?

        • Accur, is there something I’ve said that indicates my support of gun freedom or control hinges on the political beliefs of the person who sent these letters? Nothing is going to make me support gun control, and the nutcase who sent these letters needs to be caught and sent to jail regardless of their intentions. I’m simply saying that people who reflexively shout “false flag” anytime, er, anything happens is wrong. And stupid. And wrong. That’s it.

        • It might be a false flag, it might not be. That is what investigation is for. Perhaps it was staged, and perhaps not. It could have been an incompetent government employee, or an incompetent gun nut, or random whacko.

          It’s not a personal attack, just a realization that profiling a suspect has limited value. Likewise, this could be another undiscovered scandal, or it might not be. I prefer to follow the facts, and to gain more facts if the information is limited. Heck, that’s what I do when I investigate crime.

    • Conspiracy minded folks make gun owners look bad enough already.
      What needs to be done is have sane gun owners distance themselves
      from the radicals who make it all that much easier for anti-gun folks
      to get their ideas turned into laws.

      • Your adopted posting name is from the wrong movie. You’ve swallowed the blue pill. They will do anything to continue and increase the level of our enslavement. How hard is it to understand that they want nothing less than the repeal of the second amendment? Yet you’d rather distance yourself from the very people who want to preserve it as much as you do.

        • Maybe you can help me understand your chain of logic here:

          Obama and his friends don’t like the second amendment – therefore, they send themselves poison letters.

          How does that make sense to you?

    • I noticed that phrase, too; but “pro choice” has become out of favor having morphed to “women’s health” as the misleading label chosen by the pro abortion crowd .

      We need something catchy like that, but “gun health” doesn’t quite capture the essence; something that clearly identifies us in a positive non confrontational way…kinda’ like “women’s health” does for the pro abortion crowd and their Democratic Party and media proponents!

  1. Bah! I don’t feel responsible for a drunk driving fatality just because I own a car, so why should I mount some counter because an alleged gun guy asshole sent ricin letters to another asshole? I ain’t his dad!

      • That’s correct; more sympathetic media mouthpiece grabber support given to the anti gun politicians based not on investigative reporting, but plain old biased assumptions.

        I hope it comes back to bite Bloomberg and his MSM supporters in the ass.

      • That’s the point. Why should we be lumped in with him? I never sent a ricin letter, I never went on a mass shooting. I certainly never built bombs with my reloading supplies. Taking away my freedom based on the actions of others is the crux of this entire argument.

  2. Well I called RF when we heard the news. Simple answer is we don’t. The vast majority of us are sane human beings. We all feel bad, gun owners and non gun owners alike. Simple as that.
    We all know MSM will try to paint US as crazies but we know different.

  3. This was going to be blamed on us anyway. They always assume it’s some pro 2A guy, at least until it is proven otherwise.

    We can always use the same tactic they do every time an Islamic extremist attacks. That was just a radical lone wolf acting out. Please do not let the actions of a few reflect on Islam as a whole. Even though this happens on a regular basis that tactic seems to work quite well for them. At least it does for the mindless drones that rely on the MSM for their news. The difference being people on our side like this site will denounce these acts, I have yet to see anyone from Islam come out and denounce what has been done in the name of Islam. The MSM doing it for them does not count.

    I don’t see why it cannot be accepted that we too have crazies that also happen to own guns. It’s not fair for them to paint all of us this way.

    • Inconvenient but true: *our* crazies are perceived to be scarier because they’re armed.

      Cold consolation that is to the families of people who have died after non-gun-owner crazies have used knives, fire, gas explosions, mechanical sabotage, etc. to end the lives of innocents.

      • Don’t forget poison. Remember the psycho that poisoned Tylenol? And didn’t someone purposely introduce taint food somewhere to cause food poisoning in several people?

    • I appreciate the point; but does it seem possible to you that the stir-the-cauldron Media sees no advantage in reporting Muslim apologies? Do you really believe there are no Muslims who regret it and express that, to SOMEBODY? If they wrote a sincere apology to the DETROIT FREE PRESS, would they publish it?

  4. Not worried at all… but you can go ahead a buy some more ammo off at 4x retail if your that worried about it being the final straw. I ain’t.

    He should start MAIR, Mayors against illegal Ricin, it would accomplish probably just as much as MAIG has with illegal guns…

  5. If it’s legitimate we denounce it. None of the gun owners I know are cowardly enough to do something stupid like this and I know a lot of gun owners. It does seem just a little too convenient to me however. As I understand it, two letters from different parts of the country with similar rhetoric and chemical in them? Makes me wonder………………….

  6. Despite my attempt at humor above; I think that it won’t really matter how we may respond to this. The die is cast and we’ll have to roll with it.

    • Three simple PR damage control steps:

      1. Condemn acts like this, and point out responsibility fits the ethos of the average gun owner.
      2. Point out that crazy people do crazy things, with or without guns.
      3. Don’t make us all look like Looney Toons by indulging in conspiracy theories.

        • Yes, it’s me, George W. Bush, spreading lies on the internet again, and I’d have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling retards!

        • Shouldn’t you be painting pictures of your toes in the bathtub? For the turrorists.

          Is our children learning?

          Oh, George.

  7. Just like we refuse to be a victim, we refuse to accept responsibility for the evil actions of the guilty party. Does it make sense to blame the guy in the apartment three counties away from the rape for the sexual assault on someone?

    Let the Bloomys jabber away, nothing he says is going to make any sense anyway. What’s he going to do, threaten to take our guns? He’s already doing that. Besides, the weapon used was not a gun. Is he going to threaten our 1st amendment rights? Bloomy is his own worst enemy for his “cause”.

  8. It wouldn’t hurt to point out that one of the Boston bombers posted a missive about the evil of guns on Facebook/Twitter several months prior to the bombing. No one started blaming Bloomberg of being a terrorist though. Seems like a double standard…

  9. I don’t see this being a very big deal. Why?

    No one is making it a big deal. This isn’t even front page news anymore.

    Personally, Im at least glad this nutjob chose his weapon the way he did. If he had taken a shot at Bloomberg with a .50cal, we’d be screwed.

    • The track record of ‘ricin’ stories turning out to be setup attempts by someone other than the original suspect might be causing the media to be a little careful about pointing fingers at this stage of the story.


      As a practical matter, I expect the FBI is on it, and they will eventually find the person responsible.

  10. I don’t know. I don’t think the Ricin letters matter much. They are Ricin letters not bullets. No one can call them “gun-violence.” They can call them “Ricin-violence.” Regardless – I did get a kick out of him using a “forever” stamp that says “Loyalty.” Classic. At any rate – it shows tyrant Bloomberg and his minions that they are beginning to really pyss people off.

    • REALLY? Have you not paid attention to how they SPUN this? Do you realize that’s why we’re debating this? Have you been hunting the past week?

  11. We could look at this the other way. How many anti gun laws would have stopped this Ricin attack? This guy just proved the futility of banning guns to ensure safety. As if we needed proof.

  12. THE HELL WITH 150 million American gun owners and their RICIN LETTERS! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Here comes the CASTOR-OIL BRIGADE!!!

  13. Why are we assuming that the ricin sender is pro-gun? It’s a little too easy for any ol gun-controller to be the source of this. It may be a crazy 2a guy, but there’s certainly no evidence based simply on who it got sent to. As if Bloomberg opens mail. It’s far more likely to further the agenda of the controllers, so who gains the most from doing this?

    • That’s been discussed, and it’s possible, but it’s far more likely it’s the nefarious crab people up to their old tricks again.

      • No, just talked to my contact in the underground world of the crab people. They are too busy fighting the mole people over the last unicorn to care about us surface dwellers at this time. I’m still waiting for a return call from Nessy and Bigfoot though. Honestly whomever attempted this was a moron, as if Napoleon and his crew actually handle there own mail.

        • It may be crazy to think this an organized, government conspiracy. But a lone anti-gun nut case? Actually plausible. It wouldn’t be the first time some activist has grown impatient and helped things along. Staged animal atrocities for photo ops, faked hate crimes, etc. It happens. If I was giving odds, I’d say 80% pro-gun nutcase/20% anti-gun nutcase.

  14. What the heck is the story with the hot tub photo? Why is the chick in the middle posing without her bathing suit top (even though she covers up everything with her hands) when everyone else is wearing bathing suites?

  15. We all dreaded this moment, hoping it wouldn’t come.

    I didn’t dread the moment. I was a just little disappointed in the outcome.

    If and when the person who did this is caught, I think it’s likely that we’ll find out that he wouldn’t know a SIG from a sock. In two of the well-publicized poison pen cases — the anthrax letters supposedly sent by an Islamist after 9/11 and the April ricin letter sent from Mississippi, the senders had a profit motive or a personal grudge. The contents of the letters were trying to cover the tracks of the senders and had nothing to do with their motivation.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ended in a similar way, with a self-aggrandizing, publicity-seeking narcissist in handcufffs.

      • Not at all surprised by the outcome; Bloomberg and his fellow grabbers seize any opportunity to make their case and demonize all gun owners and 2A supporters whether their accusations are well founded or not.

        Bloomberg’s statement to the press made it sound like he already KNEW that it was a pro gun / 2A supporter behind the letters. Now I’m no gov’t conspiracy theorist, but I’d sure like to know what Bloomberg knows to make a statement expressing such certainty. Or was he, once again, assuming facts not proven.

        In any case, the source of the letters must be found and nailed in order to put the accusations to bed one way or another. Problem is, once the accusations were made and broadcast by the MSM, the odor never goes away even if those accusations are eventually disproven.

  16. Remember the guy that fired an AK-47 at the WH? The dude was on his way home from Occupy Wall Street
    Remember who shot the AZ Senator “A returned Vet” nope, wild left winger
    The woman that tried to murder Gerald Ford one of the Manson Family
    DC Sniper was a white man, in a white van, remember that? but he was a Black Muslim homosexual
    Same for Regan, a lefty nut-job
    There is NOTHING to point to a Right Winger except for a few letters

    • How exactly was the AZ shooter a leftist? He was a stark raving lunatic devoid of any real political belief. And I don’t recall John Allan Muhammad being gay, either.

        • You literally do nothing but parrot Alex Jones. You summarily ignore any evidence the contrary of your beliefs and require no supporting evidence to backup your statements. You twist and spin anything bad that happens to fit your conspiracist dialog.

          Know what that’s called? That’s an agenda.

  17. This has barely made a blip in the media. TTAG sensationalizes every event that’s remotely negative towards gun owners. Tone it down a bit please or I, and I bet a lot of other people, will stop visiting.

  18. Ok, so someone on our side, actually is behaving like someone on the left. You know, those occupy anything but a job crowd. The protestors who turn violent at the G12 summit. It’s almost always someone on the left, committing violence in the name of CHANGE! So, the news gets to finally report, that it’s one of the crazy gun nuts doing something nefarious. I stand in complete opposition to mailing poison to people. Hopefully those responsible are brought to justice. That said, let the media report all they want. The numbers, the facts are always on our side. The people with the guns are the peaceful people.

    • Based on the recent incidents, dont think so!

      Remember those ricin laced letters to Obama in April, James Everett Dutschke is a Wayne Newton impersonator was arrested for that, as he attempted to frame another man for the deed.

      But he is a true renaissance man. In addition to being a martial arts instructor in Tupelo, Miss., who dabbled in local politics, Dutschke also is an impersonator of “Mr. Las Vegas” himself, Wayne Newton, NBC News reported.

      He pleaded not guilty this month to two child molestation charges. He also is currently appealing a conviction for indecent exposure. Yeah, progressives are prone to pedophilia!

      Authorities had previously charged Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, an Elvis impersonator, with sending the ricin letters to Obama and two other public officials this month. Charges against Curtis were later dropped.

      Investigators now are examining the possibility that a rivalry between the impersonators led Dutschke to frame Curtis, NBC reported.

      Then of course this prize winner who sent 5 letters with ricin out just a week and a half ago, Matthew Ryan Buquet form Spokane WA and sure walks and talks like another lefty!

      Buquet is also a registered level two sex offender, previously found guilty for acts against a 10 year old girl in 1998.

      Geez, another sterling and consistent trait that progressives seem to have in a significantly higher incidence rate, hmmmmmm, its that immoral progressive upbringing and lifestyle that attracts such scum!

      I am betting that the lefties are the ones upset that Obama didnt bring enough change for their crushed hope, as everyone knows, lefties will eat their own!

  19. So once again one person, aiming to upset the applecart, has shifted blame to the 300 million people who own guns. Guesstimated figure, there may be more, there may be less. The ones who joined the NRA are counted at 5 million. Then you have the Gun Owners of America, the National Association for Gun Rights and others who won’t be counted. It is time to be counted. I am not asking you to march on Washington or your state capitals. Write your representatives! Let them know where you stand. Vote like you never voted before.

    • Are you talking about in the US? There’s only about 310 million people here, so a more accurate estimate is 70-100 million gun owners. Out of those I don’t know who are casual (one dust-gathering pistol), how many are regular shooters/hunters and who are full on enthusiasts.

      Regardless, the tactic you’re describing isn’t really limited to guns. When a couple monsters use Islam as an excuse to murder innocent people it’s all Muslims fault. When an immigrant drives drunk and kills someone it’s an issue with all immigrants, and when some pathetic monster uses a gun to kill as many people as possible it’s emblematic of gun culture and needs to be changed. It’s opportunism on the part of politicians and pundits who make careers of taking advantage of illogical thinking.

  20. False flag or not…..anyone that does this sort of thing is a nut-job; a criminal and not part of the law abiding gun owners of this country.

  21. Bloomberg, his lobbyist, and Obama receive slightly poisoned letters.

    Chuck Schumer’s ego hardest hit.


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