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By John Boch

Illinois is now poised to join the 49 other states in America by throwing its antiquated prohibition on self-defense outside the home into the dustbin of history. The Illinois Senate passed HB183 earlier today by a margin of 45-12-1 (36 votes are required to over-ride a governor’s veto). The House approved it moments ago by a vote of 89-28 (71 votes required to over-ride). It’s time for a glass of champagne. FINALLY!

John is president of Guns Save Life. This post originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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    • Exactly as long as it takes to get a federal appeals case, just like what happened in Illinois.

    • “Shall issue” for Illinois was not explicitly ordered by the courts. The courts declared “no issue” to be unconstitutional, but the legislators could have voted for a “may issue” bill and let it get tested in courts later. The reason they didn’t is because at least one chamber of the Illinois legislature is pro-gun, and quite strongly so, it appears. Can one say that about California? We all know the answer to that. So, it’s either SCOTUS or “may issue” forever for the usual suspects – lower Federal courts just haven’t been helpful so far.

      • It also didn’t hurt that Judge Posner subtly criticized the 2nd Circuit decision upholding NY’s may issue law, signaling that a may issue law may not pass constitutional muster. And, actually, both Illinois bodies are pro-gun, but the Illinois Senate Executive Committee wouldn’t let the pro-gun CCW law out of committee knowing it had the votes in the Senate. That committee of twelve held up everything.

        • Good point, I forgot that Illinois Senate also voted down a magazine bill today. The vote was pretty close though, if I am not mistaken?

        • 28-31. Felt like a make-up vote. Never would have gotten past the House but disconcerting.

    • You can stop fighting in Kalifornia. It’s all over here. The Libtard, ProgBot lunatics that run this state are INSANELY EVIL, and make Illinois politico’s look like paragons of propriety. There is no hope here except for some sanity in the 9th Circuit, where no such thing exists. Constitutional gun rights in Kalifornia are history by July of next year. That includes ammo. Live it. Learn it. Hate it. But it is what it is.

      There are some places in this country where hostility to RKBA is so ingrained and pervasive that nothing that SCOTUS or the legislative branch does will matter much. Kalifornia is one of them. This place is the tail that wags the dog. A very socialistic, authoritarian, Fu*ked up tail.

      The Golden State has turned into pot metal. Paradise is lost. Really. In my lifetime this place was paradise. And I’m not that old, yet. Now it’s terminally messed up. I can’t wait to get out. Living here is like a prison sentence with nice weather.

    • kern county is a will issue county. you just have to say your reason you feel you need a ccw permit. saying your an avid outdoorsman is a good enough reason. however that is one of many counties in the state, but one is better than none.

  1. Might want to hold off on the bubbly. I see Quinn vetoing the bill, followed by Chicago thuggery in trying to prevent an override in the Senate. Followed by lawsuits which will result in temporary restraining order aginst enforcement. This is not over bya long shot. Hope I’m wrong.

      • No such thing. The Governor can still veto the bill. I said that I think he would followed by a LOT of Chicago style arm twisting in the senate to stop the override vote or change enough minds so that the vote falls short.

    • Quinn has little to no power. Madigan (The Speaker of the House) runs the state like a Banana Republic. Madigan (and the Senate President, Cullerton) agreed to the deal, so the veto if it comes will be overridden. But, I doubt Quinn will veto. A veto could push us over the cliff for a few days.

      • Why is it considered “over the cliff” to achieve the status of that which was intended by the authors (and numerous proponents of the passage of) the Second Amendment?

        Sounds like that would be a “don’t throw me in THAT briar patch” moment.

  2. Now that the president has been set hopefully CA will have solid ground to challenge may issue or not at all issue.

    • “Now that the president precedent has been set hopefully CA will have solid ground to challenge may issue or not at all issue.”

      Daniel, I didn’t understand your comment at first and read it at least four times until I realized what you meant to say. So I provided a corrected version for other people’s benefit. I am not trying to insult you.

    • My understanding is that Hawaii doesn’t even issue permits to retired police officers.

      However I believe a fairly recent (in the last 10 years or so) federal law covers active and retired police officers in all 50 states.

      • Yes, they wouldnt even issue to retired officers. but national law overrides them.

        in all our years as a state, i believe they’ve issued 4 permits, and all were let to expire after a year. something like that.

        we’re not a violent state, and i dont fear for my safety. its just the principal of it. the Police department are a bunch of pricks about guns at times. they’re trading they’re Smith and Wesson 5906’s for glocks. instead of allowing the law abiding citizens (seriously, our gun crime is ridiculously low) buy them up and give money to a state that is already hurting for money, they’d rather waste all that money and destroy all of those functional, barely used pistols because “they dont want more guns on the street”.

        In a state with virtually no gun crime.

        Where you cant concealed carry.

        where criminals rarely use guns anyways.

        Where each and every handgun purchase requires three separate trips to the main HPD headquarters, to apply for a permit, pick it up two weeks later, then come back and register it (as all guns, pistols or long guns, have to be registered).

        but hey, he doesnt want those guns on the street.

        and no, if you ask people in the police department, the registry that’s been there for 20 years has never been used to locate a missing firearm or used as evidence in a case. ever.

        • Hawaii’s violent crime per 100,000 population is 273 which is ranked at 39th in the nation just ahead of West Virginia (my home State) with a rate of 275, and behind Virginia at 270. Now both Virginia and West Virginia are States with a large number of CCWs and are both open carry as well.

          Are the people of Hawaii less deserving of protection than other citizens?

  3. Shall issue.
    16 hrs training, with 8 hrs credit for military, hunter, some other training.
    Fairly minimal accuracy requirements on live fire test.
    $150 initial and renewal

    Pre-empts all local laws regarding concealable weapons, but leaves them in place for long guns, e.g., the Chicago and Cook County Assault Weapons ordinances, and all other home rule localities with AW-type ordinances in place at time of signing or within 10 days thereof.

    Fairly sizeable list of prohibited places — the usual suspects.

    Preschools and day-care centers
    Parks (except bike paths or trails)
    Cook County Forest Preserve
    Colleges and universities
    Government buildings
    Correctional facilities
    Medical facilities
    Public transportation
    Public gatherings (although a licensee may pass through to reach their home, workplace or vehicle)
    Bars , casinos and race tracks
    Libraries, museums, zoos and amusement parks
    Special events where alcohol is served
    Places prohibited by federal law

    Can carry on trails that happen to be adjacent to or partially run thru a park. That means the Lake Michigan shoreline is okay for carry (specifically pointed out during discussion prior to House vote).
    No bars or anywhere that makes more than 50pct of gross revenue from sales of alcohol. No ban on churches.

    Safe harbor provision to allow you to unload your handgun in your vehicle and store it in the trunk. You can also store it (loaded) in the interior of the vehicle.

    Non-residents can carry while in vehicle if they are legally allowed to carry in their home state (so if you are trying to get from Missouri to Indiana thru Illinois you can keep doing so as long as the handgun doesn’t leave the car — to leave the car with it you’re going to need the $300 non-resident permit).

    Visit forums to join in the celebration.

  4. Does this final bill still criminalize concealed carry in 22 “special” places like parks and libraries? And what about reciprocity for non Illinois residents?

    • no reciprocity

      long list of places are still special but give it time. super majority was needed to get rid of home rule. simple majority is needed to chip away at the bs over the next few yrs

      • Don’t hold your breath. Madigan controls the house with an iron fist. If he doesn’t like it, it gets assigned to a committee of fellow true believers where it dies. That’s what he did on conceal carry for years.

        • Lisa wants to be governor. he needs downstate dems. he will let some slip thru.

  5. Looks like it went from preempting firearms legislation in general (the first house bill), to preempting legislation for “the regulation, licensing, possession, registration, and transportation of handguns and ammunition for handguns by licensees.”
    Meaning, any local rules pertaining to long guns, assault weapons, and ammunition for such are allowable. Also, does not preempt legislation relating to the sale or transfer of any kind of firearm or ammunition (which is currently prohibited outright in Chicago). And because amendment 6 does not strike the word “licensees” from the new bill, that sentence, in its most technical sense, only preempts legislation relating to handguns for those in possession of a concealed carry license. Please tell me I’m wrong about that…

    • You are mistaken. It is for anyone possessing a FOID, which is required to be a legal firearm owner.

      Basically, Chicago can only regulate long guns and non-FOID possessors now.

  6. Perhaps it’s “small potatoes” compared to the citizens of Chicago being able to carry (if this bill does become law in the end), but I was very happy to see Alabama move from a de jure “may issue”, even if close to shall issue in practice, to what seems like sort of kind of “shall issue” law this year. I am not sure it was mentioned in TTAG. There can be no true gun rights without “shall issue” carry permits.

  7. Enquiring minds would like to know why the President for Life of GSL and his rubber stamp board did not oppose Duty to Inform (DTI) with criminal penalties in Phelps HB997 “good” carry bill introduced in February 2013. GSL being a “civil rights” organization and all. May Issue was opposed by resolution in the July 2011 GSL paper, “…Whereas, the history of “May Issue” firearms carry permit laws, including the prior law of Illinois, proves that such laws are widely subject to abuse, corruption, racial bigotry, and un-equal application based on the whims of government officials…” GSL cares about folks like Otis McDonald on the south side of Chicago. They make such good plaintiffs for NRA. GSL couldn’t bring itself to oppose DTI though, much as they cared about their brothers and sisters in Cook County. Although May Issue was sure to be abused, when it comes to DTI no cop in IL would lie and say that he was not informed, and actually threaten and arrest an armed citizen like Daniel Harless in Canton, OH, right? Or at least no cops in Champaign County where John can flash his masonic sign and count on the Rotary Club mafia to get him out of a jam. Hey, maybe former director of the Illinois State Police Terrence Gainer remembers the pranks John and his buddies played back in the good old days of fanny packing! After they sign the unlimited state and federal privacy waiver provided by NRA contract lobbyist Todd Vandermyde in the new IL carry bill, Terry may be able to dig a little deeper into the info. in the local fusion center.

  8. It seems non residents will be able to (legally) carry in their vehicle before us residents can.

    In section 40(page 18 of the PDF of amendment 5 of the bill):

    “(e) Nothing in this Act shall prohibit a non-resident from transporting a concealed firearm within his or her vehicle in Illinois, if the concealed firearm remains within his or her vehicle and the non-resident:
    (1) is not prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm under federal law;
    (2) is eligible to carry a firearm in public under the laws of his or her state or territory of residence; and
    (3) is not in possession of a license under this Act.

    If the non-resident leaves his or her vehicle unattended, he or she shall store the firearm within a locked vehicle or locked container within the vehicle in accordance with
    subsection (b) of Section 65 of this Act.”

    It seems that there is no regular reciprocity. but the above info from the bill says that if you have a license to carry from your home state, you can carry while driving through Illinois if you don’t want to pay $300.

    There is the opportunity for a non resident license if you go through the same requirements as a resident as well as provide a notarized document with a picture, your DL, and some other garbage in addition to $300.

    • No offense, but I have no reason to grace IL with my presence except for the occasional 60 to 90 seconds it takes to enter and exit the state at Cairo on the way to visit relatives. One exception: I drove from Atlanta to Topeka to deliver a car my folks had gotten. I had not planned to go directly to Topeka but felt fresh enough at Paducah to continue north on I-24 instead of my usual route west on 60.

      Made it all the way to some gas station just off I-64 in Belleville. Hadn’t had a break since I left Atlanta, and my kidneys were throbbing. I got out, locked the car, took a look at the uh….”wildlife” inside and out. Decided that I could hold it in a bit longer instead of explaining to my dad why some or all sections of his nice new car were missing.

      Made it all the way to the Steak N’ Shake in Chesterfield before I hazarded another stop. Much better. And with any luck that’s the last time I’ll have to spend in Illinois for a while.

    • So Illinois’ version of reciprocity is, “We’ll honor out-of-state concealed carry licenses if you pay us $300.” Why does that not surprise me? If this isn’t ripe for a lawsuit under the Commerce Clause, I don’t know what is. Imagine the uproar if you had to pay Illinois $300 to honor your driver’s license.

      Instead of the adage, “Never let a tragedy go to waste …”, Illinois’ adage is, “Never let an opportunity to take money away from people go to waste …” ergo the Illinois tollway and now this.

      It’s too bad I have a cousin that I occasionally visit in Illinois … and relatives in neighboring states that require I drive through Illinois when I visit them. Well one thing is for certain, I will NOT be sending $300 to Illinois for the privilege of having Illinois honor my concealed carry license (which will not allow me to carry in 22 “special” places anyway) which is good in almost the entire United States.

  9. I can hear faint head banging on the walls off in the distance give the MAIG some asprin will you…LOL

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