WA Police Officer and IGOTD Winner Derek Carlile Reinstated


Derek Carlile occupies a prominent place in the IGOTD Hall Of Eternal Infamy. We’ve been following his case for nearly two years, ever since the off-duty police officer left a loaded handgun in his van’s cup holder, as well as two unattended children. His three year-old son grabbed the gun and killed his own seven-year-old sister with it. For a time it looked as if justice would be done in the wake of this easily preventable and entirely inexcusable tragedy. Carlile was fired from his job with the Marysville Police Department, and he was put on trial for 2nd Degree Manslaughter. But then everything went wrong . . .

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IGOTD Update: Officer Derek Carlile Fired


Officer Derek Carlile is a member of the IGOTD Hall Of Eternal Infamy, after leaving his .38 revolver in a car cup-holder with his unsupervised children. His three-year-old son promptly grabbed the gun and fatally shot Carlile’s seven-year-old daughter. TTAG has followed this sickening story from the very beginning. Carlile beat the rap for manslaughter in a criminal trial last year and the DA decided not to re-try the case. But now, some justice has finally been done to the perpetrator of this utterly avoidable tragedy . . .

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IGOTD Update: Hung Jury For Officer Derek Carlile

Officer Derek Carlile’s 2nd-Degree Manslaughter trial ended with a hung jury and a mistrial yesterday. Prosecutors are deciding whether to re-try the case in January. Back in March, 2012 we ran a post on the tragic and entirely avoidable death of Officer Derek Carlile’s young daughter. Carlile, a Marysville, WA police officer, left his loaded .38 revolver in his van’s front seat cup-holder with his four children in the car. Carlile’s young son Steele let himself out of his booster seat, picked up the gun, and shot his 7 year-old sister with it. She died at a Seattle hospital . . .

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Image courtesy KIRO-TV Seattle

Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Unidentified Tacoma, WA Father

Image courtesy KIRO-TV Seattle

Here at TTAG, we really like to award the IGOTD prize to morons who do stupid things with guns, (preferably in clueless YouTube videos) and survive to learn from their experiences. Hopefully. Those almost-comic IGOTDs fuck up on camera, nodoby dies, and we watch and laugh and comment and it’s all good clean fun. This isn’t one of those feel-good IGOTD stories…

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Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Officer Derek Carlile

Image courtesy www.king5.com

It’s never too early to start teaching them, but young children can’t be depended upon to live by the Four Rules of gun safety. That’s why responsible gun owners never leave their guns where children could even conceivably access them without adult supervision. One might think, after all their training we give our police officers (and all the trust we place in them) that they would all be ‘responsible gun owners.’ One might think that. But one would be wrong. From Seattle’s KING5 News . . .

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Owens Tort Claim

IGOTD Update: Fired Cop Sues City

See if you can spot a pattern here: Just yesterday, we reported that disgraced Canton cop Daniel Harless was fired for threatening to murder a lawfully armed motorist.  And that Harless is now trying desperately to hold on to his job and his pension by claiming that he suffers PTSD . . .

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A Mythbuster’s ™ Guide To Cannon Ballistics

“Don’t try this at home,” Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage solemnly warn us at the intro to each episode of Mythbusters. “We’re what you call ‘experts’.”  Sometimes it’s a good idea to heed your own advice, especially when 1) your advice is not to play with cannons, and 2) you’re actually playing with cannons. Muzzleloading bronze cannon have really impressive ballistics, especially monsters like the 30-pounder the Mythbusters apprentices were playing with.

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Ed Owens Investigation

Irresponsible Gun Owner Of The Day: Detective Ed Owens

Hypothetically speaking, what would you do if you left your gun safe open for three days, your three-year-old son gained access to a loaded gun and shot himself in the head? How would you respond to the police investigation? Would you STFU, talk to a lawyer, prepare a statement, own-up and accept your punishment? Not if you’re a cop without a conscience. “Following the shooting, [Clark County Sheriff’s Department Detective Ed] Owens and his wife persistently blamed the shooting on their 11-year-old. Reports said they thought she had opened the safe for the boy. They also thought she was showing signs of suicide and homicidal violence . . .”

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Irresponsible Gun Owner(s) of the Day: Libyan “Freedom Fighters”


Leave it to that Newton guy. Thanks to him, we recognize the inevitability of that whole “what goes up, must come down” thing. And when it comes to small pieces of lead that are projected out of a rifle or handgun into the air, when what went up comes down, it can come down with enough speed/force/mass to kill. But that’s not likely to stop the Libyans, Rebels Without a Clue…

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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Ed Deubler

Okay, so you’re gonna fly the (un)friendly skies. And you’re planning on taking along a firearm. You call the airline to make sure you follow procedures. You learn that you must have the weapon unloaded, in a hard-sided, lockable box, which you keep locked. The airline folks have to inspect it, after which you lock it and it goes into checked baggage. Okay. Nothing out of the ordinary there. You get to the airport that serves the City That Care Forgot (or if you’re a native, The City That Doesn’t Give a Damn), and you put your gun case on the counter for inspection. So far so good. Then, the gun goes off. Whoopsie!

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