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    • Beer gut control, or better said, flip flop retention is maintained by a six pack of Budweiser, just outside the frame. You can see some spills on the shirt.

  1. Damn, beat me to it, although I was going to say flip-flopped on open carry. Probably way too obvious though.

  2. Despite having lost his chiseled on-screen physique, MacGyver hadn’t yet lost his penchant for creativity…

  3. Corporal Johnson, having lost his service weapons in a freak event behind enemy lines, applied the army motto, “Improvise, adapt, and overcome.”

    • the wait time had actually been getting shorter. Mine came about a month ahead of their eta. But then again, they do say 14-18 weeks lead time.

  4. There’s being cheap. There’s being a cheap bastard. And then there’s Ed, the brother in law from hell.

  5. My wife isn’t the only one that gets to wear thongs in this house.

    (I know it’s more of a sandal but didn’t realize till after I already posted)

    • That’s alright. I remember a time when that sandal type was also known as a thong, and what is called a thong now just a G-String.

  6. With this new MAIG approved gun flotation device, loosing your gun in a boating accident will be a thing of the past.

  7. “The price was right, but Bob was a little worried with the lack of a retention feature in his new holster.”

  8. Having said ” I Ain’t spendin’ no 30 dollars on no dadblamed holster!”, Frugal Joe activated his redneck powers of improvisation and got to workin’. Behold the result of hours of drinking and finger straining labor.

  9. And so my wife says, “when you run outta ammo, you gonna throw your shoe at ’em?”
    So I figure I best have one handy.

  10. Well, you see officer, I was surfing along the jersey shore with all my AR-15s, and mags and such, ’cause I ain’t got a canoe. When a big wave came up and knocked me over. Well with my bad luck this one got stuck in my flip flop and washed up on the beach. Anyways, I need to report some lost guns.

  11. Herb was so pleased with his improvised holster that he was eager to model his experimental swim suit made from a ziplock sandwich bag and shoelaces.

  12. What could be safer? It covers the trigger and protects the gun from fungi on the locker room floor.

  13. Well…, there’s my holster!

    Now where’s my other sandal???

    And what’d I come out to the garage for in the first place?

  14. A brilliant ploy to get Bloomberg and MAIG to waste time and money trying to ban sandals size 6 and larger.

  15. Wife (in the other room): “No I have not seen your BlackHawk anywhere, whatever that is. Have you seen my new flip flops?”


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