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As pronounces, “Some people might balk at a president who threatens to rule by decree when Congress insists on exercising its constitutional right to approve and disapprove legislation, but maybe that’s a bit old fashioned in our senescent republic. Still, a potential President Clinton’s gun control agenda is likely to founder no matter how many strokes of the pen flow from her desk because of the opposition of the very people to whom they’re supposed to apply.” Meaning Americans who value their gun rights. Irish democracy? If you thought you’d seen it on display in Connecticut and New York, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet . . .

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Hoosiers Are Flocking To Buy Guns In Record Numbers – “It’s not just a red state phenomenon either. Delaware has seen a spike in gun salesand carry permits. Iowa has experienced the same thing, which has some gun stores struggling to keep up with demand. In Michigan and Minnesota, carry permits are also on the rise. In Pennsylvania, their numbers suggest that residents try to buy 97 gunsevery hour.” And the election is still seven months away.

Ubiñas: Philly man’s campaign: Black Guns Matter – “What if we stopped trying to get guns off the streets and instead started licensing young men in Philly to legally pack heat? Do I have your attention?” Why yes. Yes, you do.

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Pirates becoming a problem where you live and work? Battle Rifle Company has the answer:  “Continuing to develop rifles for Maritime Security use, the next generation rifle- The BR4 Cutlass was created. The Cutlass is a Free Float version of the Trident rifle specifically designed for MARSEC (Maritime Security) operations and Shipboard usage. Built with care to ensure long lasting life in extreme conditions, the BR4 Cutlass, with extended rail and low profile gas block, allows for more accessories to be installed and suited perfectly for shipboard, coastal and all-weather operations.”

Fifteen down, 485 more to go.

Suit to allow guns at Botanical Garden may go forward, court rules – “The unanimous decision released today did not say Phillip Evans, a member of, could bring his firearm on his next trip to the garden. Instead the ruling, written by Justice Carol Hunstein, said the lower court should not have dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds that it did and the justice sent the matter back to the lower court to reconsider.” Open carry marches on.


April Capped a Record-Setting Year for Gun Purchases – The People of the Gun have spoken — with their wallets.

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: 5.9.16 Hillary, "The Only Ones", Battlefield and More">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: 5.11.16 - Arizona Preemption, Chicago Motherhood and One Angry St. Louis Cop">Next Post


  1. Not going to lie. I had a really awesome time reading the comments over at

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

      I especially liked EMD’s response to American Socialist: direct, eloquent, to the point.

    • Much of the time they’re an absolute waste. But every now and then, they’re gold.

    • Anyone not thinking this summers election season isn’t going to turn real interesting real fast should have a look at following Zombie photo-essay;

      These people on the left are batshit crazy when it comes to hating Republicans and the Republican convention seems like a really great place to get the ball rolling on the summers riots, demonstrations, who knows what is being planned.

      Matt Bracken’s caution about the coming elections may well end up being correct.

      “I think we are now in the end stages of this. I think that if Trump
      is elected which will be a great danger to these people then I think
      that they’ll try to either take him out kinetically like Martin Luther
      King or John F Kennedy or they’re going to make it impossible for
      example even hold elections in November. If you just spread a rumor, there
      doesn’t need to be any fact behind this, spread a rumor that white
      racist klansmen types are planning to snipe at black people waiting in
      polling lines. Then and no matter what happenes in the election you
      can say that ‘well that’s because the black turnout was supressed due
      to racist threats of violence’. You know I think we’re going to see
      arson, fires are going to see nineteen-thirties Berlin mob actions,
      big street riots, communist versus the National Socialists in our case
      it will be Trump supporters finally getting tired of you know every
      time Trump speaks here comes the Black Bloc and Trump supporters gonna
      get out there and then somebody is going to open fire or an IED is
      going to explode the security forces will then say ‘well we can’t have
      any more demonstrations within five miles of a political rally’ over
      you can have a safe space outside the beltway but this is the end, of
      this is the end of free elections in America I think I don’t expect to
      see another free election, after November.”

  2. If Hillary gets elected, I predict the Obama gun buying frenzy will look like a yard sale. There won’t be a gun in the gun store that isn’t spoken for, distributors will have empty warehouses and prices will be sky high. The won’t by any ammo on the shelves. It’s going to be biblical. And all of this will happen Nov. 9th.

  3. So, anyone interested in going in on a “what’s banned first” pool if she gets elected?

    • First thing will be redefining what is considered “sporting purposes” with regards to imports.

      FN, HK, CZ, IWI, etc. could be banned from import. Also, think of all the imported ammo that could be banned, such as Wolf, Privi, etc. Imported surplus ammo? Forget it.

      I am afraid in a couple of years we are likely to look back and say these were the good old days.

  4. Can we get a daily digest without a picture of Hillary tomorrow, guys? That’s at least three in a row, and it’s not something I want to see before bedtime.

    Also, what happened to the story about the family all shooting at each other over an argument about a shotgun?

  5. Uh … I bought some guns that didn’t undergo a NICS check – those aren’t on that chart above. I’m guessing probably thousands (or millions) more are also missing from the chart that purchased a gun.

    • None of my guns have undergone a NICS check for over a decade. Having a CHL/LTC obviates a NICS check. The 4473 still has to be filled out for some reason, but does not have to be so perfect, and the FFL keeps it, it doesn’t go anywhere. I don’t think there are methods to estimate how many guns I buy under those circumstances. Ergo, their numbers are nonsensical guesses.

  6. The story out of Philly made me happy but also irked me.

    The idea that a “black man with a gun is a boogeyman” is nonsense IMHO and I can say that from having lived in a bad neighborhood where Blacks were the majority and whites were a pretty small minority.

    I was never scared of my Black neighbor in his jeans and plaid shirts with his OCed .44. Not once. The guy was a gentleman and a law abiding citizen with a taste for sippin’ whiskey, a great sense of humor and a “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality. The fact that he was Black is secondary at best. Also, he was never scared of me with my .40S&W 941 Jericho or my SKS or my AR. Again, my skin color was secondary at best. Neither of us was worried about the “armed [insert skin color here] man” walking around the neighborhood or sitting on his porch. We got off on the right foot right from the start.

    What I found living there was that skin color was not an effective way to judge criminality, but the “uniform” thugs wore was. If you’re wandering around in that neighborhood at the time I lived there I didn’t care what color you were. If you were walking around with your pants below your ass, wearing a T-shirt 3x too big for you and a flatbill cap or “doorag” while flashing signs and screaming profanity you had my full attention. You’re wearing a thug “uniform” at that point. Using or selling drugs in full public view, same thing. Standing on a corner for no “apparent” reason, or sitting on your porch ALL DAY, same thing.

    In reality clothing was second or third on the list. The uniform goes deeper than that. People who’ve been in the service can spot most other service members based on body language and what gave the criminals away at a distance was their body language combined with their clothing. The second thing in most cases was how they talked if you were close enough to hear them, in which case you didn’t usually have to see them. I won’t go into a big expose on it here, but if you’ve ever lived in a really bad neighborhood you know what I’m talking about.

    • “I was never scared of my Black neighbor in his jeans and plaid shirts with his OCed .44.” Cue racist liberal heads exploding.

    • “The second thing in most cases was how they talked if you were close enough to hear them, in which case you didn’t usually have to see them. I won’t go into a big expose on it here, but if you’ve ever lived in a really bad neighborhood you know what I’m talking about.”

      As somebody who used to service calls in East St. Louis, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Was there two or three days a week on average for two years. Rolling around a place like that in a company-branded van with thousands of dollars of computer stuff inside, you learn to keep your head up and pay attention to the signs people are giving you.

    • Your personal experience is accurate. What the young man is speaking of is the distancing by Blacks from gun ownership or gun acceptance. These people yep I said it, “these people” 🙂 don’t want to be associated with gangbanging or any signs of antisocial behavior. Reading here, occasionally a poster makes references to all inner city residents as Obama’s children etc. They want to live like that. Why don’t they just get a job.

      While wise Blacks have been tooling up the stigma is there. That the conservative Black community sees guns as a scourge is a reflection of the Left’s narrative. They aren’t telling the history of Black gun use to valiantly resist violence by racist vigilante groups in the last century.

  7. If Hillary gets elected with a democrat Congress, she will not need Executive Orders to establish Australian-Style Gun Control. The democrats congresspersons will repay their coattail election victories with a fine Obamacare-esque Gun Confiscation Bill. Fienstein came within 2 votes of a military weapon round up years ago and will get her wish this time around.
    Remember “You can keep your plan” ?

    • Feinstein’s bill would never have passed in any court in the land. These libtards need to read Art. 1 Sec. 9.

      There’s no court in the land that’s going to allow an ex post facto law to stand.

      • “have passed in any court in the land”

        Oh really? Democrats laugh in our faces every day with the whole ‘courts’ and ‘judges’ thing. All that can be bought off by now already have. Those that can’t be bribed, there are other methods, and do you think a power mad Democrat administration such as email-server-Hillary would be stopped at a little thing like blackmail or even direct threats to family or self? I don’t.

        “You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against – then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it” –Rand

        John -It’s-a-tax-Roberts agrees, Scalia, not available for comment.

        Courts, hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahaah.

      • Sorry to disagree Wilson, but Hillary will be appointing between 2 to 4 justices to the Supreme Court and it will turn leftist anti-gun for the first time in history, probably permanently. That is the only court that ultimately matters. It will back up all anti 2A legislation. And don’t forget that Amendments CAN and have been repealed.

        I’m NOT voting for Trump, I’m voting AGAINST Hillary.

      • Everyone knows that experts all agree that Art 1 sec 9 does not prohibit common sense legislation (which blatantly violates it) in order to save the children. Don’t be a silly fanatic.

        Did I miss any?

  8. The hildebeast AIN’T that popular guys…lost to the old jewish commie agin’. Now if I could trust the orange dude all would be well…”the devil you know”.

  9. I saw the scary picture of the Hildebeast, and then saw the article is from the Daily Beastiality. It all makes sense now. Too bad the picture is going to give night terrors.

  10. but maybe that’s a bit old fashioned in our senescent republic.
    Just remember that Charles Koch supports Hitlery.

    • I really hope they did more than that. No amount of grey paint beats:

      Aluminum + steel + salt water = no bueno

    • Battle Rifle Company sources bottom of the barrel components for many of their builds. They are also charging much more money for their stuff than most entry level AR cost. They have come in to shop 3 times trying to get us to buy 6 of their rifles for $1200 each wholesale. We were told we had to buy 6 to get the discount. The rifles used GI triggers, no name barrels, and what looked like UTG free float tubes. The trigger was not only GI but the salesman tried to get me in to it by explaining it has nickel boron coated parts in the trigger. It still felt like shit, and last time I checked I don’t need that type of treatment on my fire control.

      There is also a story floating around that BRC was contacted by a US Marine unit to get some of their rifles squared away before a deployment. Evidently the unit armorer was stumped as to why several of their rifles were not working…….. I listened to this salesman until finally I was about past my recommended daily ammount of stupid. Anyone who knows about M-4,16/ AR-15 knows here is not that much that goes in to making one work.

      Battle Rifle Company is just another company trying to sell a Palmetto State Armory level product at Daniel Defense prices. Nothing wrong with PSA rifles, but most of them are sold with the idea that the end user will improve them and tailor them to their needs. At $1200 wholesale I better get a rifle that just needs sights and Ammo.

  11. Looking at that chart, the lesson seems to be that June/July is the best time to bargain when making a purchase and (for those needing NICS checks) the shortest turnaround.

  12. If the economy under Obama looked as good as that NICS graph we’d all be gainfully retired.

  13. “Some people might balk at a president who threatens to rule by decree when Congress insists on exercising its constitutional right to approve and disapprove legislation, but maybe that’s a bit old fashioned in our senescent republic.”
    The clown that wrote this is a former editor and current contributing editor of…? This passes as reason? Frightening that there really are people out there so helpless as to want to be ruled.

  14. A vote for HRC is a vote for civil war.

    Let’s say, for the sake of round numbers, that there are 100 million gun owners who Hillary just declared war on.

    Let’s be generous and say that 50 million of them are Dem-voting, progressive Fudds (I work with one of them and he assumes that the whole world thinks like he does).

    That leaves us with 50 million armed citizens who already hate HRC’s guts.

    A substantial fraction of those 50 million believe in the statements “No more free Wacos” and/or “No more free Ruby Ridges”. That means that the next time federal marshals murder a 14 year old boy and his dog because the ATF framed his father in a failed attempt to force him to infiltrate a racist group for them, or the next time the FBI gives 80 church members the choice between burning to death inside the church or getting shot running away from the fire, all Hell is going to break loose.

  15. “…President Clinton’s gun control agenda is likely to founder…”

    Shouldn’t “founder” be “flounder”?

  16. A ship can “founder on rocks” as in strike and sink
    The Trident rifle looks good on paper, with a lot of anti corrosion features.
    Cerakote reciever, stainless steel springs and pins, nickel boron coated bolt, stainless barrel with cerakote on it. They claim they are careful to avoid disimilar metals in contact to avoid electrolysis
    The Cutlass is a free floated Trident
    I never saw one so I can’t say anything about the qualitity.
    I keep a cerakoted AK folder on my boat. I like the bigger bullet if I have to shoot out an out board engine on a Pirates boat.
    I should tell you about the time I almost shot some shrimpers off Nicaragua when I thought they were thratening me and my girl crew, when instead they only wanted to give us a gift of lobster!

    • “founder on rocks” – ah! Sea-speak.

      Looked up “founder” with that connotation and I now understand.


    • some more lighthearted vocabulary i before e Except after “C” (receive)
      But hmmmmmm,
      founder or flounder could BOTH apply to her…..
      To flounder is to be unsteady or uncertain. It’s probably from the Dutch word floddern, “to flop about,” or it’s a mix of founder (“to fail”) and blunder .

      A flounder is a flat fish with both eyes on one side of its head; and, as a verb, to flounder is to wobble around like a fish out of water.

      BECAUSE she definitely stinks!

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