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Gov. Doug Ducey signs 2 gun bills, vetoes another – “Gov. Doug Ducey has signed legislation allowing guns closer to schools and penalizing cities with gun laws stricter than the state’s. But he vetoed a bill that would have tied Arizona gun laws to those in other states.” So preemption of local laws, and no one can be prosecuted for driving past a school with a gun. As for that veto…the law “would have allowed Arizona to join a compact with other states to develop uniform firearm transfer laws. The member states would have to comply with the compact’s regulations and would be prohibited from imposing fees, taxes or regulations on the transfer of firearms beyond what federal law requires.”  . . .

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Smart Gun Buying – That’s buying (investment) guns smartly, not buying ‘smart guns.’ Just to be clear.


Smith & Wesson today introduced the M&P 15-22 Sport™ MOE SL model (Magpul Original Equipment Slim Line). Now available with American-made Magpul accessories as standard equipment, the dedicated .22 LR M&P rifle retains the look and operating features of the company’s popular M&P rifle line, with the enhanced ergonomics of Magpul accessories.

Woman Who Took Fake Gun From Boy Honored As Mother of the Year – “On April 23, Davis approached a child on the streets of south suburban highway. Captured on a video that has quickly gone viral, she takes a very real-looking but ultimately fake gun away from him.” It takes a village. At least it does in south Chicago.


St. Louis leaders “livid” over move to expand gun rights –  Chief Sam Dotson: “States that have stronger gun control laws don’t see the level of violence we do. There’s a correlation there.  Whether we want to admit it or not, there’s a correlation. If you want us to be strong on crime we have to have strong laws and we have to enforce the laws. That’s the reality.”

The RCMP doesn’t break into homes and confiscate guns in the wake of a natural disaster. Have they learned their lesson?

Gateway plan would arm guards with guns in schools – “You never really know what can happen so it’s nice to have somebody there that you would trust and know would be able to handle the situation if needed.” Word.

Why Is the NRA Giving Away a Jeep and 2 Guns? – Because membership.

Jewish rap. With a black guy waving a gun around. Oy. 

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: 5.10.16 - Hillary's Executive Orders, Hoosiers Tooling Up and a Nautical AR">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: 5.12.16 - Bloomberg's Cash, Sammy Davis's 1911 and UT's Moral Struggles">Next Post


  1. Do we have any official sources that indicate the opposite of what mr livid is claiming? I mean other than actual common sense.

  2. If there’s a correlation between gun laws and violence, someone forgot to tell Vermont. And Baltimore.

  3. “States that have stronger gun control laws don’t see the level of violence we do.”

    Chief Dotson, the thousand or so people who have been shot so far this year in Chicago would like to speak to you about how well those stronger gun control laws are keeping violence down in their neighborhoods.

    Or, look across the river and see how well Illinois’ stricter-than-Missouri gun laws are working to suppress violence in East St. Louis. Or take a trip to any of the beautiful garden spots of New Jersey, like Camden, Trenton, or Newark. Or Baltimore. Or Stockton, CA. You get the idea (or you should, if you aren’t a nitwit)…

    Of course, his statement is technically true, because no sizable American city has a higher violent crime rate than St. Louis. Sounds like maybe someone doesn’t know how to do his job, and is looking for something else to blame.

    • The solution is Midnight Basketball!

      Oh wait, that didn’t work either. The mayor retires this term, the chief will be replaced by the new mayor, hopefully the City gets someone who has some fresh ideas.

      • the probability of the old horse manure being replaced with new horse manure is very high.

        Thats how politics works.

    • I don’t know, I agree with both statements. There is a correlation between strong gun control laws and violence, just as I agree that states that have stronger gun control laws don’t see the same level of violence.
      However I do believe we disagree on what strong gun control is. The way I see it we have a natural right to keep and bear arms. Natural as in born with (god given if thats your bent). The strong gun control comes in the form of the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution.
      So his claims are true. The 10 constitutional carry states/territories do not have the levels of violence seen there. (PR comes close, but cut them some slack, they just recently had their rights restored).

  4. Good lord. As a religious Jew I’m embarrassed by these guys. Everyone in the video looks uncomfortable, like they don’t really want to be there. Especially the black guy with the BB gun and the safety violations.

    • Jewish Rap isn’t new by any stretch.

      The Beastie Boys were doing it over 30 years ago.

      These guys do have a bit of a ‘Cantor’ vibe in their Rapping…

  5. So…lady takes gun away from kid. Honorable. Touted as mother of the year. Not so much, considering the news report says “although not a mother herself.” So now we can just give that title away? Seems they have more than just gun issues in South Chicago.

    • The real question is; what is it with kids waving guns around in Chicago? Are they suiciding by cop? At 12? Or is someone egging them on? Remember, Tamir Rice was talking to someone on his cellphone prior to engaging in his bizarre behavior.

    • Mother Theresa was not a mother, either, so far as we know. Sometimes it’s just an honorary title, which is fitting, since an awful lot of females who have in fact birthed babies are terrible mothers.

      Oh, and by the way, officially, neither the Pope nor any of the priests commonly referred to as “Father” are actually fathers.

      • “Oh, and by the way, officially, neither the Pope nor any of the priests commonly referred to as “Father” are actually fathers”.

        Likely not your father, certainly not mine, but there are more than a few cases that would contradict that absolute statement. Which is why young boys are safer.

        • Oh, what an unfair comment! That has only been true for a bit over 1000 years! Give them some time to work the kinks out.

  6. Chief… not cop. When’s the last time he slapped cuffs on some ne’er–do–well?

    • Maybe 9 years, *if^ he arrested anyone as a Sgt. An STLPD lifer, he has worked his way up from patrol through the ranks. That said, I don’t have to tell you what you have to do to get to be an Lt in a major metro, let alone beyond.

      I only have a couple of friends in that dept any more, and we don’t talk about office politics at that level. He’s definitely sympatico with our liberal mayor, both of whom spent their entire careers ignoring what must be done to keep the miscreant population in line.

      • Err, what do you have to do to make Lt. in that department?

        Groveling and kissing ass or worse?

        • Like I said, we don’t talk office politics that far up the food chain. STL County OTOH… Suffice it to say Lt requires a whole lotta politics.

          Those vids really are pretty accurate no matter where the dept (at least major metros where I’ve known people over the years). The crafty among us in positions of power, always like to have something to leverage you with – in PDs the carrot is a decent paycheck, cushy retirement, and the stick to get you to do something you may find “wrong” is that you just might lose that. This leverage is magnified by the cruiser you wrecked while talking to your gf while rolling code, or that DWI that you badged out of. or your affairs, or…

  7. Shame Ducey vetoed the interstate compact bill but he’s never really been a pro-gun guy.
    It’s sole purpose was to head off another Bloomberg funded ballot initiative to outlaw private sales (like in WA)

    • “Shame”? AZ is constitutional carry. He should authorize a compact which would allow other states to inflict their gun control laws on AZ? I’m missing the reason. Take care of your own state, and do not sign away your authority to do so. He was exactly right.

      • It can happen without the compact anyways, which is what Bloomberg is trying to do now by getting universal background checks on the ballot this election year, since AZ allows for “citizen” driven ballots to be initiated with enough signatures.

        The interstate compact was just another attempt to place a political hurdle for Bloomberg and other anti-2a groups. What is missing from the article is that the compact was intended to keep the current pro-2a laws in place with other like-minded states.

        Although I supported the bill, I do realize there would have been some legal challenges in play. The Constitutional restricts general state compacts, but there is court precedents that have ruled that as long as state compacts are in line with Federal prudence, then they are legal.

        Let’s just put it this way, the compact would only have been detrimental to AZ 2a laws if the Federal government passes more restrictive 2a laws, which will happen with or without the compact anyways.

  8. The cops are very pissed at that lady who took a toy gun away from the kid. The po-po were really looking forward to killing an innocent kid and getting away with it. Again.

    It’s one of the perks of the job.

  9. In that video he said he blew a chauffeur. That’s bad. Real real bad. This goy don’t wanna mess with dem badass tribesmen.

  10. This rule you guys have about not being able to drive past a school with a gun in your car is just plain stupid.

    Going to and from my range on Saturdays requires me to drive directly on the roads adjacent to at least 3 schools, and within a 1000 feet of several dozen other schools.

    Even the extremely anti-gun Green party hasn’t proposed such stupidity, yet.

      • My hardly hidden secret is out. But as much as I think some of our gun laws are stupid, if not directly punitive, I’ll have to agree that some of the gun laws in the US are even worse.

    • Our entire lot lies within 875 feet of the nearest edge of a school playground, thus inside the 1000 foot radius of a “gun free school zone.” We’re very, very careful to have everything in a locked case for carrying between house and car, even if the car is in the driveway, not on the street.

      …because Northern California.

    • Where I live it’s hard to throw a rock and not hit a school… The town keep classes and the district small, so there are schools literally everywhere.

      But, it is small town Texas, so you know, guns – yew haw!

    • I have never paid enough attention to that law to even try to find out what it says. Several years ago I spent 6 months picking up my granddaughter at the back door of the school nearly every day, about 10 feet from the school, I don’t know how far inside the “school zone”, whatever that looks like. Besides my EDC, my .45 Kimber car gun were aboard every time. I confess, I was spring loaded to say the word “warrant” if challenged, but it was never necessary. The law is meaningless, except as an additional charge should you shoot up a school.

  11. Chief Sam Dotson: “States that have stronger gun control laws don’t see the level of violence we do. There’s a correlation there. Whether we want to admit it or not, there’s a correlation. If you want us to be strong on crime we have to have strong laws and we have to enforce the laws. That’s the reality.”

    Buh hahaha ha! (Wipes tear)

  12. It takes a village…IDIOT. In Chiraq and St. Louie anyway. Mother of the Year my azz…BTW I just forced myself to watch “The Armor of Light” on PBS. As featured on TTAG. What a load of left-wing claptrap. Especially another mother of the year-a gal who’s black son was shot by the dude at a gas station after playing loud “music” and cursing out the legally armed white man. It is very hard to not yell at the TV when so-called Christians sound just like Mikey Bloomberg or the hildebest…or any run of the mill dictator.

    • I have the show recorded, haven’t collected the courage to watch, yet. Maybe I need a sedative.

  13. The Arizona governor is an ass.

    He caused SB 1257 to die. He asked for a last minute amendment knowing that it would kill the bill in the other chamber.

    The bill would have forced government buildings to allow for carry if you had a CCW unless they had metal detectors and armed guards.

    The governor is two-faced and can’t be trusted.

    The interstate compact bill was needed because we WILL see many more states have universal registration/background check by ballot initiative.

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