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“Officers confiscated four firearms and arrested three males on gun-related charges in a six-hour span this weekend.” For some reason, this is BIG NEWS to The gun bit, I mean. So big that The Globe felt obliged to chronicle each bust AND hit up the Boston Police Commissioner for a quote. William Evans is thrilled . . .

“I continue to be impressed by my officers’ courage and never-ending commitment to keeping our city safe,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said in the statement. “Taking four guns off the streets is a significant achievement that most certainly makes our community safer and I applaud my officers for the dedication and devotion that goes into protecting our city while bravely confronting those who think it’s okay to carry unlawful firearms in our community.”

Firearms can be unlawful? Who knew? Well, if a gun can be unlawful — rather than being unlawfully carried — then a bump fire stock is equally unlawful, and freshly so.

In case you missed it, bump fire stocks are banned in Boston, and the rest of the Bay State. The MA legislature made their sale and transfer illegal from the moment Governor Baker signed the law. Come Thursday, simple possession is punishable by life in prison. No really.

Will some bright-eyed Massachusetts law enforcement official celebrate the start of the bump fire ban by busting a Bay Stater for the plastic part? And if something bad should happen as a result — say, a cop gets shot — will that mark the beginning of a SWAT-led crusade against bump fire stocks and “assault weapons” owned by otherwise law-abiding citizens?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. And bad ones too.

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  1. Woo-hoo, 4 guns taken off the streets. I bet now it’s safe to walk the streets after dark.
    Sarcasm off.

  2. Completely irrelevant but I had to get it out since we aren’t telling people yet- My wife is pregnant with our second kid.


    • Actually, that’s a fantastic question. What’s the penalty for possession of a machine gun? Or for turning a semi auto into a machine gun? Is it life in prison as well?

      • Federally for building or possessing an illegal machine gun it is 10 years and fines of $10,000 or more, plus forfeiting the firearms in question and losing ability to possess or buy guns. I don’t know if MA has their own laws against it a well, but it does sound like bump stocks in Boston are actually worse than possessing an unregistered machine gun.

        I don’t remember which state it was, maybe it was MA, but they even made it illegal to put a bump stock on your legal machine gun. Wouldn’t want anyone with a double speed, bump machine gun!

        • You’ll also very likely get another charge under 26 USC § 7201 that carries up five years and another fine up of up to $100K. That one is for the tax evasion you engaged in by not procuring an NFA tax stamp on your unregistered MG.

        • Strych9,…. The Unspoken spoke of puting a bumpfire stock on a LEGAL machinegun. The tax law would only kick in, if you put it on an illegal machinegun.

        • I was responding to Indy Jones question “Or for turning a semi auto into a machine gun?” and to TheUnspoken’s reply about illegal MG’s.

          Prolly should have been more clear about that.

    • fww, in the original iteration of the bump fire stock law, the stocks would have been legal with a machine gun license. The version that finally passed bans bump fire stocks even with a machine gun license, and the penalty for possessing a bump fire stock is potentially more severe than for possessing a machine gun.

      The Irish Mafia that runs the Commonwealth is savage and crazy.

      • Hey Ralph, you sound like you know this stupid law, so tell me, is the penalty the same (life) if the bumpfire is installed on a bolt action hunting rifle? “Cuz I suspect it is.

        • Larry,

          “…bumpfire is installed on a bolt action hunting rifle?”

          I suspect that you would be disappointed in the performance. 8>)

        • I suspect the penalty would be the same even if it was installed on push broom. Or on nothing at all, still in its original packaging.
          Hell, I suspect the penalty for possession of this piece of plastic would be harsher then for actual homicide.

  3. The real crime here is that someone mistreated that P225. They should be hung upside down and forced to watch recordings of Amy Schumer’s standup routine.

  4. Faced with a life in prison or shooting your way out of the situation I would want to be behind cover when this scenario plays out. You know that the powers that be are going to want to make an example of their authority so watch out people of the uniform, you’re on the front line.

    • If this law is ever enforced, it’s gonna be against someone who has other questionable items in their possession. The kind of person who can’t afford a long, drawn out legal battle. Offer them a plea deal, and this law will see no resistance.

      There’s not gonna be any Waco-style shootout over a piece of plastic, of which maybe a dozen exist in this state anyway. You have to remember, we still have an AWB too, and mandatory regustration thru recorded transactions, so it’s probably never been worth the risk for people to buy them in the first place.

      • If it was available to buy legally for 6 years before Las Vegas happened I am sure that people from Mass. acquired many of them and have used them repeatedly out shooting for fun, just like I’m sure that 80% lowers are used in the Bay State and are probably equipped with bump stocks. Not everybody rolls over and shits their pants when the liberals outlaw something, even in Massachusetts. It’s just human nature.

        • I would certainly hope so. Maybe it’s just me and my network of friends that hadn’t really given much thought to them before Las Vegas,

          Fireworks and slingshots are illegal here too, and I know those are still pretty common in MA. So no doubt bump fire stocks are here too. I just think there isnt enough of them for the police to go looking for them, and certainly hope nobody is stupid enough to flaunt having one.

  5. Democrats own that state, Guess what they planned for the rest of the country?
    So why not pass more Anti -America laws and continue making America a third world Sh**hole
    Molon Labe, Non Sibi Sed Patraie

  6. “and arrested three males on gun-related charges in a six-hour span this weekend.” ”

    1-5 on all being being Hispanic or black.

  7. At the rate of 4 guns every 6 hours and assuming no new guns come in to existence in the USA, they will rid the country of all firearms in 119,863 years.

  8. “Boston Police Confiscate 4 Guns in 30 minutes, then spent 5 and a half hours eating donuts”.


  9. Meanwhile, back at the mag…looks like two JHP (Fed HST??) and four FMJs from two manufacturers.

    • MA requires a license to purchase or possess ammo as well, and no mail orders allowed, so if this individual couldn’t for whatever reason travel north to buy ammo, then thats probably all they could get.

    • It’s not uncommon to find strange mixes of cartridges in guns possessed by criminals. Different calibers, too.

      More than one cop has probably been saved by a misfire thanks to such care.

      • I read somewhere (no idea if it’s true, but I could certainly believe it) that something like half of crime guns aren’t even loaded and another 30% are loaded with the wrong ammo. You’d think you would notice that when you racked the slide, but I’ve seen enough security footage of thugs pulling pants-on-head retarded maneuvers to fully believe it.

  10. A question to all subjects (not citizens) of Massachusetts….why do you still live there when there are free states to live in?

    • That’s why I’m in NH!!!! Yaayyyy!

      I feel badly for my son, though. That’s where his job is.

    • Pretty much every reason except politics. Family/local roots, beautiful scenery (I could never live away from the ocean), the world’s best seafood, rich history, top hospitals, the Red Sox/Patriots, world-class educational institutions (if you put any stock into that sort of thing), good job prospects, and close proximity to more free states.

      Honestly, its worth at least a visit. There’s tons to see and do, even if you couldn’t live in a state that bans fireworks and has both an income AND a sales tax.

      • The Seafood is just as good (better actually) in Maine…a Constitutional carry state with MUCH lower income and property tax and all the beauty without Jamacia plains, Lynn and Roxbury and all the scum that flows out of those (among other) shitholes.

        • ““the world’s best seafood” – Y’all need to hit up Louisiana.”
          Anywhere on the Gulf Coast, really.

          • I’ve never been a fan of any food I’ve tried east of Louisiana (that wasn’t cooked by a relative from Louisiana), and if you get as far west as Houston, I’ve had a hard time finding good Cajun food. I’ve done it; it just wasn’t easy.

      • Great corrupt police, politicians, hideous accent, scumbag sports fans and teams, dangerous streets, dumbass Irish who vote Democrat no matter what shithead is running and I’m irish/Rep. With Boston relatives I won’t visit
        No thank you

    • Louisiana seafood is garbage. Mud-bugs and shrimp, really? Southern food can’t hold a candle to New England seafood.

      • Since we are stating our opinions as objective fact, your opinion is wrong. There is a lot more to it than crayfish and shrimp. Oysters, crabs, and a variety of fish.

  11. Nice photo, you know, with the hammer cocked, the slide forward, and no cable tie or something through the barrel. What could go wrong?

  12. If I was a judge, that would be cruel and unusual punishment. Also an infringement, but hey, I went to law school and learned to read.

  13. I used to buy the Boston Globe for 50 cents from the old man at his sidewalk stand at the corner of Dorrance and Weybossett in Providence, RI. I use to enjoy reading it. Now, I sometimes read the front page without buying it and find it disgusting.

  14. I wonder what the sentence is for an unlawful gun… think they were read their Miranda rights and will get a trial by a jury of its peers? I’d tell my scary black MSR to volunteer but I don’t believe it’s allowed in the state. Makes me wonder if that state is racist (rifleist?). Do the unlawful guns get off early with good behavior… if it just sits there for half it’s term and doesn’t shoot anyone maybe?

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