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There were Brady branded screens in the urinals at the Gun Rights Policy Conference at the Sheraton Crescent Center in Glendale, Arizona in September, 2015.  There were Brady urinal screens at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas in 2016, 2017 and . . . drum toll . . . 2018. Rest assured the screens have nothing to do with the gun hating Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence or, for that matter, Mr Deflategate . . .

And I’m sure that the screens weren’t put in place by the NSSF to lighten the mood during an industry downturn. Nor did the Russian government bribe the hotel staff to put in the Brady screens. And no gun culture organization or individual distributed the screens to express disdain for those who wish ever more infringements on the Second Amendment.

It’s highly likely that the Brady branded piss plastics appearance is merely a coincidence, statistical noise, nothing that means anything.  Really.  I am absolutely certain. It’s just one of those cosmic coincidences that makes you wonder if God has a sense of humor.

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    • Couldn’t let us have fun with it could you? Killjoy. I was gonna ask why couldn’t it be both hating on Capt. Deflate and the Brady nuts? But no you had to come along with your facts and your logic and ruin it all! Here I am content happily peeing on these at work thinking the Brady campaign chose a really piss poor place to put an advertisement. Go sit in the corner and think about all those little moments of joy you just destroyed for gun owners everywhere.


      • Lol the gun grabbers are doing just fine getting “pissed” on by everyone. Just think of this company using that as free publicity! Cheers

  1. since this is where we’re posting weird kinda off topic stuff I figured I’d post this little gem about a new bill hitting the Kentucky Senate in the wake of the Benton shooting.

    Just hours after the shooting, his Republican colleague, state Sen. Steve West, rushed to file a bill to put more guns in schools.

    His legislation would let local districts hire armed marshals to patrol public schools, make citizen’s arrests and protect people from “imminent death or serious physical injury.”

    Marshals wouldn’t have to be police officers, but school district employees in good standing who have a license to carry concealed weapons.

    West’s bill is one of at least two in the state that would allow more guns into Kentucky’s public schools and college campuses. They reflect a sentiment that has found bipartisan support.

    “We need armed officers in every school in Kentucky. That is a small price to pay if it saves one child’s life,” state Sen. Ray Jones, a Democrat, said.

    In the conservative state where politicians routinely pose in ads with guns, the National Rifle Association has an outsized influence in many state elections and the resulting gun policy debates in those legislatures.

    Some Democrats, however, believe the push for more guns is misplaced.

    Democratic Rep. Attica Scott from Louisville said she is “definitely an advocate for gun safety and to me more guns is not the answer to gun violence.”

    Scott has filed legislation that would ban those convicted of hate crimes from carrying a gun and let local governments pass laws requiring gun sellers to use “responsible business practices.”

    “We are sending prayers and thoughts to kids who are clinging to the last bit of faith they have in the system of government that is supposed to keep them safe.”

    Meanwhile, Democratic Rep. Jim Wayne of Louisville has filed a bill that would make it a crime for adults to “recklessly” store a gun without a trigger lock, a measure aimed at preventing children and teenagers from obtaining access to their parents’ guns.

    Note the only two against it are from Louisville and democrats… Since Louisville has been a big blue bastion for decades it doesn’t surprise me a bit.

    and here’s the parent article link:

    Kentuckians start emailing, calling, mailing, and harassing your state senators now and get them to support a real common sense initiative to protect our children in schools.


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