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“Some studies have suggested that watching violent shows or playing violent video games encourages violent behavior (not just play), but high amounts of screen time no matter the content, has been shown to have the same result. And it’s no surprise that context matters, too. If kids have a violent home life, their violent tendencies go up. But if they have safe surroundings and are simply playing these kinds of games, they remain just that — games.” – Sarah Bregel, My Son Loves Playing with Toy Guns – Here’s Why I’m Finally Letting Go [via]

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  1. “But if they have safe surroundings and are simply playing these kinds of games, they remain just that — games.”

    I call that a *win* in the culture war.

    The outright rabidness of the mommy Leftists in their ‘never-any-gun-ever’ stance has to be having a backlash.

    Let’s hope this is an example…

    • EDIT – The comment section for that article is *open* for those who Facebook and it is currently *EMPTY* of comments :

      Perhaps someone could suggest since she is finally allowing toy guns in her home, it would be a excellent opportunity to teach her children what they should do if they come across a *real* gun when they are out of the house.

      Like- 1 -STOP! 2- Don’t touch it! 3- Run away! 4-Tell a responsible adult!

      Or something…

      • Real, actual, gun safety that could save her, or another mother’s child’s very *life*.

        You teach kids to look both ways before crossing streets and not to touch hot stoves, for crying out loud…

    • Oh, goody! I don’t need to “subscribe” or give them money to comment on that site!
      (type,type,type,type,type,type… post comment)

      • Hmmm….I can’t find any comments at all there. When I click on the comments icon, it asks me to enter a comment with my Facebook account…

    • Human intuition isn’t especially good at dealing with low-probability, high-impact events. Examples include airline crashes and shark attacks. Both are very rare, both are far less likely to happen to you than being in a car accident, but people tend to be more afraid of them.

      • That may be due to the illusion of control. People feel comfortable in their cars be they’re in them every day; they drive them every day. They’re the ones directing the action, typically to no negative effect.

        In the air, it’s the pilot who’s flying. All you can do is sit there at the mercy of his or her skill. At the beach, it’s even worse. Not only do you lack any control over shark attacks, but you can’t even see anything leading up to the attack, unless maybe he brushes by you or you see the dorsal fin. It’s probably too late by then, anyway.

        In both cases, not having any control over the events, even if your control isn’t all that effective, as with driving, leads you to register outsized fear of the probability of the event.

  2. I dislike toy guns. People feel it’s ok to give my son guns since I’m a “gun guy.” There are too many training scars that I’m going to have to overcome later. He’s got Eddie Eagle down, but aiming and trigget discipline are out the window. Nerf blasters at least have a consequence to pulling the trigger, and he know to always wear his eye pro.

    • Yes and no. Mostly no. She’s giving in on toy guns for her son, out of expedience and to keep the peace in her own home. However, with real guns, she’s still voting for “common sense” nonsense, which will end up taking away your guns.

  3. FTA “I fiercely believe that we need common-sense gun control laws in our country.” She has merely changed what she tells her children. Her core beliefs are they same as they ever were. Leopards can’t change their spots.

  4. Mommy bloggers. Literally the last place on the Internets that I would visit.

    Unless they have some recipes…

  5. Your enemies are teaching their 3 and 4 yr olds to (not just execute, but) behead their enemies so they can stomach it. Think about that why you try to soften your kids heads. Which un-intended consequences are easier to LIVE with.

  6. Stop the presses! There’s the son of a “mommy blogger” who isn’t being driven to play with dolls! It’s toxic masculinity!

  7. Kids watching mom shack up with a string of men and witnessing abuse probably has more to do with criminal behavior. Toss a substance abuse problem in there and you’ve a full blown tragedy.

    • ^ This.
      If you want stable, productive, non-violent children, they need to be raised by stable, productive, non-violent parents.

  8. This single mother is the true cause of violent homes. But no one wants to hold the only adult, a woman, in the home accountable.

    But the socialist progressives support the Welfare Industrial Complex for women like her.

  9. The Truth About Guns that this babbler has learned is that Boys Will Be Boys. Would that she learn this about other aspects of his life as he grows up.

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