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Elise Venditti (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

Elise Vendetti is a Marketing Director, lapsed piano player and Pyramyd Air shooter. She wanted to know if we wanted to run stories about air rifles and CO2 rifles. She piqued our interest.

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  1. “She wanted to know if we wanted to run stories about air rifles and CO2 rifles. “

    Sure, why not? It’s closer to the focus of this blog than knife reviews.

  2. I’ve a Crossman pump-type .22 caliber air pistol made in the mid ’50s; it’s a formidable little weapon.

    While hardly a .357 magnum, a .22 caliber pellet with a velcity around 500 FPS will take down a nice rabbit dinner and not make a sound.

    Plus, a lifetime supply of ammo costs about $80 and I’ve had a lot of fun filling pellets with lead azide. Those make 2″ craters on pine.

    Hell, many air weapons are already classified as firearms in Калифорния, so why not?

    • Since they are not firearms and can be banned, the city of San Francisco has banned air guns/rifles from being sold by city merchants. It all has to do with the big cities being tolerant (as compared to non-big cities) as one newer post author was writing about recently on TTAG (sarcasm off).

  3. I’ve been angling for air gun reviews for awhile now to no avail.

    I see I was going about it all wrong.

    • Angling, wrong.

      Curving, way to go.

      “I got the angles if you got the curves” or something like that (Howling Wolf? Someone earlier?)

  4. Most Definitely. I am confident that many if not most of us here at TTAG own air guns as well as firearms. Many of today’s air rifles and pistols are far superior equipment to the BB guns of yesteryear, which often times are prized collector’s items today. On another note-Elise is Looking Good……

  5. Airguns are a lot of fun! I don’t live in an area where I can get to a range or public land often, so I enjoy shooting them in my backyard.

    On a side note, I clearly need to start working in the firearms/airgun industry. Apparently that’s where all the cute ladies are hiding.

  6. YES. Pyramid Air has some superb rifles. Some of the .177 push 1200fps. And the target rifles will put ten shots inside a dime. I had a Crossman 160 back in the day. It was a tack driver and pushed a .22 pellet at 650fps.

  7. Airguns may not have the flash of a real gun, but why not?

    They provide a cheap way of training and are means to teach novice shooters. TTAG should do some reviews!

  8. I ordered the new Air Force Talon SS with baffles and it’s super back ordered from Pyramydair. Lots of people are doing the quiet backyard shooting and PCP air rifle can go over 1200 fps now.

  9. I’ve got CO2 copies of my Sig 2022 and M&P 9MM. Both fit my holsters perfectly, same feel and weight and I practice shooting in the garage with the door closed (it’s illegal to shoot even a BB/Pellet gun in my town). Keeps my training up to par and cost next to nothing.

  10. Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses (and carry a gun..)

    However, put the 1911 down and we’ll talk about all the other sayings of Dorothy Parker that are far more accurate that this one…

  11. You do know there are air guns powerful enough to take down a deer, right? And you should treat these with the full respect of any high powered rifle, right?

    And you do know that modern air rifles come in larger calibers than .177, .20, .22 and possibly .25, right?

    All you youngsters had to learn about Lewis and Clark’s expedition of discovery, but did your taxpayer-paid teachers teach you about the marvelous air rifle that Lewis and Clark took with them?

    Hmpf. I thought not, just as I expected.

    Lewis’ personal Girandoni air rifle is probably the single most important weapon in the history of the United States. Without it, I seriously doubt whether the Lewis & Clark expedition would have made it out to Oregon and back. It could fire about 22 .46 caliber lead balls on one reservoir of air, and had about as much muzzle energy as today’s .45 ACP ball round. At 100 yards, it would completely penetrate a 1″ thick piece of pine board.

    Today, there are several gun makers producing very nice high powered, big bore air rifles capable of taking large game. Google (or Bing, if you don’t want to support the clowns at Google’s political machinations) the term “big bore air rifle.”

  12. Airguns, and especially pellet guns, make good training aids. Finding ones with good triggers and enough power to do effective practice at reasonable distances is a trick. I’ve found a pistol and a rifle that allow good indoor practice at 10-12 yards, and ones for small game/pest control. My cheap, accurate, target pellet guns are a Daisy 953 rifle and a Daisy 008 pistol. Great trigger-time training aids.

  13. The airgun blog at Pyramyd Air is on my required daily reading list! Great info.

  14. Part of the allure and popularity of airguns stems from their current “under the radar” status. With how far airguns have come, the line between unregulated and heavily regulated is becoming thinner. As a current airgun fan (Own 12) I on the one hand love to see their popularity grow, but on the other dread when firearm publications begin featuring them. As other commenters have noted, airguns are not the Red Ryders of the old days and are now available as serious hunting weapons. There has already been political attention given to airguns, with some law makers clearly calling into question the reasoning behind not classifying airguns as firearms. Look at New Jersey where you need permitting for an air rifle just as you would a firearm for a recent example.

    At any rate, if it’s going to happen its going to happen. I just feel that increased coverage in firearms circles is going to acclerate the process or even cause some politicians to find a new cause.

    That aside, two other things.

    With airguns, it isn’t FPS, but FPE that matters. Those “1200-1400 fps” claims are inflated and inaccurate, meant to sell airguns.

    Booth Babe? I notice Eva Shockey also labeled as a booth babe. Uh, might be a good idea to look a little closer at these women. They are far removed from the model in skimpy attire who poses with merchandise.

    • Eva Shockey. Elise Vendetti. They’re babes! They may also be knowledgeable about firearms, but they’re still babe.

  15. Where are all these women when I go to the range? Whenever I look around its all OFWG’s!

  16. I used to hunt, now only targets. Have a large collection of air guns. Current goal is 10 shots at 10 meters all in the same hole. It’s a Zen thing

  17. I got my p226 “copy” from Pyramyd Air. Yes, by all means – run reviews and articles on ’em.

    I use my CO2 p226 for ‘backyard practice’; honestly, feels and works much like the real thing. Even kicks a bit. There’s some serious stuff out there nowadays.

    I’ve seen $3000 airguns out there, and plenty with some serious stats. There may not be ‘fire’ involved, but they are definitely ‘arms’, not toys.

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