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“So for people who have not committed gun crimes, or any crimes at all, Obama is taking away their gun rights. But, on the other hand, he is telling felons who committed gun crimes that they are free to go. You get a good idea about a person by looking at their friends and their enemies.” – Todd Herman in Gun rights and Obama’s last three weeks [via]

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  1. Oh, come on, TTAG, he didn’t take anyone’s rights away! Just name one right he took away!

    All Obama did was try REALLY hard to take people’s rights away and fail miserably! Then whine about the fact that he is indeed the president of a republic and we have a system to represent the citizens and he couldn’t get what he wanted…. And put on fake tears in a speech about gun control XD.

    Crying on TV because he didn’t get what he wanted. That sums up Obama’s presidency.

      • Waited until now to do that, huh? Seems characteristically cowardly of him. Hopefully that second amendment coalition thing Donald Trump put together will be more than symbolic and the administration will fix stuff like this.

      • Thank goodness that BO saved us from all of those mentally defectives on SS! I often shudder when I see some old granny shuffling along with her walker and an AR slung across her back and Glock on her hip! God only knows what havoc, death, destruction and chaos they are causing! You see the news stories every day! Or, maybe we don’t.

    • Obama has excelled at prettiness the last few weeks, one can only wonder what’s to come these final few days.

      • I expect to see a *blizzard* of EOs from Obama on the way out.

        I’ve been hearing quite a bit as to how there’s nothing Trump can do about it for at least a year or two on those regs, especially the environmental ones.

        One *tiny* problem with that theory. The only thing the Left can filibuster is his SCOTUS picks, and even that’s debatable since Harry Reid changed the rules once, we can change them right back.


        We pass our own federal law stating that any Executive Order can be immediately rescinded by the president currently in office.

        Problem *solved*.

        We pop some popcorn and laugh at their heads collectively *exploding*… 🙂

      • Obama has excelled at prettiness…

        I would not have used the word “pretty” to describe Obama. Sounds like Ranger Rick has a crush on somebody. 😉

  2. I’m waiting for the hajj to Mecca after he gets out. or his last words in the Oval Office: “Death to America! Allahu Akbar”

    • After Obama leaves office I don’t know when, but he will come out of the closet and declare he is a proud muslim man.

      • Nope. He’s been campaigning for UN Secretary General for a few years now with his actions. That’s his end game.

        • Won’t happen. My understanding the US is a permanent member of the Security Council. UN Secretary Generals cannot come from permanent member countries.

        • “Won’t happen. My understanding the US is a permanent member of the Security Council. UN Secretary Generals cannot come from permanent member countries.”

          So THAT is when he’ll finally admit he’s a Kenyan and produce his birth certificate! It’s so clear to me now!

        • That’s also when Michelle removes her mask and reveals that she’s the gorilla that sodomized Barry in the jungle.

    • You’ll probably have to wait long past January 20th, then. There’s no credible evidence that the guy’s a muslim. He grew up in Kenya? Big deal. Kenya’s 83% Christian and his father was an atheist by the time he was born. And the theory that he’s some undercover muslim trying to destroy America from within is just ludicrous.
      He’s just a run-of-the-mill corrupt Chicago democrat. He doesn’t worship Allah any more than he worships Jesus, Buddha, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. His god is the all powerful state.
      Everything he’s done in office can be explained by that.

      • I do not tolerate my inferiors referring to me as “Flying Spaghetti Monster.” My tentacles have the strength of 10,000 noodles.

        Retribution will be swift and painful. Despair, maggot.

  3. I hope that in 3 weeks this brown stain on the office of the President is never heard from again.
    Just a foot note next to Jimmy Carter and again heard from just as much.
    A lot to ask for but it could happen.

    • Only if someone ends him. Otherwise, we’ll hear him injecting his progressive nonsense into every possible venue for the next 40-ish years. He’s still the MSM hero, the media will still be falling all over themselves to publicly fellate him, and he’ll be granting them their wish of their garnering his ‘wisdom’ and ‘experience’. Or just being near the ‘golden child’ or some shit.

      The prog-globalist machine has created a cult. Their idol is not going to be put in a closet and forgotten.

    • Hey! Jimmah builds houses for poor folk. Obummer would throw away half the nails ’cause the head’s on the wrong end, demand a hammer in any color but assault black, with no claw end, and blame Bush when the concrete forms he ordered on an expired credit card don’t show up.

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