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“Asian Americans have the lowest rates of gun ownership among all demographic groups, according to exit polls conducted during the 2008 presidential election. And a 2016 survey of Asian American registered voters by APIAVote found that 77 percent wanted stricter gun control laws. Even [new gun owner Tony] Gao said he wouldn’t support legalizing private gun ownership in China. Jason He, another Chinese customer, agreed. He thinks it would be unwise for China to legalize private gun ownership, and expressed support for California’s new assault weapon restrictions.” – At City of Industry gun store, Chinese immigrants exercise an unfamiliar right [via]

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  1. Haven’t we learned from these polls? Based on what I see when I go to the range and local gun shops this is not the case. I believe the numbers are high because of the high amount of Asians in Commiefornia.

    • You are called a raaacist if you are against more and more immigration coming to America.
      The new comers of today only want the money.They don’t want to be Americans. Immigrants would be happy to make this country a third world sh*t hole, as long as they can make money.

      Liberty will die here if radical changes are not started.
      Females in Asian societies are not treated very well. But having a small family business in america is better than the country of their parents birth.

      Cheap Chinese labor good. Chinese food good. Anti-gun Chinese thinking not so good.
      Korean food good. Cheap Korean labor good. Pro gun Korean shop keepers, good.
      Kimber firearms is a Korean company. Their factory just moved from a slave state to a free American state.
      I suspect the Phillipine immigrants tend to lean towards the second amendment. Arms core is a Phillipine company.
      I know you can get a cheap shotgun from China. But they want your money. They don’t want our second amendment.

      The Hispanics are they same. They all come from anti-gun socialist societies. Especially Mexico. It is an anti-gun society. Only the criminals and the government get guns.
      And don’t tell me the Mexicans can have a 38 or 22. They only legal gun store in all of Mexico is on a Mexican army base.

      The culture in California has changed.

      • Do some hispanic american law makers want to make americain into mexico???

        mexican gun store.

        Donald Trump got into to trouble because he said he would not be treated fairly by a mexican american judge who is a member of the racist La Raza group. It seems “The Race” is against private gun ownership. They say only the government should have guns.

      • My goodness Chris , but you do paint with broad brush strokes. As a naturalized american whose first act on becoming an american citizen was to register as a republican, I fear that I don’t quite fit into your demographic pigeonholing. And Asia is a geographical region which encompasses many countries. So you should be referring to yourself as a north american at parties, if you really want to be consistent. Are people who come from asian countries here in the US only to earn money? Of course they’re here to earn money. I’M here to earn money. Hopefully, you’re here in this country to earn money too. Unlesss you’re one of those public assistance sponges that democrats love to raise. I believe your rant is confusing Legal vs. Illegal Immigration. Those of us who came in through the front door, so to speak, had to undergo a very difficult process just for the privilege to work in the US and eventually become US citizens with all rights and responsibilities that citizenship entails. I personally have two undergraduate degrees and post graduate work and I hold three professional licences in order to practice my profession in this country. Most everyone else I know that work in my field have about the same background as me as well. Now on the other end of the spectrum would be the illegal aliens that a certain political party and certain bought and paid for republcans invited in with on discernible skills other than as cheap laborers. So, you may want to look around for those polls and surveys that show that the most vocal opponents to mass illegal immigration are actually the legal immigrants. If you only rely on the liberal press however, you would come away with only images of La Raza and other socialist/activist groups. So go back again and look carefully as to who is creating a Third World S**thole. (I’ll give you a hint, think of Detroit}. . And you may want to look into who funds them as well while you’re at it.
        As to the other non sequiturs:
        1. Which asian country oppresses their women? (Only muslim countries).
        2. What “anti gun” chinese thinking? The government of the People’s Republic of China (PROC) is communist and their subjects really don’t have a say in anything. The ationalist goverment of the Republic of China on the other hand is a republic but with a long history of gun control. BUT, while free migration of the red chinese is heavily restricted, and taiwanese can come and go as they please, both groups are well represented in the shooting sports if they’re in the US.
        3. Kimber is korean? Are you confusing Kimber with Kahr? And the story of Kahr being owned by the koreans is a bit of an urban myth. The owner of record is an american citiizen.
        4. You are partially right about filipinos. A percentage of filipinos don’t have a particular like or dislike for firearms. The remaining percentage though make up for that bunch of wussies. Check out “B Adventures Travel Vlogs” on YouTube for a look at just how many gun clubs and open to the public shooting ranges there are there in the Philippines. AND filipinos are well represented in the shooting sports, particularly in NJ.
        5. The comment on “hispanics” you made is a more complex issue. The term “hispanic” by the way refers to people who speak spanish which leads us to the topic of countries that are heavily influenced by the spanish/Spain which did a whole lot of colonizing back in the bad old days. (The Phiippines is the only country in South East Asia gifted with spanish colonization as well which is why filipinos have more in common with latin america than the other asian countries). And colonizition does involve population control which includes disarming the local residents. Hence, the pervasive gun control laws. (If it makes you feel any better Chris, the McKinley administration codified and expanded on the gun control laws that existed under spanish rule).
        6. California is the way it is because the people want it that way. Leastways, the liberals do, and what they say goes.
        7. Lastly, you do know that Norinco is owned by the red army?

        • And everyone is like you? Not All X Are Like That….Time to limit immigration as we did in 1924, it worked out in our benefit.

          Importing leftist voters is killing the 2nd Amendment but nothing.

        • Well Henry Bowman, I imagine that you must be pining for good old days if you’re citing 1924. But why cite that law? You could go back further and bring back the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 which placed a 10 year ban on cheap chinese labor, and that was followed by an amendment to the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1884 which further limited the free movement of chinese living in the US and required them to have a certificate which was then rendered worthless by the passage of the Scott Act of 1888 that denied any chinese caught outside the US re-entry. 10 years later, when the Chinese Exclusion Act expired, it was replaced with the Geary Act of 1892 which continued the total suspension of any immigration into the US for another 10 years. (The cool thing for you Henry is that the Geary Act compelled all chinese living in the US to register and obtain a certificate of lawful residence, as well as denying chinese access to the court system, and denying them bail in habeas corpus cases). But wait! There’s more! When the Geary Act expired in 1902, congress passed another exclusion act which extended the ban on immigration indefinitely as well as denying chinese living in the US naturalization and citizenship. But the goal you should strive for Henry is another SCOTUS decision like US vs. Ju Toy. Now that would be the ticket!
          But before you start your grassroots on-line petition drive, you should ask yourself this. How are you going to deal with me and folks like me? You’re going to have to disarm us first because we’re armed to the teeth. Do you think that all you have to do is get a law to pass that disarms only specific groups you don’t like? You don’t think I’m going to complain to the NRA about my constitutional rights being violated like that? But then again, maybe if you ask me really nice like, I just might give them up for you. The only way you’re going to find out is try.
          By the way, I read the novel too. (Are you going to start a chant saying, “The Heathen Chinee Must Go!”?)

        • Welcome to America!!!, neosteeled001

          If it makes you more comfortable I can complain about immigrant white people? Like Peter Jennings, Canadian, David Frum also Canadian, or Christopher Hitchens. All thee white immigrants came here to make money and did not care to become American citizens until they were exposed as foreigners. Peter Jennings complained about the patriotism of singer Toby Keith. Keith asked why Jennings was complaining about American patriotism when he was not a US Citizen who worked for the ABC news network. A few months later Jennings became a US citizen. Also political commentator David Frum spoke negatively about Pat Buchannan and his pro American speech, I think, at the GOP Convention. When Pat asked him about being Canadian, Mr. Frum denied it at first, then later admitted he was not an American. Latter David Frum became an American citizen.

          Christopher hitches was a little different. He never denied he was English. But he also complained about the American system and culture. All three of these white men came to America and made good money and smeared America in their commentary. Only when it became an “immigrant liability” did these white men become citizens. And they still wanted America to become like the socialist sh*t hole they came from.

          As far as the Asian continent goes, I think only one country, India, allows its citizens to possess hand guns, if they ask really, really nice. Shot guns are available in Japan and Korea on a limited basis.
          1. A sort of NRA for India link below.

          As far as the treatment of females, do you know if women in India are still set on fire if the wedding dowry is to small? I know it was still done in the 1970s.
          2. Can you tell me if the island of Formosa government allows its citizens to possess firearms or are they like communist china???
          3. All ready fixed before you commented.
          4. I like Philippine food also. I did spent some time in the Pacific/ Asian part of the world.

          5. You know Hispanic illegal immigrants from socialist “free stuff” countries, you just can’t have guns, are a growing problem in the USA. And why would sooooo many dark skin people want to come to a raaacist country like America????
          Maybe the United States is not so racist after all.
          But when American law makers and college administrators, put illegals above any natural born American, we have a problem.
          6. When Mexican gangs start chopping off heads and rolling them, on to dance floors in California night clubs, will the culture of California have changed for the better?????


          7. Yes. Now tell me why would a communist country want to sell a high quality shot gun to a capitalist country???
          The British did not sell or trade in high quality rifles to black people in Africa in the 1800s.
          But Americans did sell and trade in high quality rifles to American Indians like the ones used against General Custer at the little big horn.

        • Nothing in your novel discounts the fact that the vast majority of immigrants, whether legal or illegal, from third world countries are anti-2A.

        • When my Chinese colleagues visit the US I take them to my local gun range for “Team Building.” Chinese companies are big on team building activities.
          So we go to the range. They learn basic firearms safety and marksmanship. And I am sure to transfer pictures and video for them to share when they get home.
          When I go to China I can only bring my Recurve bow and field point arrows. At least they haven’t banned those yet.

          • Just so long as you don’t end up training future People’s Army invaders to be better shots…

        • Well Chris, it’s great that you can do research when the need arises. But let me post this anyway.

          1. India, like all other countries in Asia have very restrictive gun control laws. So does Taiwan, and pretty much all the other countries except communist China where private gun ownership is completely outlawed. This is best explained by saying that they’re all like New Jersey. On paper, they have restrictive gun control laws but do have at least one mechanism to allow certain select few, empahsis on the word “few”, to possess a firearm for personal protection. The reality is that only those with political connections or the very wealthy can get these permits.

          2. The practice of Seti is where a hindu widow either choses to, or is forced to be burned alive next to her dead husband. It was never widely practiced, and is totally outlawed by the government. But every once in a while, you hear of isolated cases still occurring. Hey, it’s their religiion. What are you going to do? (You should be more concerned of the ongoing practice of forced abortion of women in communist China. Now that’s barbaric).

          3. As to people from central and south america coming into the US. Did you not get a copy of the presidential memo inviting them to all come down and bring their relatives along because they were going to get free stuff? And it’s good that you pointed out that they’re here illegally. That means that legally, they can’t buy a gun. So your interjecting them into the original story made absolutely no sense, unless you really can’t see or understand the difference. And the Narcotraficantes are a separate issue involving a non-existent southern border. By the way, you do know that central and south america is nowhere near Asia?
          The main issue with this story is that this was written by a reporter for a liberal news outlet. Ever heard of media bias? And even if a percentage of the asian americans don’t particularly care for, or are bothered by the subject of gun ownership. How are they any different from the rest of the US native born population? Not every native born american owns a gun. And not everyone carries one either.

          Lastly, the british government never sold or traded any firearms to the native tribes, but european traders did sell firearms to the tribes illegally. And the native american indians were armed with a variety for firearms in that particular battle. From muzzleloaders to multi shot repeaters. And why wouldn’t Norinco sell firearms to americans? They need hard US currency to fund their REAL weapons development. Norinco makes missile systems too you know.

        • JohnPaschke, How do you you define what a “vast majority” is? And just how many countries are there in asia, or even the world that have a 2nd Amendment like what we have? The short answer is none, with the possible exemption of Switzerland. So to make your statement about immigrants being anti 2nd Amendment is a terrible disservice to those people who never had that right in the first place. It’s like the jews after WWII. about 75% had the Shumer attitude, and only 25% had the attitude would would find in the organization “JPFO”. Go look them up.

  2. Asian cultures do have a long history of being disarmed. I believe that samurai swords are still illegal in Japan even though I suspect that few tax collectors are being cut to pieces these days. The book The Samurai, The Mountie, and the Cowboy has a good perspective on the Asian viewpoint.

    It’s distilled (as I remember it) down to: the group’s benefit far outweighs the individual’s benefit.

    Firearm ownership and self-protection is a VERY individual thing which may or mat not have a group benefit.

    Just sayin’.

    • It is perfectly legal to own a Samurai sword in Japan. It just has to be registered, and it has to be made by a licensed Japanese sword smith or be an antique.

      • Could a licensed smith make you any type of sword or must it be traditional Japanese one? Could you go western pirate and get a cutlass?

        • I get the impression that it has to be a Japanese sword as the licensing board you have to present the sword to be licensed is made up of senior licensed sword smiths, but I don’t know. But anything mass produced is banned, including WWII Japanese military swords.

    • The Japanese restrictions on Katanas (and similar blades) originated in the need to dismantle feudal institutions. Feudal Lords in Japan may not have practiced Droit du seigneur but as in all feudal societies, it was rule by man not by law.

  3. In other words, the Asians they asked are embedded in present California culture. Given that, color me shocked at their response.

    I seem to recall some Korean store owners who had rather different opinions during riots.

    • This may be an unpopular opinion, but isn’t it likely instead that california is the way it is because of the asians?

      • The reason Cali is anti gun is simply because there are so many Latino aliens that vote Democrat for more food stamps, free healthcare, driver’s licensees, and other handouts. The Dems being fascists use these uneducated dolts who don’t speak English as the voting base to get into office and then use that power to propagandize the rest of the state with Prog BS.

        You deport the illegals and California might actually turn Red and pro gun. This is why Trump was elected, he might do it. Thing is, California is so infected with non-Americans that they’ll do a CalExit and become their own country.

      • Except for the last 20 or so years, Asians, even in Cali, rarely as a demographic get involved in politics at large in the US.

        They’re just rolling with the flow most likely. California is fucking itself up perfectly fine on its own without needing help.

      • Aerindel,

        “… isn’t it likely instead that california is the way it is because of the asians?”

        I do not believe that is the case. Rather:
        (1) There is a LOT of Big Money in California tied to Technology and the movie/television industry.
        (2) Technology is all about doing amazing things … some things that were previously thought impossible.
        (3) Movies and television are all about amazing, impossible, and fantastic things.

        When you have Big Money, near limitless possibilities with Technology, and truly limitless possibilities with movies and television, it is easy to be swept up in that environment and assume that reality will bend your will. In other words that environment reinforces the Progressive mindset that operates on altruism, fantasy, and emotion.

        Just one example: an initiative in the late 1960s to finally eliminate violent crime in the greater Los Angeles area. The altruistic goal: a society without violent crime. The reason that people thought it was posssible: the fantasy that multiple helicopters flying 24/7 would be available to see “emergency help needed” flashing light beacons on rooftops of homes experiencing a violent crime and immediately provide assistance from the air as well as dispatching police on the ground to the address … which would eventually lead to an all but crimeless society. And the motivation to accept fantasy over reality: it feels so good to pursue the fantasy solution … which should be totally possible since there is Big Money, Technology, and inspiration from television and movies.

  4. Problem is, they are too used to obeying the edicts of absolute dictators, whether it was the Emperor, or the local warlord, or the Japanese occupiers, or the Chairman of the Communist Party. They have been culturally programmed to obey, therefore if the dictator makes an edict it MUST be right and to disagree is to risk bringing the wrath of the dictator down on them. They need to learn that in moving to the USA they now have the freedom to disagree with the government as well as the Constitutional right to be armed.

    • Selectively bred for docility, or at least subservience. Ignoring the hundreds of generations of natural selection is to ignore reality.

      Sure there is a cultural component as well, but the outright ignoring of the genetic dimension drives me nuts. (Nothing against you, just in general.) Behavior is nature and nurture. These people can’t change their genetics by virtue of their location, and while we can certainly move the needle on the “nuture” part of the equation, the fact remains that they are predisposed to authoritarian rule in their very nature.

      • I think it is more cultural than genetic. Europeans had as much time under the boot of emperors, Kings, and dictators. 1000 years under Roman rule, followed by Feudalism which was absolutely brutal to the peasants. They had just as much pressure put on them to be subservient other than the northern regions of Europe who were spared Roman rule and left to war with each other for centuries.

        • Reggie, Please read Cloudbuster’s post, it’s a chunk of the larger European history. Then take a history course or two that doesn’t start with the word “black”.

          Look, we left Africa for somewhere else because we had a genetic mutation that made us different than those who were content to survive where they were. We didn’t learn it in school, read in a newspaper, billboard, or magazine. We didn’t see it on TV, or the interwebz. We had to do it, it was our nature. Doesn’t make it better or worse – just different.

        • 16V yes, I’m aware of most of that and I’ve never actually taken a black history course and find the subject to be rather dull. Still, I’m afraid your evidence is quite lacking to prove that there is some genetic predisposition to individualism or subservience.

          Given the potential consequences of assigning undesirable behavioral traits to a particular race of people. And yes, subservience is an undesirable trait to anyone who values individualism. To demonstrate my point, one may consider that interbreeding with a particular race will make the white race more docile and lead to its enslavement. Then this is used as a justification to tell others who they can marry, and possibly for a genocide or mass deportation. Is this just a fantastic scenario? No, it’s not, not anymore than the idea that we need the second amendment in case our government should ever turn against its own citizens.

          Anyway, given the potential consequences of people at the same time believing that negative behavioral traits are inherent in a race and that assumption being incorrect, I am going to hold you all to a very high standard of evidence. To make such bold and inflammatory claims, you need to be damn sure you can prove them. You need to have all your ducks in a row, and from what you have presented, you seem unable to even find your ducks, much less put them in a row. You need scientific studies. You need to find some way to compare the behavior of various racial groups, all from the same region and culture, with a large sample size, find some way to determine what is “docile behavior” then you need to repeat the study in various regions and cultures and the data needs to clearly indicate that certain racial groups do have genetic predispositions to particular behaviors.

          Yes, these are high standards, but they are scientific standards. I couldn’t imagine the scientific community accepting such a theory without meeting these standards.

        • Reggie, A genetic predisposition towards any behavioral trait is as readily proven as intelligence or strength. And those ducks have both been scientifically in the bag for decades (whites aren’t at the top, btw).

          I understand why people outside the research community don’t talk publicize this stuff (but the papers and work are all there). Between the SJW nonsense, and the fear (historically justifiable) that some crazed politician will do the wrong thing with it. None of us are created equal, we all have differing strengths, weaknesses, proclivities. Pretending we’re all the same is just childish fantasy and does not correlate in any way to real life. Were it to have even a whiff of truth, there would be no such thing as demographics.

          But that does not mean that we don’t all have the same rights as US citizens, we all are afforded the same opportunities. Nor am I suggesting taking any from anyone, nor are people mindless prisoners of their genetics – outliers happen. I’m making the observation that tigers don’t change their stripes when you move them to a different part of the zoo, and yes, behavior has a genetic component. Failing to acknowledge that is no longer fashionable, but pretending it doesn’t exist leads to an even less complete understanding of why people do what they do.

      • “Selectively bred for docility, or at least subservience…”

        Seriously? You realize how many cultures have gone through generations of kings and dictators in Europe where I’d dare say a good chuck of American ancestry resides? I mean, by this logic, the Jewish people are all super human due to the generations of ancestral workforce slavery in the middle east. Come on, man.

        It’s completely, 100% social, based on the country of origin. Successive generations in this country will water that bias down. First, we took this poll in California. Automatic bias and California is usually the first stop for Asian immigration. Second, I’m willing to bet that if we broke down the demographic by age and generation of citizenship, you’d start to see very well-defined trends.

        But selective breeding? lolz.

        • You realize how many cultures have gone through generations of kings and dictators in Europe

          Europe has always been very politically and socially dynamic. After the fall of the Roman Empire — which was very cosmopolitan and individualistic — there were few really large, powerful nations — much of Europe was a patch-work of city-states that fell into and out of various confederations (such as the Holy Roman Empire, which as the cliche goes, was none of those three things). It was seldom possible to maintain the stereotypical serf to lord relationship without at least the tacit consent of the serfs, because there was always a lord next door (or a relative under your own roof!) who was willing to exploit unrest. This social dynamism is what spawned the merchant class, and enlightenment philosophies of individualism. Remember, the Magna Carta was written in 1215 and codifies the bones of a burgeoning rights-based society more than 550 years before the American Revolution.

        • Ozzallos, Uhh yeah. It’s this whacky thing called evolution.

          We can (and do) it with any living organism we choose. It’s demonstrated every day from the animals and plants you eat, to your family canine/feline, we can actively – or passively – select those traits society/government desires. You misbehave, the government makes sure you don’t live long enough to reproduce, or kills you and your kids. Happened all the time, especially in Asian countries. The Russkies did a great proof with foxes over just afew decades, kill the ones who are aggressive, the rest turn into relative house pets.

          Or do you really seriously support some insane PC notion that we are all tabula rasa and could all be ‘anything we want’? Any of us could be Stephen Hawking, or Usian Bolt simply by working at it? One could have the temperament of Hitler, Manson, or The Dali Lama by just changing environment? None of it’s genetic? Good god, are you really that scientifically uninformed?

          Demonstrating why we’re 20-something in the world in science education…

          Oh, and one more thing, Jewish historians themselves have found no evidence that Jews were ever slaves. They’ve already said the OT is mythology.

    • Asia, far more than anywhere else in the world, is the home of the conformist hive/collective mentality (see also The Borg).

      Sword ownership is controlled and LICENSED? That is a new one on me. And laughable/pathetic.

      • Sword ownership in Japan has been controlled for hundreds of years. Before the Meiji era, only samurai were allowed to wear two swords (the “daisho” pair, consisting of the longer katana and the shorter wakizashi). Sword “types” were defined by length, so a “tanto” (dagger) was a blade about 11″ or shorter; a “wakizashi” was from about 11″ to 23″, and a katana was 23″ or longer (there were also different styles of mounts used for each blade type, but the definition was based on the blade length). Merchants and artisans were allowed to wear only the wakizashi short-sword. After the Meiji Restoration, sword making became a nearly lost art, since the samurai class was abolished. With the rise of Japanese nationalism in the 1920’s and 1930’s, sword making was resumed. After the Japanese surrender in 1945, their new constitution banned possession of all weapons of warfare by private citizens. Exceptions were made for swords forged in Japan by traditional methods, either antique heirlooms, or modern-made by licensed swordsmiths, as those swords were considered to be “works of art” rather than weapons. Japanese swordsmiths are limited to making only certain quantites of swords per year, the quantity based, again, on the category of sword (dagger, short sword, or long sword, and possibly traditional polearms like the naginata and yari). Each blade must be registered upon completion, and each successive owner must be licensed to own that particular blade. If it is sold outside the country, even MORE paperwork has to be filled out to allow the export of the “artwork”. The only swords allowed to ENTER Japan are repatriated swords that were made by Japanese smiths using traditional methods.

      • Sword Hunts: Google them.

        Designed to keep the enemies, both real and potential, disarmed.

  5. I find this to be a locality thing more than anything else. Outside of California from the Midwest to the East coast, these numbers are probably reversed (albeit most likely varies wildly on the North-South axis of the East coast).

    Integration is fairly good for the generalized Asian population, so if the state is pro-gun, they probably favor or deny gun rights based on their state community.

    It’s a pity Asia/the Pacific is on the West coast side. Many Asian cultures would jive well moreso with the modern East coast socio-cultural values and traditions. With California in the way they essentially reinforced progressive statist ideas for any new Asian immigrants, rather then letting them embrace the true American dream and self-independence.

    As well, we have to remember this study probably has a fair amount of communist-raised mainland Chinese. They probably don’t see an overt problem with government bounds in the US because the PRC is far worse. Their standard for comparison is probably off, not to mention tons of anti-gun and civil rights propaganda ingrained in them.

  6. Part of the problem with this story is also the cultures asked. “Asian” culture is not monolithic. That said, some of the Chinese answers don’t surprise me, given the number of Chinese immigrants I’ve met. That said, I married a Filipina, and while she had never shot a gun before we started dating, her poppa apparently has an old .45 back home in the Philippines, and a rather large number of her Filipino friends here in the US have a gun in the home. Most Filipinos I know tend to be pretty pro-gun.

  7. Yeah right…California is the home of fruits,nuts and fudds. Where the Hildebeast wins by 4.5 million votes. Not just Asians who suck.

  8. This report is so false as far as California’s Bay Area goes. My local brick and mortar shop has more Asians there than any other racial demographic.

  9. I want to see the raw data, I’m not convinced that this isn’t creative statistics. Also, people who come from places that highly restrict guns, probably aren’t going to admit to having guns to random people…

    • That’s where I’m coming from. I can’t believe there is still anyone at all, anywhere, who believes valid data can be obtained by a guy with a pen and clipboard yelling out “Dude! You own guns?” Pretty sure people who do not will say so, an unknown percentage who *do* will also say they do not, leaving all collected data completely unreliable.

  10. The LA Times should really come to Minnesota and talk to members of the Hmong and Laoatian communities before simply declaring that Chinese immigrants speak for all Asians. Based on what I see at the local indoor ranges, not to mention in politics, the Hmong have a very different (and historically based) perspective than do the Chinese.

    • Seriously. I don’t think it’s sensible to group Asians into one Asian-American group. Asians are very divided and don’t like each other. And like Milton Friedman said, we are a family society.

      • Yo, yo! You finna be a rayciff! Dey not obeyin yo law is dey culta, an you no allowin’ it is da work uh da white devil….

  11. For my own personal safety, I don’t support legalizing private gun ownership in China either. I support disarming both the government employees and private citizens equally for the sake of democratic reforms.

  12. Go to any california gun range and tell me you don’t think this is anything but straight up bullshit. We’ll see how far that nose grows. What you will see at the range is a bunch of OFWG’s in camo and Carhart, a handful of bimmer driving asians of various asian persuasions in Carthart and Izod, a handful of mexican/latino/whatevers in Raiders swag & flat billed Raiders caps and finally: probably but not always absolutely zero blacks but any present will be in saggy pants oversized Bulls jerseys and dredlocks. Asians in competitive shooting as opposed to recreational shooting are actually a statistically significant number far exceeding black and hispanic numbers combined. Hispanics in competitive shooting are also statistically significant but they don’t blend well with the hispanics in the recreational lanes. 25 years of being a range safety officer learns you up some things.

  13. I’ve been to this gun store. One of the workers there let me hold his 1911. They are nice people.

  14. Wut? American Magic Dirt did not make these immigrants gun loving constitutionalists?

    Identity>Culture>Politics. Non European immigrants will never fully integrate into American Society.

    Immigration is invasion.

    • As a non-Euro America-born and raised son of immigrants, I hope you go and breathe where the air is of questionable safety.

      The US is my home, regardless of my ethnicity. Hell, English is my first language. My father came to the US when he was 8, and in all honesty English is more or less his first language now as well. We celebrate Christmas, we haven’t committed any crimes in my family…so where exactly are we invading?

      Am I an invader because my parents came from someplace else? Is my work or my life worth any damn less because I’m a non-Euro living and contributing to society in a Western nation?

      You probably don’t think so considering what you’ve written. You’re the exact sort of person that drives immigrants to lash out against any thoughts of becoming American; you’re rejecting them and their ability to learn and grow from the outset just because of how they look and how you think they’re raised.

      Bless your heart, I wish your day be as pleasant as you are.

      • NAXALT bro, just because you are/did does not make anywhere close to a majority of those who can/will…

        Build the wall, deport them all, limit legal immigration, end Birth Citizenship. Time to restore our culture and secure our future.

    • “Immigration is invasion…”

      No, seriously. Where do you people come from? And just how do you think American Magic Dirt affected your ancestry? From Europe, land of kings and oppression? Identity>Culture>Politics? That supposition is so flawed, it’s not even funny.

      • From England, land of the Magna Carta and enlightenment Europe, the incubator of the ideas of John Locke. Yes, indeed, freedom was in their DNA and the ones who settled in the colonies simply took the next step. The fact is that non-European cultures have never created anything similar without Western prodding: modern Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and India would not be the relatively free societies they are without British and American influence.

      • I’ll let Alexander Hamilton explain:

        Resuming the subject of our last paper we proceed to trace still farther, the consequences that must result from a too unqualified admission of foreigners, to an equal participation in our civil, and political rights.

        The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common National sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias, and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education and family.

        The opinion advanced in the Notes on Virginia is undoubtedly correct, that foreigners will generally be apt to bring with them attachments to the persons they have left behind; to the country of their nativity, and to its particular customs and manners. They will also entertain opinions on government congenial with those under which they have lived, or if they should be led hither from a preference to ours, how extremely unlikely is it that they will bring with them that temperate love of liberty, so essential to real republicanism? There may as to particular individuals, and at particular times, be occasional exceptions to these remarks, yet such is the general rule. The influx of foreigners must, therefore, tend to produce a heterogeneous compound; to change and corrupt the national spirit; to complicate and confound public opinion; to introduce foreign propensities. In the composition of society, the harmony of the ingredients is all important, and whatever tends to a discordant intermixture must have an injurious tendency.

        The United States have already felt the evils of incorporating a large number of foreigners into their national mass; it has served very much to divide the community and to distract our councils, by promoting in different classes different predilections in favor of particular foreign nations, and antipathies against others. It has been often likely to compromit the interests of our own country in favor of another.

      • Ozzallos, Just off the boat, or really have no idea why you’re here, other than for the money?

        Are you really so ignorant of European history that you don’t know your spoutings to be ridiculous, or are you that much a PC cuck?

    • I agree, and you can’t just dump all Asians into one category either. Out here in cali there are tons of hmongs (TRUE refugees BTW), mien’s, and vietnamese who are HEAVILY armed and the Hmongs especially can out hunt and survive just about everyone. Right now there is a trend where blacks are targeting chinese because they have figured out they are the ones with cash but no guns.

    • a whole lot of the comments are also bs and by no small measure racist. a lot of good germans in here.

      • How are they racist?

        Because they understand that not all people understand or value our cultures, values, and teh pre requisites needed to maintain freedom?

        • More than anything else, it’s racist just to overgeneralize Asians both from the BS poll described in the article to the comments here. It’s not quite open animosity but a passive-aggressive distaste for any analysis of foreign peoples in the US.

          One person is going “Asians are bred and inclined to be subservient.” I bet he’s one of those “fifth column” wannabe-ISIS fetishists who think non-white women should be subservient to whites.
          Another person is going “Not All X Are Like That/NAxALT,” so contrary to any appearance of any nationalization, just wanting to curtail it entirely under the pretext of protection.
          One guy wants to disarm Asians (albeit I don’t follow the comment sections enough to know he’s a joker or if he means it).
          One comment says the non-Western nations were nowhere near their own individualist Enlightenment (which is highly ethnocentric if you know different parts of Eastern history that tried their best to do so). It’s the White Man’s Burden Electric Boogaloo explanation for imperialism in how that’s supposed to qualify as a valid argument for simultaneously not letting them in to a new country and allowing them to learn to integrate and furthermore that it’s tacitly okay for the West to do the reverse or that it retroactively absolves Imperialist colonization from Europe into the rest of the world.
          Hell, we’ve got one person saying any and all immigration of non-Europeans to the US is tantamount to invasion and the same guy saying because Hamilton dislikes foreigners as well, it’s valid to ignore any and all who would willingly naturalize.
          For god’s sake, we’ve got a wannabe brownshirt calling other people a “PC cuck” probably because whatever the person they were talking to said disagrees with something they like. Apparently insulting someone further helps them come to your side of seeing things; we all know that Hillary Clinton won so many of us gun owners over that way in her own campaign.

          It’s not so much any perceived malice in this thread that amazes me; it’s the willful desire to just flat out generalize and preemptively punish entire groups of other people, of whom are wildly disparate as the people and states of the union.

          We might as well call foreigners part of a “basket of deplorables” and be everything the Blueberry Left is in Red Cherry flavor.
          The line between the us and them grows thinner every goddamn day and sometimes I’m ashamed to be a part of the side I know is right in spirit and the natural rights of men, but often so very vile in its justifications.

  15. Almost all the Asians I know are Chicoms here on student or work visas, so I’m glad they can’t vote.

  16. How about we stop importing immigrants who oppose our fundamental rights? If Gao and He want a gun-free society they are welcome to go back to China.

  17. My grandfather came to the US after fighting as part of the Filipino resistance against the Japanese in WWII. He taught my father to cherish the 2nd Amendment, who in turn taught me. Hell, of all my shooting buddies, my Korean friend is most avid.

  18. It would seem to be a culture thing.

    My wife and her brother are both Korean, adopted by white parents in Wisconsin. She’s a total gun nut and her brother is an avid hunter just like their dad. Both were raised, as they put it, “in milk” and neither holds the views typical of an Asian as far as I can tell… well other than an unnatural hatred of the Japanese.

    • Lol having worked for a Japanese company I can assure you the feeling is mutual.

      This country is made of up immigrants and even that means you too white people as inconvenient of a truth as that may be. Immigration is also an important part of our economy as well. Unless your idea of a ideal society is all blonde haired blued eyed people walking around and if that’s the case your outa luck because both the nazis and the south lost the war and your going to have to get over it.

      • I’m not sure why the Japanese would hate other Asians with the burning passion of 1000 suns but I totally understand why the Chinese and the Koreans hate the Japanese.

        As for the rest of your post; if you absolutely can’t stop yourself from preaching as if you know how I feel about a topic, please learn the difference between your, you’re and yore. I can handle the imperious sermons and I can handle terrible grammar, spelling and a general butchering of English.

        What I can’t handle is when you combine preaching and corruption of the language you’re trying to communicate in.

        • When you begin to point to grammar errors especially on a site so sophisticated shall we say as this one you’ve already lost.

        • When you decry xenophobia and racism while sporting a patently racist screen name you’ve lost before you said a word.

          Now, make like a tree and fuck off with your pendantic sophistry aka non-so subtle racist bullshit.

        • If only he was a “PROUD american”, he might be a bit more tolerable. But I’ve never met the MX ex-pat who calls themselves anything but “American!” unless they’re some La Raza racist who thinks “MX will get their country back” or some such.

          Why is it nobody ever refers to themselves as a hyphenated American unless they are seeking handouts, and victim-status?

      • Yeah, total crap, how do you explain wages/increase in living standards in the 1950s and 60s? The idea we “need” immigration is crap.

        Also this nation was founded by the descents of settlers, not ‘immigrants” they come after the nation is founded. Maybe you should stop repeating lies, myths, and leftist cliches.

  19. The feeling on guns is definitely changing in Philadelphia’s Asian community. They have been subject of many of the Home Invasions in the area. Homes or folk living over a local takeout resturant or nail shop. They deal in cash and many do not make bank drops. They are finally raising noise politically but too many have suffered & folks are arming up. Take out delivery drivers are another hard hit bunch. Many a driver setup for ambush roberries. Then there were some laundrymat robberies. Lone Asian managers at night look like targets to the thugs.

  20. There is one absolutely true statement here: it would be a horrible idea for the Chinese government to legalize civilian firearm ownership.

    Something about slitting your own throat.

    • As with many things the horribleness of the idea depends on your point of view.

      From the perspective of the Chinese government, it’s certainly a bad idea.

  21. Asian-American here (with the emphasis on American). I do what I can to bring others back from the dark side.

    My parents were afraid of firearm ownership, but I’ve converted them (a shooting range trip does wonders). They never had an issue with others owning guns, but didn’t want to own one themselves. Now they’re as pro-2A as everyone here. My father will be the first in line if/when NJ becomes shall-issue for CCW licensing.

    Cultural change takes generations, and I’m doing my part as best as I can.

  22. Long time reader and first time poster. (yeah, its cuz im yellow…literally)

    So reading the article and the comments above I felt driven to share a comment or really a TLDR essay.

    My family is from China and I am what you call a first generation chinese or american born chinese (ABC). My California/Silicon Valley childhood was mixed with both the “Chinese/East” and “American/West” cultural viewpoints. Since I was 5 years of age I had the addition of a very welcomed “white devil” step-dad whose lineage traces back to the Mayflower. Joined the US Navy when I was 17, traveled quite a bit, worked abroad, worked at many startups, cofounded a not very successful tech company, got married to a native Chicago Polish/Eye-talian firecracker and thru it all met many many ppl from all walks/cultures/colors/beliefs/status/hygiene etc. Enough about my background. Lets cut to the chase.

    From my experience the article “seems” to be valid as to how Asian Nationals view gun ownership/control in this country and their own respective countries.

    Gonna be bold here and say most immigrants are coming to the US for a better life. This could be high skilled workers looking for better pay, getting a better education, escaping horrendous conditions, fleeing persecution or just the dream of making it. Sure there are “bad” apples, but should they affect the rest? Imo, no. Most immigrants see “the land of opportunity” rather than the “land of support the 2A or go home”. They are no different than any other human being, they want to take care of themselves, their families, be happy, be safe and hope for a better future. They get angry, annoyed, paranoid, confused, lost, just like any American that loves Murica.

    Their opinions are probably coming from a very pragmatic viewpoint which might look like;

    “Do I want crazies owning guns? Do I want crazies who have gone to jail for violent crimes to own guns? What’s really the need for a fully automatic weapon or high capacity magazine? Sure stricter gun controls make sense, i’m just happy to be owning a gun of any sort.”

    They are simply not coming from a mindset/culture of “molon labe” or progressive libertarian values which is very indicative of conservative America.

    However, I have seen consistently, at my local FFL, (and most of other FFLs I frequent) a tonne of Asian Nationals/Green Card holders jump on the AR-15 craze. Chinese (as are most asians) are considered quite a pragmatic bunch (both good and bad). If they can’t get guns in Asia but can do it in America then why the fuck not. Do they think it’s a smart idea for their respective countries to allow it? Unlikely. Why would they? They grew up without it. They weren’t raised with the idea of what the framers of our Constitution instilled in America’s core “privileges”. Personally, of all the PPTs I do thru (about 30x in the last 6 months) ~30% have been Asian. Granted I live in the Silicon Valley with a high concentration of asian/asian americans.

    I love that I can live in a place and own guns. (wish there was less government interference but that’s another post) I love that I can defend/protect myself, my family, friends and ppl who need protection if I can help. I love researching/playing/chatting about anything tactical or SD related. Most of all tho, I love people. Not just Americans, but people who, like me, share the common human experience.

    I’m going to keep trying to defend and help people that need it and that means for both americans and non-americans.

    Rant over.

    • “Most immigrants see “the land of opportunity” rather than the “land of support the 2A or go home”. They are no different than any other human being” – They are different. The U.S. is the land of individual liberty above all else. People from third world countries don’t realize, or don’t care, about that. They solely care about the opportunities to improve their personal situations.

      “They weren’t raised with the idea of what the framers of our Constitution instilled in America’s core “privileges”” – Sorry, they are NOT privileges.

  23. I’m not sure why RF quoted this piece the way he did; I took it as more of a “This is what it means to live in a free society” awakening, and, per the article (which must have caused great angst for the LATimes to publish), there’s a lot of “awakening” going on:

    [ QUOTE ]
    In Los Angeles, Chinese immigrants frequent Gun Effects, a firearms store housed in a City of Industry strip mall that includes a boba tea spot, a massage parlor and a dinosaur-themed Taiwanese restaurant.
    On a recent weekday, a line formed at a bilingual English and Chinese sign-in sheet as Tom Petty crooned over the store speakers. A few customers puzzled over a Chinese translation of the handgun test beneath an empty wall where the store once displayed assault weapons — all of which were snapped up before California’s tough new gun control measures take effect Jan. 1. The legislation was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in July in the wake of simmering outrage over mass shootings in San Bernardino and Orlando, Fla.
    Across the state, sales have surged for semiautomatic rifles with bullet buttons, devices that allow for quick switching of ammunition cartridges and are banned under new law. Overall firearms sales increased by 40% over last year, according to the state Department of Justice. 
    In November, voters also approved Proposition 63, which outlaws the possession of magazines with more than 10 rounds, expands background checks for those buying bullets and makes it a crime to fail to report a lost or stolen gun. 

    At Gun Effects, Chinese buyers have shown up in droves to buy the store’s stock of soon-to-be restricted firearms. 
    Kai Kang, 48, of Irvine, lined up to purchase a scope for one of his guns. He remembers being curious about owning a gun when he came to America about a decade ago. In China he was in the military, but he never thought about owning a gun for his personal use.
    Once he had his green card, he decided to try it out. Gun collecting eventually became a hobby. He goes to shooting ranges with his friends and keeps guns in his house for protection.
    “I have short guns, long guns, handguns, AR-15s, rifles. I bought one, then I just kept buying more,” Kang said.

    Gun Effects’ popularity with Chinese customers could have something to do with its Chinese ownership and bilingual services. The store’s owner, Dennis Lin, was born in Guangdong, China, to a dim sum chef and his wife. He came to the U.S. when he was 3 years old. 
    Lin, 29, grew up playing with airsoft guns and started a business selling gun accessories online after graduating from college. When the business grew, he opened a store. 
    Business was slow at first. He placed online advertisements, but they failed to increase demand. Still, about a year ago, Chinese customers began to show up in large numbers.
    “I don’t even know how this happened, really,” Lin said. “In the past, most of our business has been with non-Chinese customers.”

    Now about 40 percent of customers are Chinese, Lin said. He hired two Chinese-speaking employees and ramped up his study of Mandarin. He also travels to China several times a year to learn more about Chinese culture, which he never had much connection to as a kid.
    In China, he’s careful never to say that he sells guns for a living.

    “They do get nervous,” Lin said. “It’s like a taboo.”

    Chinese customers often have questions about legality and safety, said Queenie Yang, one of the store’s Chinese-speaking employees. And many of them need time to get comfortable with even holding a gun. 
    One Chinese customer new to the country started shaking when he held a gun for the first time, Lin said. When he handed the gun back to Lin, it was soaked with sweat. 
    “I just tell them don’t be scared. It’s legal here,” Lin said. 

    [ /END QUOTE ]

    • haha! sounded good at the time. so figuratively on both fronts. posting and the asian stereotype.

      • Dated a Chinese woman years back who’s parents fortunately got out of China in the late 50’s.

        She and her brother would ask about what was going on there before they left, but never wanted to discuss it…

  24. Don’t think of me as a fudd on this one but I say allowing gun ownership might be a bad idea considering how many times I’ve witnessed fights over the most trivial things when I was living there. Now from what I know, there are still firearms out there that were missed during the confiscation. I would say if there is an introduction of firearms. It should be restrictive to reintroduce the concept of public gun ownership and then slowly loosened over the years until it reaches to a level to say like Canada as I dot see anything coming close to what the US is gonna have in terms of freedom.

  25. However, the article states “Asian Americans”, not Asian Immigrants Whether born here or naturalized, there’s a bit of a cultural difference. One of my daughter’s best friends was born in China, adopted, and brought to Texas the minute she was old enough to travel. Seriously, she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about China’s politics. Nor California’s gun grab, since it doesn’t affect her. Raised by white adoptive parents, she’s the All American girl next door type. Often at the gun range. Strangers would label her Chinese American, I’ve known her too long to put any kind of label on her, with the exception of having to describe her, as above.

  26. I’ll bet the Koreans who defended themselves in the Rodney King riots remembered the example of the hundreds of ethnic Koreans lynched in Japan after the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.

    How do you say, “Never again!” in Korean?

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