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  1. Keep in mind to keep your finger off the trigger and mind whats behind your target. Happy new year’s.

    • SJW version: Keep your finger on the target and mind what you’re triggering.

      Happy New Year, TTAGers.

  2. Happy New Year

    Almost the second now here in Australia.

    Short hunting trip next week. Then get ready to head to USA in February via Vancouver and New Zealand. Not bringing firearms as way too much paperwork.

  3. JWM
    Thank you

    Weather is predicted to be 40 C or about 104 all next week but it is only dates friend and I could fit in.

  4. JWM

    This year is a bit hotter than usual. Will have two 12 volt fridges and large esky and ice with us. Fast work required.

    On a seriously warm day in the same forest four years ago the case of my windscreen mount gps partly melted. Jammed the on/off switch at on

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