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A SIG barbecue gun? Why not? Read the full write-up here.

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  1. I’m a fan of all metal, and SA/DA as well…but lets face it, SIG needs to put their designs on a diet, they look very 1980s and that’s a bad thing. The elephant in the room that you overlooked is that the slide rides way too high over the frame. Most of Sigs designs are far too big, bulky,and blocky by modern standards, its the ultimate “brick” gun, and I don’t need their goofy decocker cluttering things up either. I’m sure you’d reduce recoil as well with some reenginnering and lowering of the slide. Giving it 5 stars for style is like giving a fat b!tch a 10, you just can’t do it because the extra mass is an automatic deal breaker. You’d do much, much better with a CZ75 Compact with a trigger job, and it was made in all stainless too…now that’s a real gem and an heirloom, like a Colt Pocket Hammerless.

    • The CZ crowd hating on Sig is like the Glock crowd hating on 1911s. You dont get it and you never will.

      • I get it because I shoot both (actually a P226 Mk25) which I didn’t have to buy…thank god. Apparently the military gets it too because they’re ditching the P226…go ask the seals. The only one in the room who doesn’t get it is FLAME DELETED. You gotta look past the name and honestly evaluate something…and when you do that, the truth is that Sig needs a real rethink to their designs.

        • @ Madcapp
          Well you know what they say about opinions, (opinions are like ass— everyone’s got one)
          I carry a Sig P229 Elite. I like it, I shoot it well and quite honestly, I don’t give a flying *^#%^* what anyone thinks.
          Happy New Year!

    • Style is 100% subjective. And some guys do prefer fat mean ones. Also, lowering the slide and or bore axis in no way reduces recoil. Newton’s third law is inviolate in this context.

    • @ Nelson:
      Those big stupid wings on the back of rice-grinders were ugly as hell also. But guess what, some people liked them.
      Here’s a cold hard fact so listen up. EVERYTHING is the way it is because of the STYLE or PRICE.
      Functionality has very little to do with anything. The best design on the planet is destined to fail if the style or price isn’t in line with overall desire.

      Your personal preference has ZERO effect on those who do like something. I think my Sig P229 with the extended beaver tail and rosewood grips is an elegant looking weapon and I’d gladly and happily show it off against ANY M&P or GLOCK any day of the week and twice on Sunday. If people want to get on their knees and bow to a GLOCK like it’s gold, knock yourselves out.

      • Ok, but can we all agree that the Kriss Vector (threw up in my mouth a little just thinking about it) is the ugliest gun ever created?

        • I saw one of these yesterday and could not figure out why anyone would want a framing nailer in FDE.

          Attention TTAG editors: anyway you can make your site mobile friendly and/or get rid of the hyper aggressive Brownell pop ups? Super fucking annoying. I now have a negative association with Brownell and won’t be buying anything from them anytime soon as a result.

  2. I called Brownell to tell their customer service rep I would never buy from them because of this ad. I was polite and let him know it wasn’t his fault, but I wanted to tell them. I’m sure it didn’t go anywhere.

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