Michael Bloomberg wants to be America's 46th President. Screen capture of YouTube video.
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Radical, gun-hating Democrat (and long-shot presidential contender) Michael Bloomberg offered his thoughts following Sunday’s West Freeway Church shooting. Of course, big gun control’s sugar daddy wouldn’t admit that good guy Americans and their guns saved lives in that church on Sunday

Instead, he said that despite the evidence that millions of people saw for themselves, only police should have guns and decide when to shoot bad guys in America.


You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.

Daddy Bloombucks, Gun Control, Inc.’s biggest financier, once again makes his true beliefs clear for all to see. In short, guns are dangerous and America’s knuckle-dragging bitter clingers simply can’t be trusted to own or carry them.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg has the finest armed executive protection detail money can buy.  At the same time, he tirelessly advocates for the disarmament of the little people, leaving them vulnerable to criminals, terrorists and tyrants. He does this both in person and by buying and donating tens of millions of dollars to fund gun control advocacy and politicians.

In other words, rich people like Bloomberg want to enjoy the proven benefits of firearms for self-defense while forcing the little people do without. His words serve as a flashing neon sign showing the elitist, classist nature of gun control.

Of course, we all know that gun control is racist and sexist as well. Racist because it has a disparate negative impact upon “people of color.” Gun control has sexist implications as well as guns are the great equalizer for women against larger, more powerful attackers. Anything that makes gun ownership more difficult for women endangers them.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans have seen one version or another of the video from the West Freeway Church of Christ. The footage (below) shows everyday Americans bravely putting down a would-be mass murderer in a mere six seconds.

What’s more, those who are agnostic on the subject of guns have now seen first-hand how all those fables about guns in the hands of “amateurs” (a lot of them) didn’t result in innocent people accidentally shot by good Samaritans.

It didn’t result in a wild shootout or chaos for responding police, either. Instead, good guys with guns unquestionably saved lives.

Even better, that video might serve as a deterrent to potential future church spree killers.  It shows that not all churches are soft targets.

The video will probably also convince more houses of worship to take steps to secure their facilities. Churches with posted “no guns” should reconsider their practice of advertising that their congregations attend unarmed.

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    • What a bleeping MORON this Bloomberg idiot is! When you have seconds to react, the cops will be there in minutes, not a dis on the cops. Bloomberg thinks if he takes everybody’s guns, the criminals will give theirs up! Scary dude!

      • He defines an ideologue . You surround yourself with armed protection you can afford since you are a multi-billionaire, eliminate others their means of self-defense, and are more than willing to just let others die in order to fulfill your agenda. This munchkin doesn’t belong in any office but sitting in some yard as a garden gnome.

    • Any one who has had any experience with Bloomberg when he was the Nanny Mayor of New York will not make the mistake of voting for him for president. .

  1. Translation: I’d rather the bad guy killed more people in the church. I could have really pushed my anti-gun agenda, and they probably wouldn’t vote for me anyway.

    • We just need to keep all of the dead people from voting. It seems where ever you see a close race in the voting polls, all of a sudden and magically appears another 10,000 votes. With 80% of them for the blue candidate.

      • Happened to us in CA back in Nov 2018, and tipped seven districts from Red on Election Night to Blue. Literally thousands of Democrat votes suddenly appeared after midnight.

        Katie Hill – the young woman who recently resigned due to the sex scandal (threesome with her husband and a campaign staffer) – was one of them.

        • A simple ID should be required to vote. That is not racist. I had to show ID to receive a few cents for some scrap copper pipe pieces when we did a home re-pipe!

          Bloomberg is among the most dangerous politicians out there!

    • That’s the definition of ugly truth. He would’ve much rather the shooter could’ve stood up front and slaughtered as many as possible. They he could say “See?”

  2. John, you’re preaching to the choir here – maybe except for the likes of Vlad Tepes and his ilk, who are beyond redemption.

    I’d be more interested in learning what King Mikey plans to do with his money in regards to King Ralph and the Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary situation – something he surely can’t abide and let stand.

    • He us running daily ads in VA right now blaming the NRA and promising to “take them on”. His ads also tout his so called 400000 jobs he created. He will win VA. Count on it.

      • No, Bloomberg will not win Virginia or any other State. He is hated by most factions that make up the Democrat Party.

        • ‘Super Tuesday’ will show the lay of the election land…

        • The black vote is the decider on Super Tuesday. I am sure that they are all onboard with only cops should have guns and decide when to shoot..

        • One only has to read up on the Waco fiasco to see how well trained FBI agents use their power wisely. They could of arrested that cult leader many times when he was in town picking up supplies. When they laid siege to the Waco compound they played loud highly amplified heavy metal rock music to keep their prey awake around the clock and disorientated. What they really accomplished was to drive their prey closer together and verify their belief that the FBI was acting as a tool of the devil. What a bunch of nincompoops the FBI supervisors were. They killed women and children. These are the James Comeys who have done nothing but disgrace the FBI.

        • bloomberg is laboring under the misconception people actually like him…his money?, yes…him?…no….

      • Just heard he’s spent over $130 million since he announced he was running. The advertising folks and TV and net folks love him. He’s busy spreading the wealth…to other wealthy folks.

        • It’s nice to think we still live in a place where a billionaire can stop and help out the less fortunate millionaires in his midst. No doubt that would have been the premise of “A Christmas Caroll II”, had Dickens written a sequel.

  3. What if the church people had missed the target? Innocent drywall or furniture could have been harmed.

    Only SWAT trained snipers should be allowed to have guns. Like Lon Horiuchi, they never miss.

    • He actually never missed though. He was just the psycho the FBI sent when they had decided there were no innocents (i.e. everyone present had snubbed governmental authority and was therefore an enemy combatant to the US government, not a citizen) and sought to maximize casualties.

  4. He scares me the most. He bought Virginia last year and has enough money to buy the election. And before y’all chime in that he can’t, he can. He has, he will. He owns NY, VA, CA and likely MD CT and is turning NH and VT. The man is a clear and present danger to the Republic.

      • Superdelegate votes matter. While I agree he is dangerous to liberty the lack of critical thinking required to support him (and similar power seekers) and the numbers of such supporters are a bigger danger than any wannabe tinpot dictator.

      • The person with the most money wins elections somewhere around 90% of the time. When someone with less money wins, it is an exception. The problem is a large multitude of voters do not vote based on the concepts of individual liberty and natural rights. The other problem is the people running for office often don’t hold those beliefs or concepts either. This is how we get all of the wonderful infringements on the people in areas where it is expressly forbidden by the constitution. If the legislators are unable to follow the law of the land, then what incentive is there for the people to follow it?

        • I believe there is such a thing as “enough money” in an election. If one party running for president, for example, has $400 million, and that is enough to get his/her platform recognized and understood, if it is what the people want then he will win even if his opponent spends $1.2 billion. Contrariwise, if the best candidate ever can only raise $27.46, he will lose to the one who spent only $200 million, who in turn will lose to the one spending $400 million.

    • Look at what Bloomberg’s imitators have done to the state of WA.

      Don’t underestimate him, and especially don’t underestimate what his money can buy. This guy is a clear threat to everything we’re trying to defend, and he will be until he’s dead or has no more money. (Which means that he’ll be a corrosive agent long after he’s put into the ground, because his money will fund the enemies of liberty for a very long time.)

    • If he is still running after the Democratic Convention, it will be as an independent. He’s a cold bastard with few friends in the party.

      • We should all pray that Bloomberg does run as an independent. That way he would split up the nut job votes and give President Trump an even bigger victory. I just love watching the Democrats eat their own. Their strength lies in the fact that they share same quality: STUPIDITY.

  5. Yeah, and only royalty wanna be’s would desire to take away abilities of the people they want to rule, to defend themselves. From the scumbags they helped to create! 🖕

  6. The only important concern about Bloomberg is how he spends his massive fortune and his continuing cash flow. Unlike Trump, Bloomberg really is a billionaire. Also unlike Trump, he happily spends vast amounts of his own money on his personal causes. Unlike Trump, Bloomberg is ready, willing and financially supremely able to dump hundreds of millions into campaign advertising.

    Which does not need to benefit Bloomberg’s candidacy to achieve Bloomberg’s goals. That’s the point, he has the money to spend and the willingness to to spend it helping the anti-gun cause generally, or specifically in favor of some other candidate.

    This is why we should be concerned about him. Not over his laughably stupid anti-gun rants, but because of his enormous fortune and his willingness to spend it massively.

    • DVRs were invented to speed through ads like this turd. And I bet most have noticed by now, political ads over and over and over get you pissed off so bad you vow to NEVER vote for that asshole. Meanwhile, a better candidate can get the media to cover him nonstop even before he wins his first term, the only breaks being for the loser’s megamillion dollar advertisements, staged, stilted, clearly lies, and increasingly desperate. Bloomberg will lose.

    • This is the next day, so it’s unlikely that this will get read. Trump has several advantages over Bloomberg. Trump’s social media game is stronger, his ground game is stronger, he has proven that he can win while being outspent (Hillary outraised and outspent him 2-1).

      Trump has a higher approval rating now than he did leading up to the 2016 election and an incumbent advantage. Bloomberg is late to the game and not even a top tier Dem at the moment.

      Not that I don’t think Bloomberg is a threat to gun rights. I just don’t see him as a threat to the White House. I doubt even Biden is worried about Bloomberg and Biden is a weaker candidate than Hillary in every way.

  7. “You just do not want the average citizen carrying a gun in a crowded place.” — Michael Bloomberg

    I have a sneaking suspicion that most/all of the survivors in that Texas church vehemently disagree with King Bloomberg.

  8. “Did you really think that we want those laws to be observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against—then you’ll know that this is not the age for beautiful gestures. We’re after power and we mean it. You fellows were pikers, but we know the real trick, and you’d better get wise to it. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be enforced nor objectively interpreted—and you create a nation of law-breakers—and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr Rearden, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with. — Ayn Rand

    Now do y’all understand?

  9. I disagree with the draconian tyrunt. It’s possible that my mind is adversely affected by those 44 ounce Dr Peppers from Sonic.

  10. Notice all the “offensive” American flags behind the little POS. Those flags are conspicuously missing almost every time a Democrat speaks. It took those Democrats days to come up with that idea thinking that’s all it takes to convince anyone who disagrees with them.

    • remember when the lone flag fell over and no one rushed to pick it up?…says all you need to know about the DNC….

  11. Face it, there are millions of people in this Country who completely buy into Bloomberg’s thinking and the scariest thing of all is that he has a constituency (maybe not so much him personally according to his current poll numbers) that is willing to give up their personal autonomy in exchange for “The Government” providing everything for them. We have raised several generations of “citizens” who hold ideas completely and diametrically opposed to the Founders – and they vote for like minded politicians.

    It’s trite, but true, to state that the 2nd Amendment was put in place to assure the people the means to resist arrogant dictator wannabes like Bloomberg, but the 2A offers us no protection if people have no desire to resist.

  12. In Capitalvania elections are bought not won. Get used to your new President. I give you the next President of the U.S. of Hey Komarade Bloomberg.

    In all seriousness the Republicans will love Bloomberg. Secretly the Republicans have never been pro gun so the gun issue is irrelevant to the Republicans but on economic issues Bloomberg is still a die in the wool Republican. Remember Bloomberg used to be a registered Republican. Do you really think he has changed.

    For all you Capitalvanian Greed mongers that regularly step over dead and starving people on the that had no food or health care you will love Bloomberg. He is your kind of President.

    • Your socialist utopia is about to be hi jacked by an old, white, capitalist, billionaire. How does that make you feel?

      • Billionaire Socialists. There is a contradiction in that somewhere. Through historical precedent they have realized if they are not controlling the revolution they will be among the victims.

        • Those who espouse socialism believe that when socialism is installed in the United States they will be in the ruling class. Because socialism is heaven on earth for the ruling class and hell on earth for the proletariat. They believe that most of the people are just stupid space wasters anyway who will vote for them if they are offered enough free stuff. I know there are a lot of them out there, these stupid space wasters, I just hope and pray they never become the majority or God help us.

        • ” Those who espouse socialism believe that when socialism is installed in the United States they will be in the ruling class. Because socialism is heaven on earth for the ruling class and hell on earth for the proletariat. ”

          Funny. This statement works just as well if you take out the word “socialism” and substitute “capitalism”. Which means, either way, the little people are fucked, just as they have always been.

        • Sort of true. The little people who think they will get rich if they vote the correct way, will get fucked either way. The people who want the opportunity to work and earn and invest their way to a better life than any in their family before them will find that under capitalism/free market they can succeed, under socialism the only way is by conquering the government through lies and force, never by working and earning.

    • The elections aren’t bought. Hillary spent far more than Trump last year and still lost. Even the Democrats are crying about billionaires now.
      “Over the course of the primary and general elections, the Trump campaign raised about $340 million. That included $66 million that the billionaire businessman contributed from his own pocket. The Clinton campaign, which maintained a longer and more concerted fundraising focus, brought in about $581 million.”

    • For once Wolftracker hits upon a truth demonstrating why Bloomberg will go nowhere. Communists now dominate the Democrat primary electorate. They absolutely hate Bloomberg because he is a rich Jew, emphasis on Jew. It doesn’t matter how much money he spends no more than 20% of primary voters will vote for him. Do not confuse willingness to take his cash with actual support.

      • He’s read the theory but ignored the history.

        Socialism and Communism are founded and constructed of lies. The founding promises of freedom, egalitarianism, and fair distribution are the first to be broken replaced by oppression, favoritism, and shortages. The government, through their controlled media, lies to the people to present the best view of the country. Officials lie to their superiors and subordinates if anything contradicts the government view. And they lie to themselves even if they personally see something is wrong because they believe this cannot be happening.

        • Margarite Thatcher said it best. Socialism works just fine until they run out of other people’s money.

  13. Sisted Twister says:
    January 2, 2020 at 10:07
    “What if the church people had missed the target? Innocent drywall or furniture could have been harmed.”
    Well, there actually was blood and brain matter sprayed on the wall and I’m pretty sure the flooring required some major cleaning as well..

  14. Make the state responsible for providing armed security at every assembly. See if that fits the libtard list of free giveaways.

  15. I am actually amazed that some anti-2A assbag has not accused those folks of “staging” that whole video.. They could hit the early morning news cycle on all the big time msm and by noon half the country would believe it, hell Vlad will start believing it as soon as IT reads it here….

      • Good thing none of the liberals fell for any conspiracy theories, like: Steele Dossier hookers urinating on bed for Trump actually happened, Trump campaign Russia collusion, Trump is a Russian asset, the FBI and DOJ had no bias in spying on Trump campaign, Schiff and staff have never talked to the “whistleblower,” Trump phone call demanded quid pro quo with Ukraine, illegal aliens never vote in federal elections, Sweden is a socialist nation, legalizing concealed carry will cause bloodbath in the streets, Joe Biden has never talked to Hunter Biden about his business with foreign companies, 100’s of millions of dollars donated by foreign individuals, businesses, and governments to the Clinton Foundation had no impact on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton nor created any conflict of interest, 100,000s of Defensive Gun Uses per year is a myth, anyone who supports Trump is a racist, homophobic xenophobe, etc.

        • They really don’t believe that crap (in fact they know it’s all a lie) but they work together to perpetuate those lies in the hopes of swaying enough fence sitters to their side (works WAY more often than it should)… Much like the Islamists they are permitted to deceive (aka lie) in order to further their agenda of complete and absolutely permanent control over the unwashed masses…

  16. I would really love to hear this moron explain just where he thinks cops get these godlike powers, that make them uniquely capable of making decisions they could never possibly make the day before they pinned on that badge, or the day after they take it off. Or does he think the badge, itself, conveys superhuman powers far beyond those of mortal men? I’m thinking, for example, of the report a few months back of a school principal in Texas who was a retired SEAL officer, but was legally prohibited from carrying in his own school. I would suspect the only police officers within 100 miles with as much capability of making critical decisions under pressure, would be other former SEALs.

    • Just cite the hits on target ratio of various police forces. Up here, in rural California, cops practice, and have a better than 50% hit ration. In NYC, where practice is probably once or twice a year, the hit ratio hovers around 20%. A typical cop (for reasons I don’t understand) does a mag dump on a target, not a one shot stop. I wonder how the antis would feel if the hero of the day had been a plain clothes cop who fired seventeen rounds out of his Glock, mostly misses?

        • That is exactly what came to my mind, have we ever heard how many shots were fired? That was amazing. Conversely, I am forced to continue pointing out, a guy shooting up downtown Austin encountered an Austin cop who shot him dead with a single shot from his service pistol, at a measured distance of 103 yards, while holding the reins of 2 horses with his other hand. Some cops earn their pay.

    • Yes, it is. Very. But Daddy Bloombucks doesn’t do irony. (He has servants for all that menial work.)

      He’s actually a great example of why American Jews have such a hard-on for gun control: they intend to control all the guns.

  17. Mr Bloomberg, I have to thank you for at least being honest. You are attempting to buy a change to the Constitution, and to trash my rights, and those of everyone else not of your elitist class; but your remarks make the choice clear. It should be obvious that you and everyone you support should never be allowed to occupy any public office!

  18. Nah only TTAG commenters need guns cause they make all the right choices all the time and are experts at everything especially shooting and laws and the bonus is they are all in tremendous physical shape.

      • People like him like to ignore civil rights that are inconvenient. In an earlier time he likely would’ve joined the Klan.

    • The white male who attacked the church appears to have worn a disguise in an attempt to appear as a black man while he attacked the mostly white Christian church in White Settlement. He covered himself up with a wig and beard that looked more like an African’s hair than an European’s hair. It appears he put “Black Lives Matter” on the back of his jacket.

      Imagine what would have happened if he got away and everyone thought it was a black man who murdered a bunch of white people at a White Settlement Christian church.

      I wouldn’t be surprised the government doesn’t mention what was written on his jacket and what was in his internet history. They did it before when the motive could have inspired others to do the same attacks.

        • Was the man white? Was he wearing fake “dreads” and curly beard? Did he have “Black Lives Matter” on his jacket? Did he sit next to a group of black people? Did he confront a black man before a white man got in the way? Did he choose a Christian church in a place called White Settlement?

          What kind of reaction could have happened if people thought it was a black male activist murdering white people in their church at a place called White Settlement?

        • Motive does matter. How else do we change things if we don’t know why things are happening?

          We can’t let people create a civil war in America so they can destroy the Bill of Rights. There are a lot of white nationalist Republicans who want to start a civil war (and war with Iran) so they can purge America of the undesirables.

          This church shooter appeared to have planned out a fake hate crime. Likely to start a race war. His internet history would be very helpful to figure whether that was the case.

  19. Just don’t want the average citizen to be carrying a gun. Just let the average criminal walk around with them. Total assh***

  20. Where ever you go around the world, the left is obsessed with control. The annoying part is millions and millions of people give up more of their freedom in exchange of the “free stuff” promised by the left.
    When seconds count, more often than cops cops are minutes away. Even if your local law enforcement agency has the best cops, with all the expected values and skills, they cannot park a cruiser or swat team at every corner. This is common sense and the left hates common sense, they simply dismiss it and get on a rant about other “facts.” The left decided you, average Joe, should not have the option to defend yourself (and others) with a firearm. Just call 911 and help counting the bodies.

  21. Bloomberg and his ilk sincerely believe that it’s their duty, as people who consider themselves to be wiser than most, to control how the rest of the population live their lives for the latter’s “own good”. Guns are just one example. Given power, they make the worst of tyrants.

  22. Never ceases to amaze me that when a member of the wealthy, isolated, protected, powerful elite class steps on a stage and tells the 99% they should turn in their guns a great many of that 99% agree, applaud and assault their peers who do not agree.

  23. Bloomberg: “Good guy with a gun is a fantasy! Only cops should have guns!”
    Good guy with gun: Ends active shooter threat in six seconds.
    Research data: FACTS (not feelings) that show concealed carriers tend to shoot bystanders WAY less than police, concealed carriers get in trouble for violent crimes and gun crimes less than police.
    Bloomberg: “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”

      • We reject your warped reality because history proved us correct long ago. Every Industrial Nation on earth now has National Health Care, Affordable Drug Prices and affordable education except the hill jacks in the U.S. of Hey, shit hole of the Industrialized world. Why would we not reject your insanity.

        • False. The only industrial country not to have a private healthcare option is Canada and they have the United States.

        • Incorrect. “Socialist” healthcare only exists in Europe because America pays for through defense spending. Europe no longer funds massive militaries anymore and relies on US protection from Russia, and they get that for free .

        • By “Industrial Nation” you mean those that embrace some form of National Socialism, you know, like the ideology that lead to Stalin murdering millions or the Holocaust perpetrators, or the recycled horsesh!t of socialist dogma that always devolves into the systematic starvation and murder of the citizenry by a militarized government. Socialism is the ultimate in elitism – even fewer hold any power, with the remainder existing to serve them and the state. East Germany was a Stalinesque Socialist state, while West Germany became a stable western democracy. Remember all those people that risked death fleeing the freedom of West Germany for the oppressive socialism of East Germany? Of course not because it didn’t happen, and only a world class dumbass would do that, but that’s what you suggest with your mindless word drool. Of over 17 million East German residents, over 2.5 million fled by 1961 – NO SANE OR REASONABLE PERSON flees any form of democracy for socialism- only fools.

        • “the U.S. of Hey, shit hole of the Industrialized world.”

          Sounds like a terrible place. I bet no one tries to go there, and the people already there are fleeing in droves.

  24. This is disgusting, these politicians make me want to vomit. If people like Biden and Bloomberg had their way, the whole congregation would be dead, the killer would have his due process, and he would either be bailed out the next day or sit in prison for 50 years on the taxpayer’s dime.

  25. this dumb mf’er needs to stop telling ‘you” want “you” want.. it’s what he wants because he’s a fkn’ nazi and racist p.o.s. with his liberatard, pro-abortion, cross dressing pedophile agenda.

      • Glad you mentioned that. It is what is going on today with the Super Rich Greed Monger Republicans prostituting for the upper 1 per cent that control all the wealth and work the troglodyte worker slaves at part time minimum wage. The slaves have everything to gain and nothing to lose by voting Socialist in 2020 and they will.

        The same thing happened during the Roman Empire. The Greed Mongers took all the jobs from the Roman people by buying up the farms and running them with slave labor. We shipped jobs overseas, its the same thing. Then the Greed Monger Romans put everyone on welfare. Exactly what the Republicans have done to the working man in the U.S. History repeats itself. Now what we need is another repeat of History i.e. the French Revolution which got rid of the filthy rich and adopted true democracy and Socialism, something we have never had here in Capitalvania.

        Vote Socialist in 2020 the filthy rich Republicans are our enemies.

        • You do realize the French Revolution resulted in Napoleon crowning himself emporer correct? Perhaps you need to read some history before going on silly rants.

        • Hey Vlad, if you want to live under a socialist regime so much, why don’t you move to one of those socialist countries? We’ve had a good thing going here for over 200 years and people all over this world are dying to get here. You are not bright enough to enjoy what you have here in this country so do us all a big favor and go to this paradise you claim exists elsewhere. Go and educate yourself and stop annoying us with your bullshit.

        • “Vote Socialist in 2020 the filthy rich Republicans are our enemies.”
          Really Vlad? You are commenting on an article about a billionaire Democrat who is competing against a GROUP of billionaires and millionaires ALL pushing a Socialist/communist agenda. Should any one of them succeed our Republic will fall and you will get your wish…

  26. His detail while mayor all retired the NYPD came over to his private life at 200k a year. Bloomturd was disappointed when I recall the ATF wouldn’t give the guys permission to carry buzz guns.

    • His disappointment is certainly understandable, especially since he bears the tremendous weight of the responsibility of being more important than everybody else.

  27. “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”

    Bloomberg: “Nothing says freedom like a police state. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you. You can’t be trusted to do it yourself.”

    • When it comes to uneducated hillbillies that is quite true. They are so damn dumb they enjoy going bankrupt over lack of health care and dying young because drugs are so expensive and then they die like dogs in the street. Bloomberg is right in regards to much of his thinking. The Hillbillies are little more intelligent than monkeys in a zoo.

  28. I doubt Bloomberg attends religious services regularly so he’s nothing to fear from crazed shooters. The rest of us want an hour of peace and reflection along with thoughts to a higher power without having someone kill us over it.

    I see he has two blacks standing behind him to show he supports blacks. Or something like that.

    • Notice Herr Drumpf almost never has Blacks within 100 miles of him. Hitler hated blacks too. You know, birds of a feather flock together.

      • Wrong again. While Hitler was certainly one of the most racist people to ever exist, he rarely brought up blacks because they weren’t a concern to him. His primary focus was Jews and slavs above all else, which he considered inferior to blacks.

      • Your the hater, not Trump, he has Blacks around him at all times, and he has done khaki wonders for Blacks and Hispanics, in fact he has helped all races to find good paying jobs, and has helped out the economy for people of all races, your the one that needs too quit hating.

    • If I was those people I would have walked off stage.

      How can black Americans support the white man’s agenda to disarm women and non whites? Have they not been shown the early gun control laws where white men wrote only white men can have weapons?

        • You can’t enslave an armed populace. In the old Democratic South it was against the law for black man or woman to own a firearm. It was also illegal to teach a black man or woman to read and write. They knew that slavery would fall if the slaves were armed and educated. The modern Democrats are trying to do this today with the failing public educational system and more and more gun laws. Who says that history can’t be repeated.

    • Favorite saying of Fareed Zacharia but since he is not a WASP you probably never watched his show. It would be terrifying for you to learn some truths about what is actually going on in the Herr Drumpf political machine.

        • At least the troll’s comments are getting shorter, down from the multipage, elecron-wasting, diatribes…

      • You keep saying this shit about Trump and Republicans and Capitalvania and how rich and powerful people just do whatever gets them more of the same, as if nobody else knows but you.

        Bro, that’s how people operate. Always has been.

        And then you go on about how socialism is some kind of literal heaven on earth, as if you’ve never heard of the USSR, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, or Venezuela. As if we’re a bunch of Jethros and hillbillies just haven’t been educated to the beauty of socialism. As if these literal utopias hadn’t starved and murdered 200+ million of *their own people* in the 20th century.

        Bro, that’s how extreme socialism ends up. Always has been, always will be.

        You’re a perfect example of the American education system. A fanatical little socialist drone; your teachers must be so proud.

  29. So this makes two surprises today. Now that I hear it, it makes sense as I wouldn’t put it past that little narcissist, fun-sized statist to surround himself with his own praetorian guard. Still, it’s surprising insofar as there might actually be someone out there who actually gives a crap about him enough to take a shot or something.

    Second surprise is that Julian Castro dropped out of the race. The real surprise was that he was even still in the race. I hadn’t heard his name since at least as far back as last summer, maybe even spring.

  30. Bloombag is old, he isn’t well liked and people resent him. He’s not going to be president and anything he says is inconsequential. There’s little difference between windbag Bloombag and Kim Jong-un. They both have a severe (pay attention to me) need.

      • Because the MSM won’t report his real words and action, such as:

        A few days ago he had a very Marie Antionnette “Let them eat cake!” moment when he said coal miners could learn to code.

        Biden biting his wife’s finger in public.

        His son Hunter’s very, very suspicious dealings with Ukraine, $83,333 a month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company.

        Can’t remember what state he is in, Ohio, Vermont, Iowa, etc

      • Chief Censor says:
        January 2, 2020 at 13:10
        Why do old people love Biden so much?
        Why do YOUNG people love Bernie so much?… The answer to both is obvious, lazy, low information, sheeple… Do as their told by the master manipulators then sit down shut up and wait til next time… Unfortunately once the Left gets complete control again those who helped put them in power will be cast aside as they have always done..

  31. So, Mikey, how does that stop nuts like that guy in Texas? Your kind NEVER answers that part of the question. And how would that have stopped the machete wielder in NY, your home state? A baseball bat could have stopped him, though. Was he out without bail when he played MS-13?

  32. With all the suiside’s that took place in New York City this past year by NYPD officers it is evident to me that even the police have mental problems and Bloomberg wants only police to have guns? I think he himself, Bloomberg is incompetent as a contender to run for president because his clutch seems to be slipping also…

  33. I wonder it this applies to his own private security detail. My guess is that he gets the armed security while he wants you to get zapped. Leftist pig

  34. Wolftracker (Vlad) is not even an American. I inadvertently engaged one of his other clones and mentioned that I lived a half mile from the Mississippi River and my healthcate provider is Mayo and he thought I lived in Mississippi. He had no idea that the headwaters of the River are in Minnesota nor did he know that the Mayo health system is in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Northern Iowa. My guess is that he is a Russian troll..

      • And we unenlightened proles are considered acceptable collateral damage in the creation of the new great society made up of New Soviet Men and Women, and others if they can’t make up their mind.

  35. The saddest part of this incident is that it was not Bloomberg in the wig and beard that got his fucking head blowed off. If the people of this country allow this weasel piece of shit to buy his way into leadership, then they deserve what they get. Anyone in the US that thinks money does not rule is an idiot .Look at the Clinton’s and Obama and how they live today.

  36. I’m shocked I say, shocked. And remember folks, he is just 1 of 3 BILLIONAIRES running for (trying to buy) the presidency. No one should be able to run for much less buy the presidency. All campaign funds should have to be donated by supporters only.

    • Why in the world would you say that? Do you think everybody in office needs more practice in giving away other people’s money? Seems more to me that they should have to spend only their own money.

  37. Take guns away from your bodyguards and give em sticks then idiot. Wasn’t no dam cops there in church if they hadn’t did what they did been lot more people dead please stop blowing smoke up people’s ass if the person goin in somewhere thinks everybody in there got a gun be hell of lot less people goin in doing shootings. But if they think nobody in there has gun there’s nothing to stop the cowards. Like picking off ducks in pond I’m one them gun totin. Country Hicks you talking bout what needs be done is our legal constitutional rights be enforced for everybody equally. And by the the dam cops get there it’s over most of the time cupcake!!!!!!

    • A great law that should be passed would to make it illegal to hire armed body guards for personal protection. Government officials would be protected by government armed personnel. Individuals would not be allowed to hire personal body guards and be responsible for their own protection and that of their loved ones just like all the rest of us are.

  38. Despite his supposed education and experience he clearly cannot read or comprehend the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Federalist papers. And he clearly hopes to find and/or buy enough stupid voters who also cannot comprehend and/or read.

  39. Funny how the left hates cops when they do their job, too…but they want them to be the ONLY one with GUNS?
    Something stinks…

  40. I bet Bloomingturd has armed guards at all his Properties and his Business offices. I bet he is surrounded by it 24/7 and they are not Police Officers but Private Duty Cops but he can afford it he is a multi-Billionaire. We either depend on our selves or a Police who on average takes 10 minutes to arrive so Bloomingturd has no business telling Americans you can’t own Guns he has no business even running for The office since he has no idea of how dangerious the real world is. Trump has seen the Evil that men do he has defended others from those evil acts on occassion with a baseball bat. Bloomingturd on the other hand never gets his hands dirty and is a Archollite of Secular Progressive Humanism Socialism now that he has his he wants no one else to thriv, and strive for his brass ring.

  41. After all is said and done it boils down to this one basic fact. There is a ruling class in this country who fears an armed populace and have plans that they know need an unarmed populace for their plans to succeed.

  42. Bloomberg can take a flying fuck at the moon. And he can take that hideous looking old bar slut Watts along as well.

  43. Uh…
    Why does the public think the police are gun experts? As a police officer (now retired) my fellow officers were poorly trained, most were not firearms enthusiasts, and we qualified once a year. I made up for it by going to the range on my own every month. Also, the trading we had was sadly inadequate, firing at stationary targets 20 feet await, firing a total of 40 rounds for qual. It was so bad that the supervisors inspected our firearms every month to make sure they were in working order( no gum, food or dust in our sig pistols).

    • Wasn’t much better in the Army. If not for deployment and the amazing amount of ammo we had for training (only time ever) I would have shot more in 2 months at my buddies patch of woods than my entire enlistment.

  44. So, this asshat would rather wait for hours while the police make up thier minds about breaching and let many more die while they fart around. I wonder if he would feel the same way if it was his ass on the line. Oh, bt as a low life democrap athiest, he wouldn’t be on a church.

  45. Is everyone gonna get their own personal cop? You know the saying, “There is never a cop around when you need one”! What is wrong with these people?

  46. If it’s not his ads polluting my TV, it’s that toolbag Tom Steyer’s ads. Two totalitarian billionaires who want to run our lives. If either one of them makes it to be the dem nominee, I guess we’ll see how much the left actually hates rich people.

  47. Only Patriots should be allowed to run for office Bloomy! If we’re starting to eliminate the people’s God given rights, based upon your uneducated totalitarian and irrelevant input then you should be first to have your rights eliminated! Buzz off buzzard.

  48. Bloomburg should do thid country a favor and fall over dead. If one of his bodyguards shoots somebody trying to get to him I hope he gets charged and convicted of murder, after all his body guard shouldn’t have the right to protect him by Bloomberg’s own words. Bloomburg die so I can go dance on your grave.

  49. This whole thing took 6 seconds, only 3 shots, and over 240 people were safe. With his dumb idea someone would have had to call 911, police respond, every cop would have fired, and meanwhile how many more people have died.? Eat dirt Bloomburg.

  50. He defines an ideologue . You surround yourself with armed protection you can afford since you are a multi-billionaire, eliminate others their means of self-defense, and are more than willing to just let others die in order to fulfill your agenda. This munchkin doesn’t belong in any office but sitting in some yard as a garden gnome.

  51. I’m expecting Bloomberg to announce that he will be firing all his private bodyguards any day now. As long as we have cops, those body guards arent needed and shouldnt be allowed to decide when to shoot someone anyway, right ?

  52. Guns do not kill, people use guns to kill. Cain slew Able before there were guns> If we do away with guns those who want to kill will find a way. Let us sell instead the idea love thy neighbor as thy self,

  53. POTUS is protected by armed US Secret Service agents and officers. Members of Congress are protected by armed Capitol Hill Police Officers. Billionaires are protected by armed private security. Which Presidential candidates are proposing the disarming of the Secret Service and the Capitol Hill Police? Which are proposing a federal law to disarm all private security officers? Heck, I’m not asking for more rights than my federal elected official, nor the nation’s billionaires. However, as a law abiding citizen, do I deserve less rights?

    • DANT: As a member of genus Unwashedicus Massesanicus your life is expendable as you can be replaced by three or four illegalus alienus on demand which comes without the pesky burden of knowledge of the Constitution or demands for individual rights and freedoms… Your demise would therefore be a win..win…win for the eliticus ruleritus classicus….

  54. Bloombucks doesn’t give a damn about how many MORE people fall victim to mass murderers waiting for LE to respond, then there’s the issue as to IF they will enter and engage/stop the shooter. M. Stonemen H.S and Pulse Night club ring a bell.

  55. This from a guy who has a twenty four hour armed security detail! It is quite likelly that he doesn’t care about your security and well being. What’s important to him is you vote for him! If that church group had to wait for the cops to show up, more people would have died just so he could point out that we need more and more gun control. What he really wants is nationwide confiscation! Gun control is only aimed at the honest people, the criminals will ignore his totalitarian tyranny!


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