Everytown John Feinblatt
John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety (Photo by: Demis Maryannakis/STAR MAX/IPx via AP)
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[Everytown for Gun Safety’s] focus on digital advertising comes during what its top political aides said was the fastest change in media consumption habits since the dawn of the digital age. With millions of Americans homebound because of the pandemic, nearly half of all television consumption is now on streaming platforms.

“2020 looks more like 2025,” said Charlie Kelly, a senior Everytown political adviser.

Mr. Kelly estimated that the cost to reach voters on digital platforms across enough competitive state legislative districts to flip a state chamber was a fraction of the resources required in a federal or statewide race. Mr. Kelly said Everytown would spend to help Mr. Biden in Florida, but not elsewhere, after consultation with other Democratic super PACs, like Priorities USA, that would take responsibility for different states.

“The goal is to win and everybody comes to the table to do that,” Mr. Kelly said. “Post-2016, people were like, ‘We got to get ourselves together on that front.’”

–  Reid J. Epstein in Bloomberg’s Gun Control Group Pours $15 Million Into Races in 8 States

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  1. if it was about gun safety…offer safety classes in schools…offer free and reduced price gun safes…
    no…it is about banning…confiscation…pure and simple…

    • Leigh,

      Correct…for the Left, it is not about safety, it is about controlling us, commandeering our lives.

    • The fact of the matter is Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. Simply turn the table and ask any Gun Control Zealot to justify their racist and nazi based agenda. All the Gun Control Zealot can do is stfu or extend their right arm and shout Sieg Heil.

      • Oh my God woman… Find another comment! The same damn thing with you every time.

        “Something something racist gun control something something Donald trump something something democRat something something.”
        – every Debbie comment, ever.

  2. Riots, looting, arson, threats of cruelty and violence, property destruction, defunded police, racial animosity, and Marxism. The Left is concurrently funding both a pro-gun and an anti-gun policy.

    • The Left is concurrently funding both a pro-gun and an “anti-gun” policy. FIFY. Guns for them (their security), but not for you. This is similar to the way they constantly promote public school for everyone else, yet they send their own kids to private schools. Obama wants you to think he’s just another black man struggling to make it in a white world. Do you think he went to public school? By his own admission, he was a mediocre student, yet he ended up in Harvard. How do you think that happened? Would you have ended up in Harvard after being a mediocre student? Obama had a little more of something we lacked. It’s called privilege.

      • It helps if your grandmother, who raised you, is a bank VP at one of the biggest banks in Hawaii. Tough life, that.

        Growing up in the hood
        Oahu 1984
        The other ivy league kids didn’t know what was in store
        A little trust fund commie came of age
        Time to get indoctrinated, learn the tricks of the trade
        And at home it’s the same old scam
        Rich white mom with w trophy black man………….

        • Obama should be in jail. But we cannot even seem to indict Comey et al.

          Some sort of qualified immunity I guess.

          I strongly support Trump/Pence. But on this point, they have seriously disappointed.

  3. These jokers can push all they want anyone with half a brain realizes it’s just lip service.
    God bless America and all the people of the world these ppl will have to answer for their wicked agenda.

  4. Back when Bloomberg was a law and order guy he had an implicit contract offer to the people: “Give up your guns and the police will keep the criminals away.”. That contract offer is no longer on the table yet Bloomberg is still pushing gun control. The “cause” has become Bloomie’s reason for existence even though the environment had radically changed.

    • and now we see why he was saying that don’t we? it was the plan all along………the dems had all this palnned out. I still believe that sooner or later the dems will be found out on China/Dem/Covid19 Collusion.

      • No, it wasn’t Bloomberg’s plan. If Derek Chauvin was an NYPD officer Bloomberg would have given him a medal.

  5. But, but, but…..I though that Democrats were all about and all for the little people. I thought they hated the millionaires and billionaires; Bernie Sanders said so………

  6. any locality that elects anti gun defund the police democrats deserve whatecer they get as a result

  7. Instead of these know-nothing politicians trying to take everyone’s guns, they need to help the NRA fulfill their original purpose of TRAINING people with them. Evryone is buying up all the guns and ammo but so very few understand how to use any of it. THAT’s what makes everyone so dangerous. The NRA gets labeled as a terrorist organization when in fact they should be embraced. They are so needed. If only those in charge of it would act with more responsibility.

  8. Just returned home from the Emmaus Farmers Market. Patriot Farms was flying a Betsy Ross flag. Another gent was carrying in a Sneaky Pete on his right hip, spare mag on his left. Same as me. A few people wearing Stars and Stripes t-shirts.

    Stopped at Extreme Gunworks on the way home. Picked up a couple of G17 mags. One of the customers stopped to compliment me on my Infowars t-shirt. He was black (all the slander about Infowars being racist, aside).

    Patriots are everywhere. Quieter than the Leftists. Nicer, it seems. Here in PA, somewhere around 28% of the population owns guns. Those people have family and friends. That is a lot of voters.

    All-in-all, a good morning.

  9. Ban guns, release criminals with no bail or early from prison and defund the police. What could go wrong? Once the criminals realize that police are no longer able to prevent them from exporting their reign of terror beyond the ghettos things get really interesting.

  10. OK, this sounds like Alex Jones tinfoil hat craziness, but . . . the Democrats follow the REAL news, too. Their manufactured, astroturf “peaceful protests” have sparked an even bigger binge of gun buying than Barry Soetoro. They KNOW that every new (mostly liberal, disproportionately Black) gun buyer is one of their potential voters who just got “red-pilled’ by reality. And they are s***ting in their silk panties.

    This looks like an obvious effort to try to counteract the damage they’ve done to themselves with these “peaceful protests”. Good luck with that, morons. But feel free to p*** away more of your money on a lost cause.


  11. Hey Mikey, half those people you’re trying to reach are now first time gun buyers, thanks to all your previous policies!

  12. If I was competing against these guys in areas that were even moderate much less towards red I would be certain to highlight people who have gotten aid from Bloomberg and what Bloomberg thinks of the little people and what he thinks of China. If leveraged effectively I could see his money being toxic at this point in the game unless it’s in a very blue area.

  13. None of the comments above address the real issue. This is not 2016 when Hillary was leading by a couple of points which was within the error range.

    We are going to get steamrolled in the presidential AND the senate and Bloomberg and other gun grabbers, who will have spent about $700 million on 2020 will be calling in their IOUs and we will see federal, state and local gun control that make the Clinton grandfathered and sunsetted AWB look like nothing. Th long term effect on the courts will be very bad and instead of hand ringing about roberts, or the fact that RBG survived one term of Trump, we will be FKed in the hundred of federal court appointments biden will get that could have been ours, not to mention the fairly good odds that Biden will be replacing Thomas in which case we will see a significant if not total reversal of Heller.

    Blurting “will not comply” “shall not be infringed” or “molon labe” means what?
    Our opponents holding trifecta of house senate and white house, and a dozen federal court appointments a month ill give them a huge range of gun control alternatives.

    You are either working your ass off right now in all the relevant elections in your state, and other states, or you are part of the problem.

    I am in Virginia and fought like heck at the election while I heard other gun owners say “both parties are the same” and other CACK and those other gun owners are sorry now. Another couple of seats in our legislature and the Dems will:
    a) get a AWB, start grandfathered, and then prohibit altogether.
    b) get a >10 round mag ban, also start grandfathered then prohibit altogether
    c) start doing any of a dozen things they can do to reduce carry: give signs force of law, increase cost and time of training (which also harms reciprocity), decrease length of permit validity, increase fees, require insurance, and many other things
    d) make it expensive and difficult to operate a shooting range
    e) create a ‘safe” guns roster
    f) do 100 other things.

    Friends GET TO WORK. Is there a US Congress seat in your area that is “purple”/contested? How about your state legislature seats? Give some money. Volunteer to phone bank. Get to work!

  14. If you don’t vote you are a fool. Just like the Virginia gun owner fools. Who didn’t vote in the last election.
    Any Libertarian who tells you the parties are all the same, is just intoxicated on the crystal meth, he or she just shot up. To improve their sexual experience in public.

    But don’t worry Libertarians. The Left will make sure you can continue to do the drugs of your choice. Or the sex acts of your choice.
    As they take your guns away.

  15. The sight of Feinblatt’s rotten yellow teeth always give me nightmares. Looks like he’s been eating the Grinch’s ass

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