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Shannon Watts Keisha Lance Bottoms
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By Larry Keane

Atlanta Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms soared to the national spotlight following her speech to her city’s rioters and looters to “Stay home!” earlier this year. Democrats took notice and she’s on the short list as a candidate to be presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s running mate. She joined Moms Demand Action’s Shannon Watts for the latest installment in Everytown for Gun Safety’s 2020 Veepstakes.

Though she may not be as well recognized nationally as some of the previous higher-profile participants like U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), U.S. Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) or even fellow Georgian and 2018 failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Mayor Lance Bottoms does have a major gun control chit to play. She is the Chairwoman for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Platform Drafting Committee. With former Vice President Joe Biden leading the ticket, there should be no doubt gun control will be a major focus.

“Vice President Biden has always been very vocal about his views on gun control…and so many more stringent things that we need in place,” said Mayor Lance Bottoms.

More Control. Less Gun Rights

Vice President Biden’s gun control beliefs are well known. He continues to spout false claims about the firearm industry and has given unsound and unsafe advice to his wife and police officers. He’s scolded potential voters who correctly pointed out his misunderstanding of the Second Amendment.

Biden angry second amendment
Courtesy NBC News and Twitter

Vice President Biden’s also spoken in favor of expanded background checks and offers winks towards gun confiscation by announcing he’d anoint former U.S. Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke (D-Texas) as his gun-grabbing sheriff. Don’t forget his past support of and pledge to reinstate and 1994 Assault Weapons Ban even though it was shown to be ineffective.

DNC Platform Chairwoman Lance Bottoms? She’s all in.

“I believe that our platform will do just that,” she said. “Some of the work will be picking up where the Obama Biden administration left off, and some will be new work that will move us forward.”

Mayor Lance Bottoms joined several of her mayor colleagues in signing a letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) demanding legislation for more gun control.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

The proposals listed are an anti-gun grab bag of ideas that will do little to seriously address the problem of criminal misuse of firearms. Included in the mayors’ demands are “red flag” laws that deny due process to the accused, instituting magazine capacity limits, expanding background checks that would create felons out of law-abiding citizens and close other so-called loopholes that are in fact just Second Amendment protections.

Wait. Watch. Educate.

Biden has stated he will likely name his running mate sometime in August, having pledged to name a woman. Following the coronavirus pandemic and unrest following business shutdowns, riots and looting and the previously mentioned historic numbers of new gun owners across the country, access to exercise Second Amendment rights and purchase a firearm will be at the forefront in November.

NSSF launched the online voter education resource #GUNVOTE to help gun owners to register to vote and become more knowledgeable on gun control proposals and how candidates’ positions will affect them. From the presidential level down to congressional and local level elections, voters must register to vote and be educated when they head to the polls so they don’t risk their rights.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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      • ATTN TTAG Team –

        I’m curious – Is there a particular reason TTAG doesn’t routinely nuke crap like that?

        If it’s a time-personnel issue, I bet one (or more) of the regulars that you’ve known and respect for a long time would volunteer to take care of that for you.

        Along with the hit-and-run personal insults by the never-seen-before user names. All noise, zero signal.

        Personally, I don’t mind the trolls that actually contribute to the debate. (’49, ‘chief censor’, even ‘vlad’) It’s the “You’re a stinky poo-poo” one-and done posters that don’t contribute to the signal-noise-ratio that are the problem children…

        • The sound of silence can be deafening sometimes, can’t it, Goof? But keep on posting your thread killing nonsense. I’m sure the good folks at TTAG really appreciate your jamming up their site with drivel.

        • Awwww, widdle troll is butt-hurt.

          You have no idea how much that warms the cockles of my cold, black heart… 😉

      • And *more* Breaking News :

        “Suspect In Custody After Fatal Shooting At Austin BLM Protest”

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    • So if a bullet goes through both cheeks of a protestors ass is that one wound, or two, or four? This is what happens when ignorant leftists get handed a firearm.

    • I watched the videos on it. Sounded like one shot, guess it went thru more than one person, or shrapnel did.

      So some anti-KKK militia has an idiot fail to control his firearm. There was an anti-BLM militia there too. Lucky they did not both have an idiot on hand to fire off a round thru incompetent gun handling.

        • Watched several videos. Saw police taking a Break open shotgun from scene. 1male shot in wrist, 1male shot in above knee. 3rd Female was shot in upper arm. Some good video on you tube at Organic The Blade Runner with commentary and courier-journal sites

        • Neither of the two citizen militias in town at the event were Antifa. They may have been there too, haven’t seen mention of them in the news.

          The shooting tho is typical of some idiot with a gun does something stupid, and calls it an “accident”. Actual “accidental” discharges are rare events with modern firearms, extremely so.

          “Unintentional Discharge” means somebody screwed up who should have known better.

        • Enuf, I don’t agree with your terminology. “Accidental discharges” are still very possible, and today’s firearms affect them very little. Particularly Glocks and imitators. Trick is, the meaning is that the trigger was accidentally pulled.

        • Yes it does. Especially when it comes to rights to own property, self defense, and protecting all the amendments by exercising one of them. If the sight of a gun scares you, maybe you are on their side. Take that fucken knee like a good turncoat.

      • Actually, it IS a great idea. The problem is with idiots who don’t know what they’re doing, not the tool in question. There were tens of thousands of armed protestors in Virginia last fall, how many NDs? Oh right, zero

        • I disagree. Bringing a gun to a non-gun protest changes what the protest is about. VA was about guns, so it made sense to have them, but it doesn’t here. Who’s talking about the subject of why they were there, or even knows? Protests are supposed to raise consciousness about the subject, not give a distraction for the entertainment news. The story is about the idiot with the discharge and possible confrontation with the opposing 3%ers. They were there protesting Breonna Taylor getting killed in a no-knock raid to a wrong address, but that isn’t what’s being written about except at the end of the articles.

        • Anymouse…

          You can’t be that dumb. You don’t know why there was a protest? Fucken really?

          It’s 2020 bro… Open carry needs to happen. An armed society is a polite society. Or maybe you think just hiding will avoid the coming war?

        • Also, who cares what the media is reporting… Obviously, their agenda is not to cover the truth.

      • “?sarc” aside, depends on the protest and the people carrying guns. Could be a very excellent idea. Such as all those pro-Second Amendment citizens in Virginia just recently. They made a fine showing of carrying all manner of firearms. Excellent lesson to all.

        The nitwit that just shot three people could do with taking a few of those lessons.

      • While I am unlikely to participate in any further protests, if I did I would most certainly be armed. Many times I have seen video of supposedly “peaceful” protests where some have arrived with signs/placards which are nothing but an excuse to carry the club they are stapled to. You tear off the sign and begin to swing the club at me, I will shoot you until you drop the club. After a few (dead) examples, that game will become less popular.

    • Are they the “Not Fucking Around Coalition” because they blew their dicks off? They said, ““We had a little accident, it happens.” I guess it happens if you’re a moron and are marching around with a round in the chamber and no muzzle or trigger discipline. How much bigger were the VA protests with not a single incident?

        • Because there’s a big difference between carrying for defense and carrying as a political statement? I fully support both, but if I was walking around in a packed crowd with a rifle in my hands, I would absolutely have a loaded magazine in the weapon, seated on a closed bolt, with an empty chamber. There’s no safe way to shoot defensively, especially with a rifle, in the middle of a huge crowd anyway

    • You should see the video of the group this moron lead in Atlanta

      “Where is the safety?” is something you don’t want to hear after a guy had loaded a full mag and charged an AK 47!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      the clowns in action! 28:45 Where is the safety at? then add all the hot barrel sweeps even the ‘leader’ does it!

      • Past tense of “lead” is “led”, not “lead”. Apparently *all* spellcheckers will change “led” to “lead” every time. Pisses me off.

  1. Better than Kamaltoe or Warren. A little bit. Moderately attractive too(didja see Kamaltoe got a facelift?) WHATever the dims pick better be ready to be reamed(and not in a fun way)😏

    • Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms ,The butt doctor kissing Demanding Commie mommy’s @zzez,nothing new here.

    • better after she tossed cops in atlanta under the buss at the order of BLM???

      your idea of better is off a bit….heck alot!

    • Right. That’s what we need to back up an obviously incompetent candidate for President, someone who has not graduated beyond Mayor. Even bumbleshit Obama spent a few weeks as a state senator and a couple weeks as a US senator before presenting himself as a community organizer running for President. Why not just invite black women to walk across the runway until Joe says “I want that one”? But hey! Did y’all hear the rumor that Joe and DNC are getting ready to ditch the entire concept of “black woman VP” and get more reasonable? I don’t believe it, as I think it would make his crushing defeat even worse, but that’s the story.

  2. Y’all know what’s worse than political correctness? Identity politics!!!!! This is a social disease that’s rapidly destroying our country.

    • I recall that they seriously ramped up identity politics last time and people hated it. It’s election season, so they’re doing it again like good little commies.

  3. Anyone find it interesting that the number one criteria is racist? Being a black woman is more important than being qualified.

    Same morons who call Trump a racist

    • They’re even trying to brainwash everyone, yes everyone, to believe they are racist. If you dive deep into leftist thought online there’s tons of lefty op Ed’s about “accepting your own racist past” and your “inherent guilt of being white”, and do you must learn to be eternally apologetic and submissive to other races.

      • I have two black children and two black grandchildren. I am white so I am a racist. My son is not black (Uncle Joe said so because he will vote for Trump). Things are getting really hard to keep up with.

        • Fucking nazi. Anyone who mentions a black person is a nazi. You should be ashamed of your privilege. /s

    • Trump is very obviously a racist, but that is merely a minor fault in his long list of anti-American, anti-Republican, pro-authoritarian behaviors. Has nothing to do with this mayor person, who may well be a racist as well. Of course racism is not a one-directional thing, that much is obvious.

      I don’t know who will win in November, I only know that all Americans will lose again as we did in 2016. Should Biden get the 270 Electoral votes, we will have the same old story of legislative, legal and political fights to hold back the Hoplophobes. If Trump wins, we will have some that still, including due to Trump not being pro-gun, but also a whole mess of other troubles.

      Everything else is just the noise of these two political parties pretending their shit don’t stink.

        • Amen to that. Notice that he does not address the crazy Maoist policies of the left. Just vote for Slow Joe because he thinks Orange Man is a racist.

        • Worse, he’s t0o stupid to know that Demintia Joe is a proven racist. Even scope agrees!!! lolol

          Biden 2020! Stupidity, racism and senility for all!!!!

        • Both foolish and incorrect. My preference is a Trump loss with a divided Congress, depriving Biden of any real legislative power. Or if Trump wins, a Democrat majority in the House and the Senate, depriving Trump of any real legislative power.

          Gridlock between the houses of Congress or between a one-party Congress and an opposing party President is a pain in the ass. Unfortunately it is the only situation that prevents either party running their ideology, and their legislative agendas, roughshod over the Republic.

          From the point of view of this forum membership I’d say the worst case we may see is a Biden win, but not a strong one, with a simple flip of the majority in the Senate and retained control in the House. Meaning one party rule across the Executive and the Legislative, which I am absolutely against. But not strong rule, simply not enough votes for that in the Senate.

          Not making predictions on the Trump/Biden contest, but that is the worst case I can presently imagine, considering the times.

        • enuf: “My preference is a Trump loss”

          Well there it is in case anyone still had doubts. You may as well vote for Senile Joe.

          Legislative power isn’t the only power the executive branch wields. Is your only concern in the world gun control?

      • Yes, that’s why he helped the historically black colleges and universities, worked on criminal justice reform, created opportunity zones, and bragged every chance he got that blacks had record low unemployment and rising wages. Typical racist. Then there’s his ex-girlfriend who happens to be biracial. Sure, all white supremacist racists date black women. Watching CNN and MSNBC again enuf?

        But don’t take my work for it. What did Jesse Jackson think about Trump back before Trump got political?

        At another event a year later, Jackson introduced his “friend” and thanked Trump for giving blacks a “face” on Wall Street.

        Jackson also applauded Trump’s “will to make things better” for the “underserved communities.” In addition, Jackson thanked Trump for meeting with him in 1984 and in 1988 when he ran for president at a time when the United States would’ve found the idea of a black president “laughable.”

        When Trump got up to speak at that event, he praised the skilled workmanship of blacks and other minorities.

        Such a racist. /s

  4. Uncle Joe will pick an affirmative action running mate. The main qualification of one of them is that they lost an election for governor, others preside over failed cities. You may not believe in Trump but at least he believes in the Constitution while Biden and his ilk are pandering to the rioters that want to erase American history. Trump may not support gun rights as you wish but Biden has said he will confiscate your. There is not much of a choice to make.

    • There is no need to justify your logical support for the POTUS. If the jackasses on this forum cannot see what the democRat Party has done to a duly elected POTUS and to each and every American who voted for him then the jackasses are the ones with lots of explaining to do.

    • If only there were more candidates and medium ground…

      I will vote as I always have. Nothing will change what is going to happen to this country.

      • Trump is hated by all Democrats and most congressional Republicans.
        I’d call that as middle as you’re gonna get.

        On top of that he wants to rightfully burn down most of government (but is stymied by the above) and the Deep State.

        • I’ve never believed the media about him, or anyone for that matter. It’s either all good, or all bad. I don’t think having any Dem or repub in office is a good idea for the future of America though. We HAVE to break this polarization, or it will be the end of it all. Succession will happen, the US will split, war will break out, the economy will crumble, and your way of life will be chaos. It’s just history, man…

          Least we could do is find some non elitist without super pac ties…

          Whatever, I honestly think the real problem is overpopulation and technology, so the world is doomed one way or another. Probably what happened last time…

        • It’s time for a vote to split the country.
          The modern Left has a different vision for America than what has been for the past 200+ years.
          There will be no compromise on totally polar opposite positions.
          We disagree on EVERYTHING.
          There is a side that doesn’t even believe that America has been a net positive to the world.
          How do you compromise with that?
          I just want it to be over with.
          Let’s do the split amicably if we can, but if the Left is going to insist on guns I’m OK with that too.

    • They are following the Khmer Rouge playbook. If you don’t like your history, erase it and start again.

      ANTIFA will introduce their YEAR ZERO policy.

  5. Maybe Sleepy Joe will choose Governor Palin to be his running mate? She is most definitely a woman, unlike the skanks that have been suggested. She also has, or at least has had, more native American DNA in her than Elizabeth Warren. Then when Sleepy Joe accidentally shoots himself with his trusty Fudd Gun, we will have a pro gun, pro energy independence, pro soveignty, neo-isolationist as President.

  6. The lefties are making laws to take our freedom to bare arms, and our rights to speak an calling it racist, taking our right to like r dislike, I myself believe in the right to free speech, not outlaw speech (cry babies )sticks and stone’s may break my bones but names will never harm me, racist, decriminalization is only words that was made -up to create new laws to make problems in this country, and open the door to none believes so as the Clinton and Obama manatration has done, destroying this nation doing everything even now to make this a communist country, so the people will be powerless and the government will have total control /people of America no rights no freedom no anything without their permission, is that really how you want to live, not me, now that we the people have a choice lets put some laws in force to prevent the lefties from every threatening our rights of freedom ever again, that under no circumstances can our constitute be changed, erase all changes that has been changed sense the forefathers originally wrote and put into law to keep this great nation strong and free. AMEN lets put this country back were it belongs in GOD’S hands.

  7. Ah yes, the honorable mayor Bottoms. Has she washed the blood of 8-yr old Secoriea Turner off her hands yet?

    • “Has she washed the blood of 8-yr old Secoriea Turner off her hands yet?”

      No one spoke up in that community to bring her killer to justice, while down here in central Florida, within 24 hours of one redneck murdering 3 other rednecks they had over 60 people tip-off the police who the likely killer was.

      BLM obviously supports the protecting of people that murder children.

      Strange how BLM are the ones claiming the moral high ground…

  8. Looks like Joe is having trouble finding a qualified black woman to be veep. That’s pretty racist right there. Condoleezza Rice would be my choice because she’s smarter than all four of his front runners but of course she’s not being considered.

    • Condi is smart enough to have made it clear she is not running for office, ever, Dems and Rep both leave her alone. Otherwise I think she would have been President by now.

  9. Ohhhthis Biotch….”We have hit Bottoms and toss cops under a bus at PC BLM whims and the let the city burn!”

    What a BLM ho!

    • the last time we saw something like this…blacks arming-up in some sort of organized fashion..the gun control came hard and fast..with plenty of republicans voting for it….by the way,..just wonderin’ if there are any convicted felons in that group…hmm?


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