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The following is a statement on the shooting of Dallas police officers (and two civilians) during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas Thursday night [via]:

In the last few days, this country witnessed the recorded murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police, the latest victims in this country’s failed policing system. As we have done for decades, we marched and protested to highlight the urgent need to transform policing in America, to call for justice, transparency and accountability, and to demand that Black Lives Matter.

In Dallas, many gathered to do the same, joining in a day of action with friends, family, and co-workers. Their efforts were cut short when a lone gunman targeted and attacked 11 police officers, killing five. This is a tragedy—both for those who have been impacted by yesterday’s attack and for our democracy. There are some who would use these events to stifle a movement for change and quicken the demise of a vibrant discourse on the human rights of Black Americans. We should reject all of this.

Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it. Yesterday’s attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us.

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  1. Will you insist on the same standards being applied to gun owners and groups such as the NRA? Hold the bad guy responsible and not the tool or the group?

    • Surely you must be kidding. That would rob them of the self-satisfied moral superiority their double standard gives them.

    • No….. The BLM “leadership” won’t. This statement is only meant to advance the narrative and lacks any kind of meaningful empanthy. The BLM hardliners will continue to look at groups of people through their own bigoted lense (i.e. gun owners, cops, etc) while holding no such standard for themselves…. Every cause has its hardcore members who do this to other groups of people. Heck, there are people here who are MORE bigoted against Trumpies, Republicans, Democrats, Libs, cops, and the NRA than many BLM activists……. Am I a bigot for being bigoted against bigots?

    • Or the police? “To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.” Almost like blaming all police, or white people, for the actions of a few?

    • Sort of my thoughts about the Liberals always going after gun owners after a big shooting incident.

    • When you show us rioters at an NRA convention supporting and tweeting some white NRA member killer, get back to us.

      Otherwise, STFU with your BS.

  2. Of course, rhetoric such as “…the recorded murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police, the latest victims in this country’s failed policing system” has nothing at all to do with inciting to violence – just as focusing on a fraction of the 5% of black victims killed by non-black perpetrators, while ignoring the 95% of black victims killed by black perpetrators, has nothing at all to do with inciting racial division.

    Black Lives Matter is a George Soros-funded sedition effort, intended to promote racial division and hatred of law enforcement; nothing more, nothing less.

    • Soros is also helping bankroll the Muslim invasion of Europe.

      But here in the US, BLM has pockets forking over money other that just Soros:

      Soros (real name Schwartz – his father was also an internationalist, who forced George to learn Esperanto, the world’s singularly most useless language, and changed the family name to “Soros” meaning “to soar”) has been only too happy to profit off causing misery to millions of other people.

    • Black Lives Matter is a George Soros-funded sedition effort, intended to promote racial division and hatred of white Christian European people; nothing more, nothing less.

    • Seems pretty cut and dried that the lefts goal is to make the US the next Balkans.

      • That actually would run counter to the Left’s goals; they want it *all* not just small pieces.

        Actually, I don’t figure that’d be exactly a bad thing. Dumping the west coast and select parts of New England would be a good thing, along with carving NYC off of the rest of the state. Detroit is a lost cause, it’s dragging the rest of Michigan down, but I don’t know who would want that cesspool. Walling it off, only letting non-muslims out, and watching it wither seems to be the best way to go.

  3. “Yesterday’s attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us.”

    I may or may not believe them.

    Contrary-wise, the NRA is about peaceful, responsible gun ownership. That’s what they say, that’s what the people in this membership organization is for. That’s what they do. If the NRA, or lawful gun owners in the US were a tenth as violent as they are portrayed, we’d all be dead already.

    I’m gonna enjoy quoting BLM every single time some anti-advocated does the broad brush dance. If I’m lucky, they’ll threaten to shoot me to shut me up, which they do a lot.

    To which one might reply: “Just flushin you out, there sparky. Also, bring your musket – nobody needs more than that, right?”

    • “To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.” ooooooooooooooooo the irony in this is so strong.

      To assign the actions of one person to the entirety of gun culture is dangerous, irresponsible, and forces the people of America who chose to freely exercise their civil rights into being guilty by association. Because we own the same set of metal pieces, we are ALL dangerous is the constant shovel of shit spewed from this entire debacle, by media, and by our floor sitting politicians everyday. This is another instance in which the bodies of the slain were stepped on in order to push the dire “need” for gun control by the President.

      It is so much easier to vilify a set of inanimate objects than look deep into why this happened, and why the last massacre happened, and why these individuals choose to do them. Sickening that our country is stuck with this crap.

  4. Well… at least they didn’t say they “understood” the shooter… that’s a step in the right direction.

  5. Yeah, I don’t listen to platitudes from racist terrorist organizations. BLM needs a good droning.

  6. What #BLM really said:

    To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible, but assigning the actions of one cop to all cops is okay.

  7. Odd sentiment, considering BLM protests/protesters/protest groups across the nation were recorded widely crying out in joy at the killings, and to this very moment there are countless examples of these same “unaffiliated with the lone gunman” people chanting for murders of police, and agreeing with the motives of the murderer.

    Micah X is Dylan Roof; will Obama be singing Amazing Grace with the families of the fallen officers this Sunday?

  8. in other words, when a mentally-ill loser “lone gunman” whitey shoots up a black Church, it’s a white problem across America and white privellage and *ONLY* black lives matter — to say otherwise is racist.

    When a black guy snipes a score of police officers, it’s “dangerous and irresponsible” for pointing out his movement ties and fact he said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.

    Seems legit, amirite?

  9. Ya know, if BLM started protesting and calling for action when blacks kill other blacks (like in Chiraq most days / weekends) they may be taken slightly more seriously. Until that happens not so much. Where is the outrage when stuff like that happens? I guess it doesn’t fit the narrative. They are nothing but race pimps and step and fetch-it’s for their overlords.

    • That and a decent percentage of their community celebrate the thug / gang member lifestyle.

      Formula to get treated like a clown:

      Dress like a clown.
      Talk like a clown.
      Act like a clown.

      Don’t be surprised or complain life is unfair if you are then treated like a clown.

      Probably why on my off hours I don’t dress like a thug, commit crimes, or am in possession of illegal drugs or arms.

  10. The writers of this statement don’t know that the United States is a Republic, not “our democracy.” So they don’t understand what the significant aspirational and practical differences are. And that’s part of their problem.

    • Well said.

      The other part of their problem is, as long as we remain a Republic, the mob can’t rule the rest of us like they can in a Democracy. So, those that understand the difference will continue to refer to it as a “Democracy”.

    • when I read your hilarious post, I immediately thought of those rat-aliens from Men in Black who were suspended from the HQ for stealing tax-free cigarettes and coffee or something like that, and they are all drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes and the one immediately says (while puffing away) “WE WERE FRAMED!!!”….

      didnu nuffin.

  11. You might want to check the real facts in the case of Philando Castile. As expected girlfriends bulls*** narrative does not hold up. This was a stop for a BOLO and Castile was recognized as a possible armed robber of a convenience store a couple of days ago in the same neighborhood. This is verified by the officer calling in the stop and the reason for the stop. Upon approaching the car the officer noted a gun lying openly on Castiles thigh and Castile ignored a DO NOT Move!!! command.

    So another BLM Hands up Don’t shoot fairy tale by the idiot girlfriend

    • Check out this video of the ghetto chickenhead posted to her Facebook page (since scrubbed) three days prior to her boo being made “good” by police.

      Oh and as for Philando Castile coming from a “good home” yeah right,I still laughing over THAT one. The fact is his mammy has multiple Assault, Prostitution, Robbery and even Welfare Fraud convictions. Get this the “Thug Life” DOES pay and pay well, the girlfriend, mammy and auntie have raised over $250k using three separate Go-Fund Me accounts.

      As an aside I headed in Dick’s Sporting Goods an hour ago (5pm) stopped by the Gun & Ammo counter and talked to the clerks, it was busy, they said it was hopping since early this morning, Hottest seller? “Home defense” shotguns of course and this is suburban NW N.J. 50 miles outside NYC.

      Let the ignorant, dysfunctional, emotionally stunted portion of the group that makes up just 12.6% of the population and their idiot Leftist white allies “act the fool” and it’s going to be like “Monty Python and The Holy Grail” instead of “bring out your dead” it’ll be just leave the refuse at the curb and we’ll pick it up on Wednesday with a front-end loader.

  12. hands up…i cant breath….,pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon….all i see in these word are someone needs to go on a diet…

  13. The “Summer of Chaos” begins, the BLM and their La Raza/Occupy/BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) et al allies trained by the worst “the Left” has to offer ie. Lisa Fithian and Bill “Weatherman Bomber” Ayers under President Valerie Jarrett’s TFA (Teach for America) are looking to recreate 1968’s “Summer of Rage”, they WILL fail and fail miserably.

    This was also reported by Breitbart and Drudge a month ago:

  14. Nice of them to offer their condolences to those affected instead of just trying to make sure they don’t get associated with this incident…oh, wait…

  15. I am convinced that there are two objectives in all of the strife occurring in our country. These are removing all firearms from private ownership and federalizing the police.

    What could go wrong with these “common sense” approaches?

  16. There may have been a lone gunman but there was a crowd of those who continued to mock the police after the Dallas tragedy. Continue in this manner and BLM will lose that sliver of credibility that some claim it has.

    PS – All Lives Matter.

  17. Try as they might, BLM owns Thursday night in Dallas.

    New Black Panthers = KKK = “Terrorist Organization”

    BLM = Hate Group

    Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch can’t change that no matter how hard they try to save them.

  18. “To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.”

    How does it feel to be painted by the same brush as they use to paint responsible gun owners. Here’s my reply to BLM… **** OFF

  19. Yesterday’s attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible…..

    Is that not what blm is doing with white police ??????

  20. F**k Blm! And f**k the media. America is being played.

    Blm is a terrorist organization.

    Blm is an ACTUAL domestic terrorist organization.

    Conservative, white male veterans that’s the threat…………….yeh right

    More BS to distract the masses

    blm, illegals, welfare sluts better hope that conservative white males don’t suddenly get fed up with their subsidized bullshit tantrums

  21. I’m still trying to figure out where the PD got a bomb to blow up the bad guy???? Cops have bombs/hand gernades?? That must be in the waco ATF handbook.

    • Cops have breaching charges to blow holes in walls\doors. Think C4. You can take those charges and put em on a remote-controlled car if you want. It won’t be fancy but it’ll work.

  22. The comments to this are so sickening. WTF? When Dylann Root massacred so many in a church, when Timothy McVeigh bombed a federal building in Oklahoma City killing hundreds, did anyone, ANYONE label them as white to explain their actions? Why is it because a person is of a color other than white that they are judged, treated and condemned without due process? No wonder there is so much anger. Wake up everyone, the world is different than it was 10, 20, 50 years ago. Everyone needs to adapt to a global world. The Internet, trade, borders are all adjusting and so many want to bury their heads in the sand. What a sorry state.

    • Got carton’s of Newport 100’s? (that’s what Philando Castile stole during the ARMED ROBBERY he was stopped for)

      Got bootleg DVD’S (child porn)? (that’s where the money Alton Sterling a CONVICTED FELON/CHILD MOLESTER on PAROLE who was supposed to be in his halfway house NOT on the street at 2am and RESISTING ARREST was using his ILLEGAL handgun to protect)

      Got Swishers? (Mike Brown)

      Got Skittles? (Trayvon Martin)

      You’ll get NO sympathy here neither will ghetto thugs or hipster urban/suburban punks as we’re law-abiding folk who support the Thin Blue Line that stands between us and chaos. Now go scurry into your safe space, crawl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep.


    • You must have read a different article. Your comment appears to have nothing to do with this one.

    • Actually people of the left still try to associate Christians with McVeigh even though faith had nothing to do with his actions. These people that are getting shot are bringing it upon themselves. A felon in possession of a firearm while selling pirated music, one robs a store and when stopped attempted to go after the cops gun. They are judged by the actions they took leading up to their death and the color of their skin has nothing to do with it. I am not white so don’t go calling me a racist either.

      The only thing you have right is the world is different than it was just 10 years ago. Racism was not a discussion and people were more united, now obama has torn this country apart and we have never been so divided. No one needs to adapt to any global world BS. We live in the United States of America and thats all we need to adapt to. People that come to this country need to adapt to our values, our way of life, and our culture.

    • Actually, the Charleston nutbag’s (I don’t like identifying these pukes by name) crime was used as an excuse to talk about systemic white racism, white privilege, etc. It was also used as an excuse to take down Confederate flags all over the place, get them banned from sale all over the place, etc. White racism was openly labelled as the cause, pretty much everywhere.

      The media’s been much harder on the Tea Party than they have been on BLM, despite the fact that the former were entirely peaceful, and the latter are now racking up quite the body count.

  23. I don’t really know how they expect to “transform policing”? At the end of the day, you’re talking about 1-2 cops alone on a street at 3AM making a judgement call about whether or not the person of interest poses an immediate, credible threat of death or bodily harm and is in the process of effecting that threat.

    Within 7 yards, holding a knife and acting in a threatening fashion? Makes a sudden movement in the direction of a known or STRONGLY suspected firearm at hand? Other aggressive behavior?

    At the end of the day, there’s a chance that the officer will feel forced to decisively stop that threat. Sometimes the officer, for one reason or another (which, not being an officer, I can’t comment upon), decides that deadly force isn’t needed. With the “Bundy” rhetoric, it seems like the real goal is to make police shootings more common in general and/or lead police to take enhanced risks in risky circumstances, which will lead to police deaths.

    I would agree that a police force’s demographics should more or less mirror those of the community whom they serve, but beyond that I can’t agree with much of what they’re nominally seeking.

  24. “To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.”

    Yes isn’t that exactly what they are doing to every single cop in the country? Ins’t that what the left is doing to all gun owners? What about all the violence they have done in cities like San Jose, Baltimore, St. Paul etc…??? I don’t see them denounce those actions.

  25. That is pretty cute. Start out your statement about incident x (death of a bunch of nameless, faceless cops) by talking about incident a and b (two people you mention by name, to personalize them as real people). Sends the message that you really don’t care about x, without actually having to say so.

    But my favorite statement from BLM: “we don’t advocate murder.” Isn’t that special? That there is one strong condemnation of cop-killers!

    KKK: “we don’t advocate lynching.”

    Note that BLM did not condemn the racist’s murder of 5 cops.
    Note that BLM did not condemn the racism of the man, or the act.
    Note that BLM did spend more time talking about how they weren’t going to let this slow them down, than they did about the murder of 5 cops by one of their own.

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