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As Emory writes, “I’ve recently added some great new items to my EDC including an new folder, SAK, and my first smart phone, an iPhone SE, which is what I used to take the pic. I’m new to iPhone photography, so, I’m sure it could be better. Anyway, this is what I carry every day, but I’m always looking for new ideas, and trying to be better prepared.” Check out all of Emory’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. How do people carry all this crap? I’m doing good if I walk out the door with gun, knife, phone, wallet, keys.

    • That is exactly what I leave with myself. There’s a flashlight in the phone, as well as note-taking capability, so no need for the ubiquitous “Field Notes” or a Fenix. But that’s just me…

      • There are a few reasons to carry such things.

        First, there’s an old adage that one is none and two is one. Some people strictly adhere to this.

        Secondly using your phone as a flashlight, while useful in certain situations, is a more time consuming process to get up and running than a regular flashlight and it kills your cellphone battery which you might need for other things like making important calls. It will also not tend to be as bright as a quality flashlight. I’m not aware of any phones packing a flash that’s 300+ lumens with a good dispersal pattern. It’s useful for finding your keys in the dark, it’s not good for things that go bump in the night.

        Third, a flashlight has uses you might not want to use your phone for like smacking a bad guy in the eye. Plus flashlights are often waterproof where phones are not. A quality flashlight dropped in a puddle just needs to be wiped off, a phone dropped in a puddle often needs to be replaced.

        Forth, using the phone for notes is usually slower than writing by hand. It also potentially turns the phone into evidence the cops want to collect. I don’t give a crap about handing an officer a piece of paper or even my whole $1 notebook, hell he can have the Bic Round-Stik pen too. I sure as heck do care about handing him my $700 smart phone which I might not get back for months and I now have to replace.

        What I don’t get is the knife, plus the Swiss Army knife plus the Leatherman. The folder and the Leatherman have everything covered. Plus he’s got another small multi-tool on his keys.

      • A light is one of the most useful things you can carry. What if you need to be on the phone at the same time you need light? Speakerphone? An Olight S10R fits in your watch pocket and throws much more light than any phone can hope to. Of course I’m left handed so the watch pocket works for me.

    • Some of us have rediscovered our waistline and it’s amazing how much you can hang from it with a decent belt.

    • Got a watch pocket? These days it’s a Olight S10R pocket. You phone can’t make light like this.

  2. Hey I read further and he’s a preacher! Good…that’s a lot to carry. And no bible? The Taurus 111G2 is my next handgun…

      • THAT was sarcasm Geoff. I marvel at all the crap folks carry-as I type on my smartphone (I don’t use any bible apps-they all seem quite buggy:)

  3. The PT111 G2 is a good carry piece for the money. It has a safety, which offsets the risk of the super light trigger, and second strike capability. The only downsides are that it has problems with hard primers and the original recoil spring has been known to fail at 1k rounds.

  4. I didn’t realize that my EDC had been chosen as the “Concealed Carry Pocket Dump of the Day,” until I happened upon it in a Google search. First, let me say thank you, to “The Truth About Guns” for choosing my pic. As to those wondering how I carry “all that ‘stuff,'” I know I carry more than some, but there are definitely many in the EDC community that carry as much or more than I do. It is a continuing journey to find the right combination of gear, and the right balance of “just enough,” and “ready for anything.” (But that’s the fun part!) I do not carry anything in the picture in bags, or fanny packs, just pockets, and belt. It’s really not that bad. I think it’s funny that people think a preacher should EDC a Bible! 🙂 I do have a Bible app on my phone, and I do often have one in my vehicle, and always have one in my computer bag I bring to the office, but I am always ready to give the gospel, whether I have a Bible with me or not. Thanks for all the comments, and Carry Well!


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