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Check out the video below. It’s so ludicrous, stereotypical even, it seems staged. But assuming it’s for real, there’s no doubt that the overall-clad shotgun-wielder is well out of bounds for bringing out his long gun. If for no other reason, doing so poses an imminent, credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death; making him an obvious target for ballistic perforation. Idiot. Among idiots. Doing idiotic things. For our entertainment? We report, you deride.

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  1. It says that the fat guy got arrested. Good. That said, this is weird it seems almost like some form of armed criminal action vs someone getting “cut off.” They looked like they had people waiting to stop the bikers.

    • According to the LiveLeak comments, the fat guy that lifted his shirt was showing the young ‘bikers’ his Hells Angels tattoos, while telling them he is the “real deal”.

  2. Robert, Robert, Robert . . . This just too perfect not to be staged. It’s great ‘Tube performance art, however. Loved the tatooed belly.

    • That bugged me so much I had to go figure it out.

      It apparently says “Fitch”. As in Abercrombie and Fitch. 1892 is the year the company was founded.

      Looks like they found their new hot model!

      • Hemingway talked of buying a rifle from Abercrombie and Fitch back in the day, it wasn’t always saturated with douchebaggery.

        • Back in the day, if you wanted to buy a rifle or shotgun in New York City, you went to Sears for the cheap stuff and Abercrombie for the really great stuff. A&F was awesome.

        • My absolute favorite gun was my maternal grandfather’s favorite, his 28-gauge quail gun with a Greener crossbolt actiion, engraved by a first-rate artist. He bought it in 1937. I still shoot it with a stock extension attached. I don’t dare restock it for my length of pull.

  3. Negative. The open carry of a long gun does not constitute an immediate credible threat. Nor is it it illegal in most states. We fought pretty hard for that.
    I don’t know if this event was staged, but it doesn’t look far out of the ordinary to me. I was a little surprised nobody got stabbed. If I’m getting out of my truck because two groups of people are fighting in front of me, blocking traffic, with a woman in between them screaming she has a baby, yeah I’m getting out my shotgun. And most of the year, I’m probably already wearing overalls.

    • At one point, Mr. Shotgun makes like he’s going to clockj a biker with the shotgun’s butt end. I’d call that a pretty clear threat. Still, point taken.

    • The difference, Mr. Taylor, is that I doubt that you’d get out of the truck waving around a shotty with the clear intention of letting someone beat the ever-living shit out of someone else which is exactly what this guy is doing.

      He’s not just some bystander trying to break things up. He’s actively supporting Redneck 1 and Redneck 2 who are engaged in violent criminal action. His possession of a firearm is designed to intimidate the bikers into not resisting or assisting their buddy who is getting beaten within an inch of his life. As such Mr. Shotgun is an accomplice and probably fair game to get perforated.

      IMHO, it would have been legal, moral and ethical, though not wise to attempt, to draw a CCW (unless you carry a rifle on your bike, which I don’t) and smoke all three of these idiots.

      Personally I’d seriously have considered letting my H&K assist that fat guy in shuffling off this mortal coil.

    • He is wielding by any definition you look at… and wielding a firearm during a situation like this is by all accounts threatening. I agree with others that it would have been understandable and probably lawful if someone eliminated that threat.

    • Thanks DJ, for providing the details everybody is speculating about.

      It’s road rage, like we all knew it was.

      Bikers say a guy in a truck kept harassing them and trying to run them off the road.
      Shotgun guy says a bunch of bikers kept harassing his brother, getting in front of him and hitting the brakes, trying to force him to stop so they could assault him.

      Obviously, somebody’s lying. Or everybody’s lying.
      Theory #3: they were all road raging and trying to start a fight, but nobody’s willing to admit that they were willing participants.

  4. This is a road age incident which escalated. The driver of the truck is being followed by 10 or more men on motorcycles. He was headed home and instead of leading the bikers to his house decided to stop. He had already called his brother who came to meet him. His brother brought a gun. This took place in rural Oklahoma and this is to be expected. So the biker and the driver of the truck decide to participate in mutual combat. His brother with the shotgun kept the rest of the 10 or so bikers at bay while they settled their differences. There is another individual with a knife who essentially does the same thing, As of now the only person arrested is the guy with the knife as he allegedly pulled out the knife and put it to someones throat. So the question to ask yourself is what would you do if you were in this situation. And while calling the sheriff is a possible answer, let it be known that response time in rural Oklahoma is 30 minutes or more. You can go the to get more details.

    • So the question to ask yourself is what would you do if you were in this situation.

      None of the things anybody did in that video.

      • “None of the things anybody did in that video.”

        *If* what was described above by commenter Martin Luther was true, *NOT* leading the bikers back to his home seems a very rational move, as far as I’m concerned…

        • When I was followed by some hoodlums with dead eyes late one 1996 night in Indianapolis, I drove to a police station. I had 638 with me, it was not much comfort, and I did not relish a fight with 3 dangerous looking young men who followed me because my car was in the way when they wanted to run a red light. Much to my relief they only paused briefly before driving away from the police station. I did not have a cell phone back then and planned to lay on the horn if they had followed me in.

    • NO more info is available at news9, despite the claim otherwise.
      The whole story is nothing more than the internet video and some hearsay. No value there….

    • Well thats all good and dandy until dude in the truck is attacking one of your buddies, they become unconscious and youve got a shotgun pointed at you. At that point, for me personally, sorry but were about to have some redneck on redneck violence, because every one of those dudes should be laying in the street exsanguinating. Plus the dumb bitch getting out of the truck screaming about the kids in there, FFS. Stupid fucking games man…

      • If you follow someone, then stop to engage in a fight, you have surrendered you’re right to use a fire arm against a fist. If you’re buddy stops to engage in a fight, and you shoot the guy he was fighting, you are probably going to prison. The guy with the knife is still a good target since he put that knife to someone’s throat, but the guy beating the shit out of the kid is off limits for a legal shoot. Not a lawyer, but have read the OK law and as an OK CCer that would be my interpretation of the situation. Probably the reason why the guy with the knife was the only one arrested.

    • “His brother with the shotgun kept the rest of the 10 or so bikers at bay while they settled their differences.”

      That’s a pretty interesting way of saying “Held people illegally at gunpoint while his brother viciously assaulted someone for no legal reason and their fat fuck of a friend robbed another person at knifepoint”. I’d say he’s an accomplice to multiple felonies and I suspect that, unless he’s related to the DA, he’ll be charged as such.

      You can spin it any way you like but that’s what happened here.

      • Biker is following guy in truck. What do you think the biker is saying to the trucker? In response, trucker stops, gets out. Likewise, the biker stops and dismounts. We all know what’s going to happen next. The biker asked for this by initiating the conflict first and not leaving when violence was imminent. This indicates that he wanted a fight. Meanwhile, guy with shotgun holds muzzle up not “at gun point” while fat guy with knife tells biker group to “get on their bikes” meaning to stay back or leave. So they held back the biker group while the two guys had it out. I imagine that the biker had been so bold earlier because felt he would be backed up by his fellow bikers superior numbers.

        • Biker got what was coming to him. Notice how often bikers get assualted? Its because far too many of them act like clowns on the road.

        • So “They were asking for it” is now an affirmative defense for assault? The biker didn’t throw any punches, he was just straight up beaten by the guy who got out of the truck.

    • Right – he has a phone and calls his brother cause he doesn’t want to lead them to his house. Bullshit. He has a phone – he should have called the police and had them meet somewhere. Your 30 minutes to respond argument doesn’t hold up when everyone was on/in their vehicle. He could have also stayed in his car.
      Instead – he decides to go vigilante.

      Now – the motorcyclist was an idiot too. People cut people off everyday and don’t mean it. Get mad – honk your horn – and move on. Yelling (I assume obscenities) at a truck with kids in it was a poor choice. And I bet the motorcyclist was speeding and therefore partly to blame for the cut-off move.

  5. There’s plainly more going on than what you see in the video, and yes the response time in that part of Oklahoma is at least 30 minutes. One thing that stands out to me is that if they were from Stillwater it pretty strongly suggests they went to Yale and headed North and that road has always been pretty rugged, even for pick ups and big equipment. I know because I used to move a lot of it up and down the Maramec and Quay roads for a fair piece of time. Point being it’s a fairly odd choice for a sporty bike outing. Even where they are the pavement is pretty much an ‘any given day’ kind of thing so to me it begs the question what they were doing there. While Oklahoma has some of the worst roads you will see outside the 3rd world, it also has abundant long, straight highways which is where most bikers go to enjoy the place, which is IMO at least incredibly beautiful.

  6. Youtube is full of these packs of militant biker boyz out looking for road rage. Kicking cars, smashing mirrors, cutting people off, surrounding cars in packs etc etc…..

    Not sure why these biker morons think a 400 pd bike is a match for a 5000 pd truck. Even a Prius can mow down a stupid road raging biker. Why bother pulling your gun, just turn these turds into speedbumps.

  7. For entertainment value, I much prefer the DUI Lawnmower Guy.
    “Ah’m jus’ goin’ to the Erster Shack!”
    “Steve, I’m gonna light you up!”

  8. I’m sure all the guys here are totally different, but in my experience, it’s pretty rare that there is an incident involving sport bikes where it didn’t start because a crotch rocketeer was behaving like a goddamn jackass and then getting pissy when someone reacts negatively to them zipping around like the laws of God, man and gravity don’t apply to them.

      • C’mon man. Don’t participate in the competition to see who can be the most offended. “Hillbilly” is not a slur and “redneck” isn’t a race.

        Trying to out-indignant the SJW crowd is a silly way to spend your energies.

        • I don’t mind the term hillbilly, redneck etc. whatsoever, I just thought he was stupid to say that none of “hillbillies” could throw a decent punch when there was only that one to judge from. I called him a bigot simply because it is an accurate description, not because I was mad at him.

        • Well, apparently there’s a history unrelated to this particular post, so it looks like I made an assumption that was incorrect. Fair enough.

          Also, I’m from Oklahoma and grew up in the South. I know just how red my neck can get.

    • Not a hillbilly! That is White Trash.
      BTW with all these doctor/dentist bike gangs are the reason I have an extra pair of sound protection ear muffs in passenger side seat. When bikers on hogs are in Fredericksburg, make sure I’m not in town. Usually just pull off to side of road when going scenic route to family homestead

  9. I saw this video yesterday and a few things occurred to me.

    Assuming that this video is real and not staged, which I doubt it is since fatboy got arrested for “robbery”, which I assume is the theft of a GoPro (near the end of the video he says that he won’t be returning a camera, which I assume he “confiscated” in an attempt to conceal evidence of other crimes, possibly including what happened before this video)

    First, I have no idea what precipitated these events but whatever it is doesn’t warrant the beating that one of the motorcyclists takes. A motorcycle is no threat to a cage rider. Yes, some riders can be total assholes but, I’m sorry, no matter how much of a dick a rider may be we constitute no threat to you. Worst case there’s contact between vehicles and the biker loses badly. Your children were never in danger so STFU. Just admit it: You have a problem with motorcyclists (which may be totally warranted in this case).

    Second, fatboy with the knife is clearly straying into the territory where it would be legal to smoke his ass. In all honesty if this was my group of friends I’d seriously have considered hotting him in the brain box. That knife and his behavior definitely constitute a threat of deadly force and he intends it that way. Fair fucking game in my book.

    Third, Mr. “I don’t have a problem with you, I have a problem with him and him” who administered a beating to the first rider has also strayed pretty far into the territory where it’s legal to bust a cap in his ass but only during the time that he’s assaulting the motorcyclist. After that, yes he’s committed a felony, but he ceases to be a threat that rises to the level of needing a gun.

    Forth, Mr. Shotgun. I don’t quite know what to make of this dude. The thing that would have given me great pause in blasting fatboy into the next life is that Mr. Shotgun Toting Redneck Asshole has me seriously outgunned. Discretion may be the better part of valor here. That said, the threats he makes at one point I would argue constitute a good reason to shoot him in the throat so he can lie there on the pavement and think about his idiocy as the world goes black. I’m not sure what he thought he was doing but it appears to me that he’s friends with the other country folk and that he’s there to ensure that the beating that’s being administered is completed.

    Long story short: This situation is screwed up six ways from Sunday but, at one time or another, ALL THREE Good Ol’ Boys put themselves in a situation where it would be legal to dirt nap their ass and quite frankly it’s a shame they’re still breathing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I live in a reasonably rural area, but this behavior is just unacceptable. This isn’t “country folks” it’s bucktoothed, sisterfucking, meth smoking, redneck assholes who think they can do whatever they want.

    • I agree that stopping and attacking the not so good at fighting as mouthing off biker was a very bad idea. The truck driver should have just been a bit slow on his brakes when the imbecile bikers tried stopping in front of him to make him stop. Brake checking a truck with a motorcycle is capital offense in the Darwinian sense.

    • A motorcycle is no threat to a cage rider? Tell that to the Mom and kids who were killed in my town by the biker who thought he could make it through the red light at 150ish MPH. If you get a big truck to swerve in avoidance of your bike then you just put that vehicle into an uncontrolled state. Sure, they may have been doing something stupid, but you have just removed the safety margin that they were relying on. They don’t have your speed, maneuverability, or driving skill to quickly recover. They don’t have your current level of focus. You may have expensive body armor while they may have kids with them. Yes, motorcycles can be a threat to other drivers.

      Now it gets even better when you have a pack of bikers. I’m wary of any group of masked people focusing attention on me; especially those who blatantly disregard traffic laws and scatter at the appearance of law enforcement. If you inadvertently piss one off then the entire pack follows you. You can’t get away from them, so you’re now in a panic situation. Take a swerve at one one of the bikes, even if only a scare tactic, and you have escalated the situation to life-threatening levels where you are strongly outnumbered. If you stop, you better be ready for a fight.

      Packs of motorcycle riders have a stigma just like people of the gun do. We can easily cause fear and panic with what would otherwise be innocent actions or words. I’m not defending the truck drivers in this video. Thus far it looks like everyone involved made some bad decisions. Plenty of ego on both sides and from the video comments too.

    • Some people only learn the hard way. They have been so pampered for their whole lives that the concept of physical chastisement is foreign to them. A little beating may just alter that perseption. All thumps were entirely for educative purposes. And this was a father protecting his wife and kids. Do you expect him to go easy on the punk?

      • “They seemed like a jerk” is not and never will be a valid legal defense for assault and battery, especially not with a deadly weapon.

  10. This event was real. It started when the truck pulled out in front of ten or so bikes and they then passed the truck while jawing and giving the finger. When they got in front they would slow down while blocking the whole road. The pickup had two parents and three small children. The harassment went on for almost 15 miles of remote country road.

    Under those circumstances I would be concerned also. The father called his brother who called some friends the the video is of the confrontation when the two groups met.

    I agree, the shotgun and knife was dumb.

    I also agree with the father beating the crap out of the dumb kid in the helmet. Maybe he and his friends learned something about harassing country folk in their own neighborhood.

    For those looking down on rednecks and calling names, why don’t ya’ll come on down and have a conversation with us face to face.

    • You’re free to have your opinion on the situation and I respect it but I ain’t buying it.

      IMHO there is no justification for what happens here. You’re scared of the bikers harassing you? OK, then explain why you stopped and got out of the vehicle on a remote country road? You couldn’t have been that scared. As such they have absolutely no reason to introduce weapons or physical violence because they have no legit claim to a perception of a threat against them. It’s not like the bikers chased them down and attacked the vehicle or something.

      Further: Calling your brother? That’s damn good evidence that they had phone service. Why not call the cops? Oh, no that’s not the way. They needed to administer some “country” justice. Yeah, well that’s called “criminal activity” in every jurisdiction in this country. Felony assault and battery over this? Inexcusable. Death threats with a knife? Inexcusable. Felony armed robbery? Inexcusable. Brother showing up with a shotgun to assist in these felonies? Inexcusable.

      I’m seeing a lot of criminal activity here and none of it’s from the bikers (there may be some before the video starts though). You can talk about “how we do ’round here” all you want but, based on this video, in other areas of the country all three of these country bumpkins would have been legally shot dead by the bikers and they would have deserved it. Pull this kind of thing around where I live and all three of those guys would have been on their way to the morgue, especially if they decided to pull this kind of stunt on some of the MC riders around here.

      This is what happens when egos run wild. Stupidity and tomfuckery are the result. When it comes to motorcycles the root is often a misunderstanding between the bikers and the cage riders or the fact that the driver of the cage really didn’t see the bikes (which can be a result of the way our vision works, they literally don’t see the bikes).

      The bikers should have just rode away in the first place. The driver of the truck should have chilled out and let them or driven to a public area or a police station if he really was worried.

    • “they then passed the truck while jawing and giving the finger”

      Literally the opposite is true. One of the bikes has a low-powered engine and could not go fast. The truck driver passed them and almost hit one of the bikes, hence the confrontation.

  11. Here’s my question? Why can’t TTAG do such basic research- like molest google -just to find out the basic details of the altercation like many of the commenters and their news 9 links managed to do? Another failure to content or even engage in the most basic bare minimum of investigation by this site.

  12. “Idiot. Among idiots. Doing idiotic things.” – really? Coming from the guy that can’t even stay away from an Anti-Gun business because he was hungry …. You are a effng joke of a writer.

  13. Lots of fail to go around here. Not a bunch I would ever ride with, since engaging with pickup while on a bike is, as someone said Darwin level stupid.

  14. Looks like the klan rules in that neighborhood. Some very stupid people being videotaped while physically assaulting individuals.

  15. The headline is wrong. These were not “bikers”. These were adolescent wankers riding mopeds incapable of performing at typical open road speeds, in conflict with indigenous Okies exercising their God given rights on their home turf. Mouthing off and “threatening” inhabitants of a three ton vehicle is not survivable behavior for said halfwits. They were lucky they didn’t all get killed. I applaud the Okies for their restraint. I guarantee this is not the first time these two wheels twerps have caused trouble in local environs. Perhaps this time the lesson will take.

  16. As soon as he pulled that shotgun i would have seen and put 2 in his chest and still has 16 rounds left. We carry Glocks on our bikes.


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