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Smith & Wesson, now American Outdoor Brands, acquired Columbia, Missouri-based Battenfield Technologies back in 2015. You probably know that Battenfield makes a wide range of shooting, reloading, gunsmithing and gun cleaning products. One of those products is a Smith & Wesson M&P-branded complete lower parts kit for AR-15 rifles. It seems the hammers included in the kits have a problem that could cause unintended discharges and Battenfield has issued a recall.

Just to be clear, the recall does not have anything to do with Smith’s factory-made M&P rifles…only the aftermarket parts kits. Here’s the press release they issued last night:

Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. (BTI) has announced a recall involving its M&P AR-15 Rifle Lower Parts Kit Complete, an aftermarket parts kit.  This recall does NOT include and is not related to Smith & Wesson (S&W) factory produced complete M&P rifles.

The M&P AR-15 Rifle Lower Parts Kit Complete, identified as Item No. 110114, consists of the parts necessary to build a complete lower receiver for an AR-15 style modern sporting rifle. BTI is recalling all kits distributed prior to September 12, 2017, which do not exceed more than 4,700 kits. Kits sold during this time period may have been supplied with an incorrect hammer, which may lead to a failure of certain rifles to function as intended, including a potential risk of an unintended discharge. These kits were available for purchase online and through select retailers and distributors, including Turner’s Outdoorsman, Cabela’s, among others.

If you purchased a product advertised as an M&P AR-15 Rifle Lower Parts Kit Complete (Item No. 110114) during the referenced timeframe, please contact BTI at (877) 416-5167 or [email protected] to arrange for the return of your kit and the issuance of a replacement hammer. While you are awaiting the replacement hammer, any rifle assembled with an M&P AR-15 Rifle Lower Parts Kit Complete should NOT be used.

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  1. Ummm…OK. Anyone have an Anderson AR15? Cabelas has them for 399 and since I really only want one for SHTF are they GTG? This is a basic model but has a forward assist & dust cover. No optics…

    • At that price level you’ll get a rifle suitable for occasional range use and even more occasional self defense requirements. SHTF might require a whole lot more than that.

      High round count firing will certainly result in failure. You can be certain that critical parts such as the trigger group and BCG are not up to MIL Spec quality levels and not reliable in the long run.

      For occasional use only!

    • If you’re looking for an entry level AR in the $400 range, I’d go with a S&W or Ruger. Both can be had for $450 at several places online, and they come with decent sights. With the Anderson, you’re going to be at that price anyway once you buy sights or an optic (if you’re serious about SHTF use, I’d go for iron sights).

    • Palmetto State Armory sells complete kits minus the lower receiver that’ll get you into the AR biz for a pretty similar price, and they have a pretty solid reputation. The lower parts (trigger group and buffer assembly) are the only thing you’d have to assemble, and it’s not very hard. Their stuff passes torture tests that higher-end ARs have failed.

  2. I can’t speak for their complete rifles, but I bought 3 of their stripped lowers back in June of 2014, afer the Sandy Hook insanity had officially passed, and I built a very nice functioning FrankenRifle, and a matching FrankenPistol. The finish/anodizing is flawless, and in fact, nicer than the finish on my ArmaLite M15A1 that I purchased back in 1998. The Andersons are all “Low Shelf” receivers, which will be nice in the event of a Hughes Amendment Repeal.

    No experience with their complete rifles though. For $399 i’d buy one, if I wasn’t already set in the AR department.

  3. Edit feature isn’t working again. I wanted to add that all of my Anderson have the Cerro Forge rollmark.

  4. Cool…I am going on 65 and don’t compete, hunt or give a damn if people hate my guns. An AR just has to work. And 399 is HiPoint territory!😆 It seemed very nice when I fondled it too.

    • And at that price you can afford to experiment should you ever be so inclined.

      Is federal still offering their 5¢ per round rebate?

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