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“(Larry) Zacarese said his law enforcement credentials, and (Sen. Phil) Boyle’s lack of any direct law enforcement experience, resonated most with voters. Also crucial were two mailings of 3,000 each sent to gun rights backers that attacked Boyle’s vote for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s gun control SAFE Act, said Zacarese. Boyle later called the vote a mistake.” – Larry Zacarese upset in sheriff race changes political landscape [via]

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  1. OK, Suffolk County is the far end of Long Island.

    A question for the New York TTAG-ers, is Suffolk County considered shall-issue, and does that guy *intend* to issue?

    • I’m not from Suffolk County but from what I’ve read, due to its proximity to NYC it is very difficult to get a pistol permit there.. the Sheriff has no say, it’s usually the county judges who deny you. And since in NY state you need a pistol permit to even touch one, you don’t get even get home carry.

      • “And since in NY state you need a pistol permit to even touch one, you don’t get even get home carry.”

        “Home carry”, as even *in* your own home? The Heller ruling meant even a Manhattan-ite (if not a legally prohibited person) could keep a hndgun in their home. (*After* the annoying paperwork hoops to jump through…)

        Is that not accurate?

        • You must think New York State is part of the United States of America and subject to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. I can assure you that is not the case.

        • I believe a manhattan resident could always get a permit to keep a gun at home, with a lot of paperwork, at least a couple visits to a precinct during limited hours, a few hundred dollars in fees and an affidavit permitting it from any adults residing at the same place

          Little bit like getting an abortion in the south

          That home permission only allows something like 50 rounds of ammunition, As per the fire department rules, and there’s only one gun range that you are allowed to go to, with no deviation

        • “Little bit like getting an abortion in the south…”

          …in 1950.

          Civil Rights in New York, stepping boldly forward into the post-war era.

        • Hey LI…it must be easy to get an abortion in NY…the whole f@&%ing state is a rusty coathanger abortion. Enjoy your urban shithole and the tyrants that run it.

      • I like how we have so many experts on Suffolk County who don’t live anywhere near here.

        Both the SC Sheriff and the SCPD have jurisdiction throughout the County. The SC Sheriff issues pistol licenses for the five eastern towns of SC. The SCPD Pistol License Bureau issues pistol licenses to residents of the five western towns of SC. The process is similar to most of the rest of the State, except for NYC. Throughout the state, pistol licenses are issued by the counties. In the 5 boroughs, it’s the NYPD.

        Virtually all PLs in the downstate counties are restricted “Sportsmans” licenses. CC is only allowed to and from a sporting venue. And you may carry on your own premises. Most upstate counties issue unrestricted PLs, but many are also restricted.

        • Thanks Blammo. It is also important to point out to our non-resident friends that Suffolk PD is taking over a year to issue said license, despite state law that requires approval or denial in six months. -Pat M-

    • My wife and I have a Suffolk county “pistol permit”. The specific pistol is listed on the permit. Our permits “allow” us to carry to and from a range with food or beverage stops along the way. The permit is called a “sportsman permit” One can also obtain a “premise only” permit.Both are issued by the Police Commissioner (an appointed position). When we move to Nassau County we will have to apply there and give up the Suffolk County one. A friend belongs to a 24hr. range in Nassau County so he could technically carry all the time as long as he has range bag with him.

      • KBonLI: learn the law! All of Long Island (and the rest of NY State save NYC) are controlled by New York State Handgun Licensing Law, §400… look it up on-line. Nowhere does it mention “permit” or “sportsman’s carry.”

        There are only two (2!) types of handgun licenses in NYS: “P” for Premises and “C” for Carry. The “Sportsmen” or “Hunting” or “Business” are administrative classifications added by your licensing authority, and have no basis in New York State Law.

  2. I can understand why politicians in NY and NJ are so fearful of national reciprocity. If their citizens see out of staters carrying guns in public they might well ask, why can they be trusted and we can’t? There would be carnage, at the ballot box on election day.

    • National reciprocity would crush state gun control laws. I would think it would nullify state gun control laws by allowing citizens of anti-gun states to carry using non-resident permits from other states. Personally, I don’t see the RINO’s supporting it. Ryan already came out with some BS that it wasn’t the right time. His @ss needs primaried for many reasons, but this alone should be enough.

      National Reciprocity should be an all out push by every pro-gun organization in the country.

      • A discharge petition would bypass Ryan. National Reciprocity has 212 co-sponsor. A discharge petition would only need 218 signatures. Passage only needs 218 votes.

        It won’t pass the Senate (or get a vote), but at least we’d know who to primary in the House.

    • If NYers saw an out of state licensed carrier waltzing down Wall Street with a firearm, they’d piss themselves and call the police. That is all. The police would approach, pummel, and arrest any open carrier.

      They wouldn’t see such a thing, anyway, even with national reciprocity, because that just means a state must recognize the out of state license. The carrier must still abide by New York’s law, which as a practical matter effectively bans open carry.

  3. I live in Nassau county which is next to Suffolk county. and it is easier to get a gun permit than NYC but nothing like in FLA or other states. there is a lot of BS you have to go through and a long 6 month ( plus) waiting period for the permit to come through. and every handgun is listed on your permit. and the permit cost 200 dollars and is NOT a carry permit. you have to have a business or be like rich Obama ( share the wealth) supporting anti gun Robert De Nero in order to get a carry permit ( which he has). Glad I own a security company . my friend waited 3 years for his permit, and someone sued the permit section and now it is back to 6 months. ( I actually got mine in 4 months but the section was different back then). upstate is different I hear. and you don’t get a permit for the whole state, I can’t bring my gun to NYC. ( and I STAY OUT OF NYC). things here need to change. and Coumo is an idiot for passing SAFE act because it has done absolutely nothing.

  4. and another thing. I have said it before. gun control is about gun control. it is about people control. the ultimate goal is to disarm Amerika . so that people have no power and the government does. remember that. listen to what the dems say then study communism. you will see they say the same crap. there is no democratic party in the United States. it is the COMMUNIST PARTY. why when all the stats tell us that states with less gun control have less crime than states with more gun control would they be trying to ban guns. the FBI stats prove it and at that time the stats were taken it was run by an anti gun communist, and even then the stats showed more guns equals less crime.

  5. I registered my party affiliation with the GOP two years ago so that I would eventually have the opportunity to vote against Phil Boyle in a primary. Now that lying POS RINO is considering accepting the dem nomination. By the way, as a member of the NRA, NYSRPA, and SCOPE, I must have missed that Zacarise mailing.

  6. Thank you, BLAMMO! Most of those who’ve responded here haven’t clue #1 about handgun licensing in New York State, of which Suffolk County is part.

    Suffolk, the only split jurisdiction in the state if not the entire country, has two (separate) licensing authorities, with the five Eastern Township under the authority of the Sheriff, an elected official, and therefore much more responsible to the voters, as opposed to the appointed Police Commissioner who covers the five Western Towns. The PCs are traditionally political hacks (like Phil Boyle) and Oirish!

    Since we got rid of Sheriff Eugene Dooley 28 years ago, our Sheriffs have all been very good on gun rights and issuance of Pistol Licenses (NOT “permits”). The primary election of Zacarese is most encouraging! He beat the GOP bosses, and won going away. Unless there is more skull-duggery in the smoke-filled back rooms, he should be our next Sheriff for as long as he wants it!

    Boyle is a complete fraud, and I hope he has at least enough sense the decline the Democratic line if they try to slip him in there.

  7. to Dean Speir. it sound like there is room for a law suit against the Nassau and Suffolk county pistol permit authority. if there is no other type of permit than premise or carry then we have something .not to mention a clear violation of our rights. will you be going to the 2017 firearms civil rights conference . on sunday 10/1 @ 1pm at the Radisson hotel in hauppage ( 110 Vanderbilt motor pkwy happagauge ny 11788) ?

    • Not to be too critical, Glenn, but while your sentiments and intentions are admirable, your understanding of §400 leaves much to be desired. Suggest you read it:, and then get back to us with what you think might be the basis for a lawsuit.

      Now, tell us what further License Classification (beyond PREMISES and CARRY) do you think we require? What do you suggest we sue for?

      And again, it’s a LICENSE we’re discussing, not a PERMIT! (The “Permission” is implicit in the law.) There’s not much wrong with that law, only the way in which it is administered, and if candidate Zacarese is successful in November, we on the East End (the five Eastern Townships) will be fine.

      As for the Hauppauge gathering, although I am a long time (full price) Life Member of the NRA, I find that attending these annual meetings to be a waste of time and gasoline. They’re mostly an opportunity for John Cushman to raise his profile as a ferocious gun rights advocate… and 27 years ago I actively worked to get John elected to the NRA Board where he joined the “AckMac” segment and derailed the late Neal Knox’s ascendancy to the Presidency. (Neal was a true gun rights warrior!)

      There, aren’t ya glad you asked?

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