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By Larry Keane

Stick around long enough and the craziest gun control ideas come out of the woodwork. The latest is to hit a 20-year pause button on the Second Amendment.

Pennsylvania Capital-Star guest contributor and gun control advocate Michael Cogbill suggested law-abiding Pennsylvanians should be hamstrung and cut off from protecting themselves. He wants to force a halt to the legal sale of firearms for twenty years (with a pinky promise to give their gun rights back then).

What’s more is Cogbill’s laundry list of why Pennsylvania politicians should show “courage” and institute a 20-year “blockade on the production and import of firearms” are actually the very legitimate reasons why a record number of Americans chose to legally buy a gun during the past 18 months.

Courage isn’t the word that comes to mind. It’s lunacy and Cogbill would put Pennsylvanians in danger.

Wrong Song, Wrong Choir

Cogbill wants the gun moratorium because he sees Pennsylvania, in particular, as hard hit by criminal violence over the Independence Day weekend. Using the same flawed data gymnastics that MSNBC’s Chris Hayes just tried and for which he was roundly criticized, Cogbill links the high crime in Pennsylvania with the number of firearms legally purchased in 2020 by Pennsylvanians.

Cogbill notes, “…Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are seeing a record-breaking number of shootings and homicides.” He added, “The problem is there are just too many guns… Pennsylvania ranks in the top ten states with guns purchased at 1.4 million averaging more than 100,000 guns sold per month.”

Correlation, however, is not causation. The likelier case is that law-abiding Pennsylvanians are purchasing firearms because of concerns of crime and safety.

Over 21 million Americans completed the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to purchase a firearm in 2020, including more than 8.4 million first-timers. That figure includes millions of African-American buyers who purchased firearms at a pace 58 percent higher than they did the previous year. That included Pittsburgh’s Trish Wendt.

Wendt attended a local gun show and left with two new firearms. “I have one for home defense and one for carrying. I have kids and we’re alone a lot, and it’s my responsibility to protect my children,” Wendt explained.

She was one of several African-American women highlighted in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette news report, a crucial segment of the growing and diverse gun-owning community. Cogbill’s asinine idea would leave Wendt and millions of women like her high and dry for two decades.

Something’s Missing

Reducing the instances of criminal firearm misuse is a worthy and important effort. Gun control advocates like Cogbill call it “gun violence,” as if the gun and not the criminal is the cause of the crime. That key component of criminal-focused efforts is noticeably absent from his gun control fantasy.

A keyword search for the word “criminal” in Cogbill’s piece produced zero results. Instead, he would terminate a God-given right of law-abiding Americans while ignoring the criminals perpetrating the violence. It’s a common gun control tactic these days.

President Joe Biden continues to deceive and shift blame away from criminals and instead attacks law-abiding gun owners and the firearm industry supporting them. Critically important is President Biden’s nomination of David Chipman to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). He’s a paid gun control lobbyist employed by Giffords gun control with a well-known record of mocking and denigrating gun owners.

Real Solutions

While Cogbill ponders unrealistic proposals that only harm law-abiding Pennsylvanians, and the president and his gun control allies continue to misfire on federal policies, the firearm industry has offered real solutions with decades-long track records of demonstrated success of making communities safer. These have resulted in the lowest numbers of unintentional firearm fatalities in more than 100 years since data was first tracked in 1903.

These are the initiatives the firearm industry will continue to promote, while protecting the Second Amendment rights of Trish Wendt, Pennsylvanians and all law-abiding Americans.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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    • Instead of everyone affiliated with firearms being rounded up and put on freezing trains destined for concentration camps, slave labor and gas chambers cogbill is obviously attempting to be nasty nice and take what he can get without getting his hands dirty/bloody.

      C’Mon Man anyone who is capable of thinking up and purposing of such a preposterous wacky disgusting idea surely has other ideas they won’t mention for fear of exposing themselves. With mental cases like cogbill the adage “Where there is smoke there is fire” applies.

      • “put on freezing trains destined for concentration camps, slave labor and gas chambers”

        not to mention gulags. yes?

        • Communists have a thing for “penance through labor”. It won’t be the work that kills you. Your death will be an unintended consequence of starvation rations, no medical care, impossible quotas, and brutal guards.

    • Exactly. I have guns made in the 1950s and earlier that are as functional now as they were when they were made. My oldest is a mauser from 1912.

      ALL Finnish Mosin-nagants, even the modern sniping rifles, are built from pre-1917 receivers which makes them the oldest in-service firearms in the world.

  1. Does this “genius” include firearms for law enforcement and the military? If so, what companies will be around after year 20 to restart production? This guy must be a graduate of the AOC School of Economics.

    • “Does this ‘genius’ include firearms for law enforcement and the military?”

      of course not. gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about who has them.

    • Military? The OBiden don’t need no stinking guns for the militray. DOD is now the DOW (Dept of Wokeness).

    • LOL, good one. I caught that joke.

      But really, if somehow in a Leftist’s wildest dreams this actually did come to pass, the market value of existing guns would skyrocket (look at what happened to full autos after 1986). I’d be able to amply add to my future retirement nest egg by selling off a few from my collection.

  2. I live in PA.
    This will not fly in PA.
    And if we get our election audit, and that leads to election reform, communists like Cogbill will not get another term.
    And the audit train is quickly gaining speed.

    • “This will not fly in PA”

      it doesn’t have to fly in pa, it only has to fly with the ones who control pa.

        • yeah, and biden should never have made it to the white house. but things have changed a bit so “realistic” expectations are becoming out of date. we’ll see.

  3. cogbill needs to put a sock in his ignorant piehole for rest of his miserable, pathetic Jim Crow Gun Control life.

      • And here you are again. You were gone for awhile. What happened? Hand get tired? Run out of Vaseline? Long line at the Costco? Corner store out of Kleenex?

        You know, Debbie W. is probably the same age as your mother; Couldn’t you find someone nearer your own age to fixate on? Or is it a ‘mother’ thing? Either way, it’s not healthy.

        • “What happened? Hand get tired? Run out of Vaseline? Long line at the Costco? Corner store out of Kleenex?”

          Nailed it! 🙂

          What really enrages the little unbalanced troll is, at least Deborah has someone to sleep with, unlike troll-boy… 😉

      • Take a ticket yuck and get in line with all the pasty mouths just like you who are nothing more than perverts playing guessing games. Try again pervert.

      • Your basis for such a comment?

        I’m part of a large group of “pro-2A” gun owners, and have personally introduced many newbies over the years, particularly the past two years, some of which immediately bought their first gun after their first day at the range with me. All of them are not only well under 55, but most under 40.

        I posit that the “pro-2A” support from older people you’re referring to was a result of education about our Constitution that was formerly taught in our public schools, and therefore recognized by an older generation. Once younger generations are taught and given the chance, my experience is that they embrace it. Every single newbie I’ve ever brought to the range has asked to please arrange a next trip.

        • “Your basis for such a comment?”

          40 years of observation. yeah you’re bringing in new people – there’s always someone – but that appears to be heavily outweighed by the general contrary environment and changing demographic.

  4. I love these guys. Between barry, joe xiden and these fools we have a built in gun sales stampede.

    barry, joe xiden, SA-Truppfuhrer miner, if gun control was you goal you are miserable failures. You’ve sold more guns than any fear of crime or zombie uprising ever could.

    Keep up the good work, fools.

  5. sounds like a great trial run. most pro-gun citizens already have more guns than they need so it wouldn’t touch them, and only the “new gun people who hate gun people” would be affected.

    • In the same time period we could stop elections too. Maybe abortions as well.

      Why would you be on board with this idea?

      • “Why would you be on board with this idea?”

        … for the reason I stated?

        in any case such a ban will have no effect on the actual problems pa faces, so it doesn’t matter.

        • “… for the reason I stated?

          in any case such a ban will have no effect on the actual problems pa faces, so it doesn’t matter.”

          So am I to understand that you are ok with restricting rights just because only a few will be affected?

        • “So am I to understand that you are ok with restricting rights just because only a few will be affected?”

          more along the lines of “ok, have it your way, we’ll stand back and watch.” think of it as a learning experience.

          your reaction is different. most pro-2nd (keyboard warrior) types will have the attitude of “not my circus, not my monkeys” and “let them destroy themselves, it won’t touch me so I don’t care”, etc. wondering why you’re taking a different view.

        • “wondering why you’re taking a different view.”

          It doesn’t who is or isn’t affected, rights are rights. If we stand down because we are not directly affected, then the wheels turn and eventually all be be in the same leaky boat without a bail.

        • “rights are rights”

          well I certainly agree, but you need to be careful on two points.

          1) most pro-2nd types are self-centered to one degree or another (some are borderline sociopaths) and a “we’re all in this together” attitude will rile them up and get them calling you a socialist.

          2) most leftists are flatly self-centered (their ideologies are tribally sociopathic) and view them and theirs as having rights and everyone else as having no rights except what the state (meaning leftists) give them, and an opposing “we’re all in this together” attitude will rile them up and get them calling you a naazi.

        • “wondering why you’re taking a different view.”

          “more along the lines of ‘ok, have it your way, we’ll stand back and watch.’ think of it as a learning experience.”

          Maybe because that appears to be your position, and maybe he’s anti-ant.

    • “well I certainly agree, but you need to be careful on two points.”

      Certainly I am far from a Nazi or a Socialist.

      My circle of friends do not have those in group 1.

      For group 2, i agree with your assessment.

      And I understand your polemic posts more clearly. I had thought that was the route you were on.

    • To the generations growing up under that policy, gun ownership would be almost unthinkable. Unarmed citizens would be considered normal. The right coukd be permanently taken away after that because in their minds they wouldn’t be losing anything.

    • I’m too busy helping out politically to turn the Marxist tide in advance of next year’s midterms to even read this article after the title because I already know what it’s about. It’s about what the political Socialist Totalitarian agenda has pursued for decades with a shrunken brain Vengence, but is no longer afraid to conceal it under the specious cover of Public Safety or Extreme crime prevention tactics because they now emboldened by holding the hgh hand at the govenment casino with the three legislative aces.

      So It’s another direct infringement upon our 2nd A rights by total populate disarmament to prevent armed dissent in the furtherance their agenda of rights-violating Statism to eliminate populate controlled government in the current system and promote dependence (slavery) on the government. And it will only get worse.

      And anybody who can’t see, denies, or even doubts that, should take a nice vacation to Venezuela, China, Canada, et al, and, guaranteed…you’ll ‘get it’.

      But what I don’t ‘get’ entirely, is why… if we still (last time i checked) have a 2/A uninfringeable right to keep and bear arms, Period, with no qualifiers or conditions, and it’s still in the Constitution, and this unassailable right was reconfirmed several times by High courts in the past from Miller v. U.S., to Marbury v. Madison, to Miranda v. Arizona, and in Norton v. Shelby County, where ‘An unconstitutional law is Not law, (eg: 1934 NFA, ’68GCA, etc.) and it confers no rights, imposes no duties (enforcement). affords no protection, it creates no office (enforcement officers) it is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.’ and more recently Heller, and McDonald v. Chicago, and a decison by that great justice ‘Benidez(?) in California just recently that reversed the state’s ban on so-called assault weapons as unconstitutional…and all this case law establishes beyond any reasonable doubt that the 2nd/A cannot be violated, AND if there even are criminal statutes on a Federal level 18-241-242? And we all agree with this, or at least are supposed to by “Law”?

      Why isn’t this moron and his prima facie 20-year ban criminal conspiracy to deprive of us our rights NOT being perp squatted and dragged in cuffs and shackles to jail pending arraignment for these crimes?

      There’s no reason to challenge and sue anybody for Deprivation of your rights? It’s the mother fucking law to charge and arrest them for the criminal offense of Rights Deprivation. or Conspiracy to commit rights Deprivation, PERIOD?

      And while we’re on it, why haven’t all those illegal enforcements of unconstitutional criminal Rights Deprivation by illegally acting officers been dealt with similarly?

      After all, Rights Deprivation is so serious that the Feds were/are trying to charge the George Floyd cops with 18-242 for ‘depriving him of his right to medical care while in custody’?!

      It might be hard to prove intent to violate rights on that case, but it certainly is obvious of the intent of swat raiding agents and officers to illegally home invade people, terrorize them, seize everything they own, and arrest them without bond for things like alleged NFA items That can arguable not even rise to the technical level of a fucking Firearm in the first place, like novelty auto cards items that can’t even shoot a paper clip with a rubber band and 80% kits, and all that obviously agenda based politically motivated Gestapo enforcement?

      We should have repealed ALL anti-2nd/A laws under trump when we had the chance.

      …instead of just armchair warrior-ing sitting around chatting and joking about getting around the SBR pistol braces… and Molon Labe-ing, and saying shit like every time they try to make a law they sell another million ARs. So what? They know who bought them! Has everybody been eating stupid sauce with their cognitively contaminated food? They know where you live. THEY ARE GOING TO FUCKING COME AND GET THEM! They will stop at NOTHING and try ANYTHING to take your guns even if it means breaking the economy. The dirty little esoteric secret is that all Marxist commies are basically nihilists. They will get what they want, or everything is destroyed and nobody lives to tell about it. What part of that can’t anybody get yet?

      Fortunately, we are starting to see a few brave souls take up the true meaning of defending
      The American way of Life and Liberty. At least donate to the efforts of the Firearms Policy Coalition who actively challenge these Biden Gun Registration to Confiscation tactics. These are actual Constitutional 2nd/A Attorneys and are already involved in important actions.

      And lets start rolling some viral momentum with the now all-important question of why prosecutors are FUCKING NOT PROSECUTING these egregious violators of our Rights?

  6. So, does this clown honestly believe that guns only last for 20 years? Damn, don’t tell my 1916 Gerwher 98, or my 35 year old Ruger P90, the 1937 Mosin, or the 60 year old 1911 that I shoot at least once a week and don’t even whisper that crap around my Mini-14 or the mid 1980s AMT II .22 Automag… I’ve even got an old pre ban Bushmaster that has never been fired… It will probably take more like banning all manufacturing of firearms for like ever and THAT is never going to happen… This is what happens when Activist/Organizers actually ATTEMPT to think on their own, they wind up looking like the fools that they truly are… But hey, thanks for playing…

    • “does this clown honestly believe that guns only last for 20 years?”

      no. what he thinks is that given the rate at which the police confiscate firearms, banning incoming firearms will eventually cause the supply to decrease meaningfully, thus causing shootings to decrease meaningfully.

    • @MADD,

      Yup. My #1 favorite gun in my collection is a 50-yr-old 1911. Perfect condition and shoots like a champ. It was literally placed into a drawer for 20 years by my father shortly after he bought it, then given to me, and whaddyaknow…it operated perfectly as if those 20 years had never passed.

    • The problem here is this jerk never studied history. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history.” Most of these “Control Nuts” are serious, seriously ignorant. He has no clue that he would only increase crime ten fold. Al Capone would be envious of the organizations that would created.

  7. Could it be because ANTIFA BLM have intimidated cowardly politicians into defundng and disbanding the police?

    • Hey Elmer, congrats on getting your gun back…. But, did they let you have any ammo?…

      After all the controversy surrounding the lack of guns in the first season of HBO Max’s Looney Tunes Cartoons, the series’ second season has given Elmer Fudd his weapon of choice back

  8. He does not represent Pa

    These guys make this place sound Anti Gun.

    20 year ban would be a hard tipping point for a revolution.

    • “20 year ban would be a hard tipping point for a revolution”

      if you’d said 20 years ago that we’d be where we are now, everyone would have laughed at you and said a revolution would have happened long before.

      and they were right – given the demographics and culture of that time. but the demographics and thus the culture changed, and so where we are now, it’s no longer true.

      might never be true.

  9. “ANTIFA BLM have intimidated cowardly politicians into defundng and disbanding the police?”

    no. antifa blm et al are what you see on the surface. the real actors are working in the background. “that’s a real nice elected position you got there. be a shame if anything happened to it. we’d like to make you an offer.”

  10. Imagine being 17, and the ban kicks in, you can’t buy your first firearm until you’re almost 40!


    You’re 60, getting ready to enjoy retirement, might not live to see the ban lifted….

    something about out of town on a rail?

  11. Not to knock anyone, but why bother wasting the time to refute the babbling of someone who is clearly mentally ill?

    • “why bother wasting the time to refute the babbling of someone”

      because posturing. posing. parading. “he’s “, in effect meaning “I’m “. that’s why.

    • “why bother wasting the time to refute the babbling of someone”

      because posturing. posing. parading. “he’s (badword)“, in effect meaning “I’m (goodword)“. that’s why.

  12. “In the dimness of the shadows,
    Where we hairy heathens warred,
    I can taste in thought the life blood,
    We used teeth before the sword.” Patton

  13. How about NO immigration for 20 (or 50yrs). THAT is Constitutional, appropriate and has precedent (thru 1960s).

    AND review EVERY application for citizenship of the last 60yrs for compliance with the law. MASSIVE fraud in every area of the system. And then revoke/deport.

    • How about instead of paying $800 to $1,000 a month to care a feed for illegal aliens, we buy them a plane ticket home instead. Heck, I’d even says First Class and $5k of walking around money on a Debit Card.

      If you come back though, we send you to Gitmo for at least 10 years of hard labor and then deport you a 2nd time. Third offense is 20 years, then 30 years if you’re dumb enough to illegally enter the U.S. a 4th time.

      Simple Solutions for Simple Problems

  14. History Attempts to repeat itself – After Almost a 10 Year ban, Panama allows gun imports to resume

    “Panama Lifts Ban on Gun Imports amid Rising Crime Wave
    More Firearms Will Mean Fewer Homicides, Says Public Safety Minister

    As Panama deals with increases in crime rates, forged gun permits, and rising gang activity, the government is set to lift the ban on firearm imports, in an effort to promote personal safety.

    Public Safety Minister Rodolfo Aguilera said the country will follow in the footsteps of the United States and Switzerland, where the right to bear arms is believed to lead to fewer homicides.

    Everything seems to indicate that there is no direct correlation in the aphorism that says more guns mean more crime,” said Aguilera, who explained that relaxed gun laws have allowed the United States to reduce the homicide rate over the last 20 years.”

    So a little background, Panama has gun freedom for most people, even non-citizen residents. The process is pretty simple, pee in a cup for a drug test, give some blood for a DNA test, be a citizen or legal resident with no serious criminal record. You have to state a need, like self-protection. Since all Gringos are considered “Rich”, that’s not a problem as you have assets that need protecting. The gun needs to be fired by the Police so they can have a bullet sample and a case sample for ballistic testing and this usually takes the longest to complete. The good news is that a permit to own a firearm is also a permit to carry a firearm in public. Better laws than New York & New Jersey, for sure.

    During the Import Ban, the only thing it caused was the price of a Glock 19 soared to be around $1,000. Obviously it didn’t effect criminal, as if you’re building submarines to smuggle drugs into the U.S., a few guns are easy to smuggle too.

    The DemoRats don’t care about crime or the victims of crime. They want to use the issue to convince victims to vote for them and also to exert more control over the general populace. In fact I would argue that organized crime is an important constituent community of the DemoRat Party.

  15. Apparently he never watched “Lord of War”. Gun running would instantly become a high growth industry with an astronomical profit margin.

  16. I think a twenty year ban on firegunms is a great idea.
    1994 MAK90 $250
    2021 MAK90 $1250
    In twenty years I can sale my AK and buy Alaska.

  17. ” He added, “The problem is there are just too many guns…”

    No, there’s not too many guns. But there are too many violent criminals who commit crimes with firearms. Who BTW are allowed to walk free from the courtroom, instead of going to jail like they’re supposed to.

    America doesn’t have a gun problem. It has a crime problem. Big difference. How about we lock up violent criminals who commit crimes with firearms for a very long time, say 20 yrs at least?

  18. Of course, one of the premier examples we have for gun control was the NY SAFE Act, which is pretty much emasculated by the majority of Sheriffs signing on stating they will not enforce it. I don’t think that demographic has changed much since, other than to grow. Hence Cuomo attempting to make gun control a HEALTH issue to work around the legislature who likely wouldn’t go any further supporting him. They are now dead set opposed as the voters have had enough of Cuomo killing grandma as it is. That’s why he allowed accusers to speak against him about molestation, it covered up serial murder.

    With that as an example next door, what could PA do to support him? This idea of rescinding imports into PA, no gun sales at all? Seems it was tried by others in the past, liquor sales on the state line are a think, along with lottery tickets, etc. It doesn’t stop things, people have this mysterious urge to wave the Hawaiaan good luck sign to their public servants when they get out of line and start telling them what they can’t do. Stopping the sale of guns in PA would actually be a wake up call and even more would come in. Along with that would be the export of all police department used guns out of the state – that might happen – they would be snapped up in a heartbeat, and it also gives rise to the idea that states which restrict sales internally may find contract bidders for their PD’s running short. Major makers haven’t outright refused to sell to departments as much as we wish, however, in this light and with this demographic, cancel culture has taught us things. Goes to: Ammo, too. And when something is in short supply, what happens with prices? They go up, budgets are busted, money is short, departments keep trying to make the old guns work longer. Like the 1911, which soldiered on until 1984, it takes expensive rebuilding and you are still stuck with an older cartridge which may no longer be considered effective.

    Now you have old beater guns issued by strapped towns who can’t afford the expensive ammo and that’s a recruiting tool? Sounds more like a backdoor attempt at defund the police. The economic reality is that banning the sale of guns in PA won’t work – there are still millions there – they get more expensive – owners will sell some to finance other purchases – guns will still be coming across the border anyway as actually running sting operations to buy and prosecute gun runners still won’t be happening. But it does leave those same gunrunners exposed to vigilante and large criminal organization muscling in to get them.

    Things in Philly not bad enough already? You aint seen nothing yet, attacks on LEO’s at any level to steal their guns would ramp up considerably, and gangbangers would be the least of a departments worries. PA would become a dumping ground of stolen guns with a lot coming out of other places – like, Chicago. If Philly will pay more, Philly will get them.

    This idea has some merit if it gets the Chicago death rated down into the 20’s and 30’s every weekend, however, I don’t see it remaining stable in PA once the cartels start pushing arms into the state. If middle class coke users are the quiet mainstream of drug abusers, wait until they start realizing they need a gun regardless of what it’s legal provenance.

    Ideas like this are really meant for political purposes, in this case, this, and other major newswhipping articles to get attention away from the ballot audits will start blowing up all over the media, which is exactly the purpose. Actually getting it thru the legislature isn’t necessary, it can die on the vine, as long as it makes front page headlines to distract others over improprieties soon to be revealed – in much the same ways as the Maricopa audit. It’s a last ditch molotov meant to keep us looking over there at “No Gunz!” rather than over here at “hide that ballot box stuffing.”

    And for the most part posters here seem to be getting sucked into it again.


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