Biden’s Latest Big Lie: He Put an End to Roving Urban Gun Sales Trucks

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For the first time ever, we explicitly made gun trafficking a federal crime. They say, “What the hell? It wasn’t already?” No, I’m serious. Think about it. 
You go home and tell your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, and uncle that, “Whoa, gun trafficking is now a crime.” They’re going to look at you like, “What are you talking about?  It’s always been a crime.” It wasn’t a crime. 
We did the same thing for straw purchases. That’s when a middleman, who can pass the background check, buys a gun usually for someone who can’t pass the background check.  It’s now a federal crime if you do that.
And finally — we finally clarified who needs to register as a federal licensed gun dealer, because a federally licensed gun dealer is required by law to run background checks on those he’s selling the weapon to. And in most cities — down in Philadelphia and New York, areas I know well — like up here — you’d see a truck pull up, pull to the curb, and selling weapons — selling guns, selling AR-15. Selling weapons.

Well, guess what?  You do that now, you go to jail. 

President Joe Biden


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    • It’s simple. When you want to hear a lie, listen to a liar. That’s all the Democrats have really are lies, oh, and emotionalism.

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    • “…like up here [in CHOP under the Seattle mayor’s oversight, and boys Jay and little Bobbie]— you’d see a truck pull up, pull to the curb, and selling weapons — selling guns, selling AR-15…” That was condoned by the Democrats in Seattle during the summer of love with the autonomous zone crap even though it was illegal the left wing media and politicians turned a blind eye!

      • and the main head cheeeeeeze of that stone-zone just “happened to be” a prohibited person, as he sold AR pattern rifles out of the trunk of his car to nvetted new possessors. This was known, and seen llive on the TeeVee set. Yet Seattle’s scum mayoress and others gave him a free pass. Seattle’s city cop, a woman whose name I can’t bring to mind just now, wanted to take action against the whole sideshow, including illegal gn distribution, but was ordered to stand down.She quit not long after that. After fur murders “happened” in that “love zone” they finally decided to call the party.
        What a bunch of knuckleheads.

    • God Save the Queen is how he ended his ramblings, before looking lost as he attempted to leave the stage.

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  1. He must be right. Brobama trafficked thousands of weapons to Mexico via Fast and Furious and was never punished. Has to be because there was no law against it, right?

  2. Yay.
    Now do something about run away inflation and the selling out of the United States of America.
    He will I’m sure because,,,,,,President Biden is the greatest president America has or ever will have.
    Long live Dominion

    • Get your words straight Jack. I can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible. Our experts believe, and the data shows, that most of the price increases we’ve seen were expected and expected to be temporary. Clap for that, you stupid bastards.

  3. Man this fool has no brains, no memory, no common sense and lies about EVERYTHING!

    His Momma did raise a fool!

    Be so happy when he is removed and sent to prison where he and his family truly belong for the rest of their sad lives.

    • You’re full of shit! I graduated with three degrees. Let’s do push-ups together, man. Let’s run. Let’s do whatever you want to do. Let’s take an IQ test, all right? Alright, here we go. Amend title…eh, I’m not gonna read it all. I’ll just sign it.

    • His Momma did raise a fool!

      Don’t you mean that Puerto Rican community of Italians that raised him next to that Black church he attended every Sunday right after Catholic Mass which was down the street from the pool where the little children used to rub his legs to get him ready to go mano a mano with old Corn Pop the gangbanger?

  4. Never mind ficticious corn pop trucks selling guns. Jim Crow Gun Control democRat should only be concerned about his son hunter lying on a 4473 and tossing the firearm in a dumpster.

    • Trump made up all that gunm in a dumpster stuff attempting to make the Biden family look bad.— Impossible.
      America is lucky to have a great leader like Mr. Biden in this time of world strife.
      Instead of looking for the bad in theBiden look at all the good he has done for his’ country.

  5. What?

    gun trafficking and straw purchases were banned a long time ago. Heck, in 2014 SCOTUS, in a 5-4 ruling, upheld the federal ban law on gun “straw purchases” and “gun trafficking” had been illegal long before that.

    The largest number of guns ever illegally ‘trafficked’ by a single entity was done by the U.S. government to Mexico in “Operation Fast and Furious” (which was a 2009 operation under Project Gunrunner) under the Barack Obama administration with the approval of Barack Obama. In this operation ‘straw purchases’ were also conducted by U.S. government personnel or those working for the U.S. government.

    • “Biden: “Down in Philadelphia and New York, areas I know well, like up here, you’d see a truck pull up, pull the curb and selling weapons, selling guns, selling AR-15s.”

      Complete fabrication by mischaracterization and falsehood.

      • I remember, when I was a kid in New York City, in the warm summer weather. we’d hear the jingling bells coming down the street and we’d stop whatever games we were playing and run out to the approaching firearms truck to get some fresh ammo and some cool new weapons.

        Ah, those halcyon days of childhood summers in NYC!!

      • “Biden: “Down in Philadelphia and New York, areas I know well, like up here, you’d see a truck pull up, pull the curb and selling weapons, selling guns, selling AR-15s.”

        There has never been roving trucks pulling up to curbs “selling weapons, selling guns, selling AR-15s” in illegal trafficking and straw purchases, like Biden told this bizarre lie.

        There was a case in Chicago where a man sold some guns, about 23, from a food truck in November 2015 along with his cocaine, while Obama was president. But that wasn’t roving and pulling up to curbs – the truck was parked at the same spot each time outside a residence, the guy brokered the deal through an associate then gave the key to the associate to open the truck and get the guns and give them to the person(s) buying them.

        There has been BLM illegally supplying firearms for free out of the trunks of cars in the areas they designated ‘off limits’ to police and everyone else. And ya know, despite the police and ATF knowing this nothing was done ’cause BLM.

        And oh yeah, the guns the U.S. Government illegally ‘trafficked’ to Mexico in “Operation Fast and Furious”, most of those were delivered by trucks to the cartels in Mexico with the blessing of Barack Obama.

        • As a matter of fact, in terms of numbers, when we go back in history and look over the last 50 years, we find that the most guns illegally trafficked inside the U.S. were done in areas that are/were democrat controlled and over 90% of those guns trafficked originated from thefts in those democrat controlled areas.

        • .40, during the “summer of love” in the Seattle, Raz the “warlord”of the CHOP/CHAZ handed out AR15s from the trunk of his Tesla. Raz wanted to arm his defense force.

          A short time later 2 young males were shot and killed. None of the federal or state gun law violations were ever prosecuted.

        • with the blessing of Barack Obama.

          Nah. More like under the direct and specific orders of the kinyun and his ugly sidekick Eric the Holder. And some honest and law abidong folks went to jail for refusing to play along with this game. FFLs smelled rats, said no, refused to complete sales obviously wrong, and BATF went after them destroying their lives.

    • “to Mexico in “Operation Fast and Furious” (which was a 2009 operation under Project Gunrunner) under the Barack Obama administration with the approval of Barack Obama“

      Obama was President in 2005-2007?

      “In June 2007, ATF published a strategy document, Southwest Border Initiative: Project Gunrunner (Gunrunner strategy), outlining four key components to Project Gunrunner: the expansion of gun tracing in Mexico, international coordination, domestic activities, and intelligence. In implementing Project Gunrunner, ATF has focused resources in its four Southwest border field divisions. In addition, ATF has made firearms trafficking to Mexico a top ATF priority nationwide.“

      “The ATF began Project Gunrunner as a pilot project in Laredo, Texas, in 2005 and expanded it as a national initiative in 2006.“

      So it was the Republicans who began ‘gunrunning’ into Mexico in 2005, yet you blame Obama who didn’t take office until 2009, fascinating.

      • Funny, but not surprising, you left out the part where it mentions Fast and Furious being a 2009-2011 operation. Gee, that was Brobama’s term, not? This resulted in the death of border guard Brian Terry. Yet, it’s always someone else handling guns illegally, right?

        • “that was Brobama’s term”

          So gunrunning across the Texas border is A-OK when the Republicans do it in 2005–2008, but it is somehow wrong when it occurs during Obama’s term in 2009–2011?

          Children, say it together:

          “If it wasn’t for double standards, Republicans would have no standards at all”

        • So going with the argument I see We the People cant trust the Democrats or Republicans, surprise surprise surprise.

      • But “Operation Fast and Furious” that actually trafficked the guns illegally to Mexico happened in 2009 with Obama’s blessing.

        Ya know, I said that with “to Mexico in “Operation Fast and Furious” (which was a 2009 operation under Project Gunrunner) under the Barack Obama administration with the approval of Barack Obama“

        Once again your lack of understanding what context is betrays you.

        Project Gunrunner its self was an expansion of gun tracing. It wasn’t until the approval of Barack Obama in 2009 with “Operation Fast and Furious” (under the guise of Project Gunrunner) that guns were illegally trafficked to Mexico by the ATF (which is still to date the largest number of guns ever illegally trafficked into Mexico by a single entity).

        Project Gunrunner its self was not revealing what had been claimed, that large numbers of guns were being trafficked into Mexico by various criminal sources because they were hard to trace. So they ATF with Obama came up with this plan that, basically, if they could traffic guns into Mexico they could trace those guns.

        • “It wasn’t until the approval of Barack Obama in 2009 with “Operation Fast and Furious” (under the guise of Project Gunrunner) that guns were illegally trafficked to Mexico by the ATF“

          How embarrassing, you have taken to just outright lying about the facts:

          “The first known ATF gunwalking operation to Mexican drug cartels, named Operation Wide Receiver, began in early 2006 and ran into late 2007. Licensed dealer Mike Detty of Mad Dawg Global informed the ATF of a suspicious gun purchase that took place in February 2006, in Tucson, Arizona. In March, he was hired as a confidential informant working with the ATF’s Tucson office, part of their Phoenix, Arizona field division.[33]

          With the use of surveillance equipment, ATF agents monitored additional sales by Detty to straw purchasers. With assurance from ATF “that Mexican officials would be conducting surveillance or interdictions when guns got to the other side of the border”,[13] Detty would sell a total of about 450 guns during the operation.[32] These included semi-automatic AR-15s, semi-automatic AK-pattern rifles, and Colt .38s. The majority of the guns were eventually lost as they moved into Mexico.[6][33][34][35]“

          The facts show that Republican president Dick Cheney’s ATF conspired with FFL dealers in the United States to sell 450 weapons, including AR15s and AKs, across the border into Mexico.

          Of course, the Republicans didn’t prosecute anyone in their scheme, it wasn’t until Barack Obama was elected to the presidency that actual law-enforcement began:

          “At the time, under the Bush administration Department of Justice (DOJ), no arrests or indictments were made. After President Barack Obama took office in 2009, the DOJ reviewed Wide Receiver and found that guns had been allowed into the hands of suspected gun traffickers. Indictments began in 2010, over three years after Wide Receiver concluded.“

        • @Miner49er

          I’m talking about guns actually physically trafficked into Mexico by ATF personnel theirselves. I even said that by indicating the single entity was the ATF. Learn to read.

          how embarrassing for you that you don’t understand context and have this debilitating ‘confirmation bias’ thing.

        • “The facts show that Republican president Dick Cheney’s ATF conspired…”

          So tell us another one, troll.🤔🙄

        • “I’m talking about guns actually physically trafficked into Mexico by ATF personnel“

          Distinction without a difference, it’s all about the “ATF gunwalking operation to Mexican drug cartels”.

          And the “ATF gunwalking operation to Mexican drug cartels“ was initiated by the Republican Administration:

          “The first known ATF gunwalking operation to Mexican drug cartels, named Operation Wide Receiver, began in early 2006 and ran into late 2007“

          “In March, he was hired as a confidential informant working with the ATF’s Tucson office“

          Yep, utilizing a CI “hired” by Bush’s ATF in 2006, providing guns to the Mexican cartels 3 years before Barack Hussein Obama became President.

          Case closed.

  6. Monday is Juneteenth, celebration of when the USA Republican-led administration landed troops in Texas to force the Democrats to end slavery.

    Biden Administration = Democrats = slavers. One of the benefits of open borders. One of the benefits of the welfare state. One of the benefits of replacing education with propaganda. One of the benefits of crashing the economy. The Dems are still slavers, as are their RINO GOP partners.

      • More facts about slavery rarely mentioned in the history books:

        “Jefferson profited not just from the tobacco, corn, and wheat that his slaves grew in the crop fields, but also from the value of their bodies and, particularly, their natural increase. As property, the enslaved men, women, and children who belonged to Jefferson could be leased, mortgaged, bought, sold, willed and given away. As the case of Gill Gillette makes clear, every slave that Jefferson owned was subjected to at least one of these features of the American slave market.

        Jefferson’s Virginia plantations were part of an expanding—and increasingly commercial—American slave system in the post-revolutionary era“

        “Jefferson understood that female slaves—and their future children—represented the best way to increase the value of his holdings, what he called “capital.” “I consider a woman who brings a child every two years as more profitable than the best man of the farm,” Jefferson wrote in 1820. “What she produces is an addition to the capital,” while a male slave’s “labors disappear in mere consumption.” 1776 and 1826, Jefferson,Forest, his estate in Bedford.

        • and no one ever said different. but you missed the points in the video because you have no concept of ‘context’.

        • Another fact not taught in school about the origins of slavery in Africa. Most of the people sold to slavers were the captives of other black indigenous tribes. It was how they were able to guarantee that their enemies would no longer be a threat. They were sold for trade goods, as well as modern weapons. Which were in turn used to conquer and capture more people to sell to slavers. On a more modern note. Slavery continues in Africa today. Children are sold to tribal elders and other wealthy people, as a means to provide food, housing and medical care for the rest of the family. The only difference between slavery of old and modern slavery is how it is defined. It has been given a more politically correct name now. It’s called Indentured Servitude.

  7. Funny, I have owned guns since before it became illegal to sell guns out of the back of a truck, October 22, 1968. Back then you could buy a gun pretty much like a loaf of bread or a hammer, but you had to find them in gun shops, sporting goods stores, surplus stores and so forth. There were no roving gun trucks, selling guns like ice cream. I bought my first handgun at the age of seventeen at a shop that is still in business just before that date in an adjacent state. The city had a seven day waiting period, but it was a place where my family shopped regularly, so that was no problem.

    • I bought my first rifle in 1973. At age 15, it was a Marlin 336 30-30. I bought it at a Western Auto store. Walked in told the owner what I wanted. He took it off the wall behind the counter. I paid cash and he threw in a bow of ammo. I walked out with my new rifle and was hunting with it the next morning. Killed many a deer with that gun, as well as a couple of turkeys. It still rests on a rack in the gun room today.

    • when I was a kid in Suthern California I saw handgns and rifles for sale at war surplus stores, Western Auto, and in he Sears catalog. M1 Garands were availble for twenty five to fifty bucks, The .30/06 military ball ammo was available at under a dime each onesey twosey, and for just above a nickel in the box of 20. I still have some of that milsurp /06 ball, dated in the mid-1940’s.
      I’d have bought a gun, but knew I’d never get it past the frnt hall on the way to my bedroom. Just wasnt acceptible. Mom hated them. Dad grew up on a farm, they were all crack shots by the time they were eight. And guess what??!!?? NO ONE was getting shot except the hoodlums from “that part of town” and the occasional armed sick-em-up at some shop. Half the shhop owners had pistols here and there inside their store soas to raie the odds of surviving. This whole “guns are evil mean and nasty, can stand up and fire at will, and are not acceptible in civilised culture” was mainly a product of the prohibition era.

  8. Well I just tried that and all I got was ice cream. What song does that AR truck play when they come through?

    • Francis Scott Key wrote the song but I’ll be damned if me or Joe B know the lyrics or the name.

      • “No refuge could save the hireling and slave
        From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave, And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.“

  9. Democrat socialists had zero problem with ANTIFA and Portland CHAZ no-go-zone terrorists handing out rifles to fellow travelers. They were bailing criminals out of jail.

  10. Where DOES he find the time? Between fondling/groping women and little girls, sniffing women’s and little girls’ hair and taking selfies with trans-dudes, he STILL has time to make stuff up?

    • He has assistants known as script writers. They must be competing to tell the bigger lies each speech.

  11. Joe is a pathological liar, and a douche bag. I guess that’s where Hunter got it from.

  12. Never lived in NYC, so don’t know what was being sold from roving trucks there. Sounds a bit like what certain Italian Business Men were doing back in the 60’s and 70’s.
    I did buy a shotgun from the trunk of someone’s car once. We had both been hunting and I had mentioned I wanted a slug gun for deer so I could hunt in certain counties of Wisconsin. He said he had one in his car and wanted to sell it. But, I doubt the County Sherrif would sell weapons illegally.

  13. So like a bookmobile? That’s an awesome idea Brandon. AFT stasi thugs likely wouldn’t like it.

  14. But that van that sells highly discounted designer clothing and jewelry is still legal? Or maybe it was never legal?

  15. That silly sumbitch lives in a fantasy world. You’ve heard the one about him being a former truck driver? It’s remotely possible that he saw a Mac tool truck someplace, and thought it was a gun truck. I wish gun trucks came to my place of employment!

  16. The sad thing is I would unironically love it if the world were how progressives alleged it to be. Just get my ar15 from a truck like I’m ordering a taco and get 100k deposited into my bank account because I’m a white male.

  17. You got to give Biden some credit! If it wasn’t for Joe Biden, I’d have to turn more hatred and attention to Adam Schiff, Jerry (poops his pants) Nadler, Chuck Schumer and the others.
    Biden gives me something to really roll my eyes and hate on.

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