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It’s difficult to overstate the power of the media’s ability to manufacture consensus on issues like gun control. A recent study in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence found that the “perpetuation of potentially inaccurate stereotypes not only misguides future research on [mass shootings], but also shapes the social construction of mass murder.”

In other words, statistically rare acts of violence are propagandized as systemic social problems. How rare? “Put another way, being the victim of a mass shooting is just about as unlikely as being struck by lightning, which occurred at a rate of 0.035 per 100,000 people in 2016,” explains Jaclyn Schildkraut, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the State University of New York at Oswego. You are far more likely to die in a car crash, in a fire, or choking on food, she notes.

Biden may make appeals to the hearts of Americans, cheapening two tragedies in the process, but there is nothing compassionate about the Democratic Party’s gun control agenda. The realities of these policies mean depriving millions of Americans of the tools they use for self-defense and hunting—or turning them into fugitives overnight because they cannot afford to pay the fees to keep their property with prison sentences comparable to rapists hanging over their heads.

This is class warfare by another name, and that should make it clear Biden is still “not working for you” as he prepares to issue executive actions on gun control.

— Pedro Gonzalez in Joe Biden’s Gun Control Plan Is Really Class Warfare

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  1. communist control of joe and his fellow travelers. Been saying this for years. The entire democrat now communist party has been based on treason from it’s beginning. Next question.

  2. No sh*t , this whole administration is about every aspect of class warfare!! And in the end everything they do ends up being all about race or economic class or both!!

  3. Using stats from 2016 after we have seen 2020 will not be all that persuasive to most of the people that need convincing. Especially when TDS is factored in. This lack of foresight is a serious problem for the right. People will read this as gun-toten right wing crazies living in the past. It will not matter that there just might be some truth found in these words.

    • well there’s the AWB which was in the past, which will be used to claim there was a downturn in gun crime/violent crime. It will be important to note that it had nothing to do with a downturn in any kind of violent crime, as it was already trending downwards for years, and when the AWB expired in 04′ the crime did NOT spike back upwards, but continued it’s downward trend.

      That of course, until the year of our lord 2020 with all its mostly peaceful protests, defunding the police, COVID prison releases, and restorative justice renunciation of bail in favor of catch and release criminal justice.

      • @drunkEODguy
        I understand. That is there and has been brought up many times. Does any of that carry over and get absorbed by the individuals that want to reinstate the AWB? Do these things even matter to the rank and file on the left that continue to vote Democrat even if they just recently bought their first gun? Those are the people I refer to. The ones that need to hear and understand the truth the most right now will never read sites like this. Even if I brought it to them directly.

        This is part of the problem with ‘assimilation’ into our culture. Perhaps I need to see the glass as half full. That’s just hard to do right now.

  4. Class warfare?!? Nah actual warfare…and there’s a helluva lot of armed American’s!

    • We had a “community gun” that was shot by a toddler a bit over a week ago over in Albany. Beretta nano with a relatively decorated set of grips. If misc street criminals can manage to get relatively decent guns, decorated, in highly restricted NY and hide them on the street in places a Toddler can easily find how exactly do they intend to enforce anything short of going full police state on large sections of the country…………….

  5. 24 hours till D-Day starts up here in the twin cities with the start of the Derek Chauvin trial ( you remember him, the cop that “killed” Saint George floyd). I have a feeling that which ever way the verdict goes, we will see a rerun of last summer’s “mostly peaceful demonstrations ” and another half-billion dollars of damage, with the mayor of Mpls. hiding under his mom’s bed throughout the events again. I have talked with property owners in the area whom are prepared to emulate the Korean rooftop security forces of the past as the MPD will be as effective as the NG is in DC. Almost to a person, they are ready to defy orders to stand down and let it burn, and they laugh about Biden’s threats at executive action. I don’t know when it will start, but I think we’re getting close to Armageddon, as I’ve never seen so many people’s shit-o-meters on full !!

    • Yup, I have the same feeling and have heard the same from business owners. This is not going to be good because SO many people refuse to listen and accept facts and logic. They want it all to burn down but have NO plan as to what needs to happen after. Last summer during the “Mostly Peaceful Demonstrations” my 911 call went unanswered – not that someone didn’t show up, no, it just rang and rang – no one answered to phone. That was enough for me. When they warn people that one of the tactics was stealing cars from car dealers and driving them around without license plates. When a car blew past my house at about 70 in a 25 zone (without plates and lights off) I thought someone should know. When no one answered, I knew the inmates were running the asylum. I expect the same or worse this summer especially with fewer police on the force and those that are left are absolutely disheartened. Its not gonna be good.

  6. I would LIKE to think that Manchin is astute enough to see through the obvious bribe here. I would LIKE to think that…….but…..when push comes to shove he is just another lock-step communist like the rest of them. Obedience to the party under alles. Yeah bad simile I know but accurate.

  7. We’ll see your Executive Orders and raise you a like amount of “Patriot Orders” on gun control. Senile Joey, let President KamalHo help you hang onto your false teeth and Crayons. It may get a little bumpy.

    This is about transforming America into a Socialist shit hole for the Little Peeps. One side wants to disarm the other side while retaining their own firearms. Like the Axis powers passing Executive Orders for Allies to disarm in WWII. History reminds us how that turned out.

    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible. Welcome to “common sense” gun control.

  8. It’s amazing how oblivious the left wingers are to the propaganda being pushed by Democrats in Congress and the executive branch, including “the big guy” himself. Keep in mind the media spent months and years wringing their hands over things that had no affect on your life like talk about crowd sizes or the false claim that Trump urged people to inject themselves with bleach.

    Now we have a President that says the border surge is nothing out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact it happens just like that every year. Oh, and illegals are pouring into the country because Joe’s a nice guy. (And suddenly no one cares anymore about kids in cages or being separated.) The mass shooting in which the police specifically said had nothing to do with race is being promoted by the WHITE HOUSE as an anti-Asian hate crime by a white supremacist.

    This is next level dangerous. Democrats are increasingly sympathetic to actual violent criminals, while they’re simultaneously aggressively going after political enemies. This is absolutely class warfare.

  9. The only class that will count is the class of weaponry you have available. See US Munitions List.

  10. Class Warfare is all the Democratic Party is about! Poor vs. Rich, White vs. People of Color, Gay vs. Straight, Christian vs. Atheist and anything else they can come up with to turn us against each other. They are not even Democrats but Socialists, Communists and One World Order Globalists who thinks the Mob Rule philosophy of a Democracy, in the worst sense, should be cause to take our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms from us because someone is “offended”!
    We are a Constitutional Republic, meaning that the majority cannot take away a Constitutional Right just because a majority 51% or greater thinks it should be!
    Our Constitution is the supreme law of the land, and when it’s treated like it isn’t there’s a dangerous threat to our Rights and Freedoms that so many of our ancestors fought and died to give us.
    Executive Orders aren’t Laws and CANNOT legally take our Constitutional Rights.
    We are living in dangerous times when Constitutional Rights and Freedoms are being threatened by those who don’t respect them and follow their oath to preserve and defend them!

    • The mob rule aspect is just a means to an end. If they got the power they craved there’d be no more of that. I mean you can’t have a bunch of revolutionaries running around after the new order comes in, amirite?

      The people who think they’re exploited in the areas that got burned down should ask the question simply why the Democrats are called up a commission for the attack on Congress but there’s not one for the billions in property damage, cities burning to the ground and multiple deaths.

      Then again for that question to be asked, there’d have to be someone in the media willing to ask it. Good luck with that.

    • Some of them even voted for Biden (knock, knock … enuf) because, horror of horrors, Drumpf outlawed bumpstocks and tweeted mean things! The end of the world!

      • Trump is personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of American deaths from Covid.

        Trump was friendly to foreign dictators, he just loves that “Strong Man” image.

        Trump was in favor of Red Flag Laws, seizing guns without a trial, the works. He lied about it a lot, but the truth leaked out all the time.

        Trump did ZERO for Gun Rights, other than take $32 Million from the NRA members.

        Your Messiah was a phony, a con job and a real and present danger to the security of the United States.

        Fuck ’em.

        • So who is responsible for the “hundred of thousands of deaths” in other countries? Their leaders? Even the democrat ones?

          Friendly to foreign dictators? Maybe for pictures. Name one president who hasn’t been “friendly” while the press is grilling them. Name one president who wouldn’t act like a diplomat instead of just saying “fuck em, lets go to war over spilled milk”. Biden is friendlier to those dictators than Trump ever will be. You just refuse to see it.

          A billionaire who doesn’t fully understand the second amendment? No way… But did “zero” for gun rights? lol… ok. About as much as any other president tbh. Same goes both ways. No president is “for gun rights”. When has there been one who is vocally on the same page as a “come and take them” stance? I’ll wait while you research history.

          First off, I could care less who is president. Same shit different toilet. But your blaming trump for shit and then voting for Biden? Bruh, you are next level retarded. You knew Biden was against civilian gun ownership… and you voted for him. Even if you were a wanna be boog boi or an anarchist or whatever the fuck you think you are… you are retarded above all else. KYS, dumbass.

        • Sadly, every election is a “vote for the lesser of two evils” offered up by the system. Go for a third choice…..throw away your vote, making it a vote for the worse of the two evils.
          I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 nor 2020. BUT, I sure as hell voted against Crooked Hillary and Slow Senile Joey and KamalHo, OBummer and Clinton twice each before.
          Trump was never a Conservative….except by comparison to the other choices,…..ala The Overton Window Effect. Previous horrible choices……RINOs McCain and Romney…..Bushy Jr and Bushy Sr before. No wonder America is in free fall transformation to Socialism. Only the 2A can save it. Voting finally went out the window last November. I rest my case.

    • Not rich and I’ve never had any difficulty getting the ammo I need. All it takes is thinking ahead and planning ahead.

      • Yeah, ok tuff guy.

        An idiot who thinks they are pro civilian gun ownership yet votes for biden has a plan… Wanna bet you’d run out of ammo before the people with better plans? Or that the entire shortage of ammo was caused by an infiltration to allow your savior uncle joe and the rest of the dems to get where they are now? Dumbass, this whole thing is a worldwide takeover and you put your head straight into the mouse trap. You are not fooling anyone here with your “plans”. Fucking idiot.

  11. It is not class warfare. It is about one side sincerely believing the guns cause the violence while the other side believes the people doing the violence are at fault.

    • You make it sound pretty two sided… Almost… class based? Hmm. I wonder what side believes that they don’t need guns and can stop violence by making laws or with their… money? and I wonder what side KNOWS that is total bullshit and believes history…

      Real classy thinking, enuf. Fucking idiot.

    • “It is about one side sincerely believing the guns cause the violence…”

      Not really. They plan on keeping their armed security forces.

    • One side merely believes YOUR Little Peeps’ guns will cause violence on them as they complete their take over transformation of America into an Elitist/Socialist shit hole. It’s all about protecting their tyrannical traitorous asses from Patriots with AR-15s…and “high capacity” magazines.
      A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
      He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.
      He who has the Might, determines who has the Right. There’s the gun controllers’ agenda in a nut shell.
      “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
      “Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.” ~ Heinrich Himmler.
      The bodies in a local grocery store or school or church……the bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…… or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……or the skin color voter…..are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
      The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible. Welcome to “common sense” gun control.
      History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it….or die by it.
      If you don’t believe the above, then you are part of the problem.

  12. Well I cant pay no two hundred to keep a high capacity magazine, cant give up my gunms, and cant go to prison. So I dont know what there going to do with me. Probably shoot me and kick me over in the ditch for the buzzards to peck on.

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