Larry Lee Harris
This undated photo provided by Lubbock County (Texas) Sheriff's Office shows Larry Lee Harris. Idalou, Texas police said Harris, an Arizona man who held 11 National Guard Soldiers transporting COVID-19 vaccines at gunpoint, was arrested Tuesday, March 23, 2021. (Lubbock County Sheriff's Office via AP)
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The National Guard troops that provided a cordon around the US Capitol for a couple of months until recently didn’t appear to have any magazines in their rifles. Now comes news that a single individual managed to hold 11 Guard members at gunpoint yesterday. Why he did that isn’t exactly clear yet.

Are Guardsmen ever trusted to carry firearms on US soil any more?

From the Associated Press . . .

Federal prosecutors have charged an Arizona man accused of forcing off the road a National Guard convoy transporting COVID-19 vaccines in West Texas, then holding 11 guard members at gunpoint.

Larry Lee Harris, 66, of Willcox, Arizona, has been charged with assaulting a federal officer with a deadly weapon, federal prosecutors announced in a statement Friday. He already faced state charges of aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, impersonating a public servant, unlawfully carrying a weapon, and interfering with military forces.

Conviction on the federal charge is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

The incident happened Monday in Idalou, Texas, about 12 miles (19 kilometers) northeast of Lubbock.

Police say Harris followed the three National Guard vans from a gas station and tried multiple times to run them off the roadway before turning his vehicle into oncoming traffic to block their progress. He pointed a gun at a soldier, identified himself as a detective and demanded to search the vehicles.

He told officers that he stopped the vans because he believed people inside them had kidnapped a woman and child, authorities said. Police say Harris had three loaded guns.

He remained in the Lubbock County Detention Center on Friday pending an initial appearance in federal court. That appearance has not been scheduled yet. Jail records list no attorney for Harris.

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  1. I failed to understand why national guardsmen, while acting under a color of law in performing their official duties are not armed?

    if they’re wearing a United States military uniform, on duty, and driving a military vehicle conducting the government’s business they should be armed.

    Just like having the Marines stationed at the door the White House. Not being disrespectful to the United States Marine; think about it, all they do is stand there and open the door, 99 percent of the time for people other than the President United States.

    I don’t get it.

    • These American citizens serving in the National Guard were carrying out a medical mission within the boundaries of the United States of America.

      Until about five years ago, the vast majority of Americans were patriots, who support the men and women in uniform serving our country.

      America could once count on the patriotism of her citizens, to hold sacred the United States capital, the center of our democratic republic. Sadly, as we observed in January, even the United States capital and the houses of Congress are no longer sacred to many citizens who have lost touch with reality.

      Unfortunately, thanks to a significant epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome, many previously reasonable and sane Americans have adopted a belief in an alternate reality, governed by an orange serial adulterer with a weapons grade comb over.

      Thanks to their leader’s “downplaying” of the Covid epidemic and suggesting that it is a “fraud” and “no more dangerous than the common flu”, approximately 74 million Americans have lost their grasp on reality and feel empowered to take extreme actions that threaten the lives and safety of the vast majority of sane Americans.

      Of course, there will be those who claim the 66-year-old white man was acting on the direct orders of George Soros or that he is a member of the BLM or antifa, because it is important to these individuals with TDS that their delusion is not challenged.

      If you are acquainted with any individuals with TDS, it is recommended that you do not attempt to awaken them or make them aware that they’ve invested their lives in the intentional fantasies of a New York City con man.

      • you are really full of crap I can remember going on base at FT. Benning in 1977 and nobody on duty around the base was allowed to have ammo for their weapons including the guards at the bank

        • I remember in the 1990s when president clinton ordered all gate guards, at all military installations to stand down. He declared the Cold War over. And he said there was no need for arm guards at military installations.

      • i dont think trump derangement syndrome means what you think it means
        because youre clearly the one that has it
        seek professional mental help
        and see if abilify is right for you

      • And Special Commissar Miner, with extraordinary powers bestowed by the President, is here to save the nation by personally arresting and interrogating (and punishing) all those “domestic terrorists”. It will be a long and arduous task but only Special Commissar Miner is up to the task.

        • Miner always uses the broad brush. To him we NEED “People’s Justice” for our crimes and privilege.

      • Lol, Miner is trying to convince everyone that Trump Derangement Syndrome means you support Trump. I don’t even think the braindead liberals at Urban Dictionary believe that.

      • Hey minor 49 IQ…It appears Jim Crow Gun Control joe dun banned those guardsmen guns. So with that said…who and what the perp is doesn’t matter.
        Frankly your time would be better spent camping beneath a “Gun Free Zone Sign.” If it is good enough for you and your stinking ilk to leave defenseless teachers and kids alone beneath such signs it should be good enough for you to park your ignorant pimpled behind beneath such a criminal magnet. Let us know how it goes.

      • You don’t understand the use of Trump Derangement Syndrome. You are illiterate in your use. TDS is used to describe individuals like you that swallow the MSM propaganda, push left/fascist/socialist/commie/pop science to the expense of what thinking people have always done. We gather information and evidence then use logic and objective reason to draw a sound an emotionless conclusion to base action upon.

        The left wing and Democrats have emotion not rational arguments and that is why our country has lunatics rioting in the streets, and women murdering their babies by abortion. All while Hollywood rapes kids and traffics their sick fetishes around the globe. Not that there aren’t sick people in other places, and nor that any group of people including Republicans are perfect or without blemish.

        My point is you are living in a rich fantasy world trying to demonize Trump and those that supported him when you support some drooling, rapist, ass-hat like Biden and the whore for power Harris.

      • Yep, they are part of the national logistics system working overtime distributing the vaccine across the country. It would have been nice if an armed patriotic citizen was also present.
        Where are all the armed citizens these days anyway? Like cops, never around when one is needed.

        • If you are an armed citizen, carrying for self defense, you go about your own business and do not look for trouble. Armed citizens aren’t police and law enforcement and the judicial system never miss an opportunity to remind them of that. Armed citizens would do well not to forget.

    • Marines are bellhops stewards and chaufers for the navy. Marine One is actually a VH-3 N Navy Helicopter. They get to play dress up and strut their stuff at the Whitehouse.

      The National Guard are fodder for the enemy overseas and goffers and lackeys for the Army in the US. They also are used as police shields and sand bag fillers during hurricanes and whatever cheap and expendable labor is needed during a time of crisis. The rifles are actually boat paddles and fidget widgits for them as they spend most of their time hanging out and standing around waiting on their next free meal. They don’t have bullets for the same reason that Barney Fife didn’t. Barney kept one in his pocket, but, it was snapcap.

      We only have two branches of the military, the Navy and the Army, and, the army is questionable.The other uniformed services are wannabees

      • I take it you are not a veteran. I was Navy. I like to give the Jarheads some crap from time to time, but you’ve gone way overboard here.

        • The only difference between you and me is that is seems you must of had a sheltered career. You should have gotten out more often and stretched your legs abit

      • Let me guess, you were in a secret Naval organization that even Seal Team 6 wouldn’t dare to challenge?

        • And I though the Navy’s enemy was the Air Force.

          Mack is an elite chairborne ranger of the keyboard commando corps.

        • Hahahaha, yep, oh and I forgot about reservists and Air Force. Nuff said, forget them. There’s a reason why the naval forces go in first. Too bad the army and air force can’t ever seem to hold onto what was handed them.

        • No, but I have worked with them and the Marines, Army, Air Force, NG, CG, and navy reservist ( biggest bunch of cry babies). Navy Air, where no job is worth doing unless its done right. The go to fist service, no mission is too big or too small we do them all. Hahahaha!

        • No, nothing like that; I’ve worked with them though. Great bunch of guys.
          You ever jump over hostile territory?

    • Pretty much like an undisclosed state government sending me into bear and real right wing extremist country without allowing me to carry a weapon. Some bureaucrat didn’t like guns and if I got mauled or killed it wasn’t his or her problem. The scariest part was the time I read that a loose tiger, yes the Indian kind, had to be shot in a ski resort in a field area I had just finished. No reports ever surfaced about how a very big tiger ended up loose in the central Appalachians.

      • While some on this list may attack me for using cut and paste, this may explain what you experienced.

        There have been other episodes similar to this across the United States, usually not much national attention after one or two stories.

        “On October 18, 2011, dozens of exotic animals were released from their enclosures.[2] Lions, tigers, bears, and wolves were among the animals that escaped and were hunted by local law enforcement out of fear for public safety.[3] Owner Terry Thompson allegedly set free 50 of his 56 exotic animals before shooting himself in the head. Forty-eight animals were killed by the local police while two were presumed eaten by the other animals.“

    • I can explain it to you.
      All of the branches of the United States military are a giant risk averse federal bureaucracy, who happens to own guns.
      They are terrified of negligent discharge of those guns.
      The only time you’re allowed to have a loaded gun when you’re actively doing weapons training on a range.
      Any officer whose a subordinate had an ND will have his career ended.
      So no one is allowed to have a loaded gun on any military base except the military police.
      And even they carry empty chamber.
      Unless you are in a war zone, you will not be issued ammo for your gun.
      So those guys were at the capital and the ones driving around in Texas do not have any ammunition.

    • I can see NG folk serving in uniform while unarmed, what I have NEVER understood (since the ’60s) is the idea of them carrying guns while not in possession of any ammunition whatsoever, and I would refuse to do it. The ignorant seeing you think you are an armed threat and promptly shoot you, while you have no defense whatsoever. If I am to be unarmed, keep the rifle, I don’t need it as a club.

    • The military only carries its guns when they expect to have a fight.
      Or they want to have “a show of force”.
      Just like your regular everyday police officers. Who always openly carry their guns. Or the “standing army” still on duty in D.C.

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    The National Guard, like our law enforcement, has become a complete f*ing joke.

  3. So, a civilian can carry a loaded gun for self defense, but our National Guard can be denied their 2A right.

    I wonder what would happening those that can, just started walking away.

    • In uniform they take orders. The 2A is for civilian citizens. Many here have not heard of Ohio. 4 dead in Ohio! Neil Young, its a thing? Look it up.

    • In uniform a guardsman is a soldier or airman. In civilian clothes they are civilians. In the US, unless during training, only military police carry loaded firearms for the protection of the troops.
      As a civilian they can exercise their rights.

  4. I was under the impression that Saddam Hussein had been hung for war crimes a few years back, please tell me that we weren’t lied to and that he made it into the witness protection program.

  5. I was in the CA NG. Honestly – I’m glad private Cleetus and SPC shaneequa don’t have mags. It would be ND city.

    The junior enlisted ranks are now majority non-white. We are a third world country now.

      • You have clearly never been in the military.

        Especially the guard or reserves.

        Recruiters love these part time shit bags. If you knew how they operate at all you would change your mind. And yes, it’s a stereotype. Sometimes they exist for good reason.

        It was fucking cringe how many of them attended BASIC with regular full time service members, and it was very clear they didn’t give a fuck. 90% of them were there for the bonus money just for signing up, and over half will push the limits of AWOL within the first three months after basic… ESPCECIALLY if they are told they will deploy.

        Also, even in the regular full time service, I witnessed privates real buddy buddy with senior NCO’s and officers simply because they were black. So, maybe less of a stereotype, and more of a generalization based on personal experiences, which is more than can be said for your lack of understanding why the stereotype was presented in this form in the first place. It’s easy to call “racism!” and point the finger like some vigilante progressive… Until you experience it, or get yourself exiled while trying to be “pro black”, shut the fuck up. There is no amount of convincing you can do when the mob singles you out. Just ask the BLM chanters who were exiled from CHOP/CHAZ because they were white.

  6. Good God, are we in trouble. Our enemies’ only resistance is a senile commander in chief, a witless opportunist for a VP, a demoralized “woke” military with pregnant fighter pilots, a cabinet of low T metrosexuals and leftist women, a toothless National Guard, and defanged law enforcement. We can get all the purple-haired Millennials to hold up “No Gun” signs as our enemies roll across the border.

  7. Thank goodness the woman and child were not in the van, Larry might have to have killed everybody.
    66 Year Old Arizona Man Destroys The National Guard.

    • I told everybody that three weeks ago, but why he left the island to attack the National Guard we’ll never know? , rumor is it’s got something to do with Hunter B.

      • Yep, he was looking for the laptop.

        They are using code on the laptop to program the micro chips in the vaccine.

    • Sure, Arizona is full of 66 year old 45 auto waving Democrat antifa members.

      And you should watch out, I suspect your kids are about ready take your car keys and put you in the nursing home.

      • “Sure, Arizona is full of 66 year old 45 auto waving Democrat antifa members.”

        You obviously never been to Tucson. It’s a haven for old white, guilt-laden Democrat liberals that do occasionally own guns.

  8. “Is it just me or is this guy a dead ringer for the photo they took of Saddam when he was captured?”

    Sorry, you got that ALL wrong.

    It’s actually a picture of Miner49. I just never realized how old Miner was. Must have some of that PTSD going on….

    No wonder he usually seems out of sorts, hates all of us and is quite unhappy.

    • ElasticOfTheOldOnes, I hate no one.

      And I am very happy, really enjoying listening to some ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll on my JBL/crown PA today.

      Triumph ‘Blinding Light Show’
      Styx ‘Suite Madame Blue’ and ‘Crystal Ball’

      Really like the clean, undistorted highs from the 2432H 3 inch compression drivers.

    • Cloture, ? , that word sounds like it should have something to do with reproduction ( starts with an s ends with an x).

      Well sure, Manchin is going to cave. It’s all just a game anyway, Republicrat ,Dempublicans, good cop bad cop, both working for the same precinct to get what they want.
      4-8 years of one party, 4-8 years of the other, nothing really changes except Americas consumption of pingpong balls, just cant seem to get enough of that.

      • Except this time “nothing really changes” does not apply. All-out leftist majoritarianism is the cost of not having him hold the line.

        Everyone, keep up the pressure!

  9. Put a Democrat globalist puppet back in the WH and the mass shootings are back in full force, go figure. Not saying it’s all fake and staged but this is interesting, i mean the masa shooting a never stopped in Chicago but those black lives don’t matter as we know it and for obvious reasons.

    • Of course those black lives don’t matter to Democrats. If black people were no longer oppressed by Democrats, then they wouldn’t be able to keep the lie going about being victimized by slavery from almost two centuries ago and Jim Crow laws that were dismantled before most people here were born.

      • Have any blacks volunteered to pay reparations to the hundreds of thousands of white men who *voluntarily* died for their freedom?

      • Miner, let’s add some context to your comment. The list you provided is a per capita rate that includes some very small cities. Your argument seems to be that blacks being murdered in Chicago isn’t a big deal because they aren’t “even in the top 20 murder rate per capita United States cities.” Okay. Number one on your list is East St. Louis, Illinois with 27 murders out of a population of 26,769. According to wikipedia, the racial makeup of the city is 98% black. 98% of 27 is 26.46 which means all or nearly all of the victims were likely black. I’ll give you three guesses for the political party affiliation of the mayor.

        Now let’s take a gander at Chicago. Chicago has a population of 2.7 million. Chicago is also the most segregated city in the country.
        What that means is the per capita murder rate doesn’t necessarily tell the entire story. There are densely populated areas of Chicago that don’t see that much violence. However, the part that does see violence is absolutely tragic. Per your list, Chicago “only” ranks as twenty-fourth. The murder total is listed as 765. Do you think that number is evenly spread throughout the population of 2.7 million? Spoiler alert: it isn’t.

        “The nation’s second-largest county has recorded more homicides this year than in all of 2019, the majority of which – 95% – were people of color, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office announced this week.

        Chicago accounts for most of the deaths, with much of the violence occurring in a handful of neighborhoods on the city’s south and west sides.”

        I think I understand why you make comments like this. Instead of looking at the data and drawing conclusions, you’re picking political sides, and we all know which political side you belong to. Why does partisanship matter so much to you?

        • “Your argument seems to be that blacks being murdered in Chicago isn’t a big deal”

          Your premise is wrong from the very start.

          My point is that focusing on Chicago misses the bigger picture of violence across America.

          I realize that blacks victimizing other blacks is a rather attractive news story for most of you, but the fact is we have violent crime in every part of America and we need a systemic solution.

          “Why does partisanship matter so much to you?“

          I’m not the one who brought up Chicago and specifically focused on their homicide rate.

          I’m the one providing the context regarding Chicago’s murder rate, in context with other American cities.

          I think it is clear that partisanship is behind the focus on Chicago’s black on black crime, well I’m not mentioning high rates in white dominated cities such our state Capitol, Charleston, WV.

        • “…but the fact is we have violent crime in every part of America and we need a systemic solution.”

          Did you know that there are also people of all races that lack privilege? You know this because you’re from WV. Out of touch Bernie Sanders famously said, “white people don’t know what it’s like to struggle.” Joe Biden said, “Poor kids are just as smart and talented as white kids.” They probably actually believed that because they have no idea what the real world outside of their bubble is like. Shouldn’t we have a “systemic solution” to address ALL people that lack privilege? Of course we should, but Democrats have people convinced that your privilege or lack thereof is based solely on your race. They do that because they aren’t interested in providing solutions to help people. All they ever want to do is divide people. Like I said, the big lie is that slavery and Jim Crow laws are responsible for any problems associated with black people. Democrats do that so they don’t have to take responsibility for their decades of failed policies. Chicago is a great example. How long has the city been run by Democrats? What have they done to address the problems? That’s the point. They don’t want to address the real problems. The real problems keep them in power.

          A book could be written on this topic, but I’ll briefly add one more point. You can tell how completely flippant Democrats are about solving violent crime by looking at their priorities. The latest generation of DA’s are working overtime to undercharge violent criminals and get them out of prison early. Democrats are currently laser focused on the imagined nationwide threat of white supremacy. It’s nothing but a distraction, just like three years of Russia was nothing but a distraction and an imagined threat.

        • “Shouldn’t we have a “systemic solution” to address ALL people that lack privilege?”

          One of my first mentors paraphrased the military’s definitions succinctly: “Rights are what everyone gets just for being alive. Privileges are earned”.

          The same holds true in the free market – the greatest possible “systemic solution” for allocating privilege.

          The “systemic solution” for REallocating privilege from people who have worked hard to earn it to useless POSs who have not is called socialism. Its premise – privilege without effort – is the problem, not the solution.

        • Umm…

          You should read from the beginning of the thread for context. At no point did I argue for allocating or REallocating privilege. Furthermore, someone that lacks privilege isn’t automatically a “useless POS,” just like someone that has privilege isn’t necessarily someone that has worked to earn it. As a matter of fact, it’s the POS privileged elite that have been running this country into the ground for decades.

          The point I was making, which I believe you missed, is that you help those in need. You don’t pick and choose based on something as absurd as skin color. Have you heard the Left’s favorite buzzword lately? It’s equity. Check into why they’ve been using it. Hint: they aren’t interested in good old fashioned equality because we already have that. They have to pretend to fight for something, just like they have to pretend to have an enemy: the dreaded white man.

        • If I misjudged your comment, I apologize. I keyed in on your reference to a “systemic solution” when the only legitimate solution is individual, personal responsibility. And yes, I too get a kick out of the Left’s use of “equity”, which literally differs from “equality” in the exact opposite way from how they use it.

          “someone that lacks privilege isn’t automatically a ‘useless POS,'” – No, but someone who shifts responsibility onto someone else’s “help” is.

          Legitimate solutions to “need” are: A. Meet it oneself (work), B. Meet it through trade by satisfying the needs of others (work), or C. FOAD.


        The “leaders” of Chicago constantly spew the mantra that the guns cause the murders. Even if Chicago is only the 24th highest for murder rates per capita, the circumstances, the context, does matter.

        If those “leaders” were to put the energy and thought into root causes instead of inanimate objects they could just possibly effect some good for their constituents.

        As it stands, they do not, and their constant screaming about how it is all gun owner’s fault, or the NRA’s (and the NRA is broken, different topic) fault, rings hollow and empty headed.

        The solution to HUMAN Violence will be found in the HUMANS, not in their gadgets or tools etc etc etc ……..

  10. So, I get it. When National Guard are doing non-security, humanitarian work within the USA they do not “need weapons for their mission”.

    Well the mission is not the point. The point is you have citizens ordered to be unable to defend themselves. Citizens who should be especially able to defend themselves.

    This stupidity makes National Guard less able to act in defense of themselves or others than the most average citizen. Even in those humanitarian missions they are at the same risk, or greater, of encountering violence as the rest of us. At the very least, even in cases where they are supplying physical labor to fill sandbags, there should be sidearms worn by at least some of them. There should be a security team assigned, with long arms.

    Extend this to such places as Fort Hood and regular forces. There should never again be a military hospital or office space without armed personnel on every floor., on their own base. At the very least there should be sidearms worn by officers and NCO’s.

  11. Good for him.

    Fuck any soldier under this administration, and fuck their vaccine too.

    That whole “for american freedom” thing hasn’t been relevant for far too long. And now it’s clear that anyone who stays in the military is willing to turn against the American people “because orders”. So fuck em. I served. I fought their oil wars. The enticing benefits are to manipulate us into doing their bullshit. I feel sorry for anyone still in the military, and even more sorry for anyone who supports them. Time to swallow that pill folks, even if it’s the size of a fist.

  12. Gun Violence??????

    What kind of crap is that? All I know is my guns have never shot anyone, and they are next to me all the time.
    I have NEVER seen a violent gun. Violent people? Yes, all the time.

    Liberals are up to their vile word twisting tricks again, blaming the guns for murder and mayhem, when, if let alone, guns are the kindest and gentlest inanimate objects you have ever seen.

    And sad to say, some of these vile liberal retards, are right here, on this webpage.

    The good thing is that it lets us know from their posts what the latest insipid and inane thoughts emanate from their insanity-riddled brain.

    It really is quite hilarious that they actually believe what they spout. It’s kind of like a baby who just regurgitated his latest meal on your face. 🙂 🙂

  13. “In his first statement to the public after the most recent shooting at Fort Hood, the commander there, Lt. Gen. Mark Milley, dismissed questions about whether troops should carry guns on base.

    “We shouldn’t have concealed weapons on base,” he said. “We have law enforcement agents, with trained professionals, and I don’t want to endorse carrying concealed weapons base.”


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