DC Uber Eats carjacking video
DC Uber Eats carjacking video
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A 66-year-old Uber Eats driver was killed during a failed carjacking attempt in Washington, D.C. earlier this week. The two unidentified teenage carjackers were reportedly armed with a stun gun when they tried to relieve Mohammad Anwar of his vehicle.

From msn.com . . .

The 13-year-old and 15-year-old, who have not been identified because they are minors, allegedly used a stun gun on the driver on Tuesday, causing him to crash his car, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

Bystanders captured much of the attempt and the aftermath of the crash that killed Mr. Anwar.

While it’s possible to get a concealed carry permit in the heavily gun-controlled District, it’s not easy. Besides, Uber prohibits its drivers from carrying firearms to protect themselves, no matter how dangerous the areas in which they operate may be.

This incident clearly falls under the category of it should have been a defensive gun use.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Mr. Anwar’s family.

Mohammad Anwar was a hard-working Pakistani immigrant who came to the United States to create a better life for him and his family. He was simply at work yesterday evening, providing for his family, when his life was tragically taken in an appalling act of violence. The details are still being investigated, however we know that Anwar was working on an UberEats delivery when two assailants attempted to carjack him in Navy Yard.

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  1. So…had enough time to film it, but no time to help?
    What is wrong with people?
    And then complain if the cops get too rough with the criminals/suspects.
    There is no winning.

  2. #1 Mayor Muriel too busy looking for capital demonstrators to bother with this.
    #2 Knowing the “demographics”, this story will never see the light of day in MSM!

    • “#2 Knowing the “demographics”, this story will never see the light of day in MSM!”

      What are you talking about? A brown person was killed. That means it was obviously a hate crime by a white supremacist. The media will be all over this. Right?

      • Obviously… Although they would have to be imports as white supremacists are few and far between in that area… But since it didn’t make the news ANYWHERE… Move along, nothing to see here..

        • Although your demographics are correct (there are about 75,000 more Blacks than Whites in DC, 305k vs. 230k), it is apparent that there are more than enough White Supremacists there to go around: Every single member of the House and Senate having a ‘D’ beside their names is clearly a White Supremacist. Otherwise, they would not treat those who are NOT ‘white’ with such paternalistic, patronizing contempt, viewing them as poor, illiterate, indecisive, malleable tools with which to gain and retain political power, followed by swift abandonment when their usefulness is over. Neither would they treat minorities as mere ‘hothouse flowers,’ unable to stand up for themselves and in constant need of nurturing and care.
          THAT’s ‘White Supremacy.’

        • Helpless pets? With no chance of achieving anything of worth without the assistance and guidance of a white massa? Yup, that is Democrats, also every black who sells his vote for free money because he has no chance, that is also a white supremacist. Those who say “piss on that, earn your own way or starve to death”, regardless of your color, are what we need to cultivate.

    • It was apparently briefly on CNN, who referred to it as an “accident”.

      The two girls (of “indeterminate” racial background) “accidentally” caused the fatal crash while tasing the driver…

    • Butjug is about to fix that for you with his per mile driven tax, which essentially turns every alley, street, road, highway and interstate in the country into a Federal Toll Road…

      • After a few years, they will discover that I leave all my vehicles parked near the site of the Great Boating Accident, no mileage at all. Because if they can attach it to my vehicle, I can remove it, if it can record my mileage I can erase it. There will be more money available than during Prohibition, new inventions every day. Butt Judger would know that if he studied something besides butts.

    • Yeah, you’re right. But I were given the same goal, I’d destroy all the cars instead. When all cars are destroyed, even outlaws will not have cars! 😀

  3. the headline should read 2 black carjackers commit racist hate crime.. every carjacking is committed by blacks, they refuse to commit to being a part of society

    • Commendable comment.

      Per capita, blacks commit far more crimes than other ethnics or whites.

      When a black person I don’t know approaches me, weather in my vehicle or not, I grab the butt of my concealed pistol.

      Oh, I’m not running for office anywhere, so, I do get to speak plainly. So, stuff it if you don’t like what I do around blacks.

  4. Did some Uber and Lyft driving years back on my days off for some extra money. Their no guns policy violated my rights to have my property in my car and to defend myself. I violated their policy. It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  5. Looking at this from the standpoint of a concealed carry permit holder, at what point would it have been legally justified to shoot the girls. When you’re half out of the car as it is careening down the street is clearly too late from a *tactical* point of view, but prior to that … the girls are armed with a non-lethal weapon. So is deadly force justified? How do you suppose the driver would have fared in court if he shot two teenage girls armed with a stun gun?

    “You weren’t in fear from your life from a stun gun!”

    “You have no right to use lethal force to defend your property (your car) from theft.”

    “You are much bigger and stronger than two teenage girls. You had alternative means of defense available!”

    I know, “better be judged by twelve than carried by six,” but how to convince the jury that you were indeed going to be carried by six if you stopped the carjacking before it got to that point?

    If the answer is no, the shooting wasn’t justified, then the problem is that the law is wrong.

    • I don’t see a point where shooting would have been justified. When they accelerated away he should have let them go. You can replace the vehicle.

      • Sorry. But when someone makes a conscious decision that the victims rights don’t matter…then said scumbag forfeits their own rights. Unfortunately our “civilized” laws say you’re right and that’s why this BS keeps getting worse.

      • WRONG!….. Your automobile is basically an extension of your home….. anyone attempting to remove me from my vehicle is getting it…. and i’m not talking about my car….

        • “WRONG!….. Your automobile is basically an extension of your home…..”

          State laws vary, know your local laws…

    • I agree 100% . I just went to a small conf put in my by local gun training group and the speaker is a PI and gun trainer who recounted his story of an attempted car jacking. Long story short the office told him he would be been arrested and out on trial for what ever charges he received, murder, felony brandishing etc had he pulled out a gun and or used it. Bec at the time he would have pulled the gun it hadn’t yet been a car jacking and it wasn’t life threatening yet. The law is 100% wrong.

    • “You have no right to use lethal force to defend your property (your car) from theft.”

      State of Florida has a slightly “different” view on that…

        • In Florida your CASTLE extends to WHEREVER you are, car, motorcycle, walking down the street, in other words YOU are your castle even in another persons car (like an Uber)… “Stand your ground” is a wonderful thing…

        • Florida Statute 776.013 allows a person to use deadly force against another when that other person was in the process of unlawfully and forcefully entering, or had unlawfully and forcibly entered, a dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle, OR if that person had removed or was attempting to remove another against that person’s will from the dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle:

    • Empty your gun and drive away. Left dead in the road with a stun gun, I do not believe the investigation would be extensive.

    • at what point would it have been legally justified to shoot the girls.

      The moment these Rhodes Scholars made the decision to pull a taser on the guy is the instant he had the RIGHT to do defend himself (Maybe not in D.C.) with whatever means necessary… (does NOT apply in those jurisdictions that see criminals as victims and requires hard working law abiding individuals to surrender their stuff and run away, NOT in my world)…

    • Well, see… “non-lethal” is just a value judgment, hence propaganda in this case. Tasers DO kill people:

      • MANY people have been shot a few times with a 9mm and survived, therefore it is a “non-lethal” weapon as well. Plus, I OWN mine, I got a nickel says that young lady does not own that stun gun.

  6. “The 13-year-old and 15-year-old, who have not been identified…”

    Guys I have the perfect solution for this. All we have to do is up the legal driving age to 16. Presto! No more carjackings by 13 and 15 year-olds because driving without a proper license would be illegal.

        • everytime you drive or park, car jacking is a crime.

          I could be mistaken, but CARJACKING (aka GRAND THEFT AUTO/CAR THEFT/taking of property without the owners permission) is ALREADY a CRIME, with OR without any kind of signage…

    • Yes! Send that idea to Heels Up Harris. Or the other brilliant genius loudmouth AOC. She will tweet it and by next week they’ll have it into law.

  7. Any comment with b l a c k s gets “awaiting moderation”. Nice, D Z.

    He thinks a race is a bad word now. Hahahaha

    • Somewhere, he lost it in a turn
      Now trouble seems to fit him like a glove
      First come, first served, he’s serving it back
      Travels light, without a pack, without love
      He comes from nowhere, returns on his own
      Late for the hanging, yes he’s heading for the moon
      Hang ’em High

  8. CNN initially reported that Mt Anwar died as a result of an auto accident. Not an act of violence resulting in Murder charges being brought.

  9. Someone tries to use a stun gun on you to incapacitate you to likely do more harm. Screw Uber’s rules, carry, defend oneself, better to be tried by 12 then carried by 6.

    • Uber can’t put you in jail! All they can do is delete your access, so if they fire you then go find another part time job. It isn’t like you are gonna list them on your resume.

        • So is Domino’s, as my daughter has worked for both. But I’m guessing Uber Eats pays a bit more.

          Sometimes that does influence job decisions.

        • since the subject was getting “FIRED” from Uber, I’m guessing THAT would influence the job decision as well….

  10. I’m not a racist. I’m a culturist.
    If your culture thinks it’s OK to make babies, then abandon them to be brought up by the streets… …then my culture is better.

    • If he would include the likes of Thomas Sowell, Colion Noir, John McWhorter, et al in his prohibitions then FDCAYF is an or portraying an unethical racist. Punishing and or oppressing one person for another person’s crimes and or defects is unethical.

    • Culture all the way.

      Everybody’s got the same basic human hardware (wetware), with the exception of a tiny number of sociopaths. That hardware runs a deeply embedded operating system — your language and culture, inculcated in infancy and strengthened as you grow — and that is what makes the biggest difference between one group of people and another.

      The human brain actually shapes itself around the ubiquitous operating system parameters of language, environment, and culture. What we see in crime statistics and incidents like this is the result of people growing up in a dysfunctional, violent micro-environment with a distorted, debased variant of American culture.

      White people growing up in that environment would be violent and feral, too. Black people who have a solid moral upbringing outside this nation’s Democrat-run urban hellscapes function just as well in civil society as anyone else. The vast majority of black Americans are decent people who belie the “race is destiny” canard.

      Culture and environment make all the difference.

  11. We need a country for African-Americans

    You’ve got several, take your pick ANYWHERE on the “AFRICAN” Continent… Drop the hyphenated bullshit and become an American OR drop the hyphenated bullshit and move to Africa… Either way, drop the whiney assed “victim” crap join a society, learn the rules, PLAY by them and be SOMEBODY… HINT: we have already done way more than any other country in the world to accommodate a variety of races and cultures… Want to get rid of the animosity and the racism? Quit drawing so much NEGATIVE attention to yourselves, clean up YOUR inner cities, shut down the gang violence and become productive American citizens… Want “respect” EARN it, the same way everyone else has too…

    • Many black communities do so. I remember helping a work friend get his car running. He lived on a street in Inglewood, Ca that had much nicer homes that anywhere I lived. I was replacing his battery in his driveway when 2 church ladies from down the block came and informed us that civilized people don’t work on cars in front of the house and that should be done in the garage or backyard.
      His block was nicer than any where I have ever lived.

      • I’ve seen the restrictions from some of the newer, higher end subdivisions that don’t allow your garage door to be kept open. You also have to get permission from the HOA before you cut down a tree in your yard. No thanks. My Dad recently moved into a small patio home neighborhood. On the first garbage day, a neighbor made a point to say that they pulled my Dad’s garbage can up the driveway for him. Apparently 9:30 a.m. was too late in the day to leave your empty garbage can along the road. No thanks again.

      • He lived on a street in Inglewood, Ca

        Inglewood is not Compton, Southside Chiraq, Brooklynn… Inner cities are the problem, over run and controlled by gangs, drugs, whores, rampant murder and the “GOOD” folks hide behind locked doors and wonder why ALL blacks are painted with the same brush… Hint #2: It’s because that small percentage of the black population that participates in those unlawful activities is way more visible than the guy changing his battery so he can get to his JOB…

    • Perfectly stated!

      In point of fact, as I was earning my Doctorate at a Medical School here in Texas I worked in medical research with and often immediately next to real Africans who were part of a program to integrate (poor choice of words, I know) western and African scholars. It was some sort of cross-cultural effort by the medical school.

      The actual Africans and their families were easily some of the nicest and most civilized blacks I’ve ever known. We all absolutely loved them. And, they were easily as intelligent, responsible and hard-working as any of the rest of us.

      And, here’s the punch line…they despised the way American blacks conduct themselves.

      I now know that it’s not the color, it’s the culture that makes African-Americans so beleaguered and so dangerous. And, thank you for pointing this out.

      • Africa as a whole, as well as Haiti, are nothing but sh**holes, devastated by ongoing savagery and that long after colonialism. They abduct 12 year old girls in part of Africa to marry them, they mutilate, kill women and old men, they overthrow governments only to put another tyrant in charge, rinse repeat they never freaking learn anything. Haiti was the first former French colony to gain independence, and of all those former colonies it’s perhaps the poorest country today. Algeria, Senegal, etc are all in better shape than Haiti, at least they had time to learn how to build infrastructures from the French; the same observation can be made with former British colonies.
        But here is the main difference: When an African or Haitian is acting like a savage, they have some sort of excuses, at least to an extent; African Americans however have no excuses, they are more cuddled than any other minority I can think of in any developed nation, and it’s never enough as far too many are incapable of handling life.

      • History repeats…

        In Slaves to Racism: An Unbroken Chain from America to Liberia, Benjamin Dennis and Anita Dennis argue that the American-Liberians replicated the only society most of them knew: the racist culture of the American South. Believing themselves different from and culturally and educationally superior to the indigenous peoples, the American-Liberians developed as an elite minority that held on to political power. They treated the natives the way American whites had treated them: as inferiors. The natives could not vote and could not speak unless spoken to. Just as people of color were prohibited from marrying white people in most of the United States, the indigenous Africans could not by law marry American-Liberians..
        Anyway after a series of “strong man” leaders, a couple of military coups, a presidential assassination, a couple of civil wars, a “truth and reconciliation commission (hmmmm) Liberia finally returned to a Democratically elected govt in 2018…

  12. And our HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and WELL-EQUIPPED NATIONAL GUARD stands around and watches the guy bleed. Afraid of two teenage girls with a pistol.

  13. Drive with your doors locked and your windows rolled up. It’s not the driver’s fault he got carjacked. That’s on the two brats. It’s a precaution he can take for himself.

  14. I like to give special recognition for the people who helped to enable this murder by these two children.
    1. The feminists who said that a woman doesn’t need a man to raise her children.

    2. The sexually liberated. Who helped construct and support the welfare industrial complex. And who encourage the women to have five kids from 5 different men. Who said a father was not necessary to raise children.

    3. To those who said it wasn’t necessary for the mother to marry the father of her children. But very strangely those same people support gay marriage???

    4. To All of you who helped to create the conditions where children who don’t have the discipline of a father. That lead to this murder and others like it. All over the United States.

    • No argument here. You know how everybody says there is nothing new under the sun, everything has been done before? I grew up in the ’60s, been around a while, but I have NEVER heard of girls too young to even drive using a weapon to steal from a grown man trying to support his family. Way, far beyond despicable.

  15. I saw this report from yesterday and watched the video. I am ashamed that the soldiers in uniformed did not even glance at that man laying on the sidewalk. What has become of the military? No leadership, no non-commissioned officers (only Sgts now it seems), no discipline, diversity training stand-down days, ect ect

    The only job for the military is to kill things our government points them at PERIOD.

    The potential conflict with China could prove to be disaster. Some units like 10th Goat, 101st, 82nd, some of the combat brigades out of Hood and Lewis will perform their missions, the rest I’m not so sure about. China might just roll over us starting with Taiwan.
    rant mode off.

      • I don’t think Joe would blink an eye to help them

        Nope, he’ll probably call Xe to congratulate him on the reunification…

        • Of a place they never owned in the first place

          Beijing Joe don’t know that… “Where was I?”… “My predecessor?” “He-he-he, oh God I miss that guy”… Where am I?, what day is it?, WHERE is mommy JILL?”… “President Harris will fix it”….

    • Special Operations Command has a presidentially appointed officer in charge of “diversity and inclusion” now. I’m sure there’s no way this could possibly go wrong.

      • Technically you are correct, but a non-commissioned officer is a professional. a leader, the example to emulate while a Sgt. is just someone who made a cut-off score for their particular MOS. No leadership qualities whatsoever even if one does wears the rank.

        The Army today is vastly different than when I served it seems.

        • I spent 6 1/2 years in the Marine Corps and was a Sgt. (E-5) when I was medically discharged as a result of injuries received in Vietnam… At Cpl (E-4) I was permitted to add the “blood stripe” to my dress blues, an honor afforded ONLY to NCOs (E-4/E-5) and Staff NCOs (E-6 and up)… I don’t have 1st hand knowledge of Army rank structure but as far as the USMC there is NO “technically” about it E-4 and above are NCOs…

    • The military is rooting out anyone who might not obey illegal orders. You know which orders I’m talking about. The military will no longer be our friend, but our mortal enemy.

      But I’m not convinced China will see any necessity to invade, when they’ve already won most of the fight. Maybe if they want to kill off some of their armed forces… we still DO possess some of our former nuclear threat. But I don’t know if I can assume the Pentagon would actually use them.

  16. Notice after the crash one of the girls says “My phone is still in the car” like that is the most important thing ever even though she just stole a car and killed the driver. Unbelievable !!

  17. Everything you said is true….. but since your facts about how many people o color are in the USA are probably wrong, you’ll have to accept your lot in life…. you live in the cultural diversity of the USA… It’s forced upon you…. if you do not accept said cultural enrichment, then you are deplorable and will need to be re- educated by people who know better than you what you need….
    Until you’re re- educating is completed, you’ll be considered the lowest form of life by those more educated than you…. you must suffer from some disease of the brain or be considered an inbred redneck by college educated people…

    I personally wish I lived on a deserted island, but since I don’t I’ll have to continue my forced cultural enrichment by educated idiots….. 😉

  18. When a carjacker threatens you with a stun gun, you can consider it life threatening. Though rare, people have suffered serious injury and even death.
    I would like to see the victim’s family sue Uber for failing to allow him to protect his own life.

    • Right, but when an unarmed idiot (sorry, I know it’s offensive to the deceased buy anyone not willing to defend themselves in a much safer perspective is pretty stupid imho) thinks his life is more important than an obviously insured car (has to be, uber requires insurance and a smart driver who taxi’s people would have THE BEST coverage) then it’s not really ubers fault… I agree though. Sue away. Sue the aggressors and their kin while they are at it. Hell, sue DC for being anti self defense in the first place. But he could have lived. He chose to hold on and put himself in that vehicle out of negligence.

      • That’s pretty harsh judgement on someone whose circumstances you know nothing about… Maybe he only had one car and needed it to get his wife to work, kids to school, get to his primary job, maybe he didn’t have THEFT insurance (not required by Uber)… Maybe he thought he could overpower a couple of teen age girls, maybe he couldn’t see the future and it didn’t cross his mind that his actions could get him killed… Dude, lighten up on the dead guy, sometimes you only get one chance to fuck up and when the adrenalin starts flowing reason can come in a distant second to irrational action… Been there done that (got the medals to prove it) will probably do it again…

      • Montana Actual,
        That is the kind of logic you hear from people in England where self-defense is expressly forbidden even inside your home.
        I Disagree with every single word of your statement.
        Even if your property is insured, criminals should not be allowed to take it from you by force. That is not the American way.
        Here in Florida, the Castle doctrine covers your car as well as your home.
        If someone forcibly enters your car or tries to remove you from your car against your will, that is legally considered a deadly force attack.
        And you are privileged to use deadly force in response.
        Even if they are only armed with a stun gun.
        That is the way it should be, criminals should be worried about being killed by the victims every single time!

  19. Useless ass nasty guards. Fucking traitors.

    But real talk, black on pakistani crime? No story here… blacks don’t commit crime, especially in DC… amiright?

  20. The MSM won’t cover this, it clearly doesn’t fit the agenda for the same reasons hate crimes against Asian Americans didn’t seem to bother them when blacks were the aggressors, and that long before the recent spa shootings. Blacks slaughtering blacks by the dozen each week in Chicago alone doesn’t seem to be much of a problem either, go figure.

    • Guess you didn’t get the memo… This ALL drops square on the shoulders of Donald J. Trump… Atlanta, Boulder, DC, the border, all the stuff that DOESN’T get reported at all, the rapid rise in gasoline prices (up 88 cents a gallon at my house since Jan 20), rising unemployment, declining household wealth… In fact Trump is responsible for everything EXCEPT the continued growth in the stock market which, as we all know is a direct result of the outstanding economic policies and 8 yrs of stagnant growth under Obama/Biden guidance…

  21. Does the Girl Scouts do a background check? Those girls probably blew it on selling cookies, being felons and all.

  22. The article mentioned Uber’s policy banning drivers from carrying guns. I drive for Door Dash occasionally for extra money and couldn’t give two poops about their policy on guns. Not even sure what it is. Zero chance I would be doing that without a gun.

    • It does sound like a really stupid way to spend an afternoon, much less earn a living. Still, the rule is unenforceable, only there for the purpose of buying insurance, clearly every such driver should be armed, I think I would carry something full sized, while I’m at it, subcompacts are for when you are convinced you’ll never need it.

  23. This cries out for more funding into gun violence research. To assess how much worse this could have been if a gun was involved.

    Call them gen-dui for dumb, uninvolved, incredibly passive. Or just gen-iPhone.

  24. I drive $125,000.00 650 hp convertible Mercedes…. and I wear my Trump hat !!!
    Somebody pulls a gun on me to jack me I’m gonna shoot through my door, drop him, and sue em to pay the repair bill for my poor Mercedes that caught got caught in the crossfire !!!

  25. Juan Williams (FOX) has a “unique” perspective on this, he said: “I think, in part, what it is, is you’ve got— it’s tragic. I mean, you’ve got these teenage girls. I mean, they’re little kids. They’re not gangsters. They’re not hardened criminals. I don’t think they intended to kill anybody. They were looking for having a joyride, and it just went way wrong, way out of control, and ended up in a gross tragedy,” Williams said. “I mean, this is unbelievable. Their lives are ruined, and that man is dead.” (Just LITTLE kids?)

    BUT, on a lighter note from Kommiefornia… In 2019, A 13 year old boy was killed when two other 13 year old boys punched him in the face and head causing him to fall (probably unconscious) and hit his head on a concrete pillar… Friday the two “little kids” copped to involuntary manslaughter and the judge ruled they would serve 150 hours of community service and will be put on probation til they are 18 during which time they will participate in various (unspecified) programs instead of receiving jail time… My money says that if the dead kid has any kind of family at all, these sorry little fucks won’t SEE their 18th birthday…


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