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Unveiled last month at a speech alongside Attorney General Merrick Garland, Biden’s anti-crime plan included a “zero tolerance” policy for federally licensed gun dealers who violate laws, a call for increased funding for the ATF, and the creation of “strike forces” to combat interstate weapons trafficking. The president noted states and cities can use $350 billion in collective funding from the “American Rescue Plan” to hire officers, pay for overtime or invest in technology aimed at curbing gun violence. 

Some of Biden’s remarks, such as his declaration that it was “not a time to turn our backs on law enforcement,” likely aimed to address criticism from the right. But Second Amendment advocates seized on the gun control measures included in Biden’s anti-crime plan, accusing the president of misrepresenting the crime wave’s root cause.

“Reasonable gun control measures like background checks could conceivably ward off some of the mass shootings we’ve experienced recently, but they will do nothing to thwart the crime wave plaguing our cities in recent months,” [Republican political consultant Whit] Ayers added. “That surge in crime is a result of demonizing the police in the wake of the George Floyd killing.”

— Thomas Barrabi in Biden gun and police policies threaten Democrats’ 2022 midterm prospects

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  1. I might agree with you, if I thought we had any Republicans smart enough and ballsy enough to take advantage of it!

  2. Unless some big changes are made to correct the dumpster fire of Nov 3, I’d say they’ve got 2022 in the bag.

    • “Unless some big changes are made to correct the dumpster fire of Nov 3,…”

      Big changes are already happening. Georgia shouldn’t be stolen again, since the Republican-run state government is taking control of elections in Fulton County (Atlanta). So we won’t be seeing ballot-box stuffing like we did when the Leftists removed the poll observers before the count was finished in 2020.

      Other states that were stolen are having similar changes made in their vote counting, as well…

      • “the Republican-run state government is taking control of elections in Fulton County”

        Well you know, the election officials in charge of the 2020 election as well as the Secretary of State in Georgia were all Republicans.

        Oh, I get it, they’re part of the conspiracy as well! That Brad Raffensberger does look like a lizard person…

        Meanwhile, the criminal investigation of Trump’s election tampering in Georgia continues, stay tuned…

    • Big changes ARE happening… Just listen to the wailing and crying from the left about “racist” voter suppression… The louder the noise the more you know they are doing the right thing to prevent another 2020…

  3. They stole a presidential election. You think a few house seats are a big problem for them?

      • See my comment above.

        They are gonna have a much harder time this time to steal the election…

    • Hilarious!

      The Republican election officials and Republican Secretary of State in Georgia said there was no fraud.

      But what about the fraud in Antrim County, Michigan?

      Turns out there weren’t none…

      June 23, 2021, 11:44 AM EDT
      By Allan Smith
      “In a highly anticipated report released Wednesday, the Republican-led Michigan Senate Oversight Committee rebutted former President Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims, debunking allegations of malfeasance in the state’s election last fall and affirming that Joe Biden was victorious.

      The report is the product of an eight-month inquiry and concludes there was no basis or evidence to support the Trump campaign’s repeated claims that the election results failed to reflect the will of the voters.

      “As is often the case, the truth is not as attractive or as immediately desirable as the lies and the lies contain elements of truth,” state Sen. Ed McBroom, the Republican chairman of the committee that investigated the election, said in a statement that accompanied the report. “We must all remember: ‘extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof’ and ‘claiming to find something extraordinary requires first eliminating the ordinary.'”

      The report, which was supported by every Republican on the committee, was clear: “This Committee found no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in Michigan’s prosecution of the 2020 election.”

      • SA-Truppfuhrer miner. You get into a real panic whenever someone calls out the obvious fraud that happened during the election.

        Something about protesting too much.

        • I’m somewhat surprised that the Miner could find time to post here on this historic occasion, I thought for sure he would be hitting that bottle of Woodfords to help Clinton News Network celebrate the 100th anniversary of rule by the Chinese Communist Party… Yes in spite of one idiots assertion that NO communist countries exist even the CCP still calls itself the Chinese COMMUNIST Party….

        • Correction, the 100th anniversary of the BIRTH of the Chinese Communist Party… It took them 30 years to gain control…

        • No panic, I’m just being thoughtful and offering you the benefit of a momentary glimpse of reality.

        • What is the problem, I posted the results of the Michigan state Senate Republican led oversight committees report on the election, showing no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud in the 2020 election.

          No panic, just an eight month investigation by the Republicans showing that all the claims about fraud in Michigan, including thousands of fake ballots, etc. is total bullshit.

          And those who continue to maintain the ‘stop the steal’ delusion, are either willfully ignorant or intentional bad actors attempting to destabilize our country. Either way, they are not American patriots.

  4. “Anti Gun” is a much too nice description for the antics of Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his Gun Control ilk.

    Nonetheless…Too many Do It For Me Gun Owners have sat on their behinds and allowed the democRat Party and the media to put a smiley face on Gun Control and present it to the public as the intelligent solution for criminal behavior. Any viable Intelligent Solution does not and will not come with a long history of racism and genocide like that of Gun Control. And that is why Gun Control must be defined by its history and eradicated just like nooses, slave shacks, burning crosses, concentration camps, gas chambers and jack booted thugs.

    Bottom line…Hell on Earth and Gun Control walk hand in hand and history confirms it.

        • “Home invader got killed by the home owner.”

          Oh, cool. 🙂

          JWM – Remember all the pissing-and-moaning not long back about Georgia’s new ‘racist’ election law that got Major League Baseball to pull the All-Star game and send it to Colorado? That got Coke and other big companies to condemn it?

          That’s the law that’s going to make it MUCH harder for the Democrats to steal the election. One of the biggies in that law gave the state the power to take over running elections from the Democrats in Atlanta (Fulton County).

          They are spitting mad that they won’t be able to do what they did last time around. Things like kicking election observers out of vote-counting areas with lies about burst pipes. Dragging large heavy suitcases out ON CAMERA to stuff ballot boxes.

          Similar things are happening in states like Arizona and Minnesota (?).

          Mid-terms will go much better for us this time around in a year or so…

        • The crying and whining by the second place finishers is just so sad, but no amount of snowflake tears will change the reality of the outcome.

          “The Georgia secretary of state’s office has audited the state’s election results three times. None of those audits turned up evidence of widespread fraud.

          “Our law enforcement officers and secretary of state’s office spent literally thousands of hours examining ballots in Fulton County and other counties trying to track these kinds of claims down, and so far we’ve seen nothing give any merit to it,” Gabriel Sterling, the Republican chief operating officer and chief financial officer for the Georgia secretary of state’s office, said in a recent interview with CNN.

          In one audit, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation analyzed absentee ballots in Cobb County and found no evidence of fraud. Lawsuits challenging Georgia’s 2020 election results failed, and the state’s Republican secretary of state has repeatedly quashed claims of voter fraud.”

  5. Ah Dan, you are so right, and so wrong. The democrat (communist) election machinery is already in place despite the hold up of HR1. We are NOT going to take back the House and Senate ever. Not in ’22 or ’24. Never again.We will never have a Republican President again, ever. We must vote, of course, but as we saw last year and in GA, they will manufacture as many votes as they need to ensure their “victories”. SCOTUS ensured that when they refused to hear the challenges.

      • So says the ‘doof’…

        *snicker* 😉

        • I’m not sure why that individual is so obsessed with me. I don’t know whether to be flattered or alarmed. He, she or it, changes the name but the words are identical every time. Strange sad human.

        • If it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious.

          Screaming and stamping its little feet and pitching a temper-tantrum like petulant two year-old that doesn’t get its way.

          That’s what you are, pee-gee, a pathetic joke. And I am loving every minute of treating you like a punch-toy.

          Dance, troll. I order you to respond… 😉

    • Demoturds have been manufacturing votes for decades. They have merely taken vote manufacturing to a new perfection level last November. During his first Senate run, Lyndon Johnson went back to the same West Texas precinct three times until he “found” enough votes to win.

      Not sure we want another Republican President, but to obtain another non Libturd/Socialist/anti-America President, there may have to be a reset of America involving one of the Amendments.

      First American Revolution over taxation without representation.
      Second American Revolution over taxation by representation (careful what one wishes for) and a plethora of other tyrannical acts.

      • “Second American Revolution over taxation by representation”

        now that government is funded by simple printing, that issue is off the table.

    • “but as we saw last year and in GA, they will manufacture as many votes as they need to ensure their “victories”.”

      Not this time in Georgia, see above. Similar things happening in other stolen states…

    • Tge Democrats control the voter lists, the voting machines, and who counts the votes. Such control puts a limit on random factors.

    • “We will never have a Republican President again, ever.”

      After Donald ‘Traitor’ Tump, no patriotic American will ever vote for the party of the insurrectionists.

      • You really are that foolish? OK, I was somewhat conciliatory towards your posts but after the one and your blaming trump for the 1/6 issue, no more. I will now ignore you forever. Have a nice life.

  6. “Reasonable gun control measures like background checks could…”
    Swamp consultants like Whit Ayers are why Republicans lose, too much time in DC is toxic and the longer any “Republican” spends there the more likely they are to become infected by the swamp zombie virus.

    • ” [Republican political consultant Whit] Ayers added. “That surge in crime is a result of demonizing the police in the wake of the George Floyd killing.”

      Sounds to me like “Whit Ayers” has a pretty good grip on the situation… Background checks are already a “thing” and it is POSSIBLE that they have stopped a mass shooting BUT the crime surge IS the direct result of defundind and denigrating the police….

    • He is not talking about the current Brady/NICS he is talking Universal Background Checks legislation, so clearly a squish/swamp zombie. Even the Democrats know that the defund the police movement is a loser especially with black voters, so he is just echoing what everyone already knows….no points for that.

  7. “They are gonna have a much harder time this time to steal the election…”

    the 2020 fraud wasn’t a one-off, it was simply the tip of the iceberg of decades of fraud, and the pay-off was watching all the republican gatekeepers just give up and say “there’s nothing we can do” and go along with the obvious fraud. they’re motivated, they’re energetic, they’re well-funded, and they’ll have had two years to prep new fraud.

    • “…and the pay-off was watching all the republican gatekeepers just give up and say “there’s nothing we can do””

      Somethings has been done, since then…

    • Vanilla ice cream is white supremacist ice cream… 😉

        • At least people engage in *conversation* with me, little boy.

          You, on the other hand, get ignored by most. How humiliating that must be for you!

          I bet women ignore you as well, at least when they aren’t laughing at your microscopic junk! 😉

        • get ignored by most.

          The greatest insult one can visit upon a fool is to ignore it…

  8. jan 6th was the reichstag fire
    and if the democrats arent beaten badly and stopped dead in their tracks in 2022 it wont be long after that until we start seeing:
    if you live in a blue state and voted for trump your name address photo voting record and social media score are in a database for rapid retrieval by blm and antifa thugs
    they will be coming for you
    get to a red state
    youll be safer there:
    1 red state governors will send the national guard when red city mayors ask for it
    2 very little gun control
    3 rules of engagement when the goon squads come out in force wont be as problematic as weve seen in to be in cities like st louis kenosha and austin

    • “jan 6th was the reichstag fire“

      Yes, Donald Trump did whip his followers into a frenzy in an attack on democracy and our constitutionally mandated process of selecting a new president, but thanks to the heroic work of America’s Capitol police officers they were unsuccessful.

      No military coup for you!

  9. Petroleum products are going up. How strange, the dinosaurs were thriving when Trump was in office.

      • Do you think any Democrat will ever reach Republican George Bush’s record of $4/gallon? Of course, that was just before the Republicans put our economy in the shitter in 2007-2008.

        Actually, no president controls the price of gasoline in the United States, those prices are set by the big oil companies, based on their need for profit.

        Now that our economy is getting back to work, you will see demand for gasoline go up, causing prices to Spike. This is how modern economies work, increased demand leads to increased prices.

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