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They do seem to multiply, don’t they? My advice: buy a much larger safe than you currently need. Brownells can help you fill it.


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  1. i tell people i have so many ar15s that:

    1 i cant remember exactly how many


    2 the number is embarrassingly high

    • If one knows how many guns they have, they don’t have nearly enough.

      If one is embarrassed by how many guns one has, their friends need to perform a Snowflake intervention session.

  2. When new shooters ask me how many guns are they likely to get, I tell them to think of a number and either double or triple. And buy a safe that will store the triple. Years later they thank me for the advice.

    • And remember that a gun with a scope or other significant optics package will count as at least 2 in terms of safe real-estate.

    • And if you are married, plan to have the spouse commandeer a significant portion of your safe for stuff she wants to lock up. In my safe, thatโ€™s two cubic feet.

      • And itโ€™s never โ€œMan, this safe is full, maybe I should down sizeโ€ itโ€™s โ€œDamn, this safe is full, better buy another safe.โ€

        • Ain’t that the truth. A while back, I thought to myself “well, my safe is now full with a variety of the types of guns I’ve always wanted. Mission accomplished, and rest happy, Mr. Haz…”

          Then I acquired the next gun…then started buying backup duplicates of some of the original ones, etc…oh boy. Now I have enough to fill a second safe and more…

    • Dr. Matt’s channel used to be kinda interesting, but these days the forced comedy is almost as cringe-worthy as my mentally-ill little boy troll.

      (A very little boy, if you know what I mean… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

        • Yeah, hilarious, isn’t it?

          Like a little yapping doggie.

          HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa… ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • And as the little ankle-biter nips and piddles at the feet of those who are bigger and better than he, this is the refrain of all who witness his embarrassing display:

  3. Gigunda safes can be a royal pain to use or to move around. Multiple smaller safes are easier to handle. You also have more options to organizing your firearms….modern v older, rifle v handguns, NFA v non-NFA, etc. As your collection grows you just add another. Multiple safes make it harder for burglars to steal all your stuff in one fell swoop.

    …just one Old Guy’s opinion.

    • Multiple safes also lets you configure your security. You might want a real safe (rated against torches and tools), but a 3’x3’x4′ will weight a ton and a half. A huge one will weigh several tons and need a structural engineer to move it on anything short of slab on grade. Put your BBQ and stamped items in the real safe and the Mosins in the huge Residential Security Container from the big box store.

  4. I love the fact that when I am in a gun store, I look over a rifle that I would like to have and then realize I already have two of that model. You will know that you have a problem, when it’s not how many guns you have, but how many safes you have and where to put them.

  5. When I was a youth, gun cabinets were wood & ornate glass and were used for displaying your firearms (usually in the nicest room). I can’t recall a single case of someone stealing them or using them to shoot all their classmates. Just saying.

    • Ah Yes the good old days. Before Snowflakes,Trolls and Gun Grabbers. When people still respected each other and parents taught their children right from wrong. The No Touchy Rule and the Consequences for it’s violation. Grew up with a house of loaded firearms as well as did most of the kids I knew. Never a person shot or harmed. Drove to school with Loaded firearms hanging in the back window of my pickup as did many other kids and teachers. Not one accidental shooting or active shooter. People parked their vehicles in town with the same firearms and never had one stolen. Unfortunately Society has taken a big dump in the last few generations. Never before in the history of humankind has it needed a BIG Barrels of Chlorine dumped in the Gene Pool. Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • In season there was always rifles in gun racks in the high school parking lot. You hit the woods after school.

        • Some type of game was always in season. Rifles and shotguns common everyday. Even when nothing was in season. They were more a way of life.

    • I always wanted one of those nice wood cabinets. Now that I live somewhere that such things would work well, I have no desire for that kind of display.

    • started there, will end there. revolver, pistol, lever. want a semi and a single. hard pass on the derringer.

  6. I thought that my safe was sufficiently large enough for all of my future needs……

    Little did I know what a black hole gun ownership represents! My wife and I are planning to move in the near future and when we do, one of the first purchases for the new home will be a much bigger safe.

  7. Somewhere between one an one thousand, currently. But I’ve also been known to hold back on the facts, just a bit.

    • You are of course correct….. since my mishap involving my entire collection in an overloaded canoe , in the middle of Lake Superior, I have NONE. I will be willing to foster anything that you don’t have room for in your safes !!

  8. Just construct a solid safe room. Dual purpose safe storage and storm cellar.
    More than guns are valuable to many of us.

  9. For me, there’s a much longer list of guns I’d like to shoot than guns I’d like to own. Unless I win powerball. Then I’m buying. In bulk.


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